(Long-sleeve, tank, shorts, shoes)

20 x 400m at the track.

This workout is strangely one of my favorites, and I’m not sure why because I started seeing stars on the 12th interval.  For this workout, we are in two groups.  The first group goes out for an interval, and the second group starts as soon as they get back to the line.  Your standing recovery (some people jog it, I do not) is pretty much equal to the time it takes you to run your 400m.  The only problem with it is when the other group has some really, really fast people in it because then it made my recovery much shorter than normal… I’m just telling myself that the shorter recovery made me stronger;)

For workouts like this one, don’t you dare think about what is up ahead.  You just have to think about the lap you are doing, which will make you love these kinds of workouts.  Thinking about doing it 19 more times is a sure way to make yourself feel defeated.

I was one interval behind everyone, but the really fast people asked me what I wanted to finish with and they told me they would do it with me.  I told them I wanted my last one to be at 85 seconds, and they got me to do my last one at 80 seconds!

I averaged 85.7 for these!  In 2019 when I was at my fastest, I averaged 82 seconds.  When I last did this workout (I did 16 x 400) I averaged 87 seconds.  One of the many reasons I love the track is because it makes it very easy to track your progress.  I’m addicted to progress with running.  Fully addicted.

IMG 2103

The only acceptable way to finish this workout.

On the ground.

Staring at the clouds and letting the endorphins rush through your veins.

IMG 2101

Eight minutes of strength is better than no strength, and I had the best little buddy to do it with.

IMG 2116

He is looking like a toddler all of a sudden.

IMG 2119

Skye was able to go to her current favorite place…

IMG 2124

And then we met up with one of my college roommates for lunch.  Just one of those days you are still in your running clothes until 2 pm.


Brooke brought a book home from her school library for Skye, and that made her day.

IMG 2130

Three of the last four meals I have made have been from Fatima because they are so good and easy.  This one has been our favorite so far—>  Yellow curry!

IMG 2133

We had the Korean Pancakes from TJs and yep, they are amazing.  We cooked them in our air fryer, and that was a good decision.

IMG 2135

My race shoes have arrived from Brooks.  I’m REALLY excited to see how I race with a carbon plate shoe:)

IMG 2131


Have you raced in a shoe with a carbon plate?  Give me the details!

Do you usually go for more bright-colored shoes or more neutrals?

Tell me your favorite parts about fall!

Tried any new foods recently… give me your opinion!

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