I made a promise to myself during my run yesterday that I will never run without bobby pins or a headband in the canyon again.

I was eating my hair for a few miles because of the wind…

It had been a few weeks since I had been able to meet up with my group for a speed workout and I was so happy that it worked out yesterday and I was able to go.

My biggest goal for the day was to be able to see someone from the group at all times which I succeeded in for the first two intervals.  The group yesterday was Emilee and a bunch of fast guys so I was definitely way behind everyone.  Do not ever let being the slowest in the group hold you back from joining people… That is what makes us faster.   Use their speedy energy up ahead to pull you forward too.

Added bonus= runners are always the nicest people which means nobody cares if they have to wait for you to finish your interval.

The views during our run were definitely worth the drive.

We had a 2 mile w/u and then did 3 x 2 miles with a 1 mile recovery in between and 2 mile c/d.

Mine looked like this:

2 miles up (377 ft of climbing)—> 7:37 average  (PS I lied to myself about this one.. I knew how hard it was going to be so I said I was only going to just do 1 mile up before I started but then kept going to finish the interval once I hit a mile.  The lies I tell myself for speed workouts always help me to start).

2 miles down (294 ft of dropping)—> 6:10 average

2 miles flat—> 6:52 average <— my whole body was hurting for this one.

I won’t be able to do a long run this weekend because of scheduling so I’m counting this as my long run… I love it when I can combine speed and a long run into one day.

I have a feeling my legs are going to be sore for a bit after yesterday.

FullSizeRender 1

The thing I was coveting more than ever yesterday were these Hyperion Elite 2s.  I had never seen the neon yellow in person before and they are just amazing and they look so so fast.

During the final interval I promised myself a hot tub session if I didn’t quit and Skye is always happy to join me in the hot tub.  She can get in her swimsuit within seconds of me saying the words ‘hot tub.’

If I ask Skye if she wants a pepper she tells me no but if I just put them in front of her she will eat them.  Also, she insists that she peels her own fruit… she is an independent one.

IMG 2193

Andrew is so proud because he has another Harry Potter loving kid… Knox can’t put the books down lately.

IMG 2200

I think Skye actually pretends she is a dog more than Brooke does these days!

IMG 2203

It was a burger and sweet potato night at our house.  Those 12 miles revved up my hunger big time.  Speedwork miles make me even hungrier than normal miles.

IMG 2213

And a hello from Beck!

IMG 2212

Another runner coming across something that I hope to NEVER see on the run.


Harry Potter fans—> Which book is your favorite?  Which movie is your favorite?

Sweet potato fries vs regular fries… which is better?  Also, where do you go for the best fries in your opinion?

How do you keep the hair out of your face during a run?  Does it bug you when it is in your face?

Running gear/shoes/clothes that you’ve been coveting lately?

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