First double digit run in a VERY LONG TIME.  I kind of didn’t plan on it happening but it did…

Did my first 6 and then my sister asked to meet for 4 miles.

IMG 6685

We are supposed to get a big snowstorm this weekend so I’m happy I could get this in when I did!

IMG 6686

Straight to some homeschool by the fire.

IMG 6707

Just the happiest little dude lately.

IMG 6713

She refuses to nap at home but put her in her carseat in the afternoon and she is asleep in 20 seconds.

IMG 6715

Needed some fries and fry sauce (mayo and ketchup mixed together… sounds terrible, tastes amazing).

IMG 6721

I hope he likes snuggling this much for a very long time…

IMG 6722

I cannot believe how long her hair is getting!

IMG 6724

Evening runner.

IMG 6746

Haven’t used a foam roller in a while.

IMG 6748

She likes giving me arm scratches right before bed… I’ve arrived.

IMG 6675

Time for a snowy run.  I hope your weekend running is fabulous!


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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