Sentence Per Picture (my 11 picks, 8 years, running hurts, why not?)

(Tank, shorts, socks)

10 miles total for my Wednesday—> 7.5 with friends before the kids went to school, and 2.5 alone after we took the kids to school while listening to Taylor Swift.

IMG 8340

Speaking of Taylor Swift, I have narrowed down the new 31-track album to my top 11 that I will listen to on repeat for at least 4 months… It took me some time to warm up to this album but I love these songs now.

Screen Shot 2024 04 24 at 10 30 06 AM

These two found me while I was out running—>  Beck thrives when he is home alone with us.

IMG 8345

My legs started feeling it from the previous day’s workout and the hot tub was the only solution.

IMG 8357

Our repeat meal—> pesto + balsamic glaze + turkey + cheese + red onion + romaine + tomato.

IMG 8356

That scar of his… biking doesn’t hurt at all for him but running most definitely still does.

IMG 8358

My porch reading buddy.

IMG 8362

Tomorrow is our 8-year dating anniversary… I’m not sure how I basically knew it was him on our first blind date, but something inside just knew.

IMG 8366

Baseball in the street kind of a night.

What happens when the temperatures increase and Brooke and I go to the store alone.

I came across this text from a friend YEARS ago about the importance of visualizations, and it was such a good reminder.

Why sleep in your bed when you can sleep on the ground next to it?

Thoughts on the Tortured Poets Department?  Any favorites?

Would you rather come across a snake or a rat on your run?

Have a sentence for the day?

Did anyone else know early on that their partner was the one?

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I love TTPD. It feels like a “if you get it, you get it” album and I love it. My favorites are But Daddy I Love Him, I Can Do It With a Broken Heart, Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me, and the Black Dog. I love it!!!! It made my heart happy that you love it too. Happy 8 year dating anniversary!🥰


If you get it, you get it… amen to that. THOSE FOUR… the best. Thanks Bekah, have a beautiful day!


Happy 8th 1st date-aversary!! We just had our 33rd 1st date-aversary in March ❤️
I like Tortured Poets, but I was expecting this album to be more upbeat for some reason…. I like Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me, and I Can Do It With a Broken Heart, and a few others. I’ve listened to the whole album 3 times.
I love when the weather becomes consistently nice, so that everyone is outside all the time! Our big umbrella over the hammock “died” during one of our big rain storms in January, boo… So we need to replace that, then I will be out there reading every day!
Beck with Andrew on the scooter is too cute!
Have a good Thursday!


33rd dateaversary! WOW. Wendy, you two are the dream team. I agree, I was expecting more upbeat songs too and I did not expect to love these more somber songs so much. Good luck finding a new umbrella, that sounds like the perfect reading spot. Thanks friend, you too!


Ok that tilamook flavor is delicious, but have you tried the chocolate thunder brownie by umpqua? It is a MUST. (They have it in Utah don’t worry). I also knew fairly early on when dating my husband and I was kind of like oh no! Because I was kinda scared, haha. But here we are ten years later!


Ummmm I have not tried that… is it at Harmons? I will go asap to get it. Ten years. I love it. Hahah I get that scared feeling too… I felt the same! Happy Thursday, Tess!


Their chocolate peanut butter is also amazing!


I was addicted to the new album as soon as the second listen started. I can’t even proclaim a favorite yet. I love that you made your own album. Have you heard predictions that this is actually a triple album?? I put nothing past this woman.
Ok, yesterday I lied to myself about mile repeats and I finally hit all the splits for that workout for the first time this year!!
That photo of Beck on the scooter is so cute!!
Vacay adventures included: lower Antelope Canyon (OMG), Navajo Bridge/Vermilion Cliffs, boat ride from Lake Powell to Rainbow Bridge, Horseshoe Bend, East Rim of Grand Canyon where the watchman tower is, Monument Valley + Forrest Gump road, Toadstools at Grand Escalante. Oh and bonus adventure was hitting our heads on top of the 12 passenger van on every bump en route to each location.


Thank you for telling me where you went. You guys were SO busy and saw so much. I’m so glad you guys did that. Next time, just come a bit north for us, okay? Congrats on your splits yesterday… lying is the way to go! Ummm triple album? I wouldn’t be shocked either. Crossing my fingers! Have the best day, Molly!


