Friday Favorites (my spring/summer wardrobe)!

Once spring hits, I always wonder how we survived running on the snow and ice for months on end.

My mood is so much better these days.

38 trips around the sun and I still forget how much the weather affects my moods.

When I got home, Beck asked if he could go on a run with me.  These kids know the way to my heart and how to get me to say yes to anything… Just go on a run with me first and then ask for whatever you want.

I spent some time learning about water pressure and other scuba related items… I have about ten hours of online learning before I start going to the pool.

My friend and her two little kids came over for lunch.

We had cross-country yesterday.   I lucked out and was able to watch Jane Hedengren (she is a National Champion and she won the Brooks PR Girl’s Mile title record in 4:35) doing a workout on the same field we were on.  I am pretty sure her feet never touched the ground.  Her form is incredible.

Sam’s Club frozen pizza dough (sold at the food court and it is even shaped for you and you just have to defrost it for a few hours) provided a wonderful dinner.

It’s time to clear out the coats and sweaters and not see them for a very long time!  I love seeing what people are wearing for the upcoming season, so here will be my basics for the best seasons of the year:

*These birkenstocks.

*These Levi denim shorts.  I have them in Ojai Luxor Last and also in Black.  Friends ask me where they are from whenever I wear them!

*This jumper… My friends have it in the shorts and pants version and I had to copy them with the jumper but I truly want all three.

The back is my favorite… I want it in every color now.

*The skim dupes t-shirts… They are so soft and feel much more expensive than they actually are.

*These oversized shirts with biker shorts!

*This matching short/shirt set… I wore this so often last spring/summer.

*Andrew brought home this super light orange button-up, perfect for spring… I’m buying the matching shorts to use as a swim coverup, too.

IMG 8187

*Posting the cute outfit Maddie wore they other day… The ribbed bra and these shorts were the cutest color ever and I’m copying her. Coral for the win.

IMG 8311

Any favorite spring/summer outfits?  

What are your weekend plans?

Who feels like they are in a magically much mood now that it is spring?

What’s for lunch today?

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Ok, those jumpers are super cute! And I love your friend’s running outfit. The color is fantastic.
My friend and I met up for our usual Friday morning runs today, and we had heavy drizzle the whole time! I am much happier with sunny early morning runs for sure! Sunshine is definitely a mood lifter!
No real plans this weekend. But today I am taking our son’s girlfriend up to Disney studios in Burbank where my sister-in-law works, for a tour and lunch. That will be fun.
Have a great day Janae!


So glad you were able to have your Friday morning friend run… truly not a lot better than that. You are going to have the best time with your son’s girlfriend… that tour sounds amazing. Thanks friend, you too!


Do the straps stay up on that jumper? I was reading reviews on Free People and some people complained that the straps constantly come loose from the clasp. It’s super cute, love the shorts version too!


Hey Heidi! That doesn’t happen for me or my friends at all! Maybe it is our proportions? I can’t recommend it enough! I want it in all three versions! Have a great weekend:)

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