And we are already to Thursday somehow.  Two more days until race day—>  An easy run today and no running tomorrow!  I’m excited to go get my race bib today and crossing every finger that the weather forecast is correct and that Saturday is a sunny day (although it says that it is supposed to snow on Friday?!).

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I met Josse for a nice little run yesterday morning.  She is also doing the same half-marathon that I am doing so our running schedules are the same this weekend.  She has a full marathon next month though and I’m stoked to see how she does at the Ogden marathon.

IMG 2990

Let’s highlight a few portions of our day!

I think we have just entered the ’talking back’ stage but I’m just going to go ahead and focus on the really sweet moments that do happen over here.

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At least Beretta hasn’t been talking back;)

IMG 2983

We spent some time with my mom yesterday afternoon which is always a favorite.

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She took the kids to go look at the toy store for a minute and they tried desperately to convince her that they NEEDED this little car.

IMG 3028

And then we were off for Brooke’s last day of swim class.

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She passed and she will be moving on to the class.  Her back float is excellent at this point.

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How she got through class with that much water in goggles, I do not understand but she is a good example of persevering through any setbacks during a workout;)

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The kids had brinner (Kodiak Cakes) for dinner and I had lasagna soup once again (it is now gone so maybe at this point I will eat a different meal).  They were really working hard to cool their food down:

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After dinner I went to an activity for the teenage girls in my area (I work with them on Sundays and once a week) and for a treat we had one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.  She said she used pudding in the batter!

IMG 3042

Always one of the highlights of my day to see how they end up falling asleep each night.

IMG 3044

And my favorite shampoo and conditioner arrived.  My sister hooked me up with this years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

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PS Monica shared this yesterday… the kids (and Andrew) would love these!

IMG 3036


Do you ever pay close attention to how different emotions affect the way you eat and the way you run?  For me personally, my emotions make a HUGE difference on the way I eat and run and for some people I know, their emotions don’t really affect those two things.  I really want to learn to be a super mindful eater and I’ve come a long way in that but I wanted to share how these emotions work with my eating or running and I would LOVE to hear from you guys to see if we are the same on any of these or different!


Happy—> My eating is normal and running feels great.  I usually hit my workouts well and eat a fairly balanced diet.  I sleep really well too which makes my running even that much better.

Sad—>  LOSS of appetite and I basically want to just curl up in bed all day.  I do go out and run because I know it will make me feel better but it definitely slows me way down.  My legs feel heavy and also like jello all at the same time.  Grief does the same thing for me, food doesn’t sound good and a good run is the perfect time for me to cry.

Stressed—>  eat all of the food.  I somehow think that by eating food, the stress will magically melt away.  When I am stressed I crave my runs so so badly because I know that with each mile it will disappear a bit and I will have an overall better perspective about it.

Angry—>  I run my fastest when I am angry about something.  I’m not running necessarily happy but it definitely fills me up with all sorts of steam to run off ha.  I don’t think anger really changes my appetite but maybe I am hungrier because I am out running more and faster to cope with this feeling.

Bored—> I tend to snack way more and running is always perfect to help with any boredom.  Before I met Andrew and Brooke would be gone for the weekends I am pretty sure all I would do was work, read, eat and run.  Oh and sleep a lot.  I sleep a ton when I am bored.

Calm/peaceful—>  I love these feelings and luckily life has felt a lot more of these things than ever.   This doesn’t really affect my eating much but with my running it just helps me to really take it all in and enjoy the fact that I GET TO run!  A lot of gratitude

Thank goodness running is always part of the equation for every emotion and no matter what emotion, it helps to improve my mood even more!


How do different emotions affect your eating and running?  What about your sleep… does your sleep change much with your different emotions.  

One more random question about feelings;)… do you hold your emotions in for awhile or let them out when you feel them?

Have a favorite shampoo & conditioner?
Last cereal that you ate?

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