75 minutes on the bike at an effort that brought my heart rate to where it usually is for an easy run.

I jumped on the Peloton later in the day than usual because…

It feels like we have a newborn again.  Due to Beck now being able to climb out of his crib, he came in and woke us up four times to go and play trains with him.  Send help.

We are hoping that compression socks will start helping with the swelling.

My mom took Skye out for a pre-birthday celebration. She was in heaven.

And we made this homemade ramen for dinner, which was so good on a cold evening.

Here’s to hoping that dropping the mattress in Beck’s crib will prevent Beck from hanging out with us all night.

Let’s jump into some Friday Favorites:

*My gift guides are here, here and here!

 *This book.  I listened to it at this time last year and have started to listen to it again now.  It is the most calming book that shows the beauty in the change of seasons and to lean into what winter can do for our healing.



*Just a trend that I promised myself I wouldn’t fall into, but now it is my favorite trend ever, and I never want to stop wearing flares for the rest of my life.  These jeans.  They are stretchy as can be, and the comfort feels like leggings, but they are jeans.  I sized down one from my regular size (due to the reviews) and hope to collect a pair in every color someday.  You can get them here or here.

*Running turtlenecks. My worst nightmare during the warm months, but my new best friend during these cold months. If my core isn’t warm, I am miserable, and these help keep the core toasty.

*I am almost speechless when it comes to these.  The absolute perfect ratio of PB and chocolate shell is on the shelves at your local grocery store.

*Good luck to everyone running CIM! I still need to get back there because the course and race are incredible. You can read my race recap HERE!


Any December birthdays, anniversaries, or races?

-Skye’s birthday is on 12/8!

Who is running CIM? Who has in the past?

What are your weekend plans?

#1 M&Ms?

-Andrew and I discuss this often, he votes peanut and I vote PB.

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