Nothing like exploring new areas on the run. A walk with the kids afterwards… having littles is making it hard to rest my wrist but I have an appointment on Monday now and I’m really hoping he can help things. 40-yard dash against Knox and he beat me by 30 yards. Such a cool park. … Continue Reading

What I did the second I finished the workout portion of my run… it was a HOT one. I went out later for my run than planned because Skye asked to cuddle as I was leaving and I couldn’t say no. SO in love with the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, I have no idea how these … Continue Reading

8 miles @ 8:52 average pace with Emilee to start my Wednesday morning.  It was the best to get to hear every single detail about her marathon!  I usually do speed on Wednesday but this week I needed another day of recovery because of the race and I’ll do a short speed workout today! The … Continue Reading

Felt a little spring in my step again a few miles into my run! I’m excited to run with Emilee today! I almost did this yesterday morning, and I’m glad I didn’t… Rhandi posted this meme, and I have done this before! I went outside to stretch and do some strength. We all went inside to get breakfast, … Continue Reading

I woke up with very sore legs but knew that a run would help them feel better.  It worked! A little over 8 miles @ 8:44 average, and then I hung out on the porch with the kids and some blackberries.   Beck LOVES blackberries, as you can tell from the above picture. Another run … Continue Reading

It feels so weird to be writing a race recap again, but I’m hoping that this happens a lot more often now:).  I felt so much gratitude on Saturday to be doing what I love so much and to be surrounded by the running community again.  I think this is a big part of why … Continue Reading

Laziest morning! Loved listening to this episode. RACE EXPO!  The girls love these as much as I do and it felt so good to be at one again. “Pain You Enjoy” Loved seeing Mel and Heather at the expo! SO excited to have a bib again! Went and saw Spirit… the girls loved it! Getting … Continue Reading