8 miles @ 8:55 pace.  All of the bugs in the county were out and hitting me in the face the entire time.

IMG 9782

She gets just as excited for breakfast as I do.

LRG DSC05012

After Andrew was done with his shift we hit the road to go down south.

IMG 9811

We drove straight without stopping until dinner.

IMG 9815

IMG 9824

IMG 9828

Pizza, pasta and water… my favorite pre-long run meal.

IMG 9831

Staying at our family’s house and the kids are loving it.

IMG 9838

Time to go the farthest I have gone in 22 months—>  AHHHHHHHHHH!

IMG 9836

It’s going to be a little bit warm.

IMG 9813

Be your own fangirl this weekend!  (from Kara’s book)

IMG 9814

And now it is less than 50 days away… 49!

IMG 9832

Andrew’s all ready with his bike to accompany me today….  w/u, 3 x 3 miles fastish, 3 minute recovery jogs, c/d.

IMG 9834

I’m excited to have him pass me a cold water bottle whenever I need a drink!

IMG 9839

Have a great Saturday!!


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