Friday Favorites!

No run for me yesterday! I had a facial done the day before with a chemical peel, and she told me to wait 24 hours before I worked out.  There’s nothing like dealing with perimenopause symptoms (just crazy night sweats thus far) and acne at the same time!

Beck and I created some parking spots and a road together, which was a huge hit for Beck.  It’s amazing what a little tape can do for his day.

IMG 6504

I tried a new recipe–> Ground Chicken Baked Tacos:

IMG 6530

Knox loved them so much that he already told me he wants them for his birthday in September:)

IMG 6532 copy

Now, to figure out these shelves and this area, do you have any ideas?  I’m thinking of picture frames and books.

Now to talk about some things I love this week:

*Emilee’s candle company—> switch candle.  One of the things I admire most about Emilee is her curiosity.  She has such a zest for life and is curious about how to do new things.  She created a candle company and every detail is perfect.  The candles are made with non-toxic fragrances and wax, and the coconut soy wax allows them to burn for much longer than other candles I have.  I’m so excited for what she has created.  Each box is wrapped beautifully with the most delicious caramels, and you won’t believe how good these candles smell.  They calm me down (which is hard to do ha).

IMG 6146

*I always have a stash of these in the car with me.  They are a toy that all four kids love and keep them entertained when we go to a restaurant or are sitting for a bit:).

*I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Palm Royale on Apple TV. I need the episodes to be released at once so I don’t have to wait each week. The cast is fabulous.

*Just two of my current favorite Amazon purchases—> This oversized shirt (so soft, so cheap, I love the color, and they are perfect with spandex shorts or with my lululemon flares), and this water ripple phone case.

IMG 6410

*Brooke’s church group had a get-together where they all brought clothes that they don’t really wear anymore, swapped them with each other, and donated any that weren’t taken. She was very happy with this score. They also each brought a bag of candy and made a candy salad. It was such a fun activity for this age group!

IMG 6494

Any weekend plans you are looking forward to?

Have a show you love right now?

Last thing you bought on Amazon?  

-This question made me wonder about the first thing I ever bought on Amazon… of course, it was running related haha.  Does anyone else know what the first thing they bought on Amazon was?

Screen Shot 2024 03 28 at 7 59 40 PM

I am looking for a swimsuit to help me overcome the fact that it was snowing here last night… Any recommendations on where to go?

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I’ve been following Emilee’s company on Instagram since you first posted about it. Gave up social media for Lent so I’ve been missing her progress. Is her website live? The link you have goes to Amazon for the blocks.

Right now my boyfriend and I are watching Shogun on FX/Hulu. SO good!! Definitely a show for after the kids go to bed. It’s a little gory at some parts but not bad at all. There’s been two scenes in 6 episodes I’ve had to look away from.


Thank you for finding that error for me! What a great idea to do for Lent! You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on what giving up social media did for you! May 1st it will be live and I’ll link again then, I meant to link to her IG to follow along:). Ohhhhh Andrew is going to love this recommendation, I’ll watch with him too! Thanks and I hope you have a beautiful day, Maureen.


Oh my goodness the night sweats! I thought that was just me?! I am turning 40 next month and thought it may be too early for perimenopause? I don’t know, but I don’t have any idea where to start to address them or treat them… Just saying I am here for you and in it too. My ankle is feeling tender so I’m taking a few day’s off training. Going to start Hal’s program up on Tuesday. Taking days off is extremely hard for me mentally not physically. Good thing Easter weekend ours so full and fun! Wishing you a great Easter weekend!


Shannon, expect me to be emailing you to talk about these things! I’ve read that if night sweats suddenly start (and it isn’t something you’ve always dealt with) than likely it is a perimenopausal symptom but who knows. I don’t either but if you figure it out, I better be the first you tell:). You are being so smart with your ankle before you start up training. I get it… physically my body loves time off but mentally it is tricky. I hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend, thanks for sharing!


I went to a perimenopause workshop recently and they highly recommended acupuncture for night sweats! Though I do have some symptoms, night sweats aren’t one of them yet so I can’t confirm, but another woman in the audience said it took hers away almost completely.


I love seeing friend’s dreams, goals become reality!! I am in a love affair with Craft and Foster candles but will keep these in mind if I need something new!
I have still been working on the Christina Applegate episode. Did you listen with Airpods in?? I feel like Beck would otherwise be tattle texting Andrew all day at work. haha
I just watched One Day on Netflix and can’t stop thinking about it!
Have a great weekend! I am running and prepping for Monday night run club. I made the chocolate chip cookie dough this morning to set and develop caramel, butterscotch flavors for 72 hours before baking. Drool!!


