Knox was the one in charge of the morning selfie.  

Beck was up four times throughout the night (I think he might be teething because he usually sleeps through the night!) which called for sleeping in and running later in the morning.  

Knox left for his two weeks away and then we left.

IMG 8630

I went to my sister’s house to use the treadmill to talk to her while I ran and 4.1 miles was what I could get in before swim practice for the girls.  

IMG 8633

I asked Skye to take a picture of me running and this is what she took.  

PS I take that fanny pack everywhere with me.  It is the perfect size and lets me bring the necessities around while being hands-free so I can carry kids.

IMG 8641

The girls did great at practice and Beck tried to wrestle away from me the entire time which gave me a great upper body workout.

IMG 8701

Brooke has been too afraid to jump from this ledge for years.  She did it for the first time yesterday and I was so so proud.

IMG 8704

We somehow survived Sam’s Club during nap time.

IMG 8711

And we got started on a 550 piece puzzle which is a step up from our last one.

IMG 8795

Watermelon makes an appearance pretty much every day at our house.

IMG 8806

After work, Andrew took Brooke out on a little date.  He is so good at spending one on one time with each kid.


A few favorites from this week!

*These joggers and they are on sale!  High-waisted, so incredibly light and I love the ribbed side panels!

IMG 8786

*There is not a lot better than fresh homemade salsa (especially with the tomatoes I steal from everyone’s gardens) so I decided to try this Salsa Mixer/Blender.  IT IS AMAZING.  It makes it so easy to make salsa in about two minutes!  The kids can even do it so they can make their favorite version that doesn’t include any cilantro or jalapeños;) 

IMG 8803

*Sam’s Club members… I present to you the best popsicles you will ever eat.

IMG 8712

*School lunch season is coming up quick on us and if your kids love Uncrustables, make homemade ones with this tool!

IMG 8807


Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend?

Tell me a favorite from your week/month!

Do you want summer to last a lot longer or are you ready for school to start/cooler temps?

Done anything lately that scared you?

Nine miles @ 8:20 average with Jenn and Emilee… We were planning on doing some hill climbing but our bodies were too tired from the day before. Flat roads/trails were just what we needed. I picked up Knox and he had a cute haircut! Beck could sit like this and splash for hours. ALL of … Continue Reading

I get very excited when my friends are doing a workout that is part on the trails and part on the roads.  The trails make us so strong and I love all of the muscles that are fired up and working when I run them (my post with reasons to run trails is HERE).  I … Continue Reading

8.23 miles @ 8:20 average with Emilee! I did this before I started my run.  I’m starting to really feel like maybe my weekly mileage will drop a bit so I can fit more in of some of these really important things…. Back to doing affirmation cards with the kids each morning while they eat … Continue Reading

It was a great morning for a race!  It was my second time doing this race and my goal was to do it faster than I did it last time in 2018.  I hit my goal and I averaged one second faster per mile.  That one second counts in my book! PS my nieces tease … Continue Reading

My body was craving a rest day and some slower movement instead of a run. 1. Headspace app for some meditation 2. 44 ounces of water 3. Yoga for runners with this video: Along with some foam rolling with Skye. She loves going through our vacation photo books. GOT TO MEET BABY MAVERICK!  He is … Continue Reading

An awkward side hug happening below because I was VERY sweaty at the end of my run.  I am trying to convince this niece of mine to do home school this fall so she can continue to babysit on the mornings that Andrew is at work so I can run;)  Waking up crazy early again … Continue Reading