(Shoes, top, shorts)

Saturday long run!

I met up with the group for their 10k time trial.  My friend that is giving me my training gave me and Lauren the green light to pace a friend for the 10k and she crushed it… We averaged a 6:55 for her 10k and had a total of 15.35 miles @ 7:36 average.  I wasn’t sure how my body was going to feel a week after my race but it felt surprisingly great.

When a friend plants water and fuel for everyone at the end of the 10k… Running friends are the best.

IMG 9484

The things we do to ourselves as runners.  Hopefully, that blood will wash out of Maddie’s gorgeous running shoes.

IMG 9485

We chatted for a bit outside afterward before I did 15-minute glutes and leg strength class (it took a lot of convincing for me to do it).  I also foam rolled, stretched, hot tubbed, and used my rapid reboots throughout the weekend too. The older I get, the more ‘extras’ I have to do to keep running.

IMG 9486

Skye requested a Yogurtland date…

IMG 9505

And I grabbed the most amazing curry bowl from Aubergine. I could eat this bowl every day of my life.

IMG 9507

My good friend, Kodi, came over and we went on a walk.  The kids prefer the bronco to the stroller now.

IMG 9518

Sunday was my rest day and I took things easy with Skye and Beck.  Skye sleeps in our room on the weekends that Brooke is gone.  They share a room and she misses Brooke so much at night so this is the solution we have come up with for these types of weekends.

IMG 9526

Brooke came home in the evening and had a fabulous weekend.

And now we are on our last week of school.  I cannot wait for summer to start.


On my run the other day I was thinking about what would have happened if I had listened…

When I mentioned my goal to run a sub-3 on IG, I had a DM that said something like this, ‘ummmm Boston’s course is really hard, are you sure about that?’  For some reason, I didn’t even think twice about the message… I wasn’t going to let someone else’s opinion of my goal change my goal.  I’m really glad I didn’t let that person’s thoughts creep into my mind and readjust my goal or go out slower than I should have for what I wanted.  I mean, if it was my coach telling me they weren’t sure about that goal time, maybe I would give it more thought but we just can’t take other people’s thoughts about our goals (unless they are positive!) into account!  Keep going for what you want and be stubborn about it!



What was the weekend highlight for you?!

Ever had bloody feet during a run?  What caused it?

Has anyone told you that you couldnt hit your goal?  

Do you make your bed every day?

-I have gotten out of the habit (maybe because I was in bed all day for days after my gum grafts) and my goal is to get back in the habit.

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