Another round of snow in Utah.  I went out later than normal (Andrew went running first) so I wasn’t running in the dark which made it easy to avoid the ice but I’m excited to not run on the snow anymore in a few weeks.

I tried to mimic the trails…. Lots of hills, my trail shoes and uneven surfaces (the snow).

IMG 7007

Skye had a few stories to fill me in on when I got home.

IMG 7017

My secret to 71.3 miles this week and my body feeling really good—> SO MUCH SLEEP, refueling within a few minutes after finishing each run, 2 complete rest days and mostly easy miles.

Maybe I’m just doing this ultra as an excuse to go to bed at 8:45 on a Friday night;)  I had 10 hours of sleep on Friday night.

IMG 7022

Andrew fulfilled Skye’s lifelong dream of riding around on the vacuum.

IMG 2995

The girls had planned a lunch and I of course couldn’t miss out on that.

IMG 7035

They wanted to go to a little Taqueria.

IMG 7036

We also hit up Costco for the necessary items for a dinner at our house tonight!

IMG 7038

Her new favorite toy.

IMG 7041

For dinner we made French toast…

IMG 7045

And then my sister brought over her homemade açaí bowls.  She combines the frozen berries from Costco (the one without the strawberries), frozen mangos, a little bottle of Naked juice and tablespoon of sweet and condensed milk… topped with granola, honey and unsweetened coconut.

IMG 7046

We finished off the night with games with cousins and neighbors and then watched The Commuter!

IMG 7049

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Cannot wait to celebrate with you today!

Screen Shot 2019 02 16 at 3 48 47 PM


Race day is in 34 DAYS and this week helped me to feel confident and ready!

Here’s how it went:

IMG 2887

Monday:  11 miles.  W/U, 7 x 5 minutes (at a 7:03 average pace) with one minute jogging recoveries, C/D

Tuesday:  Off

Wednesday:  33 miles @ 8:41 average.  <— New personal distance record.  I love it when my watch tells me this:

IMG 6725

Thursday:  12 miles @ 9:07 average.  1000 ft of climbing to help train my body to cover hills even though I’m tired.

Friday:  6.15 miles @ 8:50 average!

Saturday:  9.1 miles @ 8:38 average

Sunday:  Off!

71.3 miles total for the week and I have one more hard week before a recovery week!


What are you up to today?!

What was your best run last week?

What was the last movie you watched?  Was it good?

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