Seconds after this photo was taken Skye grabbed onto Brooke’s hair and pulled it… The teasing has begun;)

6 miles @ 8:40 average pace for my Friday morning run.  The sky (which I love even more now after naming Skye:) was gorgeous during my run.  After I got home I did a bit of strength work with my resistance band (sharing the workout soon)!

IMG 0187

Yesterday the parents were invited to join in with the kids for recess at Brooke’s school.  Brooke can pretty much go faster on her hands and knees than I can go running… she has mastered this skill after years of pretending she is a dog.

IMG 0198

Skye got in an amazing nap yesterday afternoon and woke up with some smiles…

IMG 0285

One of the reasons she was so smiley haha:

IMG 0288

Is it possible to ever get sick of tacos?  I’m guessing the answer to that question is no.

IMG 0261

And these powerballs made an excellent addition to my lunch.  These things are addicting.

IMG 0263

We made it over to the running store for a little while.  Brooke ran around their little track 13 times which she says is pretty much a marathon.

IMG 0293

They had one of these Roll Recovery R8 tools there to test and oh my goodness.  This is the first time I have ever used one of these and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.  It was like a real massage and 20 times better than a foam roller.  I am going to work really hard at convincing Andrew that we need this.  Do any of you have this?  What are your thoughts… worth the investment?

IMG 0294

We had a pretty low-key remainder of the day with a trip to Costco (they had the best samples yesterday), an easy dinner, a walk and watching Brooke do one million cartwheels.

IMG 0311


I’ve got a few Friday Favorites to share with you today!

*My new swimsuit!  A few weeks ago I asked for your recommendations for good swimsuits and I got this one from someone’s recommendation to try out Albion’s swimsuits.  I’m also ordering one from Athleta Swim (I just can’t decide which one yet) too because at least two swimsuits (that fit me) per summer is a need, not a want;)  I feel like I was really lame last summer with the kids since I felt so sick from pregnancy so I’m excited to make up for it this summer and do more things with them.

IMG 0169

*This quote from Girl, Wash Your Face (someday I’ll stop talking about this book)… don’t forget this—>   other’s opinions of you is none of your business:

IMG 8983

*A few of you recommended this bliss mighty marshmallow whipped mask and you were right about how amazing it is.  It feels like heaven and my face feels so soft afterwards.  It’s pretty cheap for how many face masks you get out of the bottle too.  I’m in love.  Thank you.

IMG 9296

*I am really excited about this one—>  This workout tank from Target is awesome.  Andrew picked it out for me and it is so soft, LONG, loose on my stomach and the back is so cute.  It’s $16.99 and they have a bunch of colors that I want to go back to get.  It also washes really well. I LOVE a good cheap running tank.

IMG 9975

*I found the left sock of one of my favorite pairs of running socks after it was missing for a very long time.  I don’t know how it showed up but I was putting laundry away on Monday and there it was, hanging out in the pile of clean clothes and I was pretty happy to find it.  My top 4 favorite running socks—>  These, these, these and these.

IMG 0059

*While we are on the topic of socks, I bought these and I’m trying them out for the first time today because I’ve heard a lot of great things about this brand!

IMG 0296

*Stephanie told me about these chicken skewers that you can get at Costco and they are really good.  Just add some rice, a veggie or salad and boom… a super easy dinner.

IMG 0312

*This is Andrew’s Friday Favorite.  It is an app called HQ and twice a day they hold a trivia game and you can win money on it!  It’s free to win and the questions start out easy and get hard!  He loves it!

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 0316


Enjoy reading about today’s amazing women!  You guys inspire me big time… send them to [email protected]


Maddie!!!  “I wanted to share that I finally completed my first marathon.  I did the Idaho Potato Marathon.  My time was 3:30:20.  It was a challenge, but so fun.  I got 3rd place female and got a bag of potatoes as my prize!  Only in Idaho would you see that, haha!”

Image1 1


Allie and Kim!!!  “We ran Bay 2 Breakers which is the oldest consecutively run annual footrace in the world (according to their website:)  But really, it’s a fun day in SF where everyone dresses up in costumes and the route is one big celebration and party after another.  In past years, we’ve just cheered on the race but this year we wanted the full on race experience!  We decided to take on the 7.6 mile race dressed as Forest Gump and had a great time (even though running with a beard is way harder than expected)!



Bethany!!!  “Sunday morning, I ran the Chicagoland half marathon and it was by far, the best race of my running career yet! The crazy part is that on Saturday, I almost decided not to go.  My IT had been tight all week long, leading up to the race and I was having some serious mindset issues.  I didn’t know if I could run it, let alone PR, which was my goal leading into this race.  But, after a major pep talk from my sister, mom, and my husband, I walked into the race feeling calm & semi-confident.  It started off crazy, with a 30 minute rain delay (I didn’t come prepared for rain at all, so I ran in an over sized race expo fleece and Landon’s baseball cap, haha!) I ran the entire race with the best splits I’ve ever had in a half and felt super strong with my mental toughness!  I came in UNDER my goal time and PR’d by 6 minutes!  So STINKING HAPPY!  Landon and my son ran the last .6 with me, in the pouring rain and brought me into the finish.  Best race ever!”  The full recap is HERE!!!

Half PR


Do any of you have the Roll Recovery R8?!  What are your thoughts?  Do I NEED it?

Have any favorite things this week?

What running socks do you love? 

Looking forward to anything this week?

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