Nine miles @ 8:29 pace to start my week! I saw the boys and girls high school cross country teams out running along with so many other runners out too.  It’s always a good day when you see more runners than cars out in the morning.

Why not just keep your helmet on inside because you know you will be outside again to ride your scooter asap…

IMG 5508

Just a typical summer day at our house.

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I was able to get in to see a doctor for my hand/wrist pain that I’ve been experiencing… he gave me a little brace for my fingers because he thinks it is a ligament problem, and if that doesn’t help, then I will go back in in a few weeks.

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My mom brought over extra veggies from my nephew’s party on Sunday, so we decided a stir-fry for dinner was a must.  We all love Udon noodles, so this was a winning recipe.


A hello from Baretta!

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Let’s chat about some tangents.

*Beck has said, “Ma ma ma ma ma” a few times now, and so I am definitely counting it as his first words.

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*I am in no way missing winter running where I have to sit by the fire the second I get home and then getting my long sleeve shirt stuck on my watch every single time without fail as I try to get in the shower.

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*Road trips kind of feel like a date for us.  We get a few hours to talk and hang out (while passing snacks back the whole time, but still, it feels like a date;).

IMG 5441

*My mom’s funeral potatoes.  Just trust me on these, they are amazing, and we ate a lot of them on Sunday.

IMG 5461

*Anna Camp’s final kick in the 1500m NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship was INCREDIBLE.  I see her running often, so it feels like we are friends (we aren’t)… I loved watching her win.

*Knox asked me if I am a professional shoe collector.  Yes, yes, I am.

IMG 5484

*In case you need a fun page for kids to fill out for Father’s Day… I’m using THIS ONE:)

*Andrew has never loved me more than he did the other day when In-N-Out was my idea.  I have a theory that In-N-Out is only good if you eat it within seconds of them handing it to you (if you wait to eat it until you get home, it is not good IMO) and just to keep low expectations for their fries ha.  But the burgers and shakes are really growing on me.

IMG 5435

*People in Utah County, there is a free 5k on July 24th!  I’ve done it before, and it is a blast!


Tell me a tangent or two or three, please!

Anyone doing a race on the 4th of July this year?  Will they be happening in your area?

If you had to collect just one thing, what would it be?

-Running shoes.

Those with a significant other currently is there a food you love, and they do not love or vice versa?!

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Nothing like exploring new areas on the run. A walk with the kids afterwards… having littles is making it hard to rest my wrist but I have an appointment on Monday now and I’m really hoping he can help things. 40-yard dash against Knox and he beat me by 30 yards. Such a cool park. … Continue Reading

What I did the second I finished the workout portion of my run… it was a HOT one. I went out later for my run than planned because Skye asked to cuddle as I was leaving and I couldn’t say no. SO in love with the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, I have no idea how these … Continue Reading

8 miles @ 8:52 average pace with Emilee to start my Wednesday morning.  It was the best to get to hear every single detail about her marathon!  I usually do speed on Wednesday but this week I needed another day of recovery because of the race and I’ll do a short speed workout today! The … Continue Reading

Felt a little spring in my step again a few miles into my run! I’m excited to run with Emilee today! I almost did this yesterday morning, and I’m glad I didn’t… Rhandi posted this meme, and I have done this before! I went outside to stretch and do some strength. We all went inside to get breakfast, … Continue Reading

I woke up with very sore legs but knew that a run would help them feel better.  It worked! A little over 8 miles @ 8:44 average, and then I hung out on the porch with the kids and some blackberries.   Beck LOVES blackberries, as you can tell from the above picture. Another run … Continue Reading