Happy Friday!

Andrew wanted to take this dog in the picture below home to give Beretta a fur sister.

Skye studies dogs quite thoroughly each time she sees a new one.  Beretta is pretty slow moving when she is at home so Skye finds it extra interesting to see a super hyper bouncing dog.

LRG DSC09202

I pulled the opposite extreme yesterday and I woke up last second and went running way later on in the day during Skye’s nap.  Andrew had a rest day and I went out for 7 miles @ an 8:48 average pace.  Andrew is following the same plan that I am but he is taking more rest days than I am as we get his body used to higher mileage.  We both need to get to this starting line injury free even if it means we are a little undertrained.

It’s slick here on the roads and sidewalks so I wore my new Cascadias for more grip.  Aren’t these shoes beautiful and don’t my ankles look freezing?!  Also, I bought Yaktrax but they feel so strange to me… maybe I just need to get used to them?!

I listened to Oprah’s Supersoul with Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade during the run and really loved it…  Just another day where I wonder how I ever lived without podcasts, they are so entertaining and inspiring for me.

IMG E1454

Not a lot happened all day (aka winter in Utah with a 1 year old;)

IMG 1643

IMG 1650

But at night our church group had a big Christmas dinner.  It started thirty minutes before Skye’s bedtime so she really enjoyed the experience;)  Brooke and Knox have already made some really close friends at church and I’m very grateful for that.

IMG 1658

They sat with us for about 15 minutes and then they were off with their friends… and so it begins.

IMG 1659 2


I have a few more gift ideas to share for the runner in your life followed by a few favorite things!

*I’m in love with everything that Sarah Marie Design Studio offers and my top three favorites right now are the LIVE EASY RUN HARD and KINDA WANNA GO FOR A RUN sweatshirts…

PicMonkey Collage 8

*And this mug.  It’s a really good question if you think about it.  Running is addicted to US.

IMG 0882

*This is an awesome fitness planner that includes things like motivational quotes, water/sleep/habit trackers and meal planning space.

IMG 9077 2

*The Koala Clip is such a great gift/stocking stuffer for the runners in your life.  I cannot run without mine and I love that you don’t even feel your phone while you are running.

Use the code HRG10 to get 10% off!

IMG 9156

*The Run Angel (you can find my entire review here).  I think it is a great idea to give your people this gift of helping them to run safer (and the best gift to give yourself too).


*Our bed is all done!  I wanted to share on here the sheets that we got because they feel so so good.  They are linen and we are both obsessed.  They are here.  We also got our duvet cover from West Elm (on a day that bedding was 40% wahoo) and our pillows are from Four Chairs Furniture.

IMG 9412

*I started putting a heating pad (I want this one… it looks so much softer) in my bed as I am getting ready for bed each night so that when I get under the covers it is nice and toasty.  Andrew laughs at my bedtime routine that takes 30 minutes.  I just enjoy the whole process of getting everything ready for me to hibernate for 8 hours.

IMG 1395 2

*Andrew and I both liked the new Grinch movie in the theaters better than the Jim Carey Grinch and Brooke loved it too.  Also, my sister-in-law gave Skye this cute book and the grinch to her for her bday.

IMG 1210

*I got this one from my mom—>  As soon as I start to feel like I am getting sick I take this and it shortens the sickness big time and it never really gets bad at all.. I started to feel a sore throat and cold coming on last week and Sambucol saved me.

IMG 0843

*Skye’s pjs.  I am ordering these same pjs for Brooke (and I would for myself if I could find my size… they are so soft).  PS Beretta is just watching to see if Skye is going to drop any food for her.

IMG 0658

*Frozen chocolate mints (Andes are the best in my opinion).  They just taste so fresh and delicious when frozen.  Also, this picture explains to me why freezer burn ice cream is a very common occurrence for us.

IMG 1287 2


RUN ANGEL is going to give away two Run Angels to readers today!  This isn’t sponsored or anything but they are the ones providing the products for the giveaway:)  

To enter: Leave a comment below telling me anything you would like!  I’ll choose two winners through random.org on Monday.  You can also get 15% off a Run Angel with the code HRG15 HERE!

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