(shorts, bra, shoes for inside and vest ((on sale)), shirt, shoes for outside)

For someone that doesn’t like to be flexible with my training, this winter is sure forcing it on me.

We all had our hopes up high because the night before, the weather apps said there was only a 10% chance of snow, so we were ready to do our workout, but it definitely snowed.

It is really nice to have your coach at your workouts because then they truly see that a workout in this weather was not a good idea and how to adjust accordingly. We had 6 mile repeats on the schedule, which I was very excited about, but it was so slippery, and there was no way it would happen for us.

Ten miles @ 8:14 pace outside.
The weirdest part of our run was that we could smell chicken noodle soup STRONGLY in different areas every few miles. We could not figure out why but it made us all crave soup.
I then took it to the treadmill, and my coach told me to do 200s (aka my weakness). So I did 4 miles of 200m fast, 200m easy. I didn’t enjoy it in the slightest because I just wanted to be outside running fast with my friends, but I did it, and these two songs helped me a lot… the beats are awesome.
I came home to see a neighbor plowing our driveway. People are the best.
And this for breakfast. So so good.

 We were able to get up to the ski resort in the afternoon.

Andrew’s mustache was frozen.
It’s okay to feel two emotions about things, right? In the morning I was SO done with snow and then in the afternoon all of the fresh powder was amazing.
It was a bit too cold for Beck so he napped and then hung out with my parents.

 Knox was gone the first night we had this Thai Coconut Curry Ramen so when we had it for leftovers, he was in heaven. I want to make more today.


Have a favorite running song right now with a fast beat?

Ever split up a run between outdoors and indoors? When was your last treadmill run?

Anything else I need to add to my avocado toast?

Something nice that somebody has done for you recently?

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