1:20:23 ahhhhhh!!!  I had a good feeling going into this race (and some fresh legs too) with the goal of a 6:10 average and I hit 6:08 average.  I’ll have an overly detailed race recap for you tomorrow!

IMG 6233 2

Monday:  6.57 miles @ 8:13 average

Tuesday:  8.22 miles with a new MTC (downhill) mile PR of 5:10.

Wednesday:  7 miles total in the mountains @ 9:55 average.

Thursday:  6 mies @ 7:55 average!

Friday:  Off!

Saturday: 24.3 miles (with the 13.1 for the race @ 6:08 average plus cooldown) in the morning with 4 miles in the evening with Andrew, Brooke and Skye!

Sunday:  Off!

52ish miles for the week (with most of them on Saturday ha).  6 weeks and 5 days until our marathon!


PS I think a new thing on Sundays will be my marathon training log and a picture or two!  Now that the kids are back in school I want to make sure I’m really soaking in the time they are home on the weekends:). Have the best day and like always… I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE UP TO OR WHAT YOUR BEST RUN WAS TODAY!

Happy Weekend! Morning hair. Day #2. Skye carried around this picture for a good chunk of the morning. My good luck chocolate chip pancakes: No running for me yesterday but Skye got in a few laps! READY TO GO! Loved the stuff in our race bags. Spaghetti for dinner. And the couch for the rest … Continue Reading

Four out of five of us had a really great morning.  Skye was not thrilled that she was not going right into their classrooms with Brooke and Knox. Back to more routines and getting in the run even earlier because now the kids need to stop sleeping in until mid morning and get to school:). … Continue Reading

We had a great crew for our challenge run (aka trails with a lot of climbing the day after a speed workout).  This challenge run was shorter than previous weeks because we are pretty much all racing on Saturday but we got in 7 miles for the day with a lot of rollers in there. … Continue Reading

We all hit some new PRs yesterday and I think I know why… My friend found a penny during the warm-up, picked it up and passed it around to all of us and she said it was a good luck penny. It was either the penny or the hundreds of miles and workouts we’ve done … Continue Reading

Brookester came home on Sunday night.  She had the best time with her dad and step-mom!  It’s always the best feeling when we are all back together again (even though it wasn’t long before Knox left;) but next week we will get a solid week all together which will be so nice. 6.57 miles @ … Continue Reading

We’ve got a big week over here—> Brooke’s birthday + school starts + 1/2 marathon on Saturday! Skye is doing better with her pull-ups than I am so far. We went to church after pancakes for breakfast and bubble time is by far the highlight for Skye at the very end of church. At our … Continue Reading