RIGHT? It’s fun to see where it is now when it feels like just yesterday she was telling us about the idea! I think you are going to love Switch! Bahahaha DEFINITELY had airpods in! The language in that one was rough. Okay, so should I start One Day?! I’ve heard the best things about it. You are unreal. I would pay bank to join in your run club, the food you make… ENJOY!


I really like Aerie for swimsuits!

Just bought things last night on Amazon for our apartment- a magnetic knife holder, new sheets, and plastic mats for our office chairs (since the office is carpeted).


My favorite one piece is from Aerie… they have the best stuff. Off to check out a magnetic knife holder, that sounds awesome. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Mariah!


Love the clothes swap idea! I’m a huge supporter of my local Buy Nothing group which is the same idea. Love the idea of getting kids into reuse, reduce, recycle early. High five to the person who came up with the idea for Brooke’s group. Have a great weekend!


Right?! I’ll send her leader what you said right now:). I need to find a Buy Nothing group in my area! Hope you have a beautiful day, Elizabeth!


I am looking forward to sleeping in and running. Plus I have 4 days off due to a Easter. We were planning a day trip but hubby came down with something so will lay low. And will of course take River on some outings to wear her out.

Last night I tried a cold plunge hot Sauna with some friends. I loved it. Their was a fire pit to warm up outside and they had tubs with varying degrees of cold. Felt so relaxed. The place is called the Good Sauna. I would definitely go again.

Have a great weekend Janae!


4 day weekend! Oh I am so happy for you. Enjoy the running, River activities and sleeping in:). Oh I love that you tried it… I need to get back into doing that. It really is so strangely calming! Thanks Kristine, you too!


I agree with Maureen about enjoying Shogun…and about occasional violent/gory scenes. So happy that there’s a new season of Top Chef starting!

I love the swimsuit bottoms at Athleta because I like two pieces with shorts. The Surge Swim shorts are my favorites. They’re a little pricey, but I usually buy them in the dead of winter during the after-Christmas sales! My favorite swim tops have all been from Target.


Adding it to our list, thank you! Can’t wait to check those out and sometimes good swim bottoms are just worth the extra cash because I want them to be really good. Hope your day is a great one, Emily!


What a super fun thing for Brooke’s group to do. I should do that with my own friends.
Baked tacos… I am definitely going to try those.
I am also looking for a few swimsuits for our trip to Hawaii in July/August. I will be checking back in to read the comments for any good tips. I have been fairly lucky with CupShe. Really affordable and a ton of sizes and style options.
We’re supposed to have rain again all weekend, booo, but we’ll be with family for Easter.
Have a good Friday!


Right?! I want to get my friends together to copy them too. You will love the tacos; I was surprised at how good they were. SO happy you guys are going to Hawaii! I’ve been looking at CupShe, thank you for recommending it. Have the best time with your family this Easter weekend!


Just started watching Fall of the House of Usher. Very good, but definitely an adults only show.

I’m with you on the perimenopause symptoms. I’m just always hot now, turn on all of the fans ha.


Okay, I just looked it up and read the description, that sounds really good! ALL of the fans. We’ve got this! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Jacinta!


Swimsuits 💖!! There are tons of great options out there, but i’ll highlight my fave cute and sporty suit.
For swim tops right now I love both the Patagonia Nanogrip Cami Bikini top and the Reversible Seaglass Bay Bikini top:

For bottoms i am in love with my Patagonia Sunrise Slider Bottoms:

I always love learning about new brands and seeing what everyone else is loving so i can’t wait to comeback to the comments to see what others recommend and read about what you ultimately buy!!


Well, you just changed my life… I had NO idea that Patagonia had swimsuits and these are all so cute. I also feel like I can really trust that brand to make high quality pieces, thank you thank you thank you. Have a beautiful weekend, Elizabeth!


I know I’m behind the times, but I recently started watching the Resident on Netflix and I am loving it!!! Andrew might like it! But be warned…definitely some medical “gore”!


I haven’t had much time for TV lately, but I have been listening to podcasts on my runs. I’m obsessed with the Gayle Palmer series on The Opportunist podcast . It’s about a wilderness therapy camp for teens in St. George that goes very, very wrong. I’ve gotten some good “angry runs” out of it, hah!


I had to go back to look at my first Amazon purchase – in 2004 I bought the complete first season of The O.C and Sex and the City season 4 on DVD, and a book called Quantum Teaching 😂


Amazon….my wish to give Amazon a break atnd to stick to shopping local has been a chalenge, but still hold….a book, by Phillip Roth I think.
my parents are moving into a senior assisted living place this weekend… busy helping with that…
loving a show on Netflix called explained, a series….

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