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(Shorts, shoes, top)

We did some 800s for one of my friend’s final workouts before the Mt Charleston Marathon.  I can’t believe how quickly these spring marathons have crept up on me.  I am so tempted to jump into one to avoid FOMO, but I’m trying to face my uncomfortable feelings of missing out on all the fun races.

I averaged between 2:50-2:58 for these.  I used to get hip pain running on the inside lap of the track, but I think I’ve built up to that not happening anymore by going to the track more often than ever before.  I’m telling myself that my hips just adapted to what I told them to adapt to ;)

IMG 6451

We did most of our cool-down on the grass, which I think should be mandatory from here on out.  The grass kept us at a cool-down pace, and the surface felt so soft.

IMG 6456

Twelve miles for the day!

IMG 6463

Crazy hair day for these two:

IMG 6460

And now for some things to discuss this beautiful Thursday morning:

*There isn’t a better enchilada out there IMO.

IMG 6435

This sauce takes it to the next level. They sell it at Costco, but beware—it has quite the kick.

IMG 6434

*I know I’m a few months late on the banned Adidas shoe, but this video was so interesting.  The Adidas Adizero Prime x Strung 2.0 “so much technology in a running shoe, it’s not allowed in elite races”—> 50mm stack (10mm above what is legal in elite fields), and there are also 2 carbon plates in the shoe.  TWO.  The upper is absolutely stunning, and it looks like a web with all of the threads that are woven and designed to boost the performance of the person wearing them. They also made them a bit wider than round 1 to add stability and take out the feeling of rolling your ankle.

I want to try them so badly.

*Beck wants to bake every single day of his life.  I may have a future bakery owner or chef, and I will live happily ever after.

IMG 6405 copy

*My nephew’s shoes arrived.  He ended up needing the wide version, which was only online.  I can’t wait to see what he does with the Launch from Brooks.

IMG 6438

*I listened to Christina Applegate’s episode on Armchair Expert (language warning), and wow.  She was so honest about the struggles she is experiencing with MS, and it was heartbreaking.

*I also listened to Lisa Damour on Armchair Expert and immediately started her book when I finished.  I am entering these teenage years with my kids; I can’t believe it!  I love teenagers (if I could force all of my teenage nieces to hang out with me daily, that would be great), which is why I wanted to be a high school teacher.  I am actually really excited for the teenage years, I just want to do what I can to be prepared!

IMG 6464


Have you listened to anything good lately?

Spicy foods—> on a scale of 1-10 (10 being deadly ha), how spicy do you prefer?

-As long as I have chapstick close by and a large glass of water, I like 6-7.

Have you baked anything good lately?

Who has a spring race coming up? 

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I started the CA Armchair episode but haven’t finished yet. I am impressed with how you keep up so well with episodes-there are so many! I just submitted a story for Armchair Anonymous. I am mostly hoping I am not selected because I don’t think I could keep my chill to tell a story!!
My crazy hair day would be letting my hair air dry.
Those Adidas shoes look wild. They should be part of a race expo exhibit like the giant treadmill.


Hahaha lots of laundry is how I keep up with them. MOLLY. I need to call you today to hear the story you are going to share. I really really hope you are selected. I need this to happen. Hahaha well now I need to see your like that. Yep, I fully agree. Expect me to write a full review on them someday. Have a beautiful day, Molly!


2 carbon plates!!! Wow
Dax has some really good episodes. I have been wanting to listen to Christina’s. I’m still really hooked on true crime. I just finished a series called The Bakersfield 3…. It was good, and so maddening at the same time.
It’s not a podcast, but I did Becs’ Femme power run yesterday, at it was amazing. She talks about women runners in her life that have made a difference for her, and it was incredibly inspiring and a little emotional. Each song was inspired by one of the women. When Fight Song came on and she started talking about Ali, I almost lost it. It was so good.
I was at Costco the other day and forgot to get that sauce, darn.
Off for a quick 5 miles, then back to cleaning.
Have a great day Janae


Okay. Thank you for the podcast recommendation, I have been craving a little true crime. I’ll start today! That run looks so so good. I love Becs and now I need to go and listen to what she said even though I’m not running today. Next time you are at Costco, I am requiring you to get the sauce. Hope your run was a beautiful one! Thanks Wendy, you too!


I listened to both those episodes. Loved them both. Lisa Damour is local to me and I’ve heard her talk a few times and her books are amazing. I started listening to CA’s new pod with signer. really enjoying it, especially the ep with Edie Falco.

Might jump into a 10 miler in a few weeks, we’ll see. I’ve been really enjoying having nothing on the race calendar, which is super surprising lol


She is a local! That is so great that you have gone and listened to her speak. Off to add that one to my list, thank you so much. I love that you are just going with the flow, let me know if you end up doing the 10 miler this week and good luck if you do! Have a beautiful day, Mina!


The emotional lives of teenagers is such a great resource! Of course i found out about it at the tail end of our teenage years but it’s been so helpful and insightful.


This is so good to hear! Thank you for sharing, I’m really enjoying it so far. Have a beautiful day!


Remember… you aren’t missing out on the fun races– you preloaded by racing INTERNATIONALLY! =]
I am listening to “Demon Copperhead” on audiobook after I started reading it and good gosh it is so well written (Pulitzer Prize winner) but tremendously heartbreaking. I have to take breaks sometimes. I’m so glad Spotify started including books with Premium!
I can totally handle the heat for the most part, but I hate when I get too bold for my britches and get Thai food that’s so spicy I can’t even enjoy it, ha.
I feel like I haven’t baked a lot lately and I need to amend that. I need to make some strawberry jam, too, because we used up all that I made last summer!
Thursday tangent… Kylian has had to wear an orthotic helmet for the past three months to correct his head shape and today he graduated from helmet therapy! YAY! So nice to snuggle his head now :) :) :)


PRELOADED. Now that is the way I need to think. Thank you! What did we do before books on Spotify Premium? That book sounds amazing! I might have to join in with you. We are out of our strawberry jam too! Kylian graduated! Oh I bet you are both in heaven now with all of the snuggles. Have a beautiful day, Courtney!


I’m running a trail half marathon in a couple of weeks. Excited and nervous – especially because I’m experiencing some heel pain. Doing all the stretches and icing and keeping my fingers crossed.
I baked some simple smitten kitchen brownies the other day. My body was telling me it needed a brownie and it’s so important to listen to our bodies ;)


I’m late to the game in this podcast but I’ve been going through Hoda Kotb’s “Making Space.” I just adore Hoda and her positive outlook on everything.

I had a hip injury in high school due to running in the same direction on the track all the time. I started doing my warm up and cool down the opposite direction then the main workout the correct direction, and I never had issues again. In my 8 years of coaching, I’m religious in making my runners balance out their hips in which direction they run on the track.

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