(shoes, top, shorts) I was expecting to feel pretty exhausted after speed and boating but my run yesterday actually felt great. I’m guessing the flat roads, cooler temps and pretty views helped me to feel so good. 9.21 miles @ 8:20 average. We are now proud owners of Yuba Lake gear… we have made it. … Continue Reading

(shorts, shoes (on sale), glasses, top) 12 x 1k—> DONE! For some reason looking at my watch during this particular workout demotivates me. I think I ‘should be’ going faster, which then makes me run slower. If you ever have workouts like that, tape the front of your watch or flip it over, so you don’t … Continue Reading

(tank, shorts, shoes) Thankfully, yesterday’s run felt much better than Monday’s run. We completed ten miles @ 8:30 pace and have a speed workout on the schedule for today. We are doing hilly 1k repeats (.62 miles), which are a weakness for me because I usually do them at the same pace I want for … Continue Reading

(tank, bra, shorts, shoes) 12.23 miles @ 9:05 average, with part of those miles on trails and the rest on roads. Those 12.23 miles were some of my hardest miles ever. I don’t know what my deal was, but I was happy to stop when we were done. I am extremely grateful for stores that … Continue Reading

(Top, shorts, shoes) Twenty miles–> the first one of this training cycle was a success (hard, very hard, but I completed it).   I tried drinking Maurten 320 for the first time (along with a graham cracker) on the drive to the trailhead, and I loved it.  It took me about 20 minutes to drink the … Continue Reading

(Tank, shorts, shoes) Had my hair cut and colored! Frozen grapes for the win. Porch sitting. My sister helped us figure out our front door. Timing herself for laps around the house. Beck was thrilled to be at Costco. We shopped when we were very hungry. Evening bike/scooter ride. Water bottles are frozen and ready … Continue Reading

(shorts, tank, shoes) Seven miles @ 8:45 pace with Jo and Lauren to start my morning, and then I was out for most of the day for a new collaboration with Bullfrog!  My niece took good care of the kids while we were gone. I also did 1.72 miles (I’M COUNTING EVERY STEP AT THIS … Continue Reading