Black Dog was the sleeper hit for me! Also like Florida!!!, Florence Welch adds so much to that song.

I’d rather see a rat than a snake. Less chance of getting bit!


I absolutely agree with you on Black Dog! I need to listen to add Florida! Valid point! Have the best day, Mariah!


Oh I wish we had Creemees in CA! Ok, yes I actually knew my husband a little (mutual friends) for a while before our first date, but not very well. Five minutes into first date, he rearranged the salt and pepper shakers so carefully and neatly while we were chatting, without even looking at them. My dating life up to that pint had been kind of …chaotic (but fun!) and I remember thinking I needed this kind of order in my life. We have been married for 28 years now!


I wish I could ship you some, they are so good. Okay, your story gave me chills. I feel like that should be in a movie! 28 years. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Kate!


Since we have rattlesnakes around here, I’d definitely take the rat! I did run into a possum during an early morning run once and those have got to be the most hideous animal. I’ve also seen skunks a couple of times, that’s a quick way to get you to change your route.

I went on my last run in the 50s this morning!! We’re going to San Diego today and will be at the zoo all day tomorrow. We’ll celebrate my actual birthday on Saturday with a bike ride. Sentence for the day, “Life is good!”

I remember talking to my mom about Les about a week after we met and telling her I thought he was the one. 35 years later, I was right! Happy 1st date anniversary to you!


Rattlesnakes… I have no desire to ever see one ever again. Bahah yep, the reroute that occurs because of a skunk sighting is fast and furious. That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. Enjoy every single second and happy birthday from us. A week after you met, that is amazing. You were so so right!


Happy dating anniversary!

I’m enjoying TS’s new album. My daughter and her fiancee recently broke up so she’s having an extremely authentic experience with this album.

I would prefer no snake and no rat, but if I had to choose probably a rat. I have seen both on a run but the snake was in a hawk’s claws which was actually kind of cool.

Sentence for the day: I am super excited to get my stitches out of my ankle today! I recently had surgery, I think the side of my ankle will look similar to Andrew’s.

I married my husband when I was 18, so I think it’s safe to say that I knew pretty early on he was the one!


Oh I am SO sorry to your daughter. That breaks my heart but I hope each hour gets easier for her… the album was made for her. In the hawk’s claws… okay, that is so cool. Stitches out day, congrats to you. Andrew’s swelling is still pretty bad some days, you will have to let me know how yours does. You did know early on, I love it. Have a beautiful day, Marissa!


Not one of your questions but just to make you feel better – my 10 yr old LOVES to sleep on the floor. Soft bed, clean sheets, cozy blankets? Yep, all of those but he still chooses the florr at least half the time.


On first listening to TTPD, my favorites where basically in the order of the album (and I’m partial to the first half, which I guess is album 1 anyway?), but now that I’ve listened to it on repeat since it’s release, my fave is definitely But Daddy I Love Him (I can relate, so it hits me in the feels….) and then I Can Do It With a Broken Heart as #2 (I’m definitely a 1989 girly, and I heard this isa fave for those that love that album lol) and TTPD as #3 (I’m an English teacher, so this track checks haha). I love all the songs you posted above as well. I’m not a huge fan of the last several on the album – I mean, lyrically, they are great, but music-wise, a bit too solemn, even though I did love Evermore and Folklore. I was also hoping for a more upbeat album, so naturally I like the more upbeat ones. Also, what do you think of So High School? I really liked that one as well, and I also read it was about Travis Kelce (not a football fan, but I thought it was cute for that).

In terms of the question about my partner, I KNEW he was the one about 2 weeks into our relationship (as did he). We got engaged at7 months and married 2 years into the relationship (long relationship only to appease our parents haha), but we’ve been together for almost 16 years (August), and married 14 in September.


I feel like my feelings of TTPD are the exact opposite of your and Andrew’s dating anniversary. ;) I did not know on first listen, it was a slow burn, and now I absolutely love that album.
About 4 times a year I sleep on the floor next to my bed because it is so comfortable.


No Saturday post? Did you die?


Hello! My blog was having major issues so I couldn’t even post while they were working on it! It feels like the weirdest Saturday ever! Thanks for asking and I hope you are having a great weekend.

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