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The Hungry Runner Girl

Where did my core go? How does FOOD affect your skin (<- I NEED YOUR HELP).

I wasn’t planning on going to Burn Bootcamp yesterday but when my sister called me to join them I couldn’t say no. It was upper body strength and core day and it burned nicely.  During my first class here the trainer asked if I had lower back pain and I said no.  He was wondering … Continue Reading

Tuesday Tangents… We are Not Normal.

That was rough. My 8 x 5 minute workout yesterday felt harder than during marathon training last fall when I would do a workout that was 2 x 6 MILES at a faster pace than what I did yesterday.  BUT all that matters for this race is that the endurance is building up nicely and … Continue Reading

Should You, PEAK WEEK & a Vlog!

In case you missed out on the top 3 most viewed posts from last week: *The Best Bday Party = 33 Miles *My Sister’s Bathroom Remodel *Stories From My iPhone! Skye was pretty confused that I did not go running yesterday morning so she started bringing me over my gear to encourage me to go … Continue Reading

71.3, Lifelong Dream & Ultra Training Weekly Summary!

Another round of snow in Utah.  I went out later than normal (Andrew went running first) so I wasn’t running in the dark which made it easy to avoid the ice but I’m excited to not run on the snow anymore in a few weeks. I tried to mimic the trails…. Lots of hills, my … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!

You know ultra training has messed up your brain when a 6 miler sounds like a short run (ps post ultra my mileage will lower again)… 8:50 average pace. It was rainy but the air felt fresh and clean. Saying goodbye for 5 days. Beretta took them to school with Andrew. Burn Bootcamp with my … Continue Reading

Finding that Potential, 2nd Long Run & Friday Favorites!

Brooke and Knox’s excitement for their classroom parties at school got them up out of bed and getting ready for school in record time.  Classroom parties are a big motivator for them. I definitely didn’t have the same motivation to get up and going ha but I did it because race day is going to … Continue Reading

The Best Bday Party= 33 Miles + Remember.

Well, it happened and it was an experience I will never ever forget.  I had some really important people in my life meeting me all along the 33 miles, which turned it into the best birthday party.  Oh and the French toast… that was the best form of birthday cake on the planet. Things started … Continue Reading