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The Hungry Runner Girl

Here I am, doing what I said I wouldn’t do.

(Shirt, leggings, gloves, beanie, shoes) I’m REALLY trying to look at the bright side of things with winter being here. I think training for Boston last winter has left me a bit nervous about marathon training again this winter. Remember how I vowed never to train for a marathon again during the winter?  Here I … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!

(Top, shorts) We started nice and early for a Friday Long Run. Goal: 4-mile w/u, 12-mile ladder (below), 2-mile c/d: Actual times of the 12 miles: It got slick in the canyon and so we decided to turn early. I felt horrible—>  Just one of those non-bouncy days but I got it done! He inspects … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites! Send Help.

75 minutes on the bike at an effort that brought my heart rate to where it usually is for an easy run. I jumped on the Peloton later in the day than usual because… It feels like we have a newborn again.  Due to Beck now being able to climb out of his crib, he … Continue Reading


Recently…. *I went on a run with Emilee and Lauren for 10 miles @ 8:31 pace. *My brother sent me his running outfit to offer you all another gift guide.  Let me know if you want the link to his etsy shirt or if you want daily run outfit pics from him. *I wore Novablast … Continue Reading

Premature. Have you tried it? Speaking of.

(vest, shirt, shorts, headband) Bringing the shorts back out was a little premature.  I need to wait at least a few more weeks to acclimate because I was frozen for the workout yesterday.   I’ll adjust soon, but until then, I may have to double up my tights for a bit;) Trying to run fast … Continue Reading

Tuesday Tangents!

(Leggings ((SO warm but size down in them)) top) I am labeling this run–> ‘The time I wondered why my parents ever moved us from St. George to a freezing area.’  This is a huge tangent, but I wonder if Andrew and I ever saw each other in Elementary School.  We were there together for one year … Continue Reading

What I’m buying today + Weekending + My Brother’s Dream Sponsor

I went into this run with Kaydi and Carolyn, wondering if I could hang or if I would end up lost somewhere in their dust because the last time I did a long workout was the St. George Marathon. Surprisingly, I could keep pretty close to them (I swear quitting soda and drinking green smoothies … Continue Reading