(shoes, tank, bra , shorts) I’ll keep today pretty short because I’m sure many of you are out enjoying a beautiful day but I do have some things to share and some of my favorite sales at the end too in case you are in the mood to shop. Jo, Beth and I had the … Continue Reading

For some reason, this portion of the trail smelt strongly like grape candy… Tent sales are a very important thing to these two. Matching. __________________________________ Tell me three things you have going on today!

I did it. I’ve had a goal since the beginning of my Pelotoning days to break 600 in a 45-minute class, and I finally did it. I can’t believe how much stronger I feel running when I include biking often. Every recipe is different for every runner, but I am positive the Peloton is part … Continue Reading

(shorts, tank, bra, shoes) Can you find Jo in the picture below?! 3 x 1-mile speed change (100m FAST/100m float ((not easy but not all out)) followed by a float mile before starting the next mile of speed changes. The canyon is perfect for this workout because the trail is marked with triangles to indicate … Continue Reading

7 miles @ 8:27 average + 5-min core class. I cannot believe how high the river is getting! I love it when he pulls up his chair next to mine. I made a Blueberry Lemon Dutch Baby because blueberry and lemon are two of my favorite flavor combinations. Feels good to be putting rooms back … Continue Reading

(shoes, shorts, top) We showed up in the same shoes… you just can’t beat a $70 deal (just the red and purple are on sale) on amazing trail shoes that are so grippy. We all give them a 10/10. Nine miles for the day @ 9:46 average. Most on the trails and 4 x 30-second … Continue Reading

(top, shorts, shoes, socks) When I saw Deer Creek on my training plan for my Saturday long run, I was beyond excited. This trail is gorgeous, and with all the snow this winter, I knew the lake would be higher, the grass greener, and more wildflowers than ever. I was also excited to have a … Continue Reading