I hope you are having a beautiful day!  I was away from the computer most of the weekend but I’ll have a race recap in the morning for you.

Time to see if I can race the Timpanogos fatigue out of my legs.

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What are you up to today?  Have the day off?

(Pack, shorts, shirt, shoes, sunglasses) Yearly tradition–> Mt Timpanogos. Alarm clock = 4:30 am Started at = 5:30 am Saw a FAMILY of mountain goats (the babies were too cute) and it fulfilled one of my life goals. 4,400 ft of climbing in the first 7 miles up with hiking breaks for snow and other … Continue Reading

(Tank, shorts, shoes) Andrew decided to join me for a run!  He usually bikes with me when we go out together, but he grabbed his running shoes instead.  I loved the choice he made.   The heat definitely got to him. 6 miles @ 8:49 average. Summer is the best but also the hardest with … Continue Reading

(purple top, shoes, shorts) We were all drenched with sweat by the end of this run.  It was the hottest and most humid day we have had this year in our area.  My watch better tell me I’m at least 30% acclimated to the heat now. I’m afraid I no longer know how to do … Continue Reading

(Shoes, tank, shorts) Seven easy miles with friends and then it was straight to Brooke’s first soccer practice with her new team. The excitement levels were very high. During her practice I did some strength and then we have a speed workout today! And now for a bunch of random thoughts all put together in … Continue Reading

(shorts, tank, shoes) Back to running up north again, I greatly appreciated the 15° cooler temperatures. We did 8 miles @ 9:47 average with 1300 ft of climbing. We finished our run by completing 4 x 30-second hill sprints on the road. I was grumpy during them (they hurt) but happy afterward, even though it … Continue Reading

(bra, shoes, shorts) I knew that if I tagged along with Kaydi and Carolyn for their run that I was going to be pushed… I was very right. These two are fast and kept me moving when I really wanted to quit. 4-mile w/u, 10 x 2 minutes HARD with 60-second recoveries, c/d and a … Continue Reading