My run definitely surprised me yesterday!  I went out planning on easy/flat miles and then I ran into the Runner’s Corner crew out doing their warm-up.  I couldn’t say no to joining them and I ended up doing part of their workout!  Runner peer-pressure is real but I’m so glad I did it because I’ve … Continue Reading

Our area had a little bit of new snow yesterday morning but not enough for it to be slippery.  Something that I love to do when it is slippery and there is a lot more snow on the roads is to wear a pair of trail shoes.  The traction on the bottom of trail shoes … Continue Reading

All 12 eyeballs were looking at the camera.  I’m not sure that has ever happened until we took this picture. It sure felt good to have everyone home yesterday. My day started nice and early outside on my own.  I listened to a podcast about Princess Diana because I can never watch/read/listen to enough things … Continue Reading

I had grand plans to wake up early and get in a 3 mile run before Andrew left but I decided sleep and snuggling sounded MUCH better. I’m surprised we ever got off the couch on Saturday but eventually we did… My sister has told me that I can use her home gym (her renovation … Continue Reading

And just like that, Christmas is over… this last month has flown by! My day started off with a few miles in 17 degree weather before Andrew went to work. Once Skye woke up I had her open one present from Santa (we did presents from me and Andrew with Brooke and Knox and then … Continue Reading

I hope you have a wonderful day today!  I’m sure thankful for each one of you and the influence you have in my life.  Merry Christmas from our crew! I’d love to hear about your day if you have the chance!

I’m sure you all have busy days up ahead filled with what I hope to be your favorite things so I’ll just share a few pictures from our day! I convinced my niece and sister to join me for a run/walk even though it was quite cold. These shoes used to have bells on them … Continue Reading