I’m continuing to feel better!  I woke up Thursday morning feeling a little more like myself but continued to rest a ton on the couch for 95% of the day!  As of right now… I’m definitely going to go for it tomorrow.

I am very thankful that this sickness has not stopped my eating… that would be harder to bounce back from and run 50 miles tomorrow.

IMG 9314

Thank you so much for your help on a few things to add to my bag yesterday.  Pedialyte for the win to help get hydrated and Mint Tums to help if my stomach goes bad during the race.

IMG 9313

It rained for the first half of the day and then the second half they spent outside.

IMG 9324

We went on a ten minute walk even… My step count must have been higher yesterday than the entire rest of the week combined.

IMG 9321

We had some dinner and then when the kids went to bed we had a planning meeting.  I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 8:30:)

IMG 9329 2

It just hit me last night that I’m actually kind of freaked out about running 50 miles tomorrow.  Don’t worry, it is the perfect amount of ‘freaked out.’  It’s just enough to get me excited, curious and pumped up but not enough to make me think of spending my Saturday anywhere else tomorrow.

Getting outside of our comfort zone makes life really fun and we learn so much more about ourselves when we do!


I have a few (things have been pretty boring over here this week) Friday Favorites to share today!

*Two quotes that were shared yesterday by Cathy and Rebecca:

-“Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.” -Haruki Murakami

-“Make friends with pain, and you’ll never be alone.” -Ken Chlouber

*Free Solo.  We watched this documentary on Hulu and it was unreal.  My heart was pounding and my hands sweating for pretty much the entire movie.

IMG 8857

*We put the slide back in our main area.  This is definitely a favorite for Skye.  She climbs up and down that slide a hundred times in a row.

IMG 9255

She cannot get enough of it.

IMG 9309

*This book has been the perfect thing to read leading up to my race (and I wore jeans yesterday for a total of 2 hours so that was hopeful).

IMG 9154

*I love the beauty_redefined account so so much.

IMG 9217

*The current weather prediction for Saturday.  It’s going to be muddy from the rain today and yesterday but can we talk about how this weather was MADE FOR ME TOMORROW.  Seriously, I might cry I am so happy about this weather.

Screen Shot 2019 03 21 at 9 50 31 AM

*Andrew’s favorite—> Mike Trout signed a 12 year contract with the Angels for $430 MILLION.  His favorite player is sticking around for a while.

*As soon as someone tries this mini treadmill please let me know (you can run on it too!).

IMG 9315


IMG 9317


If you want to be featured for the amazing things you are doing, send it in to [email protected]

Eva!!!  “This Saturday I ran a really windy race near my hometown. I´ve been running this winter but with no real plan or goal (or speedwork). One of my running partners is injured, the other one is coming back after having a TIA last September. I run with him once a week, but I let him set the pace and distance, because I don’t want to push him. So I was really happy when a mom from my sons field hockey team mentioned she would like to do a race near our town. We went for a run together twice before the race, and our paces match really good. The weather has been really bad this past week, rain and wind, I got soaked twice during runs. On Saturday it didn’t rain, but it was very windy. I biked the 7 kilometers to the start, my friend was late, so after she picked up her bib it was almost time to go. The course is around a lake. The first quarter was with tailwind so it felt quite easy. The second part along the lake we had the wind from the side over the lake and after we turned a corner we had the wind head on. I just tried to keep my rhythm. At 7 km I felt tired and uncomfortable and I questioned why I like to run races. I tried to motivate myself with a song in my head (too much wind to hear real music) and with mantra’s like “you can do this”. I also had to think about Brooke and her “think about something that doesn’t hurt, like the tip of your nose or earlobe”. Funny how that popped into my head. At 9 km I had to let her go ahead, but I finished strong in 1.01.02. I’m really proud of my time, considering it was so windy. My bike ride home was really slow, haha, headwind again. I have another 10 k on my calendar for September, and maybe one in June, but my friend might like to run a half marathon, so we’ll look around for something fun.”



Any favorite things from this week?!

What was the last thing that you did that scared you? To run or not to run two miles today… that is the question?

-I’m feeling well enough to run this morning but not sure if it will help or I should just keep resting until I hear GO tomorrow morning?!  Or will a few miles this morning help shake out some nerves?

What is your favorite meal to carb load with?

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