My first Friend to Friend post is up and it is all about things I wish I could have told myself back when I first filed for divorce at the age of 27.  If you are going through some sort of break-up check it out.  If you have gone through a break-up in the past please leave a comment with your advice so we can help those struggling right now!  I wrote down all of your suggestions for future posts from this post.  Feel free to let me know about more topics you would like me to cover on Friend to Friend!


Both girls were in really great moods when they woke up yesterday.  Beretta was too busy watching for falling food and knowing she wasn’t supposed to be in the kitchen to look up;)

I fell asleep on the couch at 8:45 on Monday night at the end of the show we were watching that I was really invested in?!  This high mileage is really requiring a lot of sleep and even Andrew (who doesn’t like sleep) is sleeping a lot more lately.

I woke up after 9 hours of sleep and went out for 8 miles @ 8:39 pace.  I listened to this episode of Rich Roll (another podcast I love) and it was about depression and addiction.  I found it VERY interesting.  He talked a lot about how the loss of connections has contributed to anxiety/depression and shared a lot of research studies/about the things that make people happier.   I’ll be listening to the second part of it on my run today!

IMG 4523

Andrew did his 20 miler yesterday (I’m doing mine today).  The girls congratulated him on his accomplishment when he finished.  He wanted to do the 20 miles on the treadmill and caught up on the Good Doctor with all of his fuel/hydration right there!  The treadmill is an amazing tool to help us get to these races.

IMG 4545

Chocolate milk, recovery boots and studying the ultra’s course map.  I’m sure you’ll see an identical picture tomorrow of me doing the same thing after my long run.  Andrew is going to join me for his second long run (10-12 miles) during my 20.

IMG 4548

PS I’ve been off and for some reason the last few weeks I thought we would have over 6k feet of climbing in our ultra but it is actually 3650 feet of elevation gain but the majority of that is in the first 19 miles.  I need to get in some training runs where the beginning is mostly climbing followed by flat miles for awhile.   We also might just try rolling down mile 6-7… that looks like a steep downhill!

Screen Shot 2019 01 15 at 11 20 17 AM

There is a sliding door on our pantry that we’ve always just left open… until now.

Skye tip-toe-crawls into there without us noticing and pulls down an entire box of cereal and dumps the whole thing out.  So for now the door is closed (I hadn’t finished cleaning up the pb Cheerio mess yet).

IMG 4542

We went over to help my sister with a few things and then went to one of her favorite restaurants, Cubby’s.  Skye was sure that I got the steak salad for her.

Operation: I need to make sure I’m getting in enough iron.

IMG 4563

Brooke had a great day at school.

IMG 4594

Skye worked on her leg raises…

IMG 4604

And she is SO close to taking her first step.

IMG 4608

Brooke requested we watch a part of It Takes Two <–  Best addition to Netflix in a long time;)

IMG 4598

Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner followed by some cookie dough for dessert.

IMG 4595

Off for 20 miles today!

Running is play and I can’t wait to play in the roads/mountains today for a bit.

IMG 4602

Oh and two more things I wanted to share today:

*I’m currently trying to train Skye to give me back massages after I finish a long run:

IMG 2325

*PS I saw this below paragraph on Instagram and wanted to hug it.  I love it so much.  “That place where your body naturally wants to be.”

I have a post from a few years ago that talks about the extra 5 lbs HERE and I think it’s a good one if you are struggling with this right now.

IMG 4570


What race have you run that had the craziest elevation gain/loss?

-The Emigration Canyon 1/2 that I did had you climb non-stop for the first 4.5 miles and then had a steep down for awhile after that.

What is something that you do after a long or hard run that you feel really helps you in recovery?

Do you get in enough iron through your diet or do you take a supplement?  What vitamins/supplements do you take each day?

Would you rather get a back massage or foot massage? Do you have ticklish feet?

-Foot massage… those are my favorite.

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