I love this picture so incredibly much.  They were running and it was my idea for them to hold hands but those running smiles… that just comes naturally when they are running.

My morning started out with a run… What a surprise;)  2 miles on the treadmill and 5 miles outside on the roads (@ a 9:22 average).

IMG 6469

I went for a blue theme and some closed eyes:)

IMG 6495

My first run with the new Levitate from Brooks!  I’ve only used them once now but WOW… talk about a spring/bounce/rebound/energy with each step.  I’m going to put a full review together once I get 50 miles in these and they are available 9/30/17!  I will say so far… I C.A.N.N.O.T. wait to use these beauties on tempos or for my speed work in 2018 because these shoes provide a lot of energy return.

IMG 6514

A few more things from our day!

Andrew took the kids to swim lessons while I had a work phone call.  Brooke’s photo posing is getting better each day.

IMG E6573

I kind of mentioned this in my baby post but during pregnancy I have days or hours where those hormones cause some sadness.  Yesterday afternoon was one of those times… I know they come from the hormones because I can’t even think of one reason that I am sad (and I told Andrew that as I was crying ha) BUT I know that going outside and moving always helps me to feel better.

So the kids rode their bikes while we walked even though it was kind of raining outside:)

IMG 6581

Twenty minutes of walking and my mood completely changed.  Much better.

IMG 6584

A Cafe Rio salad has been calling my name for over a week now so that is where we went next.  How we pass time in the line:

IMG 6589

Hit. The. Spot.  Andrew tried their new hot pork and he was SWEATING while eating it because it was so hot!

IMG 6590

After Cafe Rio I grabbed a hot chocolate because it was 49 degrees outside and because I really wanted hot chocolate.

IMG 6591

Turns out that Brooke and I are not the only two that dress alike in this family;)

IMG 6593


Time for a few Friday Favorites!!!

*I read this post on the treadmill the other day called, ‘The silent tragedy affecting today’s children’ and while there were some things I don’t 100% agree with there were many things that I do and that I am excited to work on as a parent.  I really enjoy parenting articles so send any good ones my way!

*This song by Kelly Clarkson… I am so excited for this entire album to come out!  Such a good running song.  I’m obsessed.

IMG 6515

*It is Knox’s birthday next week and he asked if we could go running together on his birthday.  No joke.  Andrew is my witness on this one.  It made my month.  He got new running shoes and when they are on, he is running.

IMG 6561

*A good friend of mine invited me over for the best trade possible… she needs some help with some running stuff and in exchange she wanted to do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.  Ummmm yes please.  She used the Brazilian Blowout products and my hair feels like it got a complete transformation.  Has anyone used these before?

PS email me if you want her number (if you live in Utah)… she is the best!

IMG 6570

*When you put on a jacket that you haven’t worn in a while and you find candy or money (both items bring equal happiness to me when I find them in a pocket;).

IMG 6574

*Brooke’s eye rolls are getting quite impressive these days.

IMG 6596

*How much Andrew plays with these kids.  Andrew only waited for like 6 minutes for Knox to open up his door (Knox and Andrew love to scare each other… and then they wrestle after that).

IMG 6231

*THESE ARE DELICIOUS.  Andrew said they taste like brownie batter and he is 1000% right.

IMG 6594

*All of the Halloween decorations at Target right now.  We are officially decorated inside and out for the holiday and my favorite has to be the doormats that they have there right now.

IMG 6595

*I accidentally put a pen in the washer and it somehow didn’t magically explode all over our clothes… that is a Friday Favorite.

*Leave it to my mom to always send me awesome emails:

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Time for your amazing running accomplishments!  You guys inspire me!  If you want to be featured, send in your accomplishment to [email protected]  !


Chelsea!!!  “I ran a 6-miler at Top of the Rock in Ridgedale, MO last weekend.  This race is known as being challenging because it is SUPER hilly.  And let me tell you, it hurts! But it’s also SO beautiful and the course was awesome.  I really pushed myself during this race- I had a lot of mental chats with myself and listened to some pretty awesome music.  I ended up finishing the 6 miles in 49:29, with a pace of 8:18.  I was the 5th overall female to place and I got 1st in my age group!  I was pumped.  It felt good to really push through some painful moments and see it pay off.  I do not handle being uncomfortable very well, so that’s what I have been working on lately- I’m slowly getting better!”

