There was not a chance that I was going to be able to sleep in yesterday morning which worked out to my advantage because that meant my long run was all done before it got too hot.  I went into it thinking I would do anywhere from 7-10 miles depending on how my body felt and it felt good so I went for the double digits.

10.18 miles @ 9:12 average pace.  I only took one break too… cooler temperatures are my love language right about now.

IMG 0851

I started listening to the Man Bun Run podcast when Suzy was on there (I loved her podcast!).  Yesterday during my run I listened to the one with Jared Ward (he competed in Rio Olympics for the marathon ((he finished 6th in 2:11:30)) and he lives one city away from me).  It was a really great episode and I LOVE learning about how the elites train and compete.  I take their tips seriously and listen with my ears wide open:)

One thing that he talked about in terms of the marathon that I really loved was that he thinks the half-way point of the marathon is at mile 20!!!  He talked about how the last 6.2 miles of the marathon is just as hard as the first 20 and I could not agree more with him… those last 6.2 miles feel like they last as long as the first 20, that is for sure.  Jared Ward is all about consistency and building up his mileage safely… when marathon training he averages 20 miles a day (and takes Sunday’s off).  If you like listening to elites, this one is really great!

IMG 0909

I came in the door and went upstairs to find Brooke waiting for me with her animals to play.  While we played I stretched and then did clamshells, donkey kicks, Jane Fonda’s, and straight leg raises!  My glutes were quite tired by the end of that.  I need to start doing these before my run to activate my glutes because I feel like they are not firing anymore with my pregnant running.

IMG 0907

Andrew was gone for the first half of the day so Brooke and I went to an indoor play place (parks only happen before 9 a.m. for me) and to eat some pancakes (the theme of my life) together:)  She played and I got a bunch of work done.  Win-win.

IMG 0908 2

We stayed at the play place for a while and then came home straight to eat lunch.  Chicken + strawberry + salad.

IMG 0913

And this dressing on top… it’s delicious!

IMG 0915

Post salad… this beauty made an appearance.  I can’t stop with the pancakes.

IMG 0912

Brooke is really enjoying going through books and writing different words that she see’s on the page onto her notebook.

IMG 0916

Andrew got home and these two had a very intense debate.

IMG 0923

The babysitter came over and Andrew and I left for a date.  I am all abut early dates (ehhhh 4 pm) because that is when I feel best.  Getting in bed after 8:30 p.m. is not my favorite.

IMG 0934

We went to see Dunkirk and it was beyond amazing.  I highly recommend it.  It is a very sad movie/story (with some really inspiring parts too) but so good to remember all of the people that gave up so much for us.

I brought this as my movie snack and it was delicious… it actually didn’t make it to the movie and turned into a car snack.

IMG 0924

This is us every time.

Screen Shot 2017 07 22 at 8 08 58 PM

I felt like onion rings so we went really fancy and hit up Wingers.

IMG 0933

Came home and jumped right into bed.  Nighttime is rough ha.  The other night Andrew and I were talking and literally 30 seconds later I started snoring… he found that pretty crazy.

IMG 0938

It’s official.  I have converted him to a Launch runner.  It took about a year to get him away from his previous pair of running shoes but he has successfully transferred now.

IMG 0936



In the marathon… when do you feel you hit the half-way point?  That last 10k killer for you too?

Are you pretty opinionated with where you want to go eat?  Or are you pretty happy going wherever?

Onion rings vs french fries?  Have an opinion?

Long run this weekend?  I want to hear how it went!

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