(long sleeve, shorts, shoes, bra)

Traditionally, we’ve done a time trial 10k two Saturdays before each of our marathons since 2019, but my coach switched it up a bit for me this time. Instead, we did a 6-mile workout on Saturday. I think he knows I might let it get in my head if I run it slower than in previous years. I think I also end up going too deep in the well with this time trial too close to the race, so it will be interesting to see how this experiment works out.

He was right; the workout that I did on Saturday instead was just what I needed.

W/U, 6 miles of (2 x 800 on/float, 4 x 400 on/float, 8 x 200 on/float): My paces ranged from 5:18-5:41 for the ON and 6:48-7:08 for the floats. We didn’t stop during the workout portion; and it felt smooth overall. This workout flies by in case you are looking for one that does!

I could not believe how cold it was. There was frost on the ground, and I should have worn an ear warmer… Time to adapt to the weather. I’m sure when it is the same temperature as it was on Saturday in February, I’ll be feeling warm in a sports bra and shorts.

When the bright colors come out, it’s time to run fast.

The majority of the weekend was with Mer, my mom, and my cousin. It was a really hard weekend, to be honest. I am not good at talking about these kinds of things. Mer isn’t doing well. My head is pounding from all of the emotions. Please send any prayers and love her way.

Oatmeal raisin cookies remind me of Mer so much, so eating them next to her just felt right.

I hope you have a beautiful day, and thanks for always being here for me!

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