This picture is from Monday and not from yesterday’s run but we’ll just use it to talk about yesterday’s run because it was a lot prettier than the one I took yesterday:) 8 miles @ 9:18 average pace and most of those miles were in the shade which felt amazing. I found a big heart … Continue Reading

My run thought for the day: ‘Our brain goes where we tell it.’  If we take that and apply it to running—> Our body goes where our brain tells it to go which is excellent news for our running dreams!  It is up to the way we choose to think about ourselves and our running … Continue Reading

The track was just what I needed. I had it all to myself and running around in circles for a while is just what my soul needed.  I definitely had a good cry (everything is fine… just human:) while I was there and between the endorphins and the release of emotions… I felt completely cleansed … Continue Reading

The perfect amount of sunshine + a cool breeze for yesterday’s run! Most with my sister, part by myself! My current daily ritual.  My goal is to get through the entire bag of spinach before it goes bad (talk about a beautiful food blogger picture;). I find her just going out to our garden and … Continue Reading

Yesterday I got to run with one of my best friends that is in town.  She and I used to live together in college and we would run to her parents’ house from our apartment (her mom always fed us so well:) so it definitely brought back memories meeting at her parents’ house for a … Continue Reading

I have a new pregnancy update—> 19 Weeks! ———————————————————————————————- Beretta desperately wanted to be included in my post-run selfie. Sister run where we somehow talk about things that make us laugh and cry along with everything in between… Running just brings out all of the thoughts! We’ve had two pet rats in our front yard … Continue Reading

I loved the fact that we were wearing pretty much the same color in tank tops. 7.5 miles on my own (well, with the baby;) @ 9:09 average pace.  When my sister started running with me we were both a little TOO eager and she jumped her mileage up fast.  Now she is taking more … Continue Reading