5 miles @ 9:26 average while listening to this episode of Jared Ward on the CITIUS MAG Podcast.  It was a great episode and I am cheering for him big time in London.  They will be doing 19 LAPS for the London Marathon course this year and each lap is 2.15 km… I would feel quite dizzy after that!

The kids then got a mile of run/walking in on our street.

IMG 0594

Skye has been REALLY into pretending she is a dog so this is how she greeted me on the front porch;)  Brooke did the same thing at her age… It must be in their genes.

IMG 0614

The kids then went to Grandma School and they REALLY liked yesterday’s session… They bobbed for donuts!

IMG 0604

My mom always has something special for Skye too.  I’m sure she is expecting her own day of Grandma School when she is a Kindergartner.

IMG 0602

I go through a shockingly high amount of cottage cheese and grapes at this point in my life.

IMG 0616

We ended the day by going to my nephew’s (socially distanced) cross-country meet.  I feel like it has been years since I last saw a race happen and it was the best to watch him FLY!

IMG 0629

I love seeing more and more members of my family hooked on running!

IMG 0631 2


I have a few favorite things to share today:

*Leigh lives in New Zealand and sent me the most amazing treats ever (that creamy milk bar was just what I needed yesterday).  It made my month… I LOVE trying new treats from around the world and it turns out New Zealand has some of the absolute best.

IMG 0606

*Just in case you need some good feels today with everything going on in our world!

*If you need a fun gift for a girl around 8, Brooke has absolutely loved this Butterfly Fleece Quilt.  The set comes with 48 squares which are all ready to be tied so she gets to create the design of the blanket and do all of the tying by herself (which is perfect for a non-crafty mom;)

IMG 0582

*I bought a pregnancy gift for myself.  I bought it in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep one night.  Foot massages just sound so good 24/7 lately and so I wanted to buy something that I could use while I am working (without spending $200).  It massages and heats (which is going to be extra amazing in the winter)!   It is $50 and with over 6k 4.5 star reviews I decided to get it.  It feels like heaven and it feels especially good after a run.  My right heal has been a little agitated lately and I love how it rolls it out so nicely after a run.  Obviously you can get ones that are way more high-tech for more money but this is exactly what I need (it feels so good) and it’s a perfect self-care investment in my opinion.  You can find it HERE.  Expect every time I open my computer for this thing to be on…

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*Cynthia left this tip for pumpkin carving and this is what we will be doing from here on out!

Screen Shot 2020 09 23 at 10 42 21 AM

*My current favorite show on Netflix… I should probably spend less time watching it and more time actually organizing my house but the before and afters are just the best on here.

IMG 0421

*A news story in Utah that made me cry happy tears.


Foot massage or back massage… which would you prefer right this second?

Would you say you are a crafty person or not so much or somewhere in the middle?

Best treat/meal/candy that you have had from another country than the one you live in?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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5.66 miles @ 9:30 average pace of some much needed fresh air and thinking! Cottage cheese and grapes happen every single day. Our run group is getting bigger for the ‘marathon in a month.’ Tried to sneak away for a second from homeschool/virtual learning to eat leftovers for lunch alone but they found me 30 … Continue Reading

We tried to give you our toughest looks for the picture.  I did 5.5 miles on my own and then the kids and I went out for 1.5 miles of run/walking together.  Knox has decided to go for the ‘marathon in a month’ too so we have quite the team right now. Things always get … Continue Reading