(Senita dynamic pullover and amp leggings ((discount code JANAE for 15% off)), shoes)

Nine miles @ 8:41 average yesterday and a speed workout today!

It lightly snowed for all nine miles, which felt peaceful after a restless night!

IMG 2111

Why does 5 minutes of core work feel like it is 45 minutes?  I’ve started enjoying upper and lower body strength workouts, but I’m not sure I will ever find the joy in core work.  Beck loves it when I do core work because that means he can crawl on me the entire time.

IMG 2133

When Brooke sat down in the chair to get her hair cut, the hairdresser asked her what she wanted and told her that she wanted her hair cut like mine.

Yes, it did make my decade.  Skye then told the hairdresser that she wanted her hair to look like Brooke’s, so now the three of us have similar hair.

IMG 2127 1

The first thing Skye said when she woke up was that she couldn’t wait to go to our neighbors to show off her hair to her bf (that stands for both best friend and boyfriend in Skye’s mind… she tells us all of the time she is going to marry him;).

IMG 2129

I opened the dryer and saw a pen sitting there… my heart sunk.  ALL OF MY FAVORITE CLOTHES were in this wash, and somehow the pen did not explode in the dryer (like they have way too many times… I’m terrible at checking pockets).  Lucky, lucky day.

IMG 2135

Dinner involved our favorite panini= cheese, guac, bacon, and tomatoes (usually dipped into ranch).

IMG 2150

Family favorite.

IMG 2148

I always have these in my fridge, and last night they were the best post-dinner treat.

IMG 2144

A big highlight was my mom coming over and beating us all at ping pong.  She is almost 70, and there is still no chance to beat her at ping pong.

IMG 2155

Three random things before I let you go…

*Is it normal that I was all packed and ready to go TWO weeks before Andrew and I leave on our trip?

IMG 2153

*Skye wants me to tell you that the best method for putting on a coat is to start with putting your hood on first followed by your arms…

IMG 2136

*I found this video of my brother and posted it on IG, but I need it here permanently.  This is when California Adventure first opened, and he was racing to beat the crowds for the cars ride.  You aren’t allowed to run there, but I’m not sure my sprint could even keep up with his speed walking.


Doing 5 minutes of what type of exercise feels like 45 minutes to you?

Any good luck in your life lately?

Pack early or right before?

What’s your running weather like this week?  How many layers are you needing for your runs?

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