A new HRG BABY post is up HERE!!! I’m talking about my 22 week update and pregnant running (the why and the how)!!  Check it out! ———————————————————————————————- I’ve got the top 15 pictures from our day yesterday to share with you!  I hope your Thursday is an amazing one so far! 1.  Let’s start out … Continue Reading

Nothing like finishing off your run with a few strides while you race against your daughter down the street.  She can now ride a bike without training wheels but she can sure cruise on the balance bike! Andrew and Brooke were out front hanging outside when I finished my run (it was one of those … Continue Reading

Brooke will be holding a running form clinic (I am her first customer) next week for anyone that wants to come.  I love watching her FLY when she runs… I think she might have a future with running (I just need to get her a pair of Brooks). I also really loved this picture… just … Continue Reading

Another weekend has come and gone.  Another week of running is about to begin along with another week full of carbohydrates for me:) Andrew was at the hospital again yesterday so it was just the two of us for breakfast.  Bisquick to the rescue and I even shared the last peach with Brooke (talk about … Continue Reading

FORTY TWO MILES for the week and they felt the best they have in a long time! I’m liking this whole second trimester thing a lot more than the first trimester. After I finish a run Brooke loves to jump on and impersonate me for a second.  I am loving having the treadmill in our … Continue Reading

Seven miles with these two running around the basement. I am trying out the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer (sent to me by NordicTrack) and I’ll write a full review with all of my thoughts soon!  So far, so good!  We gave my mom my old treadmill so she can get all of her walking in … Continue Reading

I bet you can guess how far I went yesterday on my run… I’m so predictable.  I like routine.  I fall into habits way too easily. I really and truly thought it had to be 85 degrees during my run yesterday but nope, 73.  I feel like a wuss when I think back to summer … Continue Reading