Thank you so so much for your sweet words on yesterday’s post… the birth story.  I LOVED hearing your stories so thank you so much for taking the time to share!

*Let’s talk about a few of the things happening over here the last two days (with many bullet points included)!  This post is brought to you by Skye on my chest while sporting all black (Brooke asked me the other day why I wear the same thing every day… she caught me).

IMG 4041

*The weather around here is sure making it easy to not be running.  The inversion in Utah is crazy right now and this is what it looks like in the mornings outside.  Yeah, I am pretty happy with the idea of Christmas movies in bed with Skye in the mornings vs trying to run in this craziness (well, when it is this bad I actually always run inside because the air quality is so bad)!

IMG 4019

*When Brooke woke up on Tuesday morning the first thing she wanted was her baby sister.  It was just the three of us on Tuesday (Andrew had a shift at the hospital) so I had my first taste of having a newborn on my own.  We all survived, ate delicious food and didn’t get anything productive done… Perfect.

IMG 3933

*And then she was so excited to come straight to the baby after when she got home.

LRG DSC01375

*Later on I put on a headband on Skye and Brooke noticed and requested the same.  She also found the bigger version of Skye’s blanket and started carrying that around too.  My heart was pretty happy that she is happy with the idea of twinning.  Time to start buying matching outfits.

IMG 3974 2

*And this is what our day looked like the rest of that day.

IMG 3962

*A friend then brought over the most delicious honey chicken curry dish and I think I demolished it in about 30 seconds.  This hunger is unreal…

Andrew got home later on that night and luckily Skye slept all day to make sure she could spend some quality time with us once he was home.

IMG 3988

*Now let’s talk about Wednesday—>  Oatmeal for breakfast is a big thing right now and I won mother of the year award from Brooke when I added two drops of red food coloring to make hers pink:)

LRG DSC01376

*Knox came home while Brooke was at school and he did the sweetest thing.  He asked his mom if he could bring over all of his old blankets at her house so that he could give them to the baby.  He thought of doing this all on his own!

IMG 4031

*I am loving the fact that I am back to a lot of my normal meals again and that they taste so good.  Sweet potato with chicken from the night before, avocado and a salad mix from Costco.   Please note my skin will be turning more and more orange over the next few months due to being reunited with sweet potatoes again!

IMG 4033

*Skye had a bath and right after I took this picture she peed all over me ha so that meant I took a shower next.  I need to remember to get a diaper on there ASAP!!!


*Bows last on her head for about 12 seconds but I make sure to get some good pictures while they are on:)

DSC01397 DSC01392

*Andrew took the kids to Target and they were clearly really excited about the outing;)

IMG 4046

*And another amazing meal that was brought over to us.

IMG 4053

*He won the fight over who got to hold her after dinner:)

IMG 4049

*And last night my sweet friend brought over her amazing homemade bread and jam and it was the perfect dessert.  We are feeling ridiculously spoiled right now!

IMG 7067


My podcast is LIVE TODAY with Ali On the Run! You can find it •••HERE***!  She has the best podcast and I am so excited that she had me on!


PS I first met Ali (she is on the left if you don’t know her already) in Vegas for the Rock ’N Roll 1/2 Marathon 6 years ago and

IMG 09671


What has been going on in your world the last few days?!

What is the running weather like where you are?!  What have you been wearing for your runs?

Do you ever have oatmeal for breakfast… what do you add to it?

-I always add apples and usually some almond butter!

Podcast lovers—>  What was the last podcast that you listened to?

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Hi everyone!!  Andrew here, we are so excited to share a picture of Skye Jo Baron with you!  Janae and baby are doing so well!  More picture and details to come soon. Thank you for all of the love and support!

Hey everyone!!!  We are at the hospital and things are progressing (slowly but surely;)!   Let’s see if she will have a 12/8 or 12/9 birthday! We cannot wait to meet her!   I hope your Friday is a great one!