Silentish Saturday!!!

The Baker….The avocado toast was incredible.

So was the apple pop-tart.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Reply power
2. Raking leaves (they fell late this year!)
3. Movie & pizza


1) 3.5 mi run + Peloton strength class
2) lots of cleaning- we are doing home renovations and not tracking dust all over is a constant battle
3) Christmas movie + Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner


I love Colorado so much!
Our neighborhood is finishing hanging all the sparkle balls today, so that means we’ll hang all the lights on our house. Then maybe some shopping and definitely sushi tonight (son’s girlfriend’s request 😊). And truly soaking in all this great family time.
Keep enjoying your weekend Janae.


other than making waffles, making a milk run, and my saturday morning zoom meet with my half marathon crew not much.
after a pretty active week, this will be a chilling wiht coffee day…..yesterday was a return to my gym, I thought, ‘deadlifts why not?’…, may foam rolling this morninh help, because I love my foam roller….and for some reason have been watching every Steph Bruce video on youtube, just because I need some motivation,and am ready a book my Jenny Tough (she’s on YouTube too)…the book Solo is amazing…right now she’s runing through the Atlas Mountains…..terrifying but also inspiring, with that and today’s Hungry Girl Blog I’m kind of missing the mountains….once lived there, need to get back…


Hi Janae! If I didn’t know you were in Colorado I would’ve thought that was park City!
We are in palm springs! Time to get some sunshine and good food!
Have an awesome trip!

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