FullSizeRender 566


Pamela!!!  “I ran the Hokie Half Marathon this past Sunday, September 17 at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA- my first half marathon! Growing up playing basketball, I have always favored sprinting over endurance running but decided earlier this year that I wanted to take on the challenge of a half marathon, if only to prove to myself that I could do it.  I wanted to become a runner!  As a VT alumna, a trip to Blacksburg and the promise of a Hokie Bird medal at the finish line were just enough to push me over the edge and decide to sign up, research training plans, and do it already.  The race was incredible; it was everything I imagined and more!  The community spirit and atmosphere were absolutely amazing.  I even caught myself smiling throughout the race- seriously!  Even with the Blacksburg hills, I finished right in between my “A” goal and my “B” goal with a time of 2:18:20.  I feel such a sense of accomplishment and I couldn’t be happier.:)”

PJ Hokie Half 1


Eva!!!  “Friday September 8th I ran a 10k in my hometown Gouda (where the cheese is from).  My first race was the 3.5 km distance in 2013, I signed up for it on a whim and I’ve been running ever since.  It is a course of one, two or three loops through the centre of the city.  I’ve been dreaming of running a 10k under an hour all this time, but my number one goal has always been to remain healthy, keep enjoying running and taking care of my family and work.  I usually run twice a week.  The Gouda track club hosts a series of clinics in preparation for this race in ten weeks over the summer.  I did this last year, and joined them this year too.  I love running on the track and going out of my comfort zone a bit more than when I’m running alone.  I thought everything was going well, but you never know until race day.  Which was rainy and fall like.  I don’t mind running in the rain, but don’t like starting with wet shoes.  Luckily the raining eased a bit.  I had been thinking positive thoughts about three loops that are the same distance as one bigger loop.  And I had noticed that when I hit a pace that’s under a 6 minute kilometer I think to myself that I’ll never be able to keep that up.  And then I slow down a lot, and I am never able to pick it up again.  I told myself I would try to keep on running the same pace if it would feel comfortable, and that I shouldn’t be afraid of a number on my watch.  All in all it worked very well.  The course was less busy than other years, the rain felt nice and cool, I didn’t stop for a drink (something else I had been debating over all week, bring my own water or walk while drinking) and my husband and a neighbor were cheering me on, although my husband had said he wouldn’t come because of the weather.  Seeing him was a bit emotional, but really cool.  The final loop felt tough but I knew I would pr if I kept the pace.  I didn’t quite, but I’m very happy with 1.00.36, a 1.30 minute pr.  It showed me the power of positive thinking and that there is still room for improvement.  This picture was sent to me by a friend of a friend who was cheering along the course.”

IMG 20170909 WA0001


Stacey!!!  “My husband and I ran our first half marathon on Sunday, 9/17!  I had previously run the Chicago Marathon in 10/2016 (never having run anything longer than an 8k) and my husband was the BEST supporter taking the train all over the city to cheer me on in 10 different locations!  It impressed him so much that he, not a runner, wanted to do the North Face Endurance Challenge with me which is near us in Wisconsin.  This is a TRAIL run, we chose the half marathon.  All the hills, rocks, sand, mud, dirt, did I mention HILLS?  He came out 45 minutes ahead of me (so proud of him!) and he is now determined to run the Chicago Marathon next year! I’m not sure I’ll do the half again, I might decrease to the 10k instead because it was HARE.  I was one of the last 5 finishers (insert red face here) but my first thought after finishing was “I really want Janae to be my running coach to help me be the best runner I can be!”

Screen Shot 2017 09 21 at 9 52 32 AM


Have any Friday Favorites?!  I would love to hear them!

Who has done a race with their significant other?  Did you run together?  Is it something you often do?

Favorite type of M&M!? 

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

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