(Tank ((SALE!)), best running socks ever, shoes, shorts) I had zero excuses to skip strength training on Saturday.  The kids wanted to play with chalk outside on the driveway, and I had all of my weights just staring at me from the garage. I didn’t want to, but I did it anyway.  <— I keep … Continue Reading

9 miles @ 8:45 average… The temperatures in the morning are pure perfection right now. Went and had my hair trimmed and darkened a bit and Skye was very confused by what was going on when she Facetimed me. Teaching him young about mountain bikes.. And running… Brooke needed new running shoes and somehow she … Continue Reading

(socks, shorts, tank, shoes) Thursday run with tired legs done and done—> 10 @ 8:35 average. Expect Halloween to make an appearance in most of my pictures from here on out. Skye joined me for post-run yoga with Adriene. I am grateful to Crayola for making it simple for me to whip out a craft … Continue Reading

(tank, shorts, long-sleeve, shoes) I had an early workout with the crew and felt like I needed a nap by 9 a.m. See the small dots way in front of me?  Those are my teammates, and this was towards the beginning of one of the intervals. DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE LAST! I am improving … Continue Reading

(Long-sleeve, shorts, shoes, sunglasses) 9.99 (<— sometimes I do that to drive my Strava friends crazy;) miles @ 8:37 miles with Emilee and then home to get Brooke to school. Skye, Beck, and I went over to Mer’s (my grandma) house to visit with her. Yesterday was filled with a lot of different errands for the … Continue Reading

(shorts, tank, bra, socks, shoes) Andrew and I have found that one of the best things for our relationship is exploring outside together. We will be doing this mountain bike/run thing together for the rest of our lives! Just breathing in the mountain air.  It is the best medicine on the planet. We did 10 … Continue Reading

(tank, shorts, shoes, socks) A friend of mine that lives in St. George is also training for the St. George 13.1 in less than a month and she invited me to join them for a progression run.  She told me what they were planning on for their paces and I thought there was no way … Continue Reading