I’ve been staying up past midnight for the first time since I was 20 while we have been in Arizona;)  The problem with staying up late here is that if you want to run, you have to still get out early or it is way too hot.  I went at about 7 yesterday and it … Continue Reading

My attempt at a self-timer photo with a palm tree. Lower elevation + flat roads + WARMTH = the perfect recipe for a good run.  I was planning on doing an easy run but I was feeling good so I decided to go a bit faster with each mile. 8:11, 8:09, 7:52, 7:30, 7:27, 7:20, … Continue Reading

We have arrived at my favorite seasons of running clothes (it may have snowed in Utah yesterday but it is back to the 60s today ha)!  Shorts and tank tops… It makes the whole process so much easier to get ready for a run each day and it means I am not doing as much … Continue Reading

We are starting our drive to Arizona today, it will take us two days to get there because we need to split up the drive for everyone’s sanity;)  We are going to stay at my brother’s house for a few days for our Spring Break and the kids cannot wait for all of the cousin … Continue Reading

10k Time Trial… it really hurt.  There is just something so tricky about the 10k for me.  The pain from the fast pace usually sets in pretty quickly (ehhh about .5 miles in on Saturday) and you still have a long ways ahead of you to hold that pace.  It’s not like the marathon where … Continue Reading

Happy weekend!  8 miles @ 8:23 average with my running partner in the sunshine and then home to the littles and Andrew. Thank you sunglasses for covering up the fact I was too lazy to take off my mascara from the day before.  PS this will obviously show you that Beck did not get his … Continue Reading

Clearly we are getting good use of our home gym… somehow it turned into a storage area again!  I’ll work on that today:) Beck did everything he could to try to convince me to stay home from going on a run. 10 gorgeous miles that started chilly and ended hot.  Emilee and I hit up … Continue Reading