15 of some of the hardest miles of my life, done and done. I helped Andrew through the first half and then he started feeling great and I started feeling terrible and he got me through the second half.  <— When I asked him at mile 11 why the heck we were doing this he … Continue Reading

Hi everyone!!!  I thought it would be fun to update you all on what I’ve been up to lately. First of all… I only have a few more months of school left.  I just completed my last clinical course and I just have my capstone project left, which is essentially working 5 weeks as a … Continue Reading

My hair horns are at an all time high lately.  I lost a good amount of hair after having Skye and it is now growing back and wanting to show off it’s growth to everyone I come across. Andrew has had 6 night shifts (6 pm- 6 am plus an hour commute each way) in … Continue Reading

Good morning! We got dumped on with snow a bit more over here which made for a very exciting run. I got ready to leave early in the morning but when I looked outside I knew that my odds were 100% of slipping if I attempted to run in the dark.  I waited until things … Continue Reading

The top 3 most viewed posts last week were: *Splitting up the Long Run, Friday Favorites & You Are Amazing! *I GET it Now and Figuring Out A Training Plan! *How do YOU deal with Pain? Forgive + Guzzle. ———————————————————————————— We woke up to a lot more snow. So we went outside to play in … Continue Reading

1.  Two times on a treadmill in one week!  That hasn’t happened in a long time.  Andrew was gone Saturday morning and with both Brooke and Skye home that meant the treadmill helped me to get in a run.  I woke up feeling really good which I was surprised about so I jumped on the … Continue Reading

First time (that I can remember) of running double digit miles back to back.  15 on Thursday and 10 on Friday (in two days I ran half of what I will be running in one day… and on the roads which is not the trails… I’ve got a lot of work to do… good thing … Continue Reading