(bra, shorts, tank, shoes, socks)

I was not looking forward to this workout but then ended up having a lot of fun so I need to remember that next time I have a 5k to do.

I stretched for 20 minutes and used the theragun before starting… It’s a must right now if I want my hamstring happy during a run (and it was wahoo)! If my hamstring was hurting during the run, I was going to scratch the workout and get an uber, but luckily, that wasn’t the case.

NEVER judge your workout by the warm-up… a lesson I have had to learn infinite amounts of times.

I had 2 graham crackers and a caffeine Maurten before starting the run.

Not everyone made it in the photo, but we had our biggest group yet for the workout.

We hit about 3.5 miles before starting, and during the warm-up, I questioned how I would get moving, but eventually the caffeine kicked in, and my body was ready to go.

The first 1.75 of this course is flat/uphill, and then you get to fly downhill! We do this same course the week before each marathon (and it is part of other workouts we do), so it’s fun to compare.

St. George 2019–> 5:50 pace

Boston 2022 (based on Lauren’s Strava because I ran it with her and wasn’t on Strava at the time)–> 5:44 average

St. George 2022–> 5:36 pace

The fitness is there for a big pr on Saturday, but it’s my mind’s job now to get me there.

I practiced Saturday, switching any negative thoughts that came into my head during the 5k to positive ones… i.e. ‘my legs are so tired’ to ‘wow, this is sure strengthening them’ or ‘I cannot maintain this pace’ to ‘this is fun getting the chance to maintain this pace’ or ‘my breathing is too hard right now’ to ‘I’m sure lucky to have lungs that allow me to do this.’

It works wonders.

The cooldown where you know all of the hardest work is done, and we get to go celebrate the hard work on the course next week…
I’m sure the chilly weather that required a sweatshirt once we finished helped with the speedy times too…
You know it is October when we finish, and everyone has goosebumps!
We also did this to help get the legs on the road to recovery.
Skye was in pure heaven because my niece had her friends with her to babysit too.
A big part of the weekend was the BYU football game with my sister’s family. We just took Skye and somehow miraculously stayed up past 9 pm.

Skye had the time of her life.

My brother-in-law works for BYU, so he always hooks us up with tickets and all the food you could ever want.
I officially need one (or three) of these every day this week.

Tell me a negative thought you’ve turned into a positive one during a run.

How often do you have caffeine?

-Every. Day. Of. My. Life.

Last sports game you attended!?

Favorite carb loading routine/food the week of a marathon? Could you give me your tips?

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