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Skye is 1.5 years old now?!

Skye thinks she is 6 years old like Brooke and Knox (she sure thinks she should be doing whatever they are doing) but in reality she is officially 18 months old today! A lot changes in 18 months.  I cannot even really remember the time when she would just lie there and cuddle haha. A … Continue Reading

Skye 17 Month Update!

17 months of pure energy, sass, smiles and personality. *Skye’s jealousy is REAL.  Anytime we are snuggling with one of the other kids (or holding somebody else’s kid)  she gets over to us so so fast so she can be included… and sometimes she will push the other people away too because she wants all … Continue Reading

Skye 16 month update + Day in the Life!

Sixteen months is here!  The other day my sister reminded me that when her 4th was 16 months old, she also had a 4 month old.  I can’t even imagine because Skye is keeping us on our toes over here.  I feel like she is officially out of the baby stage and is a complete … Continue Reading

*Skye 15ish Months*

Skye is a little over 15 months now and getting more and more fun and animated by the hour. *Her neck strength from shaking her head no hundreds of times each day is quite remarkable. *Her least favorite thing in the world = getting her nose wiped.  You’d think it was the end of the … Continue Reading

Skye 14 Month Update!

I have another update on what is going on in Skye’s world right about now. *Those little wrinkles in her nose on the picture above when she smiles… *Skye calls after Brooke multiple times a day now.  When we were at church last week Skye was in the halls with Andrew (far away from the … Continue Reading

13ish Month Skye Update!

I went from weekly pregnancy updates to monthly Skye updates to now just trying to find an extra minute to be able to write a separate post. Skye is getting busier and busier by the day.  She is a little over 13 months now.  My sister got her wish for me to have a busy … Continue Reading

Skye’s 9 Month Update!

This little girl.  She is something else.  She has all of us completely obsessed with her.  When Brooke or Knox get back from their other parents’ houses, they go straight to Skye first to hug her.   Brooke and Knox are always amazed at how much she has grown up after not seeing her for … Continue Reading