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I NEED this from YOU + Stay In the Game + An Answer

Skye loves to throw in a challenge by climbing on top of me while I am trying to plank. Emilee and I went out for 8 miles first thing in the morning! I’ve had a few people ask about whether or not we will be running CIM together and the answer is YES. During the … Continue Reading

Why I think CIM will be EXTRA Special… Sorrow Prepares You for JOY!

After writing 4,841 blog posts (not an exaggeration… seriously, that many blog posts) I still can’t think of a great sentence to start off a post so let’s keep the tradition going today haha! The morning started off with 8 miles with Emilee and it wasn’t as arctic cold as last week so I was … Continue Reading

Weekend Recap + What I Wore

Good morning!!! Random tangent of the day but I came across this old picture of Brooke and decided to try the same hairstyle on Skye… How Brooke has grown up so fast… I do not understand.  Oh and that above pink blanket is still a part of her daily life but it just isn’t as … Continue Reading

CIM Training (ehhh recovery) Week #1!

Just a normal Saturday over here!  Skye experienced Doritos for the first time in her life and that was a definite highlight for her. We went to a big festival that our city was holding where the kids could sit in police cars/ambulances/firetrucks etc!  They also had a free lunch for everyone who came and … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!!!

Had a yoga date with Andrew yesterday morning. I even got out the pull-up bar again… I can almost do one now:) The day started out with Crepe Friday (Andrew started this tradition with the kids and they love it). I met up with Megan for a last minute lunch. This made me happy. Roasted … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!!!

It always makes me nervous to go out on the first run back after a marathon because what if something is hurting that you didn’t know would hurt! Luckily, yesterday… everything felt good. 5.06 miles with a 9:25 average pace.  My entire body was frozen so that wasn’t fun but the actual act of running … Continue Reading

Is it impossible? TODAY!

I have just one more podcast episode to share with you.  I’m on I’ll Have Another w/Lindsey Hein and you can find it here!  Just all of the marathon talk! Another day off from running but I’ll start back up today and I am so so excited—> that’s how you know you are ready mentally … Continue Reading