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The Hungry Runner Girl

Friday Favorites & an Unfavorite!

Thursdays are trail days and I’m really happy about that. It was my friend Jenn’s birthday so we got together for a run.  With each uphill we took, my legs reminded me that I did a tempo run the day before. 1341 ft of climbing, 9.12 miles and a 9:32 average pace. Blogging behind the … Continue Reading

Callus Your Brain & She Gets Me

Workout Wednesday happened and while the picture is at the track, the majority of the workout was on the roads.  We did a 2 mile warm-up and then a 4 mile tempo run followed by 3 x 200m at the track (I only did one of the 200s because my body was telling me I … Continue Reading

Our Survey + PRESCHOOL?!

The other day JULIE did a fun survey that I loved reading HERE and then I saw that Anne did too HERE so I thought I would do the same survey over here! So here goes.. Our first picture ever together: How did you meet? -Andrew and I met through our mutual friend, Nolan.  I … Continue Reading

A Big First + Tuesday Tangents!

Yes this might look like a staged running photo but this below scene is actually happening multiple times a day… I cannot keep up with her. I did 8.27 miles with Emilee at an 8:18 average pace in the sunshine and it felt so good.  My legs also no longer felt like cement which I … Continue Reading

Relearning Running + Bday Party + Weekending

Saturday long run chat—> My legs still felt a bit like cement but mentally I just needed a hard run (and I also needed to get back fast) where I really got out of my comfort zone so that is what I did. On the weekends when Andrew is working I can get a sitter … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!

Early 7 miles @ 8:42 average with legs that felt like cement… Not sure why because I’ve only done easy miles this week. Morning. Her daily mirror affirmations—> “I CAN DO ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!” Emilee made these monster cookies for me a bit ago and I needed (need, not a want ha) to make … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!!

The Runner’s Corner group moved their speed workout to Thursday because of a big snowstorm on Wednesday morning so I decided to join them.  Nobody thought it would snow again but it did! The 17 degree temperature was a nice ‘Welcome Back’ sign for us after coming home from St. George. During the warm-up Emilee … Continue Reading