I bet you can guess how many miles I did yesterday:)  No training plan = my body goes to autopilot and I’m more than okay with that right now.   I sure love following all of your amazing training though in the comments, on your blogs or on IG.

Trying to see my toes while I run:)

IMG 3234

I was pretty excited about my first ‘new’ hairstyle on Brooke’s hair.  It might have taken me a long time to do this but I’m sure I’ll get faster ha.

IMG 3312

Andrew walked in the door with two huge plates of grapes from my parents’ yard… they are SO good.

IMG 3306

Those grapes went straight into my salad.  Andrew thinks I’m strange because I like to mix dressings sometimes… this one had strawberry poppyseed, normal poppyseed and some balsamic vinaigrette in there:)  The more flavors the better.  He also doesn’t understand my cereal mixing but I sure love it.

IMG 3309

Yesterday afternoon we took the kids (we watched three of my brother’s kids yesterday while they are in Portugal) to get some energy out.

IMG 3313

We went to the bounce house place again and they ran for two hours straight (hence the pink cheeks)!  I fell asleep on the couch (Andrew was there) and it was so loud in there… nothing can stop this pregnancy nap need.

IMG 3316

For dinner I just wanted something really simple and these quesadillas did the trick.  So easy but so delicious (with salsa).

IMG 3317

And then they had some ice cream and I had…

IMG 3319


IMG 3321

Later on last night Andrew was hungry and ordered some sushi that they deliver straight to our house (our area is all about late night food delivery lately)!  I miss sushi SO much… I’ll probably have them deliver sushi to me at the hospital after I have this little girl:)



*My absolute new favorite t-shirt EVER.  I love this one and I have it in blue and black and try to see how many times I can wear it each week (I just ordered the grey one too:).  It’s $24 and I hope you love it as much as I do…  it is long and super soft!

IMG 1781

*All of the amazing new arrivals at Roolee… they make me so excited for Fall and want to order everything.

*Around the web… things I’m LOVING:

Gina has an awesome Hamilton Inspired Total Body Workout that looks amazing (and I can’t wait to try it… with a few pregnancy modifications:)

-A DELICIOUS list of healthy meals to make for other people… I NEEDED this list (it will make you drool:)

-Oatmeal season is coming!!! Here are six overnight oatmeal recipes that look so good!

*We are getting closer to candy corn time (I’m hoping that my desire for treats kicks in by then and if not I will just store them until after I have the baby).  The best combination on the planet if you are a candy corn person (I know, I’m ahead of the seasons right now) is roasted peanuts + candy corn.  The perfect ratio is 1.5 peanuts per candy corn in case you are wondering.

Even Brooke at a young age was reaching for them.

DSC 4114

*This really could not be more true.  Isn’t it amazing when everything you are wearing for a run/race fits perfectly, feels comfortable and includes your favorite colors/patterns?!  Activewear is a big deal in my life.  It just means a lot to me and this made me happy:

IMG 0703

*My brother and his daughter are quite the running buddies. I was complaining about the timed mile at school when I was her age and she is already rocking 4 miles!

IMG 3113

*Andrew and I have our fourth race together tomorrow and I can’t wait.  It is a 12k so I’ve got an instant PR coming up (I’ve never done a 12k race before;) for me which is pretty exciting because a PR hasn’t been a thing for me in a long time ha.  This was from our first race together

IMG 7008

*An old workout that I used to love doing in case you are in need of some fast stuff!  Adjust your jogs to your easy pace and then the first run interval to somewhere between your half-marathon and marathon race pace and then continue to go about 10 seconds faster per mile with each interval!

IMG 1045

*CADBURY COATED OREOS!?!?!  These sound amazing!  If anyone tries them please let me know how they are!!

Screen Shot 2017 08 17 at 10 23 40 AM

*And this is Andrew’s Friday Favorite… just replace bike with unlimited running shoes or something;)

IMG 3303

*I can’t wait to listen to this episode with Desiree Linden (I LOVE HER… I mean we did talk for a full 34 seconds one time before the Boston Marathon) this morning!

PS did you know that Desiree ran the EXACT SAME TIME FOR THE FIRST HALF AND THE SECOND HALF this last year at the Boston Marathon!  Quite the metronome.

Screen Shot 2017 08 17 at 7 00 29 PM


I LOVE hearing from you and your amazing accomplishments so if you want to be featured… send them to runningaccomplishments@gmail.com  !!


Carrie!!  “This weekend I completed my third 100 on 100 Relay through the heart of Vermont.  This 100 mile race is completed by a team of 6, each running 3 different times throughout the day, with mileage for each person ranging from 15-18 miles. I was the only female on my incredible team, and we marked each relay transition with a hug instead of a bracelet hand off.  What an incredible mental and physical challenge to run 100 miles with a team- we started at 7:30 AM (the picture below is our ‘before’) and I crossed the finish line as the team anchor at 10:45 PM.  Feeling the camaraderie and support of our team helped us all to finish strong.  There truly wasn’t a more empowering feeling than running through rural Vermont in the dead of night with nothing but a headlamp and flasher vest before crossing the finish line with my entire team.  If you ever have a chance to do this race or another type of relay event, I encourage you to do it- they are exhausting but so much fun!”



Have any Friday Favorites to share with me!?  I would LOVE to hear them!

Are you an Oreo fan?  Have you tried the different flavors of Oreos that they offer?  Which ones are good and which ones aren’t?  Thoughts on the Cadbury coated ones?

What about Candy Corn—>  heck yes or no way!?!

What are you looking forward to the most this weekend?

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