During all of my marathon training cycles I’ve always taken the day after a speed workout easy² and as flat as possible.  Our coach gave us a challenge run to do the day after our speed workout and this was definitely new and a big challenge to me.  My legs were burning on a new level.  Learning to climb hills with tired legs is going to help a lot during races.  It was easy as far as pace goes and running on the dirt is great for recovery but at one point I looked down to see if I had somehow put on ankle weights without realizing it because of the hills.

Just wearing the same outfit (shorts, long sleeve and vest) that I would wear back in February.  Not sure where summer is hanging out but hopefully it will come.

The first 1.5ish miles were all climbing!

Screen Shot 2019 05 23 at 11 55 53 AM

IMG 6350

10 miles total with Jenn and Emily!

IMG 6363

This run required some sitting down on the curb before getting into the car when we finished because my legs were so tired.

IMG 6364

The kids woke up and then Brooke went to school.  I took these two to core day at Burn.  As the training picks up with running it’s tricky to try to fit this in BUT I know I need it and on core day I realize especially how much I need it.

Knox wanted to photo bomb and I think he did an excellent job with it.

IMG 6376

Later on in the day Knox made us some popcorn and declared that he is for sure the best microwave popcorn maker ever.  I agree.

IMG 6381

After school I took Brooke out to celebrate her last day of school (I did this with Knox last week on his last day… they ended at different times).

I told her we could go anywhere and she chose Pretzel Bites and looking at the jewelry store.

IMG 6389

She also requested the photo booth so that was a nice flashback to 1998 for me.

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Skye happily played in the puddles.

IMG 6393

Excited for a weekend together!

IMG 6403


Time for a few of my favorite things this week and I would love to hear yours!

*Kristin sent me the link to this Recovery Salad from Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky.  It is amazing and full of so many nutrients.  I’m going to have to make a big batch of this often to eat throughout the week.  I added rotisserie chicken and used goat cheese instead of feta (that’s what Kristin did and I copied her:).

IMG 6148

*This stuff.  I’ve used Huma gels during my runs for a while now and this was my first time trying the recovery smoothie.  I think it is really good and perfect for those runs where I drive to meet people to run and can eat this on the way home.  I prefer making something at home but some days there just isn’t time for that and I need to get in those carbs and protein asap!

IMG 6146

*Oh and bagels are back in my life before runs.  I’ve needed a little break from UCAN (and will use it once marathon training starts because I think it is the best for my performance) so a plain bagel with a banana or Skye’s apple sauce packet has been the way to go before a longer workout.

IMG 6349

*I’ve had a few people ask about this dress and I love it so much… it’s basically a long comfy t-shirt.   I also get a lot of questions about my sunglasses and they are HERE!

IMG 5574

*Steph Bruce is definitely one of my top three favorite elite runners right now.  I love when she has a new episode, I get so excited.  Loved seeing how she recovers after a run.

*I love that these amazing women are sharing their stories to create a change!


Anything you are looking forward to this weekend?

Any favorites from the week?

Which are harder for you… hills or speed?

Best new to you recipe that you have tried recently?

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