Andrew didn’t have work yesterday so I was able to make it out to the Runner’s Corner workout! They did a 3 mile workout where you repeat 1 minute ON followed by a 1 minute FLOAT (not a jog but not all out).  The hardest part of this workout is that you are constantly switching … Continue Reading

I think the best way to start off this Wednesday morning is to share pics from Beck’s photoshoot.  Andrew’s cousin is an amazing photographer in case you are in the area and need somebody!  He is taking our family pictures tomorrow wahoo. Somehow he is already 2 months and 2 days old! Brooke was so … Continue Reading

Just thought I would see if anyone can relate with me or if I’m the only one that feels this way…. In the morning (starting at about 2 miles into my run when I’m feeling warmed up and awake) my running goals are HUGE!  I start brainstorming what my race plans are for the future, … Continue Reading

I took advantage of my new favorite 7.01 mile loop (I love finding new loops from my house) and ran it again on Saturday.  I listened to more Princess Diana podcasts and enjoyed the fact that the sun was out and that Beck gave me a SEVEN HOUR stretch of sleep that night. <–I woke … Continue Reading

My Friday started with a run while it lightly snowed the entire time.  I was the only runner out there because I think everybody else was recovering from New Year’s Eve… the only person at our house that stayed up until midnight was Knox, ha. I found a loop from my house that is EXACTLY … Continue Reading

My last run of the year was on my sister’s treadmill.  Six miles @ 9:00 average and my legs DEFINITELY felt some soreness from speed the day before which made me happy because that hasn’t happened in a long time. Here are my strava stats for 2020!  A few runs weren’t on here because they … Continue Reading

My run definitely surprised me yesterday!  I went out planning on easy/flat miles and then I ran into the Runner’s Corner crew out doing their warm-up.  I couldn’t say no to joining them and I ended up doing part of their workout!  Runner peer-pressure is real but I’m so glad I did it because I’ve … Continue Reading