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The Hungry Runner Girl

Not sure what to call this post because it is all over the place.

It’s been a few months since my last time at the track and it felt good to be back. I always love the little bounce that I feel at the track with each step and it makes me excited to switch things up with the scenery and surface. I couldn’t make it to the group … Continue Reading

What has helped my anxiety A LOT lately… + our day!

Ten miles with friends @ 8:24 average. It’s incredible how fast those miles can go by when you have an awesome group of humans to do them with (and when it is ten degrees cooler than it usually is ;). Brooke has been shocked over how much more mobile Beck has become over the few … Continue Reading

Chutes & Ladders + Get Out of Routine

The other day my sister told me that her running lately feels like one big game of Chutes and Ladders. This last week (ehhh month) kind of felt like one of those chutes times!  This past winter/spring I was out the door to do big workouts and seeing a lot of improvements and the last … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!

Run with Maddie!  9 miles @ 8:56 average (most with Maddie, some alone) with a gas-station water break. I ran for a bit in some light rain and it felt healing. Puzzles. Said our goodbyes. Errands with the wiggliest baby. Always coming up with fun house projects:) I got to see Megan and her little … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!

Knox was the one in charge of the morning selfie. Beck was up four times throughout the night (I think he might be teething because he usually sleeps through the night!) which called for sleeping in and running later in the morning. Knox left for his two weeks away and then we left. I went … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture!

Nine miles @ 8:20 average with Jenn and Emilee… We were planning on doing some hill climbing but our bodies were too tired from the day before. Flat roads/trails were just what we needed. I picked up Knox and he had a cute haircut! Beck could sit like this and splash for hours. ALL of … Continue Reading

NOT US + That’s a Great Idea

I get very excited when my friends are doing a workout that is part on the trails and part on the roads.  The trails make us so strong and I love all of the muscles that are fired up and working when I run them (my post with reasons to run trails is HERE).  I … Continue Reading