Brookie got out for another run! I started the morning off early with 8.5 miles @ 8:15 average and then the kids got up and Knox was off to his mom’s house.  We are keeping Knox’s normal schedule with both houses but with Brooke we will just take it month by month until she will … Continue Reading

SHE DID IT!  This friend of mine has been training hardcore (she used the same training book that I did) for her first ultra that was supposed to happen on Saturday but it was cancelled.  She decided to do it around town and holy cow, she did it.  50 miles.  I found her on her … Continue Reading

A RUN IN THE SUNSHINE! I took a new route for the 8 miles and saw some new snow on our mountains and it made me miss Sundance so so much. Next—> Homeschooling. Brooke’s teacher organized a classroom chat for the kids because they have been missing each other a lot. Skye is really into … Continue Reading

Happy Friday! I am so thankful I can still run outside because this time on my own before the craziness of kids/school happens is so needed for my mental health. When I got home yesterday from my run I realized I did the same distance and same average pace as the day before. I’ve had … Continue Reading

That was definitely a first. I have never had an earthquake happen during my run until yesterday.  It was raining, snowing and crazy windy and I was so deep in thought about everything else going on in the world that I felt really dizzy and off for a bit and thought, ‘that was weird.’  A … Continue Reading

Well, this made my day. I started my morning off with 8.3 miles @ 8:02 pace and then when I got home Brooke told me she wants to train for a 5k and that she wanted to go for a run with me. Ummm yes. We got her new shoes for cross-country to start soon … Continue Reading

10 miles @ 8:14 average and then a walk with the girls.    All three of us have blueish eyes and all three of us cannot look at the camera and smile without a pair of sunglasses on when the sun is out. We decided to soak up as much sunshine as possible yesterday and … Continue Reading