Four miles @ a 9:50 average pace with the boys… it has turned into our Friday morning tradition to do this although I bet the next Friday we are all together there will be a few inches of snow on the trail.

Maybe by next year Knox will want to join me for my long runs and hand me water bottles and gels along the miles while we listen to Michael Jackson.

IMG 1854

Let’s start with breakfast.  Thursday night= “ANDREW, I REALLY WANT A CINNAMON ROLL.”

Friday morning= the kids got some of the rolls for breakfast that Andrew bought.

IMG 4361

School + egg tacos for lunch at home.

IMG 1840

The late afternoon involved a trip to South Town mall to see the Harry Potter stores/set-up (the three of them were in heaven… we need to go to Harry Potter Land).


Knox did a spell that made the room snow:)


Practicing up on some Quidditch!



Winter is here!

IMG 1881

One of 20 slices of the best pineapple ever.


1st tradition of the season—>  Riverwoods for their lighting event (when they turn on all of the Christmas lights for the first time).

LRG DSC00734

Watching the ballerina’s perform a few dances from The Nutcracker.

LRG DSC00740

Santa popped in.

IMG 5735

A picture that makes me really happy.

LRG DSC00749

Gonna miss these kids next week!

IMG 2008

There was a lot of dancing too…

Because I can’t stop with this salad.

IMG 7576 2

Kids to bed and Andrew and I watched Last Man on Earth.


What are three things that you are doing today?

-Running, plastering the backsplash (ehhhh watching Andrew do that) and celebrating THANKSGIVING (we moved it from tomorrow to today)!

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