PS something weird is going on with my pictures not showing up… will you let me know if you can see them all or not in the comments? 

Today is our last full day in Hawaii so we are going to soak it up with the beach and a run before going back to our Utah winter.  I received this text from Josse on Saturday—>  “I just ran in a blizzard in calf deep snow.”  I’ll go ahead and add that she did 13 miles in calf deep snow.  I think she needs an award for completing that run… I would have been on the treadmill or on my couch with a cup of hot chocolate while watching This Is Us:)

PS Brooke told me she isn’t afraid of the water after the jellyfish problem on Saturday but we might be building a lot of sand castles today instead of playing in the water.

I thought today I would share some of our FAVORITE things and pictures from our trip.  We spent a lot of time this weekend resting because they were pretty tired from all of the sun and traveling but here are some of our favorite parts of the trip.

IMG 2797

I think I might have taken too many pictures but I just wanted to capture their sweet little faces and excitement over all of the beauty.  Like my mom said this last week, nature provides me with the best healing/cleansing/energy/hope/brightness/gratitude/the list goes on and on.

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We are learning that quality time together is the best thing for successfully blending… this trip was great for that.  

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**The running in Hawaii was amazing.  When I went to school here it was during a time that I was all about the elliptical so this was really my first time of getting some good running in while here.  The sunrises were unreal and the days that included some light sprinkling felt great while running.  Gotta love sea level running after coming from running at high altitude because it felt like the air just kind of seeps into my lungs here, it doesn’t take a lot of work for me to breathe while running in Hawaii.  But the humidity, hills and the heat did take some work for me.  I kept my runs paced pretty easy and hopefully I didn’t lose too much from my speed work deposits over the last few weeks but if I did, time to get back to work this week on building back up again.

IMG 7155

A rainbow run with my sister-in-law.  One morning I went to my sister-in-law’s bootcamp type class and oh my goodness.  I was sore for 2.5 full days after that.  We didn’t use weights but somehow in 30 minutes of burpees, push-ups, jump squats, crab walks and other intense (for me at least) moves, every muscle on my body was sore.  Always funny to feel like you are in good shape in someway and then be proved wrong by doing a different type of exercise ha.

IMG 7415

And another solo run on the beach (calves burning).

IMG 7173

**One afternoon we drove over to pipeline to check out the incredible surfers.  Those waves were around 18-20 feet tall! I can’t even imagine.

IMG 2781

I would love to know what is going on in his little mind as he was watching the surfers.

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Pretty incredible.  I’m glad running doesn’t take as much coordination as this does ha:

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While we were there we ran into an internet friend:)  We had emailed/connected years ago.  She commented on Instagram that she was also in Hawaii and so I kept my eyes open for her… I was so excited to finally meet her.

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**After Pipeline my sister-in-law took us over to a little beach that was pretty empty which was nice.  It is over by Turtle Bay with a perfect little area for the kids to swim around in.

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A few pictures from that beach:

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**One morning we did the Lanikai Pillbox hike and it was stunning at the top.  The kids hiked the whole way up but they were done with the hike on the way down.

IMG 7392

We hung out at the top for a little while.  Loved this RUN HILLS not your mouth haha:

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**Knox loved bodyboarding

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And being covered from head to toe in sand;)

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Brooke ran free from thing to thing to thing.

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We attempted a family photo in the waves but it didn’t work out as well as we hoped.

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**One day we went canoeing with the kids to flat island and they really loved it.  Some of the kids jumped on the paddle boards too while we were out but Brooke was all about the canoe.

IMG 7635

**As far as food goes, everything we tried was amazing!  We ate at our family’s house for a lot of the meals and went out a few times too.  Some of our favorites included:

Maui Tacos had some incredible fish and shrimp tacos.

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7 Brothers had the best burger Andrew and I have ever eaten.  No joke.  No exaggeration. The best.   Plus the chocolate and banana shake is a must if you ever go there.

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Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop had the most amazing Malasadas = hot little donuts that melted in your mouth.

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**Of course I had to get my favorite type of pie at Ted’s Bakery… banana cream pie is life.

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**One of the mornings we were here we took the kids to the children’s museum!  Andrew and his brother went surfing and the kids needed a little time inside. My sister-in-law had some free passes to the museum so we went.  It was AMAZING.  The kids loved it and dressed up in approximately 20 different outfits while we were there.

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**Had some time to read.

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**And just relax together.

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**I loved Brooke’s little curls that she would get each day after the beach.

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**GoPro magic…   Andrew won one of these last year at his job and he got so many great pictures of the kids with it:

IMG 2779

IMG 2777

IMG 2775  

There you have it!  We will be back before you know it to pictures of my treadmill runs, snow filled runs and sweet potatoes!  I’m sure you can’t wait ha!


What book are you reading?  I just finished The Couple Next Door (kept me guessing the entire book) and reread chunks of Present Over Perfect (such a good book) and would love to have some new recommendations!

Have any running goals this week?  A longer run than usual?  A harder speed workout than usual?  More strength to help your running?   

Are you more of a beach person or a mountains person?

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