I like fluorescent colors a lot.  

IMG 7812

Emilee and I went out for a run Tuesday morning before she left and it felt very early to us and we felt very cold and creaky.

IMG 7814

Three bubble baths a day keeps the doctor away… At least that is how Skye thinks that saying goes.  

This girl lives for bubble baths.

IMG 7828

Andrew was able to come home for lunch in between trainings yesterday.  Clearly, I lost the church dress battle yesterday.

IMG 7836

There is a slight chance he came home to eat because Spring Training has started;)

IMG 7842

We made it over to TJ’s after school.

IMG 7845

And made the world’s easiest dinner.

IMG 7846

Off to ballet…

IMG 7852

And then we ate dessert together. 

IMG 9689

Three tangents for today:

1.  The other night as I was complaining about the smallest scratchy throat on the planet to Andrew, we came to the conclusion that I (well, Andrew said runners to make me feel less alone in this;) have selective pain issues ha.  

He said that when I CHOOSE the pain I can handle it well and probably too much of it (ie ending up in the med tent at the end of my first sub-3 marathon;) but when I don’t choose the pain, I DO NOT like it.   I can tune out running pain very well but the rest… not so much.

The Utah Valley Marathon tagline is, ‘Pain We Enjoy’ and I couldn’t agree more.  I’ll keep choosing this pain because it is a lot more fun than any other type of pain:)

IMG 3273

2.  We were all over at my mom’s house the other day for dinner and we noticed on her Aura Frame (which has been her favorite present ever… we highly recommend it) random pictures of Andrew kept popping up like this picture he took at Ikea to know what frame to get in the storehouse area.  He realized that he had accidentally chose to send all of his pictures to her frame rather than the select few of the kids that he meant to and my mom just assumed he had meant to send those photos….  It just looked like he was sending a bunch of pictures of himself or he and his buddies that my mom doesn’t know etc.  He’s lucky he didn’t have anything embarrassing on there haha;)

IMG 7683

3.  Andrew sent this to me because this is me anytime we try to watch anything.

IMG 7811


Do you have Selective Pain when it comes to running and the rest of life? 

If you are tired when watching a movie… do you turn it off and go to your bed, gladly let yourself fall asleep while it is still on or fight through the fatigue and stay awake until it is over?

Any easy dinners from TJ’s that you love?  Share away because I loved having dinner ready in a few minutes.

Share a tangent with me today!

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