(top, socks, shorts, shoes ((20% off))) 9.4 miles @ 8:24 average before everyone woke up and then it was straight to birthday celebrating. We got him the GoPro 11 so he was on cloud 9. We then went straight for some acaí bowls. Of course we stopped here! We watched Harry Potter during Beck’s nap … Continue Reading

(shorts, top, shoes, socks) MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is Andrew’s birthday today. I am so grateful for Andrew. He is my best friend, and I look forward to his days off so much to be able to hang out together all day. He makes everyone in our family’s world better… I cannot wait to spoil him … Continue Reading

Today’s blog post is sponsored by fairlife, makers of Core Power®!  I am so grateful for this drink and how easy they make refueling for everyone that works out.  Do not forget to grab the discount code at the end of this post! I know I take you back to previous days often, but this … Continue Reading

(top, shorts, socks, shoes) Rainy day. 22 miles left to get done this week. Color coordinating. Tell me three things you have going on today!

(shoes ((still 20% off)), leggings, top) Just as we start to get in some light in the mornings for our runs…  Daylight Saving Time begins again on Sunday. Jo’s Novablast’s are so pretty.  10.5 hilly miles @ 8:43 average, and I was toast after the workout the day before.  One of those days, you can’t … Continue Reading

(shorts, shirt, socks, long-sleeve, bra, shoes) Why haven’t I been eating cinnamon sugar toast before all of my runs for years?! It was delicious. Last week’s caffeine made me feel so sick (I took way too much) so this week, I just had about 20mg of caffeine from my bai drink for the run and … Continue Reading

(leggings, shirt, shoes) I’m entering that stage in marathon training, where it is getting harder to get out the door.  The mileage and workout fatigue are accumulating, but that is exactly how I should feel now at this point in training. 10.1 miles @ 8:21 average. I am excited for the day that I don’t … Continue Reading