Good morning!!  I swear I have a lot more on my brain lately than usual to tell you about so let’s get started.

My Tuesday morning run was a rainy one.  It was the perfect amount of rain though, not enough to leave you drenched and just enough to cool you off.  I did 6 miles @ 9:25 average and found a horse to take a selfie with (you might be able to tell… I miss my running partners a lot;).

Something I was thinking about a lot that I heard on the Man Bun Podcast was from Jenny Simpson.  She sounds like such an optimistic person and there were two things that I loved that she said:

1.  You’ve been there before… why can’t you do it again.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about this idea during a run and that is what got me through some really tough miles.  I think looking over your training journal right before a race is one of the best things you can do because you can remind yourself of some of the really tough workouts that you’ve done and how you got through them alive and you can do it again when it gets tough. I think when we are really feeling awful during a race/workout that it is a big help to remember that you’ve been in this position before (where you desperately wanted to quit) but you didn’t.  You can do hard things, you’ve proved that to yourself and you are just going to go ahead and keep proving that to yourself.

2.  Remember that you signed up for this knowing there would be highs and lows.  I love that during the lows I can think about the fact that I knew going into training/running that there were going to lows.  We can’t just expect to have highs only along the way, the lows are what make those highs (new personal records, distance records, killing a speed workout, a good race, endorphin filled run etc) feel even more amazing.  You agreed to the lows when you signed up for running/training for a race… so get through them and stay strong!

IMG 1056

After my run I did some strength training!  Becky (she doesn’t know me but I’ll just refer to her as if we are friends;) posts AWESOME workouts that are great for pregnancy.  I did this workout of hers (Minus the reverse commandos… my arms strength is not quite there).  It was a killer one and I repeated to myself  ‘the more I do of this kind of stuff, the longer I’ll be able to run’ whenever my legs/glutes felt like they were going to fall off.

Brooke got a chance to run in the rain too!

IMG 1131

Brooke’s sweet empathetic face in the background.  I got to hang out at the dentist’s office for a few hours yesterday.  I told you last year about how I had a tumor in my mouth (it was a bit bigger than a marble) right along my teeth/gums when I was in high school.  The good news was that it wasn’t cancerous and also that a new one has never come back but the bad news (which they warned me of) was that the teeth that were touching it would be really effected by having all of those gums removed (I had to have an implant because of it last year).  Fun stuff.  The last few weeks it’s been hurting pretty bad but my dentist took care of it.  No more pain.   Gotta love having a numb mouth for a few hours.

IMG 1159

These two came along:)

IMG 1133

And afterwards we went to my parent’s house to visit with them for a few minutes.

IMG 1148

My mouth was still numb for lunch but afterwards I had my dream team lunch… plus another pancake.

IMG 1162

This picture was from Sunday morning… Brooke has also jumped on the Bisquick daily train with me and I’m loving that:)

PS my mom sent me a text yesterday that said, ‘Just made a huge pancake for dinner.  Thanks for the craving!’

IMG 0946

While I was working I heard Brooke behind me panting and turned around to find Brooke with her face painted.  Andrew is sure creative:)

IMG 1164

After reading all of your comments yesterday about the Instant Pot (we are going to go for it!!) a lot of you talked about the delicious soups that you made in them… and that made me crave soup all day long. I made this Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Chowder and I’ll be making it again and again.  We all loved it, seriously try it.  Brooke even really liked it (she had a little cauliflower but picked around the rest of the cauliflower chunks).

IMG 1167

Also, the recipe calls for almond milk instead of cream… even though it tastes super creamy!  Don’t mind our garlic bread with a lb of butter on it… it was so good.

IMG 1171

After dinner we went on a walk for a bit (thank you cooler temperatures for making this enjoyable;).

IMG 1178

Beretta enjoyed her favorite activity ever… chasing the baseball.

IMG 1180

And Brooke practiced her monkey bar skills.

IMG 1184

After that there were some people in our neighborhood handing out FREE cookies so we stopped by there.  They were sure pretty but I chose to have more garlic bread instead once we got home.  My sweet teeth have transformed magically to savory teeth (one exception: pancakes with syrup).

IMG 1186

PS I ran to the store yesterday for a second and saw these… deep fried twinkies!! I’ve had one twinkie in my life and they aren’t my thing… I can’t even imagine what these taste like.

IMG 1166


Ever had anything deep fried before?  What’s the most interesting thing that you’ve seen at the grocery store lately?

Tell me about your last running HIGH and/or running LOW!!

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Or not so much?

Favorite type of soup?

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