A walk and then ATHLECARE.

IMG 4885

Went for my first free session to test it out…

IMG 4879

You pay a monthly fee and then go in for sports massage, dry needling, scraping, sauna/cold plunge. all of the things as much as you want each month… I’m very tempted.

I died in the sauna.

IMG 4884


And scootering.

IMG 4887

A party with Skye.

IMG 4894

Cutest treats!

IMG 4891


IMG 4920

The best bread for French toast.

IMG 4921

My friends have convinced me to start this…

IMG 4870


Tell me three things you have going on today!

  A morning walk with Knox.  He is also waking up at 4 am each morning.  I think our bodies are just telling us that we should have stayed in Spain. It was a pretty typical day for us: We tried the Salmon Pinwheels with Spinach and Mediterranean Style Herb, Feta Cheese Wrapped in Salmon … Continue Reading

We are still waking up at 4 am and wondering when we will adjust to our regular schedules. The girls wanted to go on a walk with me, but walking when it is 17° isn’t possible for me, so we went to the indoor track. They got in some sprints, and Brooke decided to run … Continue Reading

  Before I get into some lessons, I have a few things from around here… This meal was absolutely delicious and so easy.  I got the idea from HERE, and everything was from Trader Joe’s and so easy. You just bake the chicken with the tomatoes for 25 minutes at 350° and then cut the … Continue Reading

Another day that I’m taking running off.  Usually, I try to get on the peloton or out for some short runs by now after a marathon, but I’m trying to shake things up and give my body more time to rest before I get moving again.  If you struggle to take a break after marathons, … Continue Reading

Good morning! We are back in Utah and attempting to figure out the proper hours to sleep again.  Today’s post is filled with so many thoughts, let’s get started: *Choose ‘heads’ when flipping a coin to decide who has to sit by the youngest on long flights. It worked in my favor both ways;).   … Continue Reading

Another bucket-list item for the big kids ✔️. They both got up on it multiple times. Skye and Beck worked on their boogie board. And I loved documenting. Didn’t have any chocolate croissants with us, so we compromised with this😉 Went to the Roman theatre… Over 2000 years old. We couldn’t find gelato, but we … Continue Reading