(leggings, shoes, long-sleeve, vest, gloves) It felt like we were running through sand for eight miles but hearing the crunch with each step was so much fun. These are by far the best gloves I have ever used for running.  My fingers get so cold when I am running, but the temps were in the … Continue Reading

I have a new friend-to-friend post up HERE about internet negativity! You know you are from Utah when you are down to a sports bra when it is 35° out. Eight miles @ 9:18 average, and so much to catch up on after five days apart, ha. Most of the day was spent doing laundry … Continue Reading

We had NO idea we would love Colorado as much as we did. We are already planning our trip here in the summer for some mountain biking. We decided to go to Telluride for Thanksgiving for a few reasons: Every person we have ever met who visited Telluride has said it is amazing. THE PICTURES … Continue Reading

The Baker….The avocado toast was incredible. So was the apple pop-tart. ————————————————————————– Tell me three things you have going on today!

Good morning everyone!  I hope your Friday is off to a great start. We don’t have the big kids for Christmas this year so we decided to go do something fun for Thanksgiving.  I’ll mostly just share pictures today and tomorrow, and then I’ll do a full recap on Monday.  Happy shopping if that is … Continue Reading

I am so incredibly grateful for each one of you and the friendships we have built over the years.  Thank you for everything and I hope you have the most perfect day!  We LOVE YOU! Much Love,  Us (even though Beck looks angry, I promise he loves you too)  

(long-sleeve, ear-warmer, leggings, shoes) I think I am starting to get used to the cold… 22 degrees didn’t feel too bad. These ladies had speed to do so I joined them for the rest… there is no chance I could get my body to do speed at this point. Skye and I were able to … Continue Reading