But first let’s chat about just a few things…

8 miles with friends @ 8:30 pace yesterday and a speed workout is going to happen today.  The girls were then off to school and I can’t believe the school year is almost over.  Next school year Brooke will be in 4th grade (WHAT), Knox in 3rd and Skye will go to two days of pre-school.

Beck’s first sandals!

IMG 3363

I am positive Beck gave me a hug yesterday!

IMG 3385

Getting back into pickle ball… I won the first set and then Andrew won the next two sets. The girls road their scooters around the court and Beck napped in his carseat.  With Andrew’s work/school schedule we are doing what we can to fit in mini activities together whenever we can and sometimes that means from 4:00-4:42 pm in the afternoon.

IMG 3346

And Beck helped me to research races on my computer before bedtime!

IMG 3393


I thought it would be fun to share my favorite easy TJ’s meals all in one place and I would love to hear your favorites in the comments!

IMG 3380

*Cook this focaccia bread (according to it’s instructions) with mozzarella cheese on top and then top it with this Brushetta once it is out of the oven. Roast the shaved brussels on the side and you have a very yummy meal.

IMG 2137

True love and my sister agrees with me, it’s the best.

IMG 3127

*Grab the Vegetable Fried Rice and cook it up in some olive oil with your favorite protein!  These spring rolls on the side are delicious too in the air fryer.

IMG 2464

*Clearly I love their shaved brussels!  This pasta below is from Costco but use any pasta and once it is cooked and drained then mix in the marinated fresh mozzarella cheese mix and some protein and mix it all together.  SO GOOD.

IMG 9285

*Bangs friend taught me this combo.

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 8995

I’m drooling just thinking about how good this combo is.

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 8996

*DELICIOUS on so many levels.

IMG 2136

*Of course the TJ’s Everything but the Bagel blend just takes anything to the next level.

IMG 9126

*Grab the Caesar salad mix and combine it in their homemade flour tortillas (so good) with some protein for a really good wrap!

IMG 3115

IMG 3117

*Once again with the bruschetta (it is so so good)… Grab the lentils and some feta and combine!

IMG 3381

And a few of my other favorites for meals!  Their carne asada meat for tacos, their sweet potato frites to go with a burger, their mandarin orange chicken with brown rice, pesto tortellini for a quick lunch, their pizza dough for pizza at home and their sweet potato gnocchi!

Screen Shot 2021 05 11 at 11 55 20 AM

Let me know if you want me to do a snacks/treats list of favorites too from TJ’s or any other store:)


Give me your favorite quick TJ’s meals!  Hopefully this post and the comments can be an awesome resource for when you want some quick meals!

What do you eat for lunch usually?  Does it change often or do you stick to the same thing?

Ever played pickle ball?  What are your thoughts on it?  Do you get competitive with games like this?

What is school like in your area and when does the school year end?

-My kids still get out early every day and wear masks but they are saying that in August things will be back to normal!

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