Mismatched PJs and running clothes until noon kind of a day… but 7 miles @ 8:38 average pace first thing in the morning.

Hung out on the couch with Beck for his nap…

IMG 9302

And then Andrew joined in the napping action for another one of his naps.

IMG 9312

IMG 9307

The weather called for a park day.

IMG 9316

A very intense game of lava monster (Andrew being the lava monster).

IMG 9323

Stayed on the grass for a while.

IMG 9353

IMG 9356

A TJ’s pizza dough/sauce kind of night with mini cucumbers on the side.

IMG 9367

Whenever I make cookies I leave cookie dough in the fridge for Andrew because he would much rather eat cookie dough than the actual cookie.

IMG 9366

When I asked Skye why she had tape on her she replied that it was because she didn’t want to fall off the stool.

Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 11 46 57 AM

Excited to give the Hyperion Tempos a try soon… But not today because we will be on some muddy trails:)

IMG 9365


Tell me three things that you have going on today!!

As soon as I got home from my run Skye ran to me with her swimsuit asking if we could get in the hot tub.  Beck was napping during my run and he was still asleep so we jumped into the hot tub fast! This girl is all about self-care.  She just floats around on … Continue Reading

Yesterday felt SO smooth and controlled.  It was one of those running days that makes the 40 hard/bad/not easy days leading up to it worth it;). I’m going to go ahead and attribute some of the success of the day to starting things off with a Double Chocolate Muffin (picture taken after I started eating … Continue Reading

Another day of preschool and breakfast was eaten in the car (as you can tell by Skye’s teeth;) because we were running late. Yesterday started with this and today we will be doing mile repeats. Beck is 4 months old tomorrow—> HOW? For the 120 minutes Skye was at school I showered, fed Beck and … Continue Reading

I spoke wayyyy too soon.  My run yesterday did not feel anything like spring.  It is quite amazing to me that we can go from 19 degrees in the morning to 45 degrees by the afternoon. Another solo run for me with 8 miles @ 8:13 average. And then this happened for legit 2 minutes. … Continue Reading

It took my face a solid 30 minutes to defrost after Saturday’s run.  It felt like my face was cracking a bit to smile for the picture ha. 8.04 miles @ 8:17 pace. 51.2 miles for my week and I’ll probably hover in this area for a while!  50 miles a week is my sweet … Continue Reading

Those first few runs in a new pair of shoes = joy (Glycerin 19).  8 miles @ 8:39 average pace. Beck gets a lot of attention. Had a lot of laundry and cleaning to do but I’ll keep letting him nap on me while he still will instead. His eyes are SO blue when we … Continue Reading