(Leggings, shoes, top) Brooke wanted to run, so we ran!  10 miles (a little over a mile was with Brooke) for the day at 8:13 average and I’ve been done with all of my medicine (which I swear makes me feel more sick than better!) since the weekend. When you want to do weights together and … Continue Reading

(Shoes, tank, shorts) I DID IT!  On Saturday, I woke up feeling more like myself, so I met up with my friends for part of their run. Sidenote: The girls have now decided that they want to pick out my running outfits sometimes (I am telling them weather requirements, ha)! So the above combo was … Continue Reading

(Top, shorts, shoes) I look tired because I am ha but I was very happy to get out in the fresh air for a walk while feeling a bit more like myself. He knows just the perfect ratio of snuggly/sweetness to crazy/rebellion to keep our relationship happy;) National Nurses Day meant free drinks at Swig! … Continue Reading

Fresh air and sunshine were so needed yesterday.  I was very grateful to get out for a walk. Brooke had a field trip yesterday to go see School of Rock, I wanted to sneak on the bus with her! The day was SO much better than the previous days but I still took extra downtime … Continue Reading

(Sweatshirt, shorts, shoes) Well, I feel a little more alive than I did for the first 36 hours after my mouth surgery.  Andrew saw me in my running clothes on Wednesday morning and asked if I was going to go for a run.  I did not go running, but I didn’t know what clothes to … Continue Reading

Hey everyone its Andrew today! Janae is out for the count for today.  We had no idea what surgery was going to be like.  This surgery ended up being around 3 hours long and the pain and the swelling has settled in today.  So you are all stuck with me…. sorry! I had put together … Continue Reading

(Shoes, socks, shirt, shorts) Monday’s are turning into trail days and I’m happy about that. 10 miles @ 9:29 average with 4 x 30 hill sprints.  My sprint was more at a run pace because my legs are trying to remember how to turn over again but that pace still definitely took my breath away! … Continue Reading