The Perfect Solution + Friday Favorites!

Skye joined me for my upper body strength workout yesterday!  I technically earned double the muscle building with this workout because each move was  followed by chasing after Skye and carrying her back over to be near me (still working on baby proofing everything in this house).

2 strength days in one week—>  I’m on fire.

Beretta just likes to curl up next to my running shoes for a good nap… she understands the peace that running shoes bring.

IMG 6679

My day involved a lot of this.

IMG 6734

Andrew had a lot of schooling and working on one of the rooms in our house…

IMG 6719

We figured out the perfect solution.  We need date night, my sister needs date night with her husband, we both need babysitters for date night.  We are going to switch off most weeks so we can all get some time out.  We will have my sister’s kids over tonight, it will be a party.

IMG 6745

Andrew and I went up to one of my favorite places in the world.

IMG 6756

Sundance.  The place you have to visit if you ever come to Utah.

IMG 6765

We ate at the Foundry Grill and it came with a great view.

IMG 6771


IMG 6767

Pretty much every time I go here, I get the burger and their garlic fries.

IMG 6768

We shared a brownie sundae for dessert.  Also, that cherry was taken off first thing…

IMG 6774

A win-win for everyone involved!

IMG 6776


I shared most of the things I am loving lately HERE but I have a few more today (affiliate links included)!

*I came across this old post that I had written and it made me really happy.  It took me almost a decade to get it and it has been so worth it.

IMG 6309

*I finished this book and absolutely loved it.  It is hard to find a book that will keep me up hours after I usually go to bed (I really love sleep) and this was one of those books… I loved it.

IMG 6464

*I just started watching The Good Place.  Obsessed.

*Thread wallets.  My last one had seen it’s day (I had it for years) and I bought a new one.  It makes it so easy to have all of your cards and keys connected!

IMG 6461

*This episode from Stephanie Rothstein Bruce.  It is so inspiring. GRIT.

*I’m just really loving her these days and loved what she said on this post… ‘Then I committed and shut my mind off. I grew strength from every mile I ran and the effort was easier at mile 14, than at mile 2.”

IMG 6499

*Laren Fleshman’s episode on the Ali on the Run Show!   Listen to it on your long run this weekend!

*I listen to Halsey a lot while I run and I love her new song, Without Me (the clean version:).  SO good.

*TJ’s prepared salads.  I love the Mexicali Salad, Pacific Salad w/Chicken and the Classic Cobb Salad.  They make life so easy when I need to eat something fast.  Hot chocolate is the perfect side for any salad.  Are there any other salads of theirs that I need to try?

IMG 6568

*This comment from Meg!  If your long run/race/workout is hurting this weekend, just remember that your eyebrows feel great!

IMG 6308


Have any Friday Favorites for me?

Maraschino Cherries… delicious or terrible?

Anyone else love the Trader Joe’s prepared salads?  Which one is your favorite?

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

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FAVORITE TJs prepared salad is their mediterranean/greek salad. Hands down. I love that one. Add some grilled chicken skewers from Costco or shredded chicken made in the crockpot and bam. My Greek girl mouth is really happy!!

I love your date night solution!

My weekend–so much work, for all three of my jobs. A run on Sunday. Some time practicing the new RPM release on the spin bike tomorrow morning after I teach my Body Flow class. And I might try a new recipe from all of the stuff I keep on Pinterest for meal prep for next week if I find one that I’ve saved that seems really really easy and like it will hold up well all week long in the fridge. Tom gets to go to an oyster roast that friends of ours are having, so lucky guy–he gets fun friend time while I am at work tomorrow. No “friends time” for me. Sad face. But I hold out because NEXT weekend we go back to Missouri, where I used to live, and he will meet many of my dearest friends for the first time. THen it’s many days of friends time! Yay!


I will have to try that one asap… and great idea with the chicken addition. Your weekend is filled! It’s the wedding next weekend right?! That will be the best motivation to get through this weekend!


