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I’ve reached one of my parenting goals:  My kids can make me breakfast, and I greatly appreciated this smiley plate of sugar;) 

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I’m turning into a ‘workout during Beck’s morning nap’ person.  After years of early morning workouts, this is a fun change.  I set a new best output record for a 30-minute class which I was pretty excited about, and then I did a 30-minute strength workout.  

It’s confusing to me too that I now spend the same amount of time strength training as I do on cardio these days…

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Basically a toddler.

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I’m recommitting.  I feel like the last week, I kind of gave up on getting my foot figured out other than just resting from running.  Between traveling and being tired of doing all of the plantar things because they weren’t healing me overnight, I stopped doing many of the extras.  There is something in my gut telling me I just need to get my calf sooooooo loose, so here we are again.   

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Let’s talk about some favorite things this week!

*I wanted some faux leather leggings and they were a fantastic purchase.  They come in petite and tall (I got tall), and they are so fun to dress up and dress down.  They are beyond comfortable, which I wasn’t expecting!

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*Olaplex 3… I just picked up a new bottle because I was getting low on my previous bottle and refuse to go through the work of washing my hair without using this first on my damp hair.  It smoothes my hair so much and takes out all of the frizz.  I’ve converted a lot of my friends to it, and they always thank me after they try it.  

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*Last time I tell you to try these joggers…  If you have gotten them already, please tell me in the comments how thankful you are for the creators of them.  

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*I started wearing blush which is a big change for me.  Jessie and I went to Sephora in NYC, and I bought a blush/bronzer combo that she has loved for years.  I’ve been wearing it every day since, and it’s really fun. I know absolutely nothing about make-up, but this stuff goes on well and adds a subtle little pop of color.

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*Chic-fil-a chicken noodle soup.  It’s delicious.

*I’ve decided that I need to find the world’s best protein drink.  I feel like I don’t have time to do anything but grab a drink out of the fridge right after a workout.  I can make something to eat a bit after my workout, but it’s nice to get in some protein within two minutes of finishing with a drink.  This one is from Costco, and it’s pretty good, but I’m still searching, so let me know if you love one.

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Do you wear blush?  Where do you buy your makeup? 

Protein drink or protein bar that you love to eat right when you finish a workout?

Over the years of your working out life—>  Have you stuck to working out at the same time over the years or does it switch around?

Tell me one thing you are looking forward to this weekend!

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