Another workout in the books! It was so nice to be reunited with the Runner’s Corner crew again.  They are done recovering from their marathon that was earlier this month, and they are starting their training again for Boston! We did 3 mile repeats (5:46, 5:39 ((flat/down/a tiny up/down)) and 5:34 ((mostly downhill)) along with … Continue Reading

That was a hot one and I was so happy to have survived. 8 miles @ 8:28 average and whenever there is dirt to run on, I run on it. We finished our trip by going to Sand Hallow again and renting a jet-ski! Not a lot cuter than baby feet in the sand. After … Continue Reading

A progression run hadn’t happened in a while, so it felt like a good idea to try one out on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous morning, and I love the challenge of pushing myself a bit harder with each mile.  My splits weren’t exactly a progression because it was a hilly course, but it was … Continue Reading

ANOTHER DAY OF STOPPING AT THE GYM TO STRENGTH TRAIN?! A few miles before and a few miles after the above gym. Everyone got ready and we headed over to the St. George Children’s Museum. Stopping at every mister we see. Breakfast was needed at Bear Paw Cafe. So much joy in one photo. Always … Continue Reading

8.59 miles @ 8:34 average pace and in the middle of my run I did the craziest thing… I stopped at my aunt’s gym and I LIFTED WEIGHTS.  Okay, I’m not doing much at this point with my weight lifting so I can build up in a smart way but I’m really trying to build … Continue Reading

Never in my life had I been more excited than yesterday to get back to my car for my water bottle that I knew was full of ice and glorious liquid.  I brought one tiny water bottle for the run, but it was nowhere near enough.  I felt like I had cottonmouth for 90% of … Continue Reading

8.24 miles @ 8:36 average pace!  The miles were boring but I came home in a great mood. These girls are loving baking and cooking lately, which I am thrilled about because it meant they made me pancakes while I stretched post-run. We hung outside for a bit. And then hit up the library. We … Continue Reading