15 pictures from our day in San Francisco.

1.  Started the day off with 6 miles of running in the sunshine.  Sea level running= you make my entire body happy.  

IMG 0296

2.  First stop—> 7-11 to carb-load for our upcoming major bike ride.  PS my phone glass is completely shattered hence why the selfies might look a little different (a waiter dropped a knife on my phone and it has been on the downhill ever since).

IMG 0371

3.  Sandwiches eaten by the water from the ferry building.

IMG 0375

4. Along with some chocolate pudding with peanut butter crunch topping (just as good as it sounds) that we split.

IMG 0374

5.  The main activity of the day—>  renting bikes to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.

IMG 0363

6.  Whitney makes sure to stop and say hello to any dog that we see.  She’s a big fan.  

IMG 0372

7.  Before we rode across the bridge (ps there were some major quad busting hills along the way… I will be sore for quite some time… I need to start going to spin again).

IMG 0401

8. At the half-wayish point on the bridge.

 IMG 0408

9.  And on the other side of the bridge.

IMG 0437

10.  Some wind-blown hair for the win.

 IMG 0377

11.  The ride down to Sausalito (aka the cutest little town ever).

IMG 0395  1

12.  I’m not sure.

IMG 0400

13.  The most expensive tacos I’ve ever had for dinner (with chips and guac).

IMG 0353

14.  And ice cream from Lappert’s.  Cookie monster ice cream on top (cookie dough and oreo).

IMG 0355

15.  Took the ferry back to San Francisco, drove around Palo Alto to see Stanford and then back to the hotel and Bangs Friend came over (hallelujah)!

IMG 0447

Andrew is missing us like crazy I’m sure;)  He already has a surprise waiting for Brookie.  

IMG 0359

I hope your Sunday is a good one! We will be going to Alcatraz and then I will get Brooke and fly home!  


Running today—> Yay or nay?

Where was the last place that you took an airplane to?

What is on your Sunday agenda?

How often do you go biking (road or mountain?) or go to a spin class?

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Alcatraz sounds like fun! I would love that.

I’ve already run 5 miles today and walked the dogs for 2 miles. By the way, my lab and dachshund say hi to Whitney :)

We’re headed out on the Gulf of Mexico for some Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande Pass, super excited!


We are taking some senior photos for a friends daughter this morning, then time for my long run!

Last time was on a plane was December! Went to the st Jude Memphis marathon. I guess that means it time for me to pick another race!

I love San Francisco! Looks like such a fun trip!


Last time I was on an airplane, we went to Florida to go on a Bahamas cruise. That was almost a year ago and I still dream about it. The most relaxing vacation you could ever have, seriously. I want to go back today!


Sure looks like you all are having a GREAT time celebrating in San Francisco! Enjoy your last day!


So much fun! I *need* (as in, I will die if I don’t get it) to get to the cost. It’s been forever + five days since I’ve been.

And speaking of which, the last place a plane took me to was Puerto Rico. Last year. So um. It’s only been something like 370 days, when I think about it. *awkward*

No running for me today! HAVE MORE FUN!<3


Coast* My husband distracted me while I was typing, grrrr.


No helmet?


Yes seriously! I’m not trying to be mean or annoying, but helmets are a big deal!!! My husband was in a bike crash last year and the helmet literally (and I am using that word literally, not exaggerating) saved his life. Please be safe, everyone!


I agree – Janae, I am a huge fan and you are such a delight – one tiny nudge off your bike could lead to massive damage to your lovely noggin! (Your head. Your noggin is your head but my three year old refuses to call it anything else and apparently I have adopted his vocab). I’m sure you ladies are all good cyclists, but sometimes motorists don’t give enough space on the road. My mom and my husband have both been in bike crashes, and their helmets literally saved their lives in both cases.

(as an aside – beautiful pics and it looks like you had so much fun) :)


Hate to be negative but have to agree with helmet requirement on all bike rides. It saved my head/brain a few times, such as car hitting me from behind and dog charging between our paceline as we were riding at 27 mph. I blacked out and had a concussion. I truly believe I recovered only because I wore a helmet. I understand it doesn’t look cool, but it will save your head. Even children should wear one when riding around neighborhood. Sorry I will get off my soapbox now. :o)


I’m so curious about those tacos. They look great, as does the ice cream. I took a vacation to San Francisco when I was a kid and I would love to go back.


San Francisco is so fun, I haven’t been in a really long time but it still sounds amazing. Have fun!! I have a run today in a few hours after this breakfast settles down ;)


No run today. I had to get up super early and did not sleep well. Going biking with the hubby today is enough for me! (We are biking to eat burgers tonight!)

I hate flying. I did it 4 years for school (Byu Idaho) but I was always so nervous. The last place I flew was to Connecticut in December with a co worker to visit Mystic Aquarium. I loved Connecticut! Seeing the boats right on the coast was the best! Mystic was the cutest little town and it was all dressed up for Christmas so it was gorgeous! And they had the best gourmet grilled cheese and cupcake bakery there……….odd combo I know, but it was delicious!


San Francisco looks so amazing! I am so jealous! Just went on a 10 mile run, I think I’m finally getting used to the humidity here in the Midwest. On the agenda today is some pool time, putting together my new bed, and GAME 7 of the NBA Finals! Go Cavs! Happy Sunday!


I LOVE San Francisco and Sausalito is adorable. Great food finds in the ferry building.

