8.23 miles @ 8:20 average with Emilee! I did this before I started my run.  I’m starting to really feel like maybe my weekly mileage will drop a bit so I can fit more in of some of these really important things…. Back to doing affirmation cards with the kids each morning while they eat … Continue Reading

It was a great morning for a race!  It was my second time doing this race and my goal was to do it faster than I did it last time in 2018.  I hit my goal and I averaged one second faster per mile.  That one second counts in my book! PS my nieces tease … Continue Reading

My body was craving a rest day and some slower movement instead of a run. 1. Headspace app for some meditation 2. 44 ounces of water 3. Yoga for runners with this video: Along with some foam rolling with Skye. She loves going through our vacation photo books. GOT TO MEET BABY MAVERICK!  He is … Continue Reading

An awkward side hug happening below because I was VERY sweaty at the end of my run.  I am trying to convince this niece of mine to do home school this fall so she can continue to babysit on the mornings that Andrew is at work so I can run;)  Waking up crazy early again … Continue Reading

THIS MADE MY MORNING!  I ran into my sister and nephew out on a morning run! My nephew is currently on his mission for our church.  Usually, missionaries go to a missionary training center for a few weeks before they leave to their assigned area but for the last little while, they have been doing … Continue Reading

A new Strava PR!  Emilee and I set out for a run and we were not expecting to PR on the segment we were doing because it was so hot and humid but somehow we did it. I used music for the hill push to help me get in the zone! 10.37 miles total with … Continue Reading

Eight miles @ 8:10 average with Emilee and Jo to start the week. I’m not sure how much longer I can use the excuse that I’m ‘recovering from our trip,’ but I’m still going to try and use it because this run was very hard. I went straight from running to tennis lessons for the … Continue Reading