(Shorts, bra, tank)

The liar in me came out again.  I told myself and the others that I was doing a shortened version of a ladder our friend was doing.  Instead, I did the full workout once I got moving.  If doing workouts or getting out the door is hard, I need you to lie.  These types of lies don’t affect your integrity as a human; they get you to do hard things.  I truly believe my lie, and it gets me to push start on my watch, and once I get going, I’ll do the full workout.

The workout—> 1600m, 1200m, 2 x 800m, 2 x 400m, 2 x 200m with one lap recovery jog between each rep (and walking recovery between 200s).  11.36 miles total @ 7:29 pace.

My splits—> 5:46, 1200 I didn’t get a split for because I forgot to lap my watch, but I remember it being about a 5:40 mile pace when I looked down towards the end, 2:50, 2:49, 78, 77, 36, 37.

My friend Tawny (her IG is so motivating) told me before the 400s to drive from my hips… Think about how you push a heavy shopping cart. That tip helped me engage my core, push off, and run faster 400s than I have in a while as I was picturing myself pushing a month’s worth of Costco groceries in a cart for my family.

Track season is here when the guard rails are up on the lane, and the steeplechase pit is filled with water.

IMG 8300

Also, when the swamp juice is out… I stuck to water because the name scared me.

IMG 8302

Skye’s good news: it was hat day.  She woke up earlier than usual for this occasion.

IMG 8314

Beck’s good news:  He starts his tee ball league in a few days.  He is beside himself over this news.

IMG 8271

My good news: I did a French braid on one side of my hair for the workout.  My niece is so proud of me and my newfound independence from her.

IMG 8318

One thing I love about Andrew is that it doesn’t matter how busy he is; he stops and takes time to do what he knows is important to his people.

After school was a busy one between cross-country and a far away soccer game.

We made it to dinner on the front porch season.  I love sitting on the porch.  It’s one of those really simple things that makes my whole life better.

IMG 8275

These fries from TJ’s in the air fryer are something else.

IMG 8267


Any other running liars out there?  Does it help you to push start on your watch too?

Air fryer lovers… What is your favorite thing to air fry?

Parents-> What sports are your kids into these days if that’s their thing?

Any running tips that you have heard recently that have helped you?

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Great tip. I think I will lie to myself that I am only doing 1 mile repeat today.
Congrats on the great French braid. I never learned to braid and feel like that ship has sailed for me.
I’m off to cover NICU for the last day of a maternity leave. Working in NICU when it’s not your specialty is …intense and humbling. Now if I can only remember everything that I have learned over the last 3 months!


Yep, you are only doing one mile repeat today! Wow, the NICU must be very challenging. I can’t imagine. I need a travel log from your trip! Have a beautiful day, Molly.


Skye’s outfit is so cute.
Good job on the workout! And I may need to try that lie, ha ha. Today is the last true hard workout before my half (May 5th), and I’m feeling a little procrastinatie…
Yay, T-ball!! Beck is going to have so much fun. I have so many memories of our years at the little league fields.
We don’t have a big front porch, but I took love when it’s dinner on the patio season! It really is the best.
Have a good Wednesday Janae 😊


YOUR LAST HARD WORKOUT before your half. Good luck! Wendy, you are going to do amazing. You have worked so hard for this. Eating outside > eating inside. Always. Thank you friend, you too!


I am a running liar 😊 I was seriously ill from 2020 to 2023 and I am having to reboot my running journey again – a humbling experience but one I am very appreciative for after fearing for my life. I always want to run at least 5km each run (and currently I am not well enough to get beyond a 7/8 km run on a good day) but some days I just don’t think I can do it. So I tell myself get out there for at least 20 minutes at any pace! Just do 20 minutes and so far, with one exception, I somehow manage to find the juice along the way to get my 5 km done though I am convinced at the start that I can’t do more than 20 minutes 🙃


Jessy. I cannot imagine. THREE YEARS and fearing for your life. You are my hero. Yep, the lies get us moving and then once we are going we exceed our expectations. You are doing amazing. Please keep me updated on your journey!


Thank you very much for your kind words ❤️

I will keep you updated indeed. Have a lovely lovely day 🤗


I need you to try Alexia brand sweet potato puffs in the air fryer! Crunchy outside – sweet inside, but not too sweet. Warning, the bag is supposedly 7 servings, but my husband and I demolished a whole bag between the two of us.

Happy Wednesday!


Ummmmm absolutely. Looks like our Walmart has them so I will be going today. Thanks friend and thank you for the warning… serving sizes are the real liars.


When I’m not feeling a workout or don’t want to get up, I tell myself that I can just workout for 10 min and if I want to quit, I can. I’ve never quit after 10 min. The hardest part tends to be getting out of bed!

chicken nuggets in the air fryer is delish!


*are delish :)


Love that tip about running 400’s! Going to use that tomorrow for sure. Love the gluten free chicken nuggets from TJ (I don’t need to be GF, but they are good!) in the air fryer. I love Bec’s from Peloton and I use her running tip of “blow out the candles, breath in the flowers!”

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