Our January this year has been SO much better weather-wise than it normally is here in January and I’m extremely grateful for that.  I love the 20’s.. it’s the teens that are a bit hard for me. Emilee and I met up for 10 miles of talking… I mean running ha.  Isn’t it amazing how … Continue Reading

Happy Martin Luther King Day!  I know a lot of you out there are off from work/school today and hopefully spending the day doing your favorite things so I’ll just keep it short (also, I don’t have a lot to say because I stayed home all day with Skye…  She was feeling SO much better … Continue Reading

I left for my run when it was still dark outside… that hasn’t happened in a while:).   The friends I met for the run were more than worth it! The early (for me ha… I’ve lost my discipline in the mornings) alarm was also worth it to have people to run on the trails … Continue Reading

7.3 miles in the snow done and done! Beretta probably also ran 7 miles around in the backyard… she was so excited about the snow. Another run with Emilee and neither of us have slipped on ice this winter so that’s a huge success. Skye’s only smile yesterday… We were up with Skye most of … Continue Reading

When Andrew isn’t at work, I am REALLY enjoying going out for a run a bit later in the day so I can get some sunshine.  A little bit of sun makes the biggest difference in my mood during the winter. 8 miles @ 8:15 average with Emilee!  Some on snow, most on the roads. … Continue Reading

I think we should catch up on a few things because it’s not often that I go a day or two without telling you the most random details of my life! First, Emilee and I felt cool because we were wearing matching headbands…. I swear these headbands are the best for those days where your … Continue Reading

Good morning everyone!  I’m excited to talk about what Andrew says is my favorite hobby—> SLEEP.  I am passionate about my bedtime routine and getting into bed at a good time to give my body the rest it needs for my health.  When I was in elementary and jr high I would go into my … Continue Reading