I ran…. for about about .25 miles of Brooke’s run.  She is filling out the little squares on her school’s marathon paper like crazy and asked me to join her.  My hamstrings are pretty tight but the rest of my body feels great (but I’ll still wait until next week to go on any runs unless they are short ones with Brooke).

Skye threw her unicorn out of the jogging stroller (that was Brooke’s favorite game too when she was Skye’s age) but we luckily found it awhile later.

IMG 2671

PS do you think we have enough unicorns?  Beretta was not amused.  Also, Skye started saying, “Etta, Etta, Etta” to Beretta and it’s pretty adorable.

IMG 2665

Just a normal morning around here…

IMG 2674

It was so good to see Knox again.  One of the first things he told me when I saw him was that he winked at his crush that is in his class yesterday… And then we discussed Pokemon.

IMG 2691

We had soccer!

IMG 2707

IMG 2712

I’m always very excited to eat at home again after eating out a lot while traveling.  A cheese and cracker board sounded so so good on Tuesday so I went to TJ’s for the goods.

PS ‘Reduced Guilt’ crackers were an accidental grab… I meant to get the normal ones.  REDUCED GUILT??? ABOUT CRACKERS?  I. Do. Not. Understand. Why do companies try to start the idea in people’s brains that food should be related to guilt?  That packaging was thrown away as soon as I realized what it said because I do not want my kiddos thinking that they should feel guilty about eating anything.

IMG 2638

It turned out to be so so so good… Our board is small so we had to refill but I feel like this will be a meal happening during the summer often.  The girls loved it!


Brooke asked for me to pack her lunch with the same goodness.  Still loving this lunchbox of hers.

IMG 2644

Another easy meal (that I found on the TJ’s meal ideas for busy mom’s Facebook page)!   Frozen Garlic naan bread topped with bbq sauce, chicken, red onion, mozzarella cheese and cilantro once it came out of the oven.  The kids made their own with pizza sauce and cheese.

IMG 2754

IMG 2758

IMG 2755

Regan sent me a picture from the livestream of me crossing the finish line and it made me so happy.  That finish line… I have a deep love for it.

IMG 2682

My brother sent this to me.  I am so the person on the right and Andrew is the person on the left.  Which one are you?

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What’s your run today?!?

Made any easy dinners lately that you loved?  I would love to copy you!

Is there anything that drives you crazy about food labeling?

Have any favorite things from Trader Joe’s lately that I need to go buy?!

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