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Friend to Friend–> Perfectionism!

Let’s talk. Perfectionism.  Michelle requested a post about this and while it’s much easier to talk about things I’ve overcome in the past, let’s talk about something I still struggle with.  I do know I have made a lot of progress. I grew up around two incredible parents (an inventor/electrical engineer and the world’s best … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend: Navigating Life with Terminal Cancer

I’m excited to share with you Emily.  We have become friends over the internet and I look up to her so much.  She is incredible and I’m grateful for her to share her story with you today.   Hello friends – I’m looking forward to sharing a personal experience of mine with you all. I hope … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend ==> Being Underweight + Amenorrhea.

I’ve gone from not fueling my activities, no period for a few years, injuries galore and terrible bone health… To 25-30 lbs heavier, having 2 babies, a regular period, healthy bones and my fastest race times. The road to get there was hard but more worth it than anything I’ve ever experienced. I have had … Continue Reading


Hi! My name is Niki Martins and I know Janae or The Hungry Runner Girl through her older sister!  Sissy and I have been close friends since the eighth grade and well, let’s just say we are a lot older now, so we’ve been close friends for many, many, many years. ;) I’ve actually known … Continue Reading

Friend to Friend: 10 Things I Would have Told 27 Year Old Me–> Going Through a Divorce.

There is so much heartache out there.  I get many emails each week from women out there that are hurting.  From loss or divorce, from breakups to loneliness.  I find myself at my computer crying just reading about some of the things you are going through. Here are a few of the things I would … Continue Reading