(Tank, bra, shorts)

Skye popped into the garage for the last few minutes of my ride on Saturday.  She was a good cheerleader.

Andrew left at 5 a.m. to the airport to fly to California, so the bike saved the day again by making it possible to get in an awesome workout while Beck and Skye (for most of it) slept.  I took a class from Kendall, and I hit my goal of breaking 500 for my output in a 45-minute class.  Kendall’s classes are so hard for me, I feel like she has a higher standard than other instructors for where our resistance should be;).

I also did a 30-minute strength class from Becs Gentry after.  I have never been this consistent with strength training, so I need to write Peloton a thank you card for their programs.

A big highlight of my Saturday was going to TJ’s to stock up on all of the Christmas items for gifts and ourselves;).

IMG 7765

Brooke and Andrew got home from the airport at around 7 that night, and I loved finding this picture on my phone.  She had a great time, and goodness gracious, it felt good to hug her again.

IMG 7834

Andrew brought home peppermint froyo with brownies on top to eat in the hot tub once the kids were asleep.  My kind of night.

IMG 7830

But then, a few hours later, we were up all night with Skye.  Nothing like eating breakfast burritos at 3:30 a.m. and keeping my sleeping mask on because I had high hopes of sleeping again…

IMG 7831

So our Sunday looked like this…

IMG 7836

Andrew made our favorite blueberry muffins, and we ate those throughout the day (he prefers his without the streusel, which I don’t understand).

IMG 7841

Beck took his first steps!

Skye was not doing well in the late afternoon and so we took her in (we have been living in the doctor’s office!). They tested her for everything and it’s just viral. Lots of snuggling will be happening today too.

So let’s end today by talking about something I had already written:)

I have had a few mantras that have helped me in running and in life over the years.

A few that I have used the most are:

*I can do hard things

*I am comfortable

*I can and I will

*Be stubborn with your goals

*Stay in the mile (or moment)

I was scrolling Instagram and came across this and loved the mantra “I can handle this.” (<— similar to I can do hard things but I just needed to try something new). I said it to myself the next morning during a hard interval on the bike and it instantly helped.  I can’t tell you how many times I have needed ways to help me to calm down/stay positive during challenging workouts/races or hard things in life.  This mantra is short, effective, and powerful.  Whether it is a huge hill, another interval around the track, or the final 10k in a marathon, we can handle this.  We’ve proven to ourselves repeatedly that we can, and it brings me so much peace to remind myself that I am capable of handling the moment.  This statement brings me confidence, and I love it.

Screenshot 2021 11 17 at 5 21 43 PM


Tell me some mantras you have loved over the years? 

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Favorite holiday items from TJ’s?

What do you give out for neighbor/teacher/friend gifts?

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