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The Hungry Runner Girl

That did not go well.

I have a new Beck Update—> ONE YEAR and end of a chapter that is kind of breaking my heart. ———————————————————————————————————————— Story from the hike that went very wrong a few days ago. I had the great idea to take the family on a hike to Stewart Falls without looking up the weather beforehand.  The … Continue Reading

ONE YEAR and end of a chapter that is kind of breaking my heart.

Beck is one year in just a few days and I cannot believe it.  Let’s go over a few of the things that he is up to these days: *He loves to growl especially when he thinks I’m hugging him for too long. *Getting Beck dressed is a workout.  I have never tried to clothe … Continue Reading

How Being Injured is Different for me now… + Weekending + Shocked

(Shorts, tank, long-sleeve, shoes) I assumed I would be freezing cold in the garage for my ride, but 2 minutes into Robin’s (I just want her to be my IRL friend) class and I was sweating like crazy. The long-sleeve top came off, the fan was turned on, and the 45-minute class made every muscle … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday + WINNERS!

(Tank, shorts, socks, shoes) 30-minute ride + 20-minute strength… Squats and lunges are feeling a lot easier than they used to! Said our goodbyes to Knox for 5 days. Went out for a walk. Skye brought this ad over to me and told me she wants one so she can Peloton with me. Needed. Hooked … Continue Reading

Not Giving Up + Friday Favorites!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I’ve reached one of my parenting goals:  My kids can make me breakfast, and I greatly appreciated this smiley plate of sugar;) I’m turning into a ‘workout during Beck’s morning nap’ person.  After years of early morning workouts, this is a fun change.  I set a new best output record for a 30-minute … Continue Reading

What kind is it? Me… Control Issues?

Beck was pretty attached to me yesterday for all of his waking hours (he wasn’t feeling great), so I’ll just share a bunch of random pictures from the last few days that will hopefully bring some entertainment.  Here’s to hoping Beck is feeling better today:). A 20-minute TABATA (<— 20 seconds hard, 10 seconds recovery = … Continue Reading

Makes me wonder and a change in my life.

(Tank, shorts, bra, and shoes) Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for running shoes HERE! I had roughly 20 minutes to ride, and somehow the Peloton makes it so that you can get in a killer workout in just 1200 seconds.  I am finding that I love Robin’s classes the most.  I did her class … Continue Reading