We made it to Arizona yesterday afternoon!

IMG 3218

10 miles done and done in the morning.  For some reason it felt crazy cold out but in a few months I’ll be missing these brisk mornings when the sun is trying to eat me alive during my run;)

IMG 3147

First 7 miles were done at an easy pace and then I had a fast finish scheduled for the last three miles.  I did those at a 7:07 average.

IMG 3145

Ready for her St. Patrick’s Day party.

IMG 3141

An omelette with cheese, mushrooms, peppers, spinach and bacon for me…

IMG 8175

Still using my water bottle from the hospital!

IMG 3166

Best little helper.

IMG 3161

Ready to get her vacation on…

IMG 3181

Brooke is staying with my sister (and Knox is with his mom) for our quick trip to Arizona so I dropped her off!

IMG 3199

And then we made it to the airport.

IMG 3203

Skye was a little unsure about getting on the airplane.

IMG 8178

Things went well for her… I fed her during the takeoff and landing.  We had one blowout and one spit up all over me but she was pretty happy the whole time.

IMG 3211

My sis-in-law picked us up and then once my brother was off work they took us to one of their favorites—>  Backyard Taco!

IMG 3215

The crazy potato was beyond good and their salsa bar was heaven.

IMG 3220

Andrew and my brother picked up Bosa donuts on the way home so I got my fix.

IMG 3222


PS they have an awesome home gym so it is motivating me to get some weights in after my easy run today.

IMG 3227

Love this.  Source:

IMG 3208


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