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Beck 6 Week Update + Our Top 10 Items for Babies!

Beck is 6 weeks old this Wednesday! *I was very nervous about Andrew going back to work but it is somehow all working out (now to just add him going back to school too next month;).  A lot less things get done that are on the to-do list when Andrew is gone but we are … Continue Reading

Beck-> 3.5 Weeks + Postpartum Things

Beck’s pregnancy felt like it lasted 10 years and then the first 3.5 weeks of his life have gone by so quickly I cannot even believe it.  Although, the day I had mastitis may have actually been the longest day of my entire life ha. *Breastfeeding is going better than I could have imagined and … Continue Reading

A 38 Week Update–> I am a labor fanatic now…

Maybe this will be my last pregnancy update or maybe I’ll have a few more weeks of them!  Andrew wants me to ask you to continue to  hope for things to happen on Halloween;). PS my dad wanted me to be born on Valentines Day so so bad but I decided to come the day … Continue Reading


So so close yet my lack of patience is making it feel far away at the same time… *I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and the baby is doing great!  The doctor said I am 50% effaced, 2 cm dilated and the baby feels low. *I had my first leg cramp in the middle of … Continue Reading

35 Weeks and What Pregnancy Teaches Me

I cannot believe how close we are getting to meeting this new little one.  I think the reality of it is just now setting in because it was feeling so far away for such a long time until now. *Cereal is happening around the clock again.  It’s just so easy and delicious that it happens … Continue Reading

#33 Weeks & What Do You Need?

Less than 7 weeks to go (that feels good to say). *We had a doctor’s appointment and everything is looking great.  We will have appointments every 2 weeks from here on out.  We still don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl… I am shocked over how I am sticking to this … Continue Reading

31 Weeks + Hormonal or Not So Much?!

Less than 9 weeks to go! Let’s chat about a few things that have been happening the last few weeks. *The baby is around 3.5 lbs right now which is crazy to me because that means it still needs to double in size (Brooke and Skye were both just a little over 7 lbs) and … Continue Reading