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There is a house in my neighborhood that always tricks me.  Every time I run by it I hear a very high-pitched sound that really freaks me out because it makes me think I’m going crazy… but then I remember that they have one of those deer guards out and the noise is meant to scare deer away from their yard.  I’m always relieved when I remember that it is real sound and not just me hearing it ha.

PS I guess one pro of 2020 is that BYU is having an undefeated football season so far ha… that never happens.

PPS 4 miles @ 9:43 pace.

IMG 2003

Brooke was extremely excited about her new mask that I got for her to wear at school.  I guess the TY version of masks are the current hype at her elementary school.

IMG 2005

Skye is a big fan of oatmeal with blueberries, pb and banana these days.

IMG 2008

After breakfast we went on a walk.  Skye is now in the stage where she wants to be in the stroller for 3 minutes and then run for 3 minutes on repeat for the entire time we are out there.

IMG 2010

Skye almost tripped over one of the sidewalk cracks so she then decided to jump over each one.  I’m thinking I might do the same from here on out because those cracks get me!

IMG 2011

Later on I went out to the garage gym… not to do weights but to sit there and eat popcorn while Andrew was washing our cars.

IMG 2019

Brooke did more strength training than I’ve done in a month…

IMG 2020

And then the two of them rode bikes.

IMG 2022

The amount of Rhodes rolls I go through at this point is incredible… another bag of them from Costco bites the dust.

IMG 2023

We are getting ready big time over here.

IMG 2024


I keep finding that my running mantras are REALLY helpful to use during pregnancy.  At this point when I’m just feeling quite uncomfortable (going from laying down/sitting to standing is quite the process that usually involves a lot of noises ha;) this running trick is helping me a lot…

Switching my brain from constantly thinking about everything that is hurting to thinking about whatever I can find that isn’t hurting has taken me to my fastest paces.  You know that self-dialogue that we can get lost in during a run where all we are thinking about is how dead our legs feel or how our lungs feel like they are going to explode and then the thoughts just spiral out of control from there?  That happens to all of us and the more I think about the things that are hurting, the more my paces slow down.  My best runs/races happen when I can take those thoughts and turn them into thinking about all of the things that aren’t hurting.

At the end of the St. George Marathon in 2019 my hamstrings were hurting more than they ever have before but I focused as hard as I could on being grateful for having a happy stomach and elbows that were feeling good which helped me to forget about my hamstrings a bit and push it to the end!


So for the next three weeks I’m going to be thinking about how my shoulder blades feel very comfortable lately and how thankful I am that my ankles feel healthy and strong because it sure does get old thinking about everything that doesn’t feel good.  Time goes by way too slowly thinking about what hurts so it’s time to focus on what feels GOOOOOOOOD.


Just one more reminder of a new baby update (it’s getting close)!


What felt GOOD during your last run?!

What has been your current goto breakfast so far?  Oatmeal lovers—> what are your favorite toppings because I’m sure Skye will love some new variations!

Those of you running when it is dark outside—> do you use a headlamp or anything to help you to avoid tripping?!

Give me any pros you can think of in 2020!

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