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Skye’s Birth Story

Where do I even start with this!?  I feel like I have a million things I want to tell you and want to remember about December 8th so let’s just go ahead and get started.   PS there might be a little tmi involved but what do you expect from me:)  Thank you so much … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture!!

I left the house and dropped off Brooke to school (I forget there is a whole world outside of my house at the moment ha)! I love seeing the way Brooke looks at her new sister. Doesn’t everyone get back in bed and watch The Holiday at 9 in the morning and stay there for … Continue Reading

12 Things from Our Day!

In case you missed out this weekend—>  WE HAD OUR BABY!!! Here, here and here are some posts about it so far.  I’ll have a birth story up sometime this week! HAPPY MONDAY! Brooke is back home (Knox comes back on Wednesday) and we are snuggling and figuring out how to sleep again over here(also, … Continue Reading

They met.

Hello everyone!  I cannot thank you enough for your sweet words the last few days.  We feel so loved! My mom brought Knox and Brooke to the hospital for them to meet Skye on Saturday morning!  At first the kids were a little cautious and not really sure what to think of her but by … Continue Reading

Meet Our New Little Addition

Hi everyone!!  Andrew here, we are so excited to share a picture of Skye Jo Baron with you!  Janae and baby are doing so well!  More picture and details to come soon. Thank you for all of the love and support!


Hey everyone!!!  We are at the hospital and things are progressing (slowly but surely;)!   Let’s see if she will have a 12/8 or 12/9 birthday! We cannot wait to meet her!   I hope your Friday is a great one! 

I THINK (key word–> think) we are closeish + 13 Friday Favorites!

I’ve been feeling some more real (at least I’m calling them real because they feel a lot different than Braxtons and way more crampy… you’d think I’d remember how it is all supposed to feel) contractions and starting yesterday afternoon I just felt SO OFF. These ‘contractions’ aren’t very close together but sleeping isn’t happening … Continue Reading