Another rest day in the books and I’m pretty positive I walked less than 500 steps total for the day.  We fit in a nap, a lot of delicious food and a lot of time on the couch which means I’m more than ready for another week of marathon training.

Knox insisted on his favorite clip-on tie from when he was 4:)


Skye kept us very busy at church and while I taught a lesson to the 12/13 year old girls in my ward (<— what we call our church groups), Andrew and Skye got in a nice walk together.

IMG 0541

The kids really enjoy getting Skye dressed.

IMG 0548

The best eats from yesterday:

*French toast first thing in the morning with berries and bananas and pb&j sandwiches for lunch.

IMG 0521

*Another batch of Superhero Muffins!  In the comments a few weeks ago somebody mentioned that they use half almond flour and half whole wheat flour because almond flour is so expensive.  We tried out that combo yesterday and it was delicious.


PS Skye scraped up her little nose on Saturday with cousins…

IMG 0550

*I’m making more meals this week from Cook Once, Eat All Week.  Last night we had the Chicken Burrito Bowls.  We used ground turkey instead of ground chicken because I have had a lot of turkey in the freezer and it was delicious.  I’m also happy because the kids ate it with zero complaints (no red onions for them) and we made a bigger batch so we have leftovers for lunch today.

IMG 0544

I have a new race on the plan for this month!  I thought after my last 10k that it was going to be my last 10k (because they HURT) for a while but my coach has different plans for us;). I’ll be doing the Desert News 10k on 7/24 this month.  I really hope I get a chance to see Jared Ward and Sarah Sellers while I am there.  This is the oldest road race in Utah and it is held on Utah’s Pioneer Day which is a huge holiday here.  It’s going to be fun to ‘travel’ (aka 45 minutes north;) for a race and see an entirely new course.

Screen Shot 2019 07 14 at 4 40 47 PM

Random topic of the day:

These are my feet below (in the beautiful hot pink/black Hyperion).

F600c835bd38e1f97fd99571b1f4d675d05cc2413d65982dec66f00c96127321 2

Screen Shot 2019 07 11 at 1 12 18 PM

For as long as I have seen pictures of me running (aka when I started blogging:), I have noticed that my back foot in each stride will always be angled out rather than looking like the picture below where her foot is coming back straight.  Her toe is pointed down towards the ground and at that point in my stride my toes are angled out and away from my body.

IMG 9219

I’m a big believer in the idea that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it but I wonder why my foot angles out as I am pulling it back up.  I’m not getting injured (my string of injuries years ago was from under eating, not my form) so it must be working for me BUT I do want to fix things that are not efficient (like my arm swing… they are all over the place ha).

Does anyone else have their feet angle out when they are running like mine do?  Anything with your form you are working on or has your running form ever caused you any injuries?

What meals are you planning on making this week?

When is your next race?  Would you rather race a 5k or race a 10k?

What baked good do you make the most at home?

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