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Silentish Saturday!

(tank, shorts, mat, bra) Yoga with Brooke and Skye joined in for the Savasana. Joined me for the hot tub. He has a big test next week so he is studying around the clock. Date with Brooke before she left for the weekend. Decisions decisions. Andrew is very happy with my nail choice;) Mint brownie … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!

(shoes, tank, bra, shorts) 7.05 miles @ 8:43 average yesterday, and I’m taking today off because my hamstring is telling me to… I’m trying SO hard to be overly cautious with it because I want to get to the starting line (better to be a bit undertrained than 1% overtrained). We went to the mall … Continue Reading

Our new theme + sharpening things up.

(shoes, bra, shorts) Having your coach at your workout is the best because you are forced to stick to the game plan. Our coach gave us speed limits for the intervals, which were very helpful so that we didn’t dig ourselves into a hole too close to the race. At this point, fitness isn’t being … Continue Reading

Music to my ears + runners NEED this calculator.

(shirt, shorts, shoes ((code FMTIB50 STILL gets you 50% off)) A run with Emilee to start the day! 7.48 miles @ 8:25 average, and today is the last Wednesday workout before the marathon! Always the hardest decision in the morning. They are all too good to choose from. I’m usually feeling a bit of the taper … Continue Reading

Tuesday Tangents!

(shoes, shorts, tank) When someone gives you donuts during your Monday morning run, you know it will be a good day. 8 miles @ 8:34 average. Breakfast burritos made an appearance in the morning too. Let’s get chatting about tangents: *The mileage may be dropping in the taper, but the calories do not (in my … Continue Reading

10k time trial and weekending!

(Shorts, bra, shoes, socks, tank) Morning!  The 10k time trial is over, which means race day is getting close.  We do this same course two weeks before every marathon, and it’s a great marker to see where we are in our training. We started at 6:30 am and did a 4.1-mile w/u. I had two … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!

(shoes, shorts, shirt) HAMSTRING WAS SO HAPPY! 8 miles @ 8:32 average with Andrew and the kids. Stopped to find bugs. The prettiest pumpkin display I’ve ever seen. PLUNJ! I love this place. Had a shoot in the mountains and the crew came with me. Movie night at the nieghbors. Early to bed! Time for … Continue Reading