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The Hungry Runner Girl

Long Run DONE/Best Race Expo/Sentence Per Picture

It’s race day for Andrew and Brooke… Skye and I can’t wait to cheer them on! I plan my routes based on the best drinking fountains. 10 miles easy + 6 x 20 seconds FAST (6:00 pace) with 60 second recovery walks…  Brookie will be wearing my Garmin today:) Went to the coolest new park. … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites. Be Brave–> Take the Hill.

Six morning miles @ 8:30 pace.  I told myself that since I had time to go a little bit later in the morning that I would sleep in but once I woke up with Skye and then she went back to sleep I was wide awake so I headed out.  My legs were sore from … Continue Reading

My Dramatic Brain, the Track and Ain’t Gonna Die This Morning.

I made it back to the track! My body knows that whenever I step on a track, it is in for some pain. Skye woke up and ate/fell back asleep at around 5:15 and then I got to work prepping to get out the door for my run.  I had half of a jelly sandwich … Continue Reading

Stories from My Phone + Why Sacrifice so Much?

This post is brought to you by Skye on my lap while I type, Brooke cleaning her room and Andrew running on the treadmill (he has turned into a later in the day runner due to his school schedule). Six easy miles for me yesterday at an 8:35 average pace.  I remembered seeing on an … Continue Reading

My Playlist + My Top Running Books + I Can’t BELIEVE This.

Skye was pretty thrilled about her girl party yesterday afternoon. Let’s rewind just a bit to Sunday—> This is what Andrew and Brooke looked like on the shuttle from the car rental center to the Oakland airport to fly back home to us… And this is what they looked like at the airport.  Please do not … Continue Reading

The BEST Strength Tools for Runners + An Awesome Giveaway!

Hello everyone!  I hope your week is filled with great workouts, delicious food and some time with your favorite people.  Today’s post is sponsored by Fit Simplify and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post! —————————————————————————————— Raise your hand (or running shoes) if you have learned the hard way that … Continue Reading

Lucked Out + Some Quick Stuff + My Training Log!

Happy Father’s Day!  I have definitely lucked out in this department.  Andrew is the best dad I could ever hope for for our kids and I have the greatest dad and father-in-law.  Andrew is even taking his Father’s Day to be selfless and is flying back and forth to get Brooke from California so that … Continue Reading