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The Hungry Runner Girl

Leaving the COUNTRY today… give me some tips!

Last week my friend Sarah sent me a text inviting me to meet her in London this week. I saw the text and kind of laughed about how nice that would be to be able to actually do that but then thought there was no way.  And then I sat there and thought for a … Continue Reading

Andrew’s 1st Thoughts About Blogging, Slow Months, Back to Teaching, Struggling?

Andrew had work yesterday so it was just me and these three! Skye had no desire to go to nursery so she hung out with me. After church we used the new donut pan that I bought to make these cinnamon baked donuts. The kids told me that this should be a repeat recipe. The … Continue Reading

10 Scenes & My Training Log!

*Met my friends for some trail miles and my legs literally felt like jello afterwards. I can’t look up for a picture while running on the trails or else I will for sure fall. *It was so foggy out there and at this point you can normally see the entire valley but yesterday you couldn’t … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!!!

8.3 miles @ 8:22 average with Emilee and Skye was out riding her bike with Andrew when I got home. That front tooth was just hanging on by a thread and finally fell out at school. Lunch with a friend at Kneader’s. Skye yelled with delight, ‘TARGET’ when we turned into the parking lot. After … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!

When it is cold and raining/snowing—> Try a hat with an ear band over the top combo.  You get to block the snow/rain from your eyes and you get to keep your ears warm all at the same time! I learned this trick during ultra training when I would have a 25 miler to get … Continue Reading

Runners Don’t Hibernate!

Good morning everyone!  Today’s post is sponsored by Backcountry and I have an awesome discount code for you at the end of this post for the best gear to help you to keep enjoying winter. I know that there have been some problems with Backcountry recently so I waited to post this until I saw … Continue Reading

Let’s Compare CIM to St. George and St. George Recommendations!

Morning! After many of you said yesterday that your treadmills are off on the distance, I decided to just trust the treadmill setting on my watch instead (I really want to get the foot pod though).   PS Our treadmill felt like it was really on at our last house, I think moving it is … Continue Reading