I ran a 10k yesterday and surprised myself with my time, in a good way. It was hot and I haven’t been running but I did well. Today is a recovery run.

I haven’t been on a plane since my trip to Toronto last June. I need to fix that.


No running, biking instead! Taking a week off from running to rest myself :)

The last place I took a plane to was Tampa, Florida to go to St. Pete!

Sunday agenda: bike, grocery shop, dog walk, dinner with dad and papa

I bike whenever I don’t run. Yesterday I biked 20 miles and today 15! I also took my first spin class this week and cannot wait to take more, they are so fun!


7.5 miles this morning….Brooke’s doughnuts look yummy. I need a doughnut.
Bike ride looks fun. I need to get a seat I can actually sit on so I can ride mine.


Good food and active miles – looks like the perfect weekend! Enjoy!


Oh my gosh that ice cream!!!!!!! Last place I flew to was Utah! Hahaha Not tropical or “vacation-y” at all! No running today, today will be church and celebrating Father’s Day! I ride my bike to work and there are hills everywhere here! Can I count that as mountain biking?! ?


Oh my goodness, looks like you are having a blast! And that ice cream cone has got to be the biggest one I have ever seen. Safe travels home. I hiked early this morning before the 120 degree heat hits the desert.


Planning to try to squeeze in a short run this afternoon in between Father’s Day activities and packing for Switzerland(!). Technically the last place I flew to was Florida but tomorrow it’s Switzerland.


Gorgeous!!!Did you have dinner at Cavallo Point?I work there:)!!
I swam this morning now onto Fathers Day activities.Have a great trip home.


The last time I flew was Wednesday. Orlando to home from our family vacation.

Today was church and recycling center. Next up will be swimming at my parents with a few of my brothers and their families.


The last place I took an airplane was to St. Pete beach in Florida! the time before that was also California. It’s so beautiful and that is so awesome you got to go there! I also rode bikes yesterday with my boyfriend. Biking is so different than running. I think it hurts worse in the legs for sure. I don’t do it very often!


It looks like you had a great time! I Biked with my dad and brother for Father’s Day and I’m pretty sure we were wearing the same shorts! Last place I went to on an Airplane was Virginia from Melbourne, Fl. I need to study and do some work today. I hope you have a safe trip back!


Rest day today. I have donuts waiting for when my husband gets home from his bike ride!

We flew to Oahu about 10 days ago, the 6 hour flight felt short after flying from Rome the week before.

I ride 2-3 times a week – road bike when we’re on Oahu, mountain bike when we’re in California.


What a fun girl’s trip! I love that you guys rented bikes. :)


Looks like fun! I need to bike across the bridge!

Today I ran barefoot on the track.


Looks like you had an awesome time! I did my long run yesterday so today was a yoga class (I love this class because the instructor always focusses on hips, hamstrings and all other places that are tight for runners!). Last time I took a plan was to Serbia for a business trip. 18-hours and 3 planes to get there and the same to back home… that was quite exhausting!


That sandwich looks wonderful!


Yard work and Fathers Day stuff. (As one of the few guys here….)


Loooooooooooove these pictures!!!!! I am so in love with San Francisco. The Ferry Plaza building is such a treasure for all amazing eats.
And holy moly that ice cream?!? I’m salivating!
Ironically, San Francisco is the last place I flew to!!! Hope to get back there this fall.

I ended up running today even though I thought I wouldn’t. Felt so good! Also did hot yoga and took a hot barre class. And then treated my dad at the farmers market….but made him do all the grilling. He loves it though!

Wishing you, your dad, Andrew and your family a very happy Father’s Day!!!


1. Omg yay I’m glad you cycled across GGB! I went in March with my neighbour from Canada. He’s like 6 foot 14 and my legs killed for a few days later, because his one rotation of the bike pedals was like 50 for me… I was spinnin’!

2. As for reg. cycling I tend to do it a few times a week. But omg it hurts your you-know-what if you-know-what-I-mean. WHY. Lol.

3. Isn’t stanford campus a beauty? I swear it’s something out of Italy…even though I’ve never been to Italy. I bet it’s like it.

4. I need to go into the Ferry building one day!

5. Last time I took an airplane ride was from back home in Canada, to here in California. Does that count? I mean, it’s like a 15 hour excursion. I hope it counts, hehe.


No helmet?


I’m totally like Whitney, I have to acknowledge every dog I see. I’m a huge dog person, lol.

Didn’t run today, just did a short walk on my treadmill this evening.

Last place I went to on a plane was Augusta, GA to visit my brother and his family. I wish I could travel all the time!

Today I just hung out with my parents at home. We’re doing a later Father’s Day dinner on Tuesday.

I haven’t been a real bike since I was a kid but I do use the exercise bike at my gym quite often. It’s been a few months since I took a spin class, need to get back in the habit of doing a class once a week. It’s a great workout.


Today’s run was a yay but I felt like I could’ve done better! It was a 6.2 miles of trail run through the Kualoa Ranch (race).
Airplane ride- from Japan to Hawaii two years ago…. Haven’t been on the plane since! we will be going to NOLA next year though!
Biking- should be doing more but the only bike ride is with the family to the bank every two weeks.


So much fun! I biked the Golden Gate a few months ago and it was one of my best experiences in SF yet!


I want to bike across the golden gate bridge!! how fun!!!

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