Let’s chat about Sunday.

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The day started off with blueberry waffles in bed because why not?

IMG 4443

Knox has perfected what we call the ‘evil eye’:)

IMG 4451

Post church lunch of carrots, grapes, leftover spaghetti and meatballs and part of Andrew’s nachos too:)  Basically a 6 course meal.

IMG 4460

For dinner the amazing Candice invited us over for SUCH a good dinner.

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She had fruit for us, a southwestern salad and black bean enchiladas.  I haven’t had enchiladas in forever and this was an amazing reminder of how good they are.

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For dessert she made a chocolate cream cheese dessert that had a graham cracker crust, a thin layer of cream cheese deliciousness, chocolate pudding and whipped cream.

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Then we went and picked up Brooke.  Brooke (well, both kids which is so nice) does really well with the drop-offs/pick-ups.  When she is leaving she is happy to go and when she is coming back she is happy to be home.  It makes the transitions so easy but it might just be because she has been doing this for as long as she can remember (since she was just over 1 years old) so she just knows the routine.

For some reason Brooke told Knox before she left for the weekend that she was going to make him some Halloween cookies while she was gone.  She never got around to making any Halloween cookies but she did bring him back a sugar cookie instead.

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We all missed her a lot.

IMG 4470

Thanks Knox for the picture (he has become quite the photographer).

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They were right back to their normal craziness.

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This just feels so good to have everyone home.

IMG 4474


I’ve got an awesome workout for you to try!!! For this workout you are going to be using your 10k current race pace to figure out your interval paces (below I can show you how to find your 10k pace if you haven’t raced a 10k).  You are going to start out with a 1-2 mile warm-up and then start your workout!

Your first interval will be 1 mile @ 20 seconds slower than your 10k pace followed by 90 seconds at a slow jog/walk.  You will then do 1 mile @ 10 seconds slower than your 10k pace followed by 90 seconds at a slow jog/walk.  Next will be 1 mile @ your 10k pace followed by your 90 second recovery jog or walk.  From there you will start doing your intervals faster than 10k pace and start with 1 mile @ 10 seconds faster than 10k pace.  Next will be 20 seconds faster than 10k pace etc.

You choose what is best for you in terms of amounts of intervals done.  You could get all the way down to 40 seconds faster than 10k pace for your intervals or you could stop at 10 seconds faster than your 10k pace.

Let’s say your current 10k time is 52:00 minutes.  Your average pace for your 10k was then 8:22.  For this workout you would start with your warm-up and then:

1 mile @ 8:42 (aka 20 seconds slower than 10k race pace) w/90 second recovery

1 mile @ 8:32 w/90 second recovery

1 mile @ 8:22 w/90 second recovery

1 mile @ 8:12 w/90 second recovery

1 mile @ 8:02 w/90 second recovery

Continue to drop down to what feels appropriate for your current fitness level.  You never want to go 100% all out so stop when you still feel like you could do another 2 drop-downs and start your cool-down!  Find that perfect spot of really challenging yourself and pushing yourself but not going so hard that you aren’t going to be able to recover well from the workout.

If you don’t have a lot of time maybe start at 10 seconds slower than 10k pace or at your 10k pace and drop 10 seconds per mile for a few of the intervals.  You could also try doing this with .5 mile intervals if you want!  Have fun with it and let me know how it goes for you!

Run Workout

Haven’t raced a 10k in a while and don’t know what to use for your 10k pace?  Enter below a previous race (1/2 marathon, marathon, 5k, 10 miler etc), your time and push calculate.  From there click on EQUIVALENT and you will see what is a close estimate to where you are at for your 10k pace.

Remember to save your racing legs for RACE DAY!  Once you are done with your intervals you should feel like you should still be able to do two more intervals… don’t go all out for your speed workouts.  Go all out on race day and save those legs of yours for race day, not for your workouts.

Running Tips


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Are you training for anything right now?  What distance?  Time goals or completion goals?

Who has a kid or kiddo that goes back and forth with their other parent? How often?

What is your weekly mileage happy spot at right now?

1.  It was just Knox and me yesterday morning so my run was on the treadmill.  Eight miles and still rocking the tape to help me to stay away from the deck of the treadmill so I don’t sacrifice my form while I run.  Thanks to Knox for the picture.  One of my favorite tips … Continue Reading

8 miles while listening to Up & Vanished (I’m weird and I really enjoy mystery podcasts like Serial… even if they freak me out). COLD ENOUGH FOR GLOVES!?!? Strength training is my favorite thing to multi-task… chest and glutes all at once. They were really happy to see me when I got home;) The sunglasses … Continue Reading

The kids were ready to go play some soccer last night and score a bunch of goals when all of the sudden it started pouring rain when we got to the field.   We decided the change of plans in our evening called for some pasta instead. Brooke ordered some noodles and asked for some … Continue Reading

Thursday afternoon is here! The morning started out very cuddly… usually Brooke is up first but today she was all about sleeping in. She took a selfie while I was doing her hair. Ready to party. Eight mile run together in my favorite canyon in the world. Started running up here when I was 12 … Continue Reading

Good Morning!!! Running partners united!  It’s been a few weeks since our last run together and it was good to be back.  Josse has been dealing with some ankle problems lately so she took a bit of time off and is back in action.  Six miles total and a great conversation the whole way. Josse … Continue Reading

Just a normal Tuesday morning around our house yesterday. One of the many beauties about running… you can do it anywhere.  I had to drop off my car for some work yesterday so I just went out and ran 7 miles while my car was being worked on and then boom… my car was done … Continue Reading