We were going to go to the gym to get our run together this morning but Brooke had a playdate so we decided to hit up the river trail for our run instead.  When the weather is in the 50s and there is some great cloud cover, you kind of have to take it outside.

I take the GoPro with me when I run now and put it in my little fuel belt because it is so much easier to take pictures with it (plus my iPhone loves to just turn off randomly = I don’t get any pictures).  We put it in the water fountain for this quite artistic picture:

IMG 0281

I finished with nine miles for the morning.  I was planning on doing 10 x 2 minutes @ 6:15 pace (1 minute jogging recovery in between each interval) but made it to 5 and decided that was what today called for instead.  Sometimes I freak out about not hitting the speed work the week of a race but really for me personally, less is more in terms of speed for me so close to a race.  I just need a little bit of quick leg turnover and then I call it good when I have a race in a few days.

Focused on speeding up my cadence (steps per minute) a little bit today and I was happy to see it increase to 167 (163 yesterday).

IMG 0276

After our run I stopped by my mom’s house for a few minutes to catch up with her while stretching.

IMG 0278

Just some deer outside the house:)

IMG 0279

And then I picked up Brooke (sunglasses line included:)  She is sure growing up.

IMG 0273

A bagel dipped into tomato soup did the trick for lunch today.  Plus a clementine.  Salmon and brussels sprouts are on the menu for tonight and I am pretty excited for the clock to turn 6 pm:)

IMG 0290

Time for a bunch of tangents!!!

*I LOVE this brand of dressings and this one is my current favorite.  My sister had it at her house and it is a new favorite.

IMG 0142

*This wand has all sorts of magical powers.

IMG 0117

*Brooke had the spotlight in primary and said that her favorite food is oatmeal?  I actually don’t remember her having oatmeal but turns out she loves it.   One day she will love eating salads with me:)

IMG 0086

*Warmer weather is starting to show up!  I just got this tank and these shorts from Brooks and thoughts I would share my thoughts.

IMG 0184

I LOVE the little vents all over the fremont tank and the lightweight material.  It is beyond breathable which is so needed during the really hot months coming our way soon.  I also love the double straps on each shoulder (different than any of my other tanks) too.  The color is fabulous and it is nice to have a tank that is just a little bit looser, it gives me a nice break from all of my tight tanks.

The Chaser 3” running shorts (they come in 5” too because just fyi the 3” is short but I like the short:) have my FAVORITE waist.  It is a flat and wide waist (that also has two pockets) that stays right in place while running.  I can’t stand thin waistbands on my shorts/running tights and this one is extra wide.  There is a brief in these shorts and a nice little slit on the two sides of the shorts to help you move comfortably while running.  I am simple and love a good pair of black shorts but they have a purple color in these shorts which are so cute!

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*I think Brooke was feeling left out of the picture taking so she made sure to make an appearance.

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*Some pretty intense basketball games have been going on over at my sister’s house lately.

IMG 0140

*Brooke is just starting her blogging career young.

IMG 0207

*I don’t have anything to say with this picture but it just makes me happy.

Photo on 2 18 17 at 6 32 PM 2

*I love it when they hold hands and run somewhere… it means they are really excited.

IMG 9158

*One more picture with the buffalo.

IMG 0215

* The world record for the fastest 100m in high heels.  Yeah, I can barely walk in high heels so this would not be a thing for me:


Have some tangents to share today?  Would love to hear them (also, LOVED your comments this morning)!

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