Sentence Per Picture…

Another 8 mile morning with Emilee @ 8:24 average followed by the girls meeting me on the porch when I finished.

THIS HAT IS THE BEST… Ponytail holder, built in ear warmer and so so soft on the inside.

IMG 7858

Our goto for breakfast lately (we add some eggs and milk to the pancake mix too and it just makes them even better).

IMG 7856

Speaking of Kodiak Cakes, if I see a new to me item from them at the store I always try it and the oatmeal is great but the pancakes are still best.

IMG 7871

He is so happy when Skye is the one to come say good morning and unswaddle him.

IMG 7866

Had to go to Target to get Valentine’s Day cards for the kids and that simple task took about an hour ha… Skye loves to push the cart and Beck screams unless he is held (because he wants to see everything there too).

IMG 7870

Made chocolate covered strawberries with the girls to deliver to neighbors (used this tutorial even thought it’s a bit blurry).

IMG 7879

They were realllllly good.

IMG 7880

You MUST make this easy coconut shrimp curry if you like these types of meals… we want this to be on the weekly meal rotation now.

IMG 7887

Hung out with Andrew for a bit.

IMG 7873

This felt really good.

IMG 7881

And she is now officially a lover of paper planners.

IMG 7874

Just an important reminder from my current favorite book.

IMG 7888


Give me your sentence for the day!

Paper planner or electronic planner?

What’s your next speed workout?

-3 miles of fast 1 minute and float 1 minute repeated… TODAY!

Were you picky as a kid or no?

-I wasn’t but Skye was picky for a bit but she has turned so adventurous lately which I am grateful for.

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Paper planner all the way! I have multiple planners and calendars, which might be overkill, but I really do not like being handcuffed to my phone or computer. I would rather have planners scattered around the house.

I was a super picky child, but have definitely branched out as an adult. I am still a creature of habit and will eat a lot of the same meals everyday, but that is really more of a convenience. P.S. Based on your stories and pictures, Skye seems like she is a riot. I think you should do an occasional post called the Adventures of Skye.

My sentence right now is ‘Take action’ (not sure if that is a full sentence). I am feeling pretty disconnected and without purpose lately, so I really need to quit floating and do the hard work of figuring out what would make me more content.


Okay, multiple planners and calendars, that is awesome! I love paper too. Hahaha that is a great idea about a post about her adventures… she is keeping us on our toes, that is for sure. I LOVE that sentence. I go into that floating stage often too so I’m going to copy you on this one. Thanks for sharing Janelle and I hope you have a really great day and you are able to take actions today:)


Paper planner for personal, electronic for work, since we are on a shared calendar system online there.

Speed this morning! 200s with a 200 walk in between for 3 miles.


200s are HARD. Way to go on that workout Mariah! Hope your morning is going great so far!


JANAE!! I was thinking about you yesterday evening at my running group. We did a 4.5 mile tempo run and was laughing in my head because my tempo pace (7:30-ish) is like your easy pace. You are just so incredible and SO SPEEDY!!!


Clare, I am SO happy that you were able to go to the tempo run with your team and you ROCKED IT! I hope you feel so proud and I wish our running groups could combine forces:). Have a fabulous day!


I love Kodiak pancakes–had to buy it during the start of pandemic and now I’m hooked. I add almond milk. I have to finish my steel cut oatmeal so I can try the Kodiak oatmeal especially since it has 12g protein! Glad I saw this…maybe I can donate my oatmeal to someone else so I have an excuse to buy it! LOL
I ordered donuts from a local bakery and will drop it off to my nieces and nephews this weekend so I’m excited for that.


Hahaha that is an awesome excuse, let me know when you try it! And that is so kind of you to do that for your nieces and nephews, they are so lucky to have you. Have a beautiful day Damarys!


Thank you! Enjoy your day! By the way, I love planners too. In college, I wrote everything in my planner and even though now, I do most of my planning using my Outlook on phone/pc, I still love writing notes at work.
When I saw my son make a to-do list with dates/assignments for his college workload during Spring 2020 semester, I thanked God and took a picture! He actually bought a dry erase calendar to hang in this room to keep track–that’s not one method I would like but if it works for him, great–but I have a feeling, he will go back to his one sheet of paper, we’ll see.


The girls are so sweet meeting you out front! The baby cuddles look like heaven.

It’s great that you are loving meal planning, I strongly dislike going to the store more than once a week so we always have a meal plan and detailed list. I think we are a bit too type A about it LOL.

I LOVE paper planners, they were my life in high school and college. I wrote down every assignment and meeting and always had it with me. Now I use google calendar because I can share with the family and I always have my phone with me but I would prefer a paper one. If I am planning something big out like a course scope and sequence or a trip itinerary I will write it down on paper first then transfer it.

I don’t have any speed on the plan because I am still trying to recover from an injury but I throw in progression run or strides when things feel good.

I hope you are having a wonderful week! Is your birthday on Valentine’s Day or before?


Hey Beth! Hahaha yep, Type A 100% over here too. Seriously, how do people get through school without a detailed planner?! You are so smart with how you are approaching speed right now and I hope you are feeling better and better each day. My bday is the day before, I am very excited for this weekend! Thanks Beth, have a really great day!


I did a 5k walk on incline!
I think Brooke is my spirit animal ?
They all look so similar in that picture with Andrew!! No doubt these are siblings lol


WAY TO GO ANDREA! I hope you are feeling great, just so happy for you guys. And I totally agree with you:). Have a beautiful day.


Love the body image sentence. I think that is one of the many reasons I like running, childbirth, hiking in the mountains, swimming in a lake, etc. It is then that I naturally focus on what amazing thing my body is doing not what it is looking like.


1000000% yes. Amen!


What a coincidence—I just bought that hat a week ago and it’s the best. I get really hot when I run, though, so a lightweight version would be even better!


You just reminded me that I need to go back to Target to pick up different candies; my oldest is getting braces today so I can’t give him half the candies I already bought!! Oooops! Lol!
Sentence of the day; you’re stronger than you think you are!
I like both kinds of planners! I find writing things down is very cathartic (esp if I get to cross anything off! Ha!). But I do love a digital planner that I can have on all the devices and have it out of sight if need be. I don’t like paper clutter.
I did a speed workout today; 6 x .5 mile repeats w/ .5 mi recovery in between! Totally toasted me but I loved it!
I was super picky as a kid and my kids are super picky also! If I didn’t like the way something looked or sounded, I wouldn’t try it! I was that kid eating cheeseburgers at Mexican restaurants!
Have a great day!


Oh my gosh! I bought that hat on your recommendation and am in LOVE with it! It has been on all running and hiking adventures this winter.

So just wanted to say Thank You!


I don’t think you need to add “if you like these types of meals” to qualify your recommendation. You don’t add a comment like that to American dishes, and you need to add it just because it’s a curry dish. And it looks delicious!


Love paper planners too!
Ive got 2 boys and one is normal picky and one is extremely picky. There’s a difference because It’s stressful!


Sentence for the day (or really for the week): Be nice to yourself!

Paper planner or electronic planner? – paper!

What’s your next speed workout? – just checked my plan.. it looks intense…
W/U:10mins easy
1min HARD, 1min easy
2mins HARD, 2mins easy
3mins HARD, 3mins easy
3mins HARD, 3mins easy
2mins HARD, 2mins easy
1min HARD, 1min easy
C/D: 10 mins easy

Were you picky as a kid or no? – Yes, pretty picky! Now completely fine and will eat pretty much everything.


Thank you so much for recommending this recipe (!! We absolutely loved it and I loved it because my fiance made it..loved it.. and wants to now make it again~!!! WINNER!

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