(long-sleeve, vest, leggings, sunglasses, ear warmer, gloves). I hope everyone had a great day yesterday (whether you celebrated or not), and happy Friday! I started my Thanksgiving off with my sister.  We haven’t run together in MONTHS.  It was just what we both needed to start the day off right.  I woke up grumpy and … Continue Reading

(Shoes, shorts, top, ear warmer, gloves) EIGHT MILES OCCURRED. Beck did everything in his power to get me to stop my core workout. Rice bowls. Skye’s favorite way to communicate—> through her eyebrows. Saw Santa and Mrs. Claus. Those eyes. Skye told us she wants to live at the bowling alley. Finished off the day … Continue Reading

My day mainly consisted of driving to the airport, being at the airport, flying to California, flying back home from California, and a long drive home because of traffic… so I’ll just share pictures with a few words of the day that turned out to be pretty perfect. I snuck in a peloton ride before … Continue Reading

(Leggings, long-sleeve, vest, gloves, shoes, ear warmer) I haven’t written a new Friend to Friend post in quite some time but I posted one yesterday—> The Hardest Part for ME to Overcome When Getting Remarried! ———————————————————————————– The ‘convincing yourself to get out of your warm bed to go hang outside in freezing temperatures’ is rough… … Continue Reading

(Top, shorts, shoes) LONGEST PAIN-FREE RUN IN MONTHS. 7 miles!  I’m running paces slower than my easy runs used to be and feeling like I’m tempoing at those paces… but it’s all part of the comeback, and I’m okay with that. I finished up with 20 minutes of strength for runners with Becs Gentry on … Continue Reading

(tank, shorts, shoes) 30-minute 90s hip hop ride with Robin + 20-minute upper body… along with an attempt for a self-timer photo. He actually enjoys getting his hair cut. Got to go out with Whitney, Megan and Mav. Went to Jolly’s Pharmacy in SLC to buy all of the candy and look at Christmas decorations. … Continue Reading

(Jacket, long-sleeve, ribbed leggings, socks, shoes, earwarmer) I tested out running two days in a row, and it was a success!  Six miles and the fresh air was just what I needed to wake me up. 6 miles @ 8:40 average. The majority of our day was spent cooking and celebrating Thanksgiving with the kids! … Continue Reading