We’ve sure got a lot to catch up on!  So let’s start with Wednesday!

IMG 1113

Skye slept straight through the night until 5 that morning (and 6 Thursday morning—>  AHHHH) so after I fed her, I jumped on the treadmill for 7 miles @ 8:30 pace.  I just kind of zoned out listening to music, daydreaming about summer running and reading on my iPad.  It was nice and it felt good to be done with my workout so early!

IMG 1100

A bit later we picked up Knox!  He is always up to joining me at the counter with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

IMG 1120

Skye took her morning nap in my arms because we have officially spoiled her.

IMG 1129

THERE WAS A LOT OF THIS EATEN all day long.  Costco sells the Boom Chicka Pop in huge bags and we go through these bags a little too quickly!

IMG 1133

Andrew and I made it over to go see Dr. Bennett.  He’s helping me to get strong again after having Skye (hallelujah… postpartum rehab/prehab is crazy important) and Andrew is getting a few things worked on too!

IMG 1115

Skye has a talent that I do not have nor do I think I could ever figure out how to do it… she blows these little bubbles randomly throughout the day.  She loves smacking her lips together too.

IMG 1137

Wednesday night I went out with the youth girls at my church.  We went laser tagging which was a blast.  But before that, Andrew and I watched some of the Olympics together and…

IMG 1141

Had my new favorite chili, it was so good.  We used this recipe (the only change we made was using ground turkey instead of ground beef)!

IMG 1168

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see Brooke loving sweet potatoes too (Knox ate it too but he doesn’t love SPs quite as much as Brooke yet;).

IMG 1171

Topped with cheese, sour cream and avocado.  Try it if you like sweet potatoes!

IMG 1169

Knox showed me how he practices his meditation.  He is also starting karate soon so that is exciting.

IMG 1145

And of course Brooke practiced her gymnastics.  PS we got this mat for her and she is really loving it.

IMG 1153

We were happy to watch:

IMG 1157

Thursday morning:

I listened to this Ali on the Run podcast with Dr. Meggie and they talked all about hormones, birth control, periods, egg freezing etc and it was VERY interesting.  I love learning about our bodies and why they do the things they do so if you like that too, listen to this one!   <—— This podcast was the best part of the run, that is for sure.

Yesterday’s run was HARD.  It was the kind of run where you feel like you lost any and all fitness that you’ve ever had and like you are running in mud up to your hips!  When I start to feel defeated during a run because I’m just not feeling great, I think about two things:

1.  THIS HAPPENS TO EVERYONE.  Even Shalane.  Even people that have been running for 50 years.  Even people that love running with every cell of their body.  It happens, it’s normal.  I tell myself to deal with it.

2. It’s our body’s way of telling us something.  Our body isn’t telling us that we feel not so great because we magically lost all of our fitness overnight or that our race goals are silly because there is no way we will run that pace again… Our body could be telling us a few different things.

It could be telling us that we’ve worked really hard already this week and need to avoid burnout/overtraining/injury, to go nice and easy instead.  It could be telling us we need to fuel better, drink more water or get a bit more sleep.  It could be telling us that it is doing everything possible to recover from our last hard workout so take it easy so it can keep doing it’s job with recovery.  It could be telling us that we’ve got a lot of stress in our life at that point outside of running and our body/mind just needs to relax.  It could be telling us we are coming down with something or it could be telling us that we just need to get working on our mental toughness by finishing the run even when our body tells us to stop.  In this situation, take a few minutes to think about what our bodies are telling us and sometimes they are telling us that they are just tired and to cut our run short or take an extra rest day too!  So, I cut my run short, went home and stretched/hung out until Skye woke up.  I think the Yassos that I did on Tuesday are requiring more recovery than normal since my body isn’t used to speed work.

Today is another day!

IMG 1184

It sure was nice to be outside after three days on the treadmill… even though it was 20 degrees!

IMG 1188

Two highlights from our Thursday:

Going over to my parents’ house for family night (something we try to do each Thursday..) and asking my mom how they can help her out around the house.

IMG 1223

And then we ordered pizza and watched a movie.  Skye enjoyed herself too.

IMG 1227


How often do you feel like you have one of those really really hard/awful runs?  What is your body usually trying to tell you when this happens?

Are you a popcorn person?  What is your favorite kind/brand/flavor/variety?

Was your last run excellent, very good, good, average or poor (that is what my watch asks me at the end of each run)?! 

Have any Friday night plans?

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