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How Do You Measure a Year

I am very thankful that Tammie is sharing her story about her daughter and her family.  I have learned so much from her and she inspires me beyond belief.   Her strength is incredible.  You can read more from her on her amazing blog (The Write Path on the Journey of Grief and Hope) and reach … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend–> On Loneliness and Hopelessness.

I had a different topic picked out for this month’s friend to friend post until a reader emailed me a request for a post about loneliness and hopelessness.  I know there are so many people that are struggling with this right now so let’s talk. First, I am so incredibly sorry that you are experiencing … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend–> Perfectionism!

Let’s talk. Perfectionism.  Michelle requested a post about this and while it’s much easier to talk about things I’ve overcome in the past, let’s talk about something I still struggle with.  I do know I have made a lot of progress. I grew up around two incredible parents (an inventor/electrical engineer and the world’s best … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend: Navigating Life with Terminal Cancer

I’m excited to share with you Emily.  We have become friends over the internet and I look up to her so much.  She is incredible and I’m grateful for her to share her story with you today.   Hello friends – I’m looking forward to sharing a personal experience of mine with you all. I hope … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend ==> Being Underweight + Amenorrhea.

I’ve gone from not fueling my activities, no period for a few years, injuries galore and terrible bone health… To 25-30 lbs heavier, having 2 babies, a regular period, healthy bones and my fastest race times. The road to get there was hard but more worth it than anything I’ve ever experienced. I have had … Continue Reading


Hi! My name is Niki Martins and I know Janae or The Hungry Runner Girl through her older sister!  Sissy and I have been close friends since the eighth grade and well, let’s just say we are a lot older now, so we’ve been close friends for many, many, many years. ;) I’ve actually known … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend: 10 Things I Would have Told 27 Year Old Me–> Going Through a Divorce.

There is so much heartache out there.  I get many emails each week from women out there that are hurting.  From loss or divorce, from breakups to loneliness.  I find myself at my computer crying just reading about some of the things you are going through. Here are a few of the things I would … Continue Reading