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I CAN, must be jealous and my training log from this week!

In case you missed out last week, the top 3 most viewed posts were: *My thoughts on what Valentines Day is about! *Behind the scenes, my first post-baby mile repeats & my hair will help you realize you are having a great hair day. *We Bought a Car + My Hill Tips! ———————————————————————————————- Another Sunday … Continue Reading

Stick to your definition + fist pump + the best way to measure yourself.

We were all happy Saturday morning when Skye decided to do just one feeding that night!  She is doing a fist pump for herself: Skye woke up at about 3 to eat and then again at around 6:20 so I fed her, put her back down and then got ready for my run.  I headed … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!

First (and most importantly), HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing dad.  I can’t wait to see him today and celebrate!  He is the best. Yesterday was cold. 5 miles @ 8:38 average and smiles from Skye when I walked in the room after my run. Hand warmers saved my fingers! 2nd workout of the day= an … Continue Reading

Behind the scenes, my first post-baby mile repeats & my hair will help you realize you are having a great hair day.

The only time I could run yesterday was early in the morning so I decided to hit the gym and pay for a day pass to run on the treadmill.  Sometimes my treadmill wakes up the kids and I did not want that to happen so the $5 was worth it.  I decided that it … Continue Reading

Running RESET + Fail or FELL + Family Date Night (ehhh afternoon)!

The fact I got out of bed was a miracle yesterday morning (Skye was up 4 times ((due to gas we think) that night) but I knew that 3 miles (@ 8:35 pace) would do just the trick for waking me up. Michelle said this the other day and I completely agree.  Running is a … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture & My Thoughts on What V-Day is actually about.

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes yesterday, they meant a lot to me! Andrew sure knows how to plan a birthday celebration! The day started out with my birthday run buddy—>  Josse and I run together EVERY year on my birthday. 7 miles @ 8:10 pace on a very flat route with some … Continue Reading

We Bought a Car, My HILL Tips & it is Time to PARTY!

I ran in the wind.  After getting Brooke off to school and seeing every flag in the air blowing around like crazy I thought the treadmill was going to save me from dealing with the wind.  And then I told myself to toughen up and deal with it.  I’m so happy I did get out … Continue Reading