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The Hungry Runner Girl

Silentish Saturday!

Nine miles @ 8:53 average (most with Emilee and some with the below cool kids). It always turns into a race at the end with these two. A walk later on and she was really concentrating on her wish… We stop for every role poly. Andrew got his run on in the garage and Beck … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!

Absolutely every single muscle on my entire body was sore when I woke up yesterday.  Those 400s the day before worked me and even my elbow was feeling it afterwards. Luckily, I had a friend to meet up with for my run that also did the workout the day before… misery loves company.  8.14 miles … Continue Reading

Just ONE More…

Peer pressure (nobody was pressuring me but I wanted to do what they were doing!) is real when running with people.  I went into the workout thinking I would do 8-10 intervals but then I just kept wanting to do one more with my friends.  When I was doing my 16th (they did 20), my … Continue Reading

EASY Trader Joe’s Meals + Life Chat

But first let’s chat about just a few things… 8 miles with friends @ 8:30 pace yesterday and a speed workout is going to happen today.  The girls were then off to school and I can’t believe the school year is almost over.  Next school year Brooke will be in 4th grade (WHAT), Knox in … Continue Reading

Too Good to Be True + Tangents

This was a reallllly good way to start off my week. I’m a way more fun mom when we are outside.  When I’m outside I feel like I can easily let go of to-do lists, be present, be silly and just relax…  Now to learn how to do that better when we are inside:) I … Continue Reading

SHOULD I DO IT–> Opinions Needed.

Getting out the door for my run on Saturday was harder than ever.  My body was pooped from speed work the day before and I didn’t have anybody to meet so the fact I started the run was pretty much a miracle.  I came home glad that I did it but it was a rough … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!!

Andrew and the kids met me at the end of my run at a bakery… best way to finish up a run. 2.5 mile w/u, 4 mile tempo (6:29 average) + 10 x 200m (.12 miles) with 1 minute recoveries to work on increasing my leg turnover and working on my form because my form … Continue Reading