It just feels really good to be running again.  It’s crazy how a little time away can sure make you love running even more.  Sundays are my rest day but I’m already looking forward to my running this next week.

Things sure change fast here—>  Friday= 50 degrees.  Saturday= we woke up to a whole lot of snow.  My mom asked me how my treadmill run went yesterday morning because she just assumed no one would be crazy enough to run outside but…

it turns out I was not alone.  Utah has plenty of crazy runners out getting in their miles!  I actually really enjoy running on fresh snow.  I love the crunchy sound that each step makes, I love the extra challenge that it brings and I’m guessing it makes your calves a lot stronger because mine were TIRED by the end of my run.

IMG 7723

4 miles @ 9:55 average pace and some pretty red cheeks by the end.  I saw a few dogs out running through the snow and they looked like it was the best day of their lives.  Beretta went with Andrew and he said the same thing about her.

IMG 7794

Right before I left I decided to wear my Levitates.  I think they looked pretty cool against the snow.   My review of the Levitates is here!

IMG 7718

I came home and Andrew got ready to go out on his run.  WHO RUNS IN SHORTS IN THIS TYPE OF WEATHER!?  Andrew does.

IMG 7803

While he was gone, we just relaxed.

IMG 7804

Once they got home, Brooke did her part to make sure that Beretta warmed up by putting a sheet on her and cuddling her.

IMG 7799

My brother from Kentucky was in town for a few hours yesterday!  He made sure to hit up his two favorites while he was here… Swig (where they have those amazing sugar cookies) and Cafe Rio!  PS He is now a pilot for Southwest so if he is flying your airplane, make sure to say hi to him.

He has more energy than any human I have ever met and his life is dedicated to making people laugh… I WISH THEY LIVED HERE.   Andrew, the kids and I are going to their house this summer to hang out which will be really fun.

IMG 7808


IMG 7809

And this is what Brooke’s face looks like after she nailed my brother with a snowball.

IMG 7815

My brother also brought us 5 jars of his freezer jam all of the way here from Kentucky.  He makes the best food.

IMG 7816

Because we were all frozen and needed something to warm up.

IMG 7818

In the afternoon, Andrew took Brooke out to go sledding and to build a snowman.  I can hear her little giggle just when I look at the pictures.  They had a blast.

IMG 7836

IMG 7839

IMG 7840

Skye and I stayed at home and had some deep discussions.

IMG 7832

For dinner we had our favorite breakfast foods (my brother’s jam on our pancakes= so good) along with a caesar salad because it sounded good.  Randomness is our favorite.

IMG 7845

Last night we did everything possible to keep Skye awake for a few hours before she went to bed.  Friday night created some lovely bags under my eyes so we are really trying now to keep her up a little bit more during the day… here’s to hoping it works and if not, I’m more than happy to snuggle her during the night too.

IMG 7712

I hope your Sunday is a great one!


Did anyone else get snow this last week?  A lot or a little?

What is on your Sunday agenda?  What day do you usually take your rest days lately?

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