Another day, another run. I went with my sister and for our final mile we cruised!  6 miles total @ 9:05 average.   The other day, Carol said in the comments, “The humidity this summer has been the worst… BUT now that the weather is changing, I am hitting faster paces because of all those … Continue Reading

I have a new pregnancy update—>  31 Weeks + Hormonal or Not So Much? ——————————————————————————————————— Well, my motivation to get up early to run on the days that Andrew isn’t working is completely gone:)  Now that the temperatures have dropped, staying in bed feels so much better because I know that I can go out … Continue Reading

Yesterday’s run included new snow on our mountains, crazy wind and bits of rain… and I’ll take that ANY day over heat when I am pregnant.  6.22 miles @ 9:06 average (not including walk breaks) with my sister and we were so happy that the weather put out fires in our area and cleaned up … Continue Reading

Let’s rewind all of the way back to Saturday!   For some reason my body woke up at 4:30 a.m. that morning and I could not go back to sleep.  I think I was just excited for the day so I started getting some things done on my to do list and then once it … Continue Reading

Happy Labor Day!  The weekend flew past me at record speed!  I know a lot of you are busy enjoying a day off so I’ll just share this picture with you today!  I’ll be back tomorrow with all of the details from Brooke’s baptism.  I hope you have a beautiful day! —————————————————————————————————— Are you running … Continue Reading

I love the slower mornings where I get to hang out on the porch after my miles. They have very different perceptions of temperatures. So do we. Went for a nail date for her baptism! My tomato stash was replenished by my sister. This muffin tasted like pure heaven. Skye convinced Andrew to get her … Continue Reading

Ever had a mid-run wardrobe change?  Between the time I left my house and when I got to my sister’s house I adjusted my tank top 40 times (and it was one that was plenty long enough just a week or two ago) because it just kept rolling up my belly.  I got to my … Continue Reading