6!! + Friday Favorites!

(Corduroy hat, shirt, shorts, socks)

A run happened yesterday, but let’s skip to the good part…

IMG 9559

Our little Skye Jo (PS Did you know we call her Skye Jo more than we ever call her Skye?!) is SIX today.

This little human has brought us so much joy.

Her personality is addicting to be around, and she is always up for an adventure.  She loves her people deeply, and I cannot wait to spoil her with a table full of fruit (her favorite food), a guitar (her #1 request), and hours of Lego Friends and magnatiles.

Back to Thursday—> We shopped for five hours straight.  We checked off every item on our list.  We can now sit back and relax (as much as you can relax with four kids;) for the next few weeks.

IMG 9579

The best stop of the day was to See’s.  Their chocolate > all other chocolate.

IMG 9572

This little girl was ready to go to bed as quickly as possible to wake up and be six!

IMG 9586

Let’s get into some favorites for the week:

*My gift guides are here, here, and here!

*Jo found the best lululemon dupe yet… $44 vest that looks and feels JUST like the lululemon one.  And this color is 100% perfect.

IMG 9239

*These gloves.  I know it is probably hard to trust me on my winter gear because I’ll probably be running in shorts and a sports bra by January, but I take this very seriously when it comes to gloves.  I would quit a workout any day due to cold fingers over blisters, blood, or tears;). These lululemon ones are awesome and I love how easy it is to slip your fingers out too if they get too warm—A+ gloves.

IMG 9313

*The dreamiest smell this time of year.  It makes me excited to clean my counters because of the way it makes my house smell.

IMG 9447

*If you ever feel like, “Hey, I want to feel my glutes alive and working,” this class is for you.  Nothing has ever woken up my glutes quite like this 10-minute class:

*This article was VERY interesting:

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 6 11 58 PM


Have any favorite things this week?

What are your weekend plans?

Feel free to wish Skye a happy birthday; it would make her day (and she can read now!!!)

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Hi Skye! Happy Birthday from North Carolina! I remember when you were born, I have been reading your mom’s blog a long time. You are an adventurous and special girl, enjoy your Lego’s and fruit and all the special things on your birthday!


Happy Birthday Skye!

I’ll be hanging out with penguins and wrapping Christmas presents this weekend (after work). Wrapping presents is my favorite part of Christmas-I take it very seriously, from the paper I choose to the perfect ribbon curls, to watching Elf and Noelle while I wrap!


Happy 6th birthday Skye!! Have the best day ever 🎉🎉


Happy Birthday Skye! Wishing you a wonderful day!


Happy Birthday Skye!!!! Hope you have the most magical 6th birthday ever!!

Favorite things this week- fleece lined long sleeve shirts for the really cold runs, hot chocolate, and so many holiday celebrations!


Happy Birthday, Miss Skye, all the way from Michigan (the state that looks like a mitten!) Have the bestest day ever! :)

Just ordered that Frasier Fir spray. Nice to bring in that Christmas Tree smell at this time of year.


Happy Happy Birthday Skye! Have an amazing day and enjoy all of your fruit and Legos! Looking forward to watching you learn the guitar!


Happy Birthday Skye! What type of birthday cake will you have?

My favorite this week is we got our tree yesterday. It’s so pretty and the house already has the fabulous balsam fragrance. Can’t wait to decorate this weekend :)

Happy Friday


Happy happy birthday Skye—all the way from Kentucky! I hope you have a great day!🥳


Happy birthday Skye! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with love and a year full of adventures.


Happy Birthday Skye! You are such a a fun, smart girl. Have the best day playing with Legos and eating your favorite fruit. ❤️


Happy 6th birthday, Skye Jo! Now you need TWO hands to show how old you are :) Have a great time celebrating!!!


Happy 6th Birthday sweet girl!! Have fun celebrating with your family!


Happy birthday Skye!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKYE!! My Daughter wants to know where you got those adorable golden retriever pajamas! We need some here! Hope you have the BEST day!


Yay!! Happy birthday, Skye! I hope you enjoy eating fruit, acting like a puppy dog and can get a few strides in with mom. How do you feel about needing a second hand to hold up how many fingers/years old you are? Would you rather have fruit on your cake or a scoop of ice cream?
Way to go on finishing Christmas shopping! I made a common mistake of mine, I think that I have online ordered Christmas gifts but there’s an error in processing and I don’t catch it for weeks. Must make progress this weekend!!
I’m glad you like Sees chocolate so much. We have a local chocolate company that has celebrity clients and makes Oprah’s favorite things list. My husband sells it where he works which makes for a nice insider scoop on the products. I’ll send you raspberry truffles along with my sourdough. heheh
Have a great time celebrating Skye Jo!!


Happy Birthday Skye!!


Happy birthday, Skye! Your fruit platter looks amazing. I wonder if you could eat 6 pieces of each type of fruit? i hope you get to give someone a high-six today 😉


Happy Birthday Skye! What a fun time for a birthday with all of the extra decorations already up for you.. That is, if red & green are your style… maybe you would prefer a different color? We will play with some magnatiles or legos tonight in your honor. Enjoy your birthday celebration!!


Happy Birthday, Skye Jo!! Hope your day is filled with lots of hugs and giggles.

We start our first of 3 Christmas weekends. Church banquet on Saturday night and kids program on Sunday.

Favorites this week – we’re going to see my family next week and I got requests from my siblings and nieces on their favorite Christmas treats. I have quite a list to work on!


SIX?? Wow, how is that even possible? I wish your sweet little girl the happiest of birthdays 😁

Favorite this week: Ali on the Run episode with Tunde Oneneyin! I LOVE her. Her personality is positively magnetic and I could listen to her talk for hours. Also, it’s always a great day when there is a new Ali episode. She is the best 😉

Have a fabulous weekend celebrating Skye! (BTW I absolutely love the photo of you holding her after she was born. So sweet 🥲)


Happy Birthday Skye and Happy *birth* day to mama! Where I live, we say “Herzlich Geburtstag” or Alles gut zum Geburtstag. Also, you can NOT wish someone a happy birthday before their actual birthday. It’s totally taboo.

I had a cute student come up to me today and let me know that he was no longer 5. Being 6 is clearly a BIG DEAL!!! I love it!


Skye, I seriously cannot believe you are 6! It feels like just yesterday we saw that you were born! You are adorable and a delight . What kind of cake are you going to have? Be sure to send us a pic! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Happy happy Birthday Skye! Hope your bday is full of all your faves! 🎂🫶


Happy Birthday Skye Jo! Six is a great age! I hope you have the best day!

Belle Jo (my people mostly call me Jo-Jo).


Happy happy birthday Skye! Fruit is my favorite too!

Do you have a link to your couch? Looking for one just that color!


Hello Ava! I got it from Gatehouse https://gatehousestyle.com/collections/all-products
I don’t think the couch is online but I think they ship. Have the best weekend!


Happy 6th Birthday Skye from Japan! Hope you have the best day with your family :-)


I am late to the party but still: happy birthday Skye! Or, as we say in Dutch: gelukkige verjaardag!

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