This post is brought to you by Skye on my lap while I type, Brooke cleaning her room and Andrew running on the treadmill (he has turned into a later in the day runner due to his school schedule).

Photo on 6 19 18 at 5 42 PM 3

Six easy miles for me yesterday at an 8:35 average pace.  I remembered seeing on an elite runner’s (I don’t remember who.. oops) IG account that they do lunges right before they start a run to wake their glutes up so I tried it.  I did 3 sets of 12 on each leg and I think it actually really helped or at least the placebo effect did.  Next I’m going to try some donkey kicks and clamshells before I start my run even though I normally do strength afterwards.  I feel good about the idea of activating my glutes before so they do their job during the miles to avoid overcompensating everywhere else.

IMG 3225

I listened to Oprah’s podcast with Tom Brady and it was pretty interesting.  I am not a football person at all but I love learning from athletes in every sport.  When Tom Brady was talking about his dedication to hydrating properly and his nutrition he said something like this—>  Why work so hard with my football if I’m not going to do all of the other things that will keep me healthy and strong to keep playing? Why make the sacrifices that I make for this sport if I can’t make the other smaller sacrifices that will get me closer to my potential?  I loved this thought because it will help to motivate me to do all of the little things with my running.    We work SO hard with our running and getting out of bed when we don’t want to or lacing up our shoes after a long day… so why not make the other little sacrifices that are so important so we can get closer to our potential?

We were able to have Candice’s girls yesterday (she had to be somewhere the last two days so we lucked out:) and I picked up my nieces too.  We started off by getting them some donuts and I asked a stranger to take a picture of us.

IMG 3246

Then we went to a park to play for a while (Skye was with the older girls so I could join in on tag and pretending I’m a horse with Brooke).  Also, I hit my head hard on the big toy… note to self, playgrounds are not made for 5’8.75” humans.

IMG 3258

We hung out at home for a while and then Andrew and I took the kids to Wendy’s for their lunch.

IMG 3270

Andrew wanted Chipotle instead and I jumped on that band wagon with him so he picked that up for us.  It’s not normally my favorite but it sounded good yesterday.  Is there any other restaurant that puts on as much guac as Chipotle?  I really appreciate that about them.

Skye hit my phone as I was taking the picture so this is the best I have ha:

IMG 3266

We went to my sister’s house to drop off her girls and then we went to see the Incredibles 2.  The theaters in our area do really cheap movies on Tuesday’s.   IT WAS SO GOOD.  We liked it even better than the first one!

IMG 3293

I’ve got a speed workout this morning that I’m a tad bit nervous about.  I’m not super nervous about it but just enough to get me excited and adrenalined (<— definitely not a word) up.


I have a bunch of random stories from pictures on my phone that I felt like sharing today.

*Brooke just getting in some trail running through a field of wild flowers.  Summer better never end this year.

IMG 2725

*Knox’s favorite type of running workout is done while carrying around a water gun and chasing after his cousins.  I should put my garmin on him to see how fast and how far he runs during water gun fights because I’m sure it’s very impressive.

IMG 3149

*If you have not tried sweet potatoes as croutons I would like to challenge you to do so within the next week.  My sister could not get over how good they taste on a salad.  Usually I add more than the below picture but I accidentally burned half of the batch on Sunday.  I just toss them in some olive oil and then broil them at 425 degrees until they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The more colors a salad contain, the happier I am.

IMG 3127

*Waterbottles sure have become pretty over the years.  Don’t these gorgeous ones just make you want to drink more water?  Or go somewhere warm and tropical.  I must get one of these Hydro Flasks.

IMG 3203

*Brooke is becoming my sports trainer.  She loves to sit on me and then pull my feet back and it gives me the best quad stretch.  Thanks Brooke.

IMG 3192

*When you are matching your 9 year old niece.  I told you, we have a lot of BYU gear in my family and we all wear it a lot.

IMG 3154

*I just loved this picture of my mom and Skye.  Look how hip my mom’s outfit is too.

IMG 3145

*I sat on gum at the park on the bench.  Terrible.  I was so sad because I love my black shorts but this hack 100% worked.  I couldn’t even believe it.

IMG 3262

I Boiled the vinegar, used a new toothbrush (that we are now saving just for this situation in the future) and boom… you can’t even see where the gum was.  It was a miracle.

IMG 3264

*Skye explained in four pictures;)

IMG 3088

Proof:  she slept through the movie yesterday and she loves to wake up as soon as I sit down for a minute at home ha.  She knows.

IMG 3292


PLEASE SHARE A LIFE HACK that you have found/used recently.  I love these kinds of things… help us all out:)  

What was the last podcast that you listened to? 

Anyone else have a speed workout today?  OR what was your last speed workout?

What is the best part of your Wednesday going to be?

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