Good morning everyone!  Today we are talking all about how we are getting ready at our house for the school year to begin!  This post is sponsored by RetailMeNot.  I’m super excited to share an amazing way for you to save time and money on your back to school lists and so much more.  I’ve got an incredible giveaway (a $200 Visa Gift Card) for you at the end of the post today too.  You do not want to miss out on this giveaway!


Somehow it is almost August and the summer is coming to an end!  The school year is going to be starting so soon and I’m not going to lie, I am excited for fall running temperatures, hot chocolate and all of the traditions we have coming up.

Even though Brooke and Knox are only 43 days apart in age, they will be in different grades at school.  The school cut-off for each grade is right between their birthdays so Brooke will be entering kindergarten and Knox will be going to pre-school this year!  Luckily we were able to get Brooke into the kindergarten at the same school that Knox goes to pre-school so they will be at the same school together on the days Knox is at school.  It will be awesome to have a few hours each week of time for me with just Knox until he starts kindergarten.  I’m learning all about playing army, airplanes and police officers from Knox:)


Brooke is beyond thrilled about going to kindergarten.  She talks about recess, her new teacher and her future art classes pretty much daily!  Kindergarten is definitely going to be a big adjustment for me to have this little girl gone every single weekday at school.  I swear I don’t even know how we made it to this point and yes, I am tearing up as I’m typing this right now.  Wasn’t she just barely calling me Elmo (what she used to call me instead of Mom;), ripping her socks off and throwing them at me every time I put them on her little tiny feet?!  And now she she will be going to school every day.  I’ll be that mom sobbing in the parking lot on her first day of school after dropping her off but at least I can blame my tear duct situation on this pregnancy.  Time just goes by too quickly and this is another great reminder to me to cherish each and every stage because it flies by so fast.


I really am so excited for her though and this new adventure up ahead.  We have started our back-to-school shopping for Knox and Brooke and have found the greatest way to get everything we need!  RetailMeNot is the way to go if you are wanting to save money (and time) when you are doing online shopping or when you are shopping in a store.

When I first tried RetailMeNot I could not believe how easy and fast it was to save money.  You can either hop onto their website or get on the RetailMeNot app.  They have THOUSANDS of coupons, deals, cash back offers and discounts e-gift cards all in one place for you to use!   The app and website are BOTH FREE to use!  We are hooked on the Back to School Deals section right now because they have so many awesome savings on everything you need right now… backpacks, clothes, school supplies (pretty sure our kids would buy every marker/notebook/pen possible if they could) and electronics. You can save $20 or more in just 20 seconds by using RetailMeNot.  They make it so easy to know exactly where to go for the deals and how to use the coupons they offer on all of our favorite stores!


One of the things we love about the free RetailMeNot app is that it alerts you to nearby offers that you can redeem from your phone at checkout.  It has your back on letting you know where you can save and making it super easy for you to do so!  Because they offer coupons, deals, cash back offers and discount e-gift cards in one place, it is also super easy for you to combine offers and save even more money on your purchases!  Knox was very interested in finding out if the army gear was on sale:)


So far for this upcoming school year shopping we have saved money at Old Navy, Target (we used the online deals and it’s on the way to our house), Amazon (a sweet cash back offer), Kohls and Staples all through RetailMeNot.   I also don’t want to forget to tell you that RetailMeNot offers great deals for restaurants too, we love eating out:)


We loved the Old Navy early back-to-school sale (up to 50% off on kids and baby) that we found out about through RetailMeNot… we found so many cute clothes for the kids and of course backpacks.    PS Brooke and Knox have entered the stage of life where they have DEFINITE opinions about what they think is cute/cool now, their opinions are getting strong.


The kids were in heaven over the killer deals that we were getting at Staples on their school supplies (50% off) that we found through RetailMeNot.


If you are getting ready for your little ones to go back to school (or START school… am I alone in having a hard time with this change?!) then you have to check out RetailMeNot so you can save money on all of the things you need!


PS RetailMeNot has an awesome blog that posts about awesome back-to-school gift guides, what products are trending and a bunch of tips on how to save your money while you are shopping!  Don’t forget to share the amazing savings that you find through RetailMeNot on your social media channels by using—> #DealBrag

It is so fun to see how everyone is saving!  Happy shopping and share any tips on sending your first kid to full-time school, I need your help!


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