(shirt, leggings, vest, shoes, socks)

Just another slick morning… It’s going to feel so freeing to run the streets of Boston without ice everywhere on race day.

10 miles @ 8:42 average.

 Just the usual Monday for us…

So, let’s move into some tangents…

*Hear me out on this one… My Friday last week was rough for many reasons, so I went for a diet dr pepper after quitting it at the end of December. The next day, I had one of my best runs and felt like a new human… what does this mean? Is soda something I actually need in my life?

I quit leading up to Big Bear last year too and the soda I had after I finished tasted so heavenly. PS soda is huge in Utah. There is a soda shop on every corner, it feels like.

*You know our favorite chicken cream cheese chicken chili? I made a mistake and accidentally added fire-roasted tomatoes to the recipe (along with everything else in the recipe, plus an extra can of tomato soup), and it was delicious. Andrew and I agreed that we will only make the soup with this new addition from here on out because it is so good.

*Lauren sent me this quote, and it’s my new favorite. So let’s get to that other side!
*I’m really grateful for the extra time we get with my dad. We were told six years ago that we just had months left with him. Beck has such a sweet bond with him.
*Remember the 50 miler that I did a few years ago? This year’s race was canceled mid-race this last Saturday. The weather got really scary while the runners were out, and so they had to stop the race and get everyone in safely (which they did).

*Brooke’s reaction when I pulled my chic-fil-a sauce out of my pocket while eating fries at a non-chic-fil-a restaurant.

*I think the kids are loving this remodel because it means we are doing more random things, like having a caramel apple picnic in the hallways.

*Brooke and I were watching the Mr. Beast episode where he pays 1k per mile to the person that can stay on the treadmill the longest, either walking or running. It made me think how far I could go on one, knowing I would get paid per mile… as long as I had the proper nutrition, I would keep going until I fell off, ha. Any guesses on how far you could make it?

*With less than three weeks to go, I’m already hearing every sniffle and cough within a mile of me.

How far could you make it on a treadmill walking/running if you were paid 1k per mile?

My new theory on soda? Sound ridiculous, or maybe I have a new performance enhancer situation with diet dr pepper;).

Have a quote you love lately? Or a new account that is inspiring you?

Tell me a tangent!

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