8 miles @ 8:12 pace.  Running in the sun >>>>>>>> any other type of running.

IMG 8122

Beck loves being timed doing tasks and so I told him I would time him to see how long he could cuddle me.  Shockingly, he made it three minutes.

IMG 8129

Goodbyes are hard.

To the airport with this girl.

Our airport tradition.

Read this while I waited for her plane to be gone for a bit.

The zoo for them.

The Sandlot has really inspired him.

Excited for trails!


Tell me three things you have going on this weekend!

(Shorts ((on sale)), socks, shoes, shirt) Lauren talked me into another hill day.  I was sore from the gym, and hills didn’t sound appetizing, but I’m glad she got me on them.  My goal is to make this hill not feel like it is going to kill me and to be able to chat a … Continue Reading

(Shorts, bra, shirt, shoes) Good morning!  I had a good workout on Wednesday so I’m still riding that endorphin high… 5 miles up the canyon and then we turned around and started our workout… It sounds a little confusing but it is actually super easy to keep track of in this canyon because there are … Continue Reading

Recently…. I ran 10 miles @ 8:18 pace with the girls. My brother-in-law came over and installed our lights and I love them. We had to start doing laundry at night so he could wear his Sandlot shirt every day. I asked my sister and niece to reenact this photo and my niece refused. I … Continue Reading

On Marathon Monday 2022, we ran Boston together, and on Marathon Monday 2024, we ran 11 miles @ 8:18 average together and stopped for water at a Chevron… It was basically just as exciting. Beck and I watched the marathon from the couch.  I was in heaven, watching the leaders and tracking all of my … Continue Reading

(Top, bra, shorts, shoes) Driving to the run, I told myself I would hang with these speedy girls for two miles and then drop back and do a short speed workout at a medium-effort push. <– The lies we tell ourselves to push start on our GPS watches. Lauren and I were so glad we … Continue Reading

(Shorts, tank, bra, shoes) Emilee and I perceive temps very differently haha.  9 miles @ 8:33 average. Stuffed animal day for Kindergartners… When Skye got out of the car to go to school, Beck said, “She’s just so cute.”  I agree. Met my sis and niece at the park. My sister brought this find from … Continue Reading