Good morning!!! I cannot wait to share with you an amazing product that I found and use DAILY now.  I really am so excited about this because I know it is something that so many of you are going to love too (along with a giveaway and an awesome discount)!  This post is sponsored by ALOHA Thank you so much for supporting us and our sponsors.

I want to start off today by telling you a story that is funny now but it wasn’t funny at the time.  For a few weeks of this pregnancy, smells almost killed me off.   Our kitchen was off limits to cooking because I could not stand to smell the food for the rest of the day.  When we would go over to Sunday dinner at my parent’s house I would carry a lemon around the entire time and smell the lemon because I just couldn’t handle the smell of food being cooked.

One Sunday, I ate some fruit for breakfast and went back to bed.  Andrew completely forgot about this problem of mine and cooked up some eggs.  These eggs included veggies and all sorts of spices.  I somehow went from thoughts of  “Oh, it’s not a big deal… he must have forgotten about my ridiculous sense of smell, especially to eggs.  We will just open all of the windows and I’ll go for a walk” to “HE MUST NOT LOVE ME ANYMORE BECAUSE HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO ME” (please note, my hormones at this point of life give me the craziest emotions).  I cried and I probably raised my voice to him.  He reassured me that he does love me and that he didn’t make the eggs to prove to me that he does not care for me anymore.  What a relief;)  Okay, it’s funny now when I look back and realize that I was being dramatic BUT food has not been an easy topic for me lately.  Many of my normal post-run foods have now exited my life and cooking doesn’t happen very often.

I was on the lookout for a way for me to refuel with something that tasted delicious after my workouts.  I was searching for something new that would be great for the baby (high quality ingredients, all-natural etc) and for me to use each day.  I needed something that provided a great source of protein and most importantly something that satisfied my cravings for fruit ALL. DAY. LONG.  I wanted something that I would look forward to eating after my runs and something that helped me to get in all of the nutrients that I wasn’t getting the rest of the day.

I started using ALOHA and quickly became hooked.

Smoothie mustaches always make me smile:)


ALOHA is saving me!  Andrew uses this for a breakfast smoothie too and loves it!  (He sure doesn’t want to risk another egg incident in 2017).  PS he thought it was weird that I wanted to interlock our arms for the picture below.

ALOHA believes that awesome nutrition is the BASE of health and happiness (I agree)!!  The better we eat = the better we feel = the better we live!  ALOHA is all about taking care of our bodies lifelong… not just as a fad or to drop weight or something like that.  I love what they stand for!  Their mission is all about helping US to live our healthiest and most balanced life through whole foods!

Post-mountain bike recovery + post-run recovery:)  ALOHA is great for both men and women so I love being able to just make one smoothie for the both of us!


Before we get to their amazing Vanilla Protein Powder, I want to tell you about the Superfood Greens (you can get them in pouches or in a 30 serving container).  They also offer the Superfood Greens in chocolate!  These are so easy to add to my smoothies too and it tastes great! You can also add them to soup, oatmeal, yogurt or any meal!  They include a full serving of fruits and veggies!!  They are filled with superfoods and all sorts of vitamins.  I just love how easy it is to add to other foods too so I can make sure I am getting some amazing nutrients.


None of  ALOHA’s products have any harsh chemicals, fillers, or artificial sweeteners (like stevia).  EVERYTHING is made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients!  Their products are also all free of gluten, dairy, soy, sugar alcohols or substitutes.  I love to finish my run, stretch, drink my smoothie with the fam or head down to the office (aka my corner in the family room;) and read your comments/emails.  This is such a fun part of my morning.


More than ever, I am paying really close attention to things like this because I want to make sure I am giving my baby and my body the best possible nutrition.  It’s also hard for me to eat a lot of super high quality meals on the days that I have been sick.  By using ALOHA products (the Plant-Based Protein and the Superfood Greens & Vanilla especially for me) I feel like I am able to get in some essential nutrients in a really delicious way… I feel much better this way.


Knox loves it when I make smoothies because I usually add some peanut butter too which means he gets a spoonful after:)  I think Brooke is wondering how he can eat that without it being on an apple or bread or something;)


I am not one that is able to handle a fake protein chalk taste (whether or not I’m pregnant) that so many powders offer.  I love the flavor of ALOHA Vanilla Protein Powder.   I’ve been adding frozen blueberries, strawberries and bananas to all of my smoothies lately and it is SO good.  I’m so happy to have such a great (delicious/convenient/healthy) solution at home for me to eat after a great run!


ALOHA also offers chocolate, banana and mixed berry for their different plant-based protein powders and you can find ALL of their products HERE!

By the way, is there anything more refreshing after a hot summer run than a smoothie?  I can’t think of anything better!


PS Andrew is OBSESSED with their protein bars!!! As you may remember, I’m weird about what foods sound good right now (see below mini baby bump for this reason … oh and on another note, I’m SO excited that I can see a bump:) but Andrew loves them and says they taste amazing.

Like everything ALOHA offers, they are all made with amazing ingredients and free of any chemicals/fillers/artificial sweeteners!  ALOHA believes that the best food comes from the Earth. This is why all of their products are made with organic, sustainably sourced and high quality ingredients.   ENJOY!

PS today I am making a huge smoothie bowl with the Superfood Greens and Vanilla Protein Powder and topping it with every piece of fruit that we have in our house… yes, I go to bed thinking about things like this;)


There you have it!  Thanks for letting me share with you today something I am really loving and I hope you love it too!  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and get in some good miles and some great food!


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