I hope your weekend was a great one.  I’m going to share some of our highlights.

**54 miles for the week (10 on Saturday), 4,576 ft of climbing for the week (I’m getting into more hills/trails again because I know that is a big key for training success for me) and a rest day yesterday.

On Saturday I wore my Boston top and shoes from last year because it was just such a fun experience last year.  I daydreamed Andrew and I were going back out there this year too.

IMG 0483

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve worked on pull-ups which means I can’t do a full one anymore but I did get a half of one and I practiced holding myself up at the top for 30 seconds at a time.  I swear pull-ups are the best core workout for me, I feel muscles engage in there that don’t with anything else!

IMG 0484

We spent a lot of time watching General Conference (and I’m still looking for that key in the picture ha… I need to be better at putting things like that away).

IMG 0486

My neighbor owns Marley’s in our area and they are now delivering cinnamon rolls each weekend to your door so I definitely bought some this last weekend.  You bake them at home and they were absolutely amazing.  This might have to be a weekend tradition for a while.

IMG 0489

The chicks got plenty of outdoor time.  They are going to grow up being VERY used to kids because they are around them so much.  Brooke and Knox set up an Easter egg hunt for them which was pretty adorable.

IMG 0490

We started off Sunday by sleeping in and then going for a walk with the kids and Beretta.

IMG 0511

The Beamo makes the kids love walks even more as we throw it back and forth as we walk.

IMG 0515

The kids’ other highlight of the day was decorating hard-boiled eggs with the Eggmazing decorating kit.  It spins the egg for you and you use markers to decorate (and it’s so much less messy than using dyes:)

IMG 0526

We made chicken + salsa in the crockpot to create taco/salad/burritos x 2.

IMG 0530

And then we watched the new Elephant documentary on Disney+ and it was AMAZING (along with some of that almond cereal from Costco and fruit.

IMG 0476

Anybody else feel like they are running their dishwasher 5 times as much as they usually do right now?!

IMG 0527

I saw this question on Instagram (I love her account) the other day and spent 30 minutes reading through the comments because they were AMAZING.  It made me realize I had to ask you guys the same thing… What’s a story or fact about you that sounds fake, but is 100% real?!  Entertain us please!

IMG 0451

Hardboiled eggs?  Delicious or gross?

-I love them and Andrew hates them.

Best thing you ate this weekend?

Recommend a good documentary to me please… I need a new one to watch!

Beretta had so much fun on our run that I could barely get her to stop for a selfie. 1300 ft ascent, 26 degrees, 8 miles @ 9:17 average. We stopped for Beretta to have water breaks whenever we came up to the snow. Rock views. I always see this swing and wonder who actually … Continue Reading

They told me they do planks in PE so we did a plank challenge together.  It won’t be long until they are beating me in this challenge.  They are strong. I started out the morning with 9.09 miles with some new snow but I’m proud to say I made it through an entire winter (I’m … Continue Reading

The first thing Knox asked me when he jumped in the car yesterday morning when I picked him up was how Ducky was doing.   I will probably just bring Ducky in the car with us to pick him up next time he has been away from her for a while. The morning started off early … Continue Reading

50 degrees and so much sunshine… those 8 miles of warmth were good for the soul. I found this written on my driveway yesterday: ‘Run faster than Covid’ and I’m definitely going to try with some speed today. The first word out of both of their mouths in the morning is CHICKENS and so this … Continue Reading

We all wore jeans at some point yesterday so I’m calling that our win for the day as we try to make life feel a little bit more normal. Before the girls woke up I decided hills were a must.  10 miles with almost 1100 ft of up (not sure on pace because I forgot … Continue Reading

It felt really good to get my legs moving again on the treadmill.  Andrew worked this last weekend and I had no desire to go before his shift on Saturday in the snowstorm so the treadmill did the trick.  I always play around with the speed on the treadmill and it felt good to feel … Continue Reading