6.5 miles @ 8:16 average

We told the nurses so many different times that we wanted Brooke to make it to her 6th grade graduation and she did.

When we pulled up to the school, her friends were all waiting outside for her. It made me cry.

I love her teacher so much.

Brooke’s hand is improving… At one point it was past the dotted lines and way more puffy.


Andrew’s work brought a massive gift basket for Brooke and the kids.

And the most beautiful sourdough.

Time outside.

With a Cafe Rio picnic.

The difference between this Friday and last Friday is pretty shocking. So so lucky.
She is so good at using her little scooter to get around.

Tell me three things you have going on today!

I don’t even know if I really explained here how this all came to be… Last Monday night (5/13), Brooke played in her soccer game and had an awesome game. The next day after school, she started complaining about her heel. I took her into urgent care to get an x-ray. I was worried the … Continue Reading

I went for a run yesterday. Brooke had lots of people at home with her, watching her every move, so I felt ready to go. It was amazing to be outside, breathing fresh air, talking with Emilee, and moving my body again. Rewind–> On Friday, they told us the MRI would take 3-4 hours (thankfully, … Continue Reading

We are home. It feels too good to be true. They were just as shocked as we were with this news. We have a bunch of follow-up appointments and antibiotics 3 x a day for 6 weeks along with plenty of resting, but we have Brooke home safe and sound. Brooke and Moose: I have … Continue Reading

Yesterday was our best day yet! It was still full of hard times for her, but it was better than the rest. Today is day #6 and we still don’t know when she will go home but we are trusting the team here to do exactly what they need to do to get her home … Continue Reading

I hope your weekend was a beautiful one. I haven’t had the time or emotional energy to do much once I lay down on the couch to sleep in Brooke’s room so I’ll keep this short but we were transferred to a new hospital to be near specialists. Brooke has shown us how strong she … Continue Reading

Brookie was admitted to the hospital yesterday and we will be here a few days as we figure things out. She is in a lot of pain and would love some prayers as her doctors try to figure out what is going on. I don’t even know what to say besides I’m worried sick but … Continue Reading