Oh goodness, I LOVE Maraschino cherries! Sometimes at restaurants, I ask for a bowl of them. :) And Sundance looks gorgeous! I need to come visit you again and make a visit there!!

This weekend will be pretty similar to most of my weekends (football, beach, catch up on sleep, church), but they’re usually pretty enjoyable, even if they do go by too fast! Hope that y’all have a great weekend, Janae!


I’ll send you our maraschino cherries that we get:) Your weekends sound amazing, enjoy every second and I hope you are feeling well!


Have you tried the frozen organic pizza crust from Trader Joe’s? It’s our new ‘we need a quick dinner’ go-to and the kids love to decorate their own pizza. :) Also, I just got a pair of black skinny Madewell jeans and danggggg they feel like yoga pants. Serious favorite! Happy Friday!


I have not… I’ll be going there today so I’m going to get one! Thank you! I am thrilled you got some of their jeans… they really are so comfortable. Have a wonderful weekend!


No cherries please!

I love that you and your sister switch off. I’ve done that now and then with my sister but it’s mostly for when we don’t want to grocery shop with the kids :).

Pumpkin patch this weekend. Just not sure which one yet. Probably wilkersons cause it’s close!


It is the best! Good idea with grocery shopping… maybe we will start doing that too. Enjoy the pumpkin patch!!


Absolutely LOVE maraschino cherries!

But don’t let my love for those oh-so-sweet cherries discount my suggestion of the TJ’s Super Spinach Salad! So, so good!


I’ll send you ours;) Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll pick that up next! Have a wonderful day Alison.


Great idea for date night. Babysitters are expensive!

Maraschino Cherries = DELICIOUS

I haven’t gotten a TJ’s salad in awhile, but I finally had the TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi last night!

Tomorrow is supposed to be ugly and rainy (nor’easter) but Sunday should be nice so church and then a fall harvest party with friends!


Seriously… when you add up a babysitter + the date = $$$. Okay, I totally forgot about gnocchi… I’ll get some today. THANKS! Enjoy the fall harvest party.


I am loving Steph Bruce! It helped meeting her last month when she was the nicest person ever! So excited to see her run in NYC!
You’re really building on my desire to run St George next year with all these Utah travel tips!


That is so cool that you met her, I’m extremely jealous! DO IT DO IT DO IT! Sundance is about 3.5 hours away from St. George but worth it:)


The Foundry Grill is so delicious! We haven’t been in too long and your pictures made me think we need to go soon, their burgers are my favorite! Those cherries are so gross! We have a church Halloween party tonight and lots of yard work on the schedule this weekend.


Yep, you need to go back ASAP! It is so gorgeous up there right now. Oh enjoy the church Halloween party and good luck with the yard work… we probably should do that too haha! Have a beautiful day Whitney!


I LOVE “Another good mile is just around the corner.” Will def be using that next weekend (GAHHHH) for NYC!

Can I just say real quick that I have the taper crazies like never before? All my runs this week have been AWFUL, I’m utterly exhausted despite getting 8 hours of sleep every night and reducing my mileage by about 20 miles this week.

I am trying to remind myself that I always feel terrible during taper, but I have to admit I was near tears this morning after my 4th horrible run this week! Does anyone have any tips for surviving the taper?


I am SO excited for you to run NYC and will be cheering you on like crazy. Taper: yes, yes, yes. I think just knowing you are not alone is the biggest tip I have. My taper before St. George was TERRIBLE. I felt like crud, I couldn’t believe it… and then race day was magic. Trust the process, know this is how everyone feels and keep getting the sleep and staying off your feet next week especially. I was cutting runs/workouts short during my last taper, you are not alone. POSITIVE THOUGHTS and every time you think about the marathon, SMILE (my mom taught me this one and it works)!


Thank you so much for this! I know you’re right. It makes me feel better that you had such a lousy taper before an AMAZING race. Just going to work on positive thoughts and confidence for the next week! Eek!


I can’t wait to see pictures of your new house!! From the few you have shown us, it looks beautiful!

I am not a cherry fan – they’re the first things I take off of my food, too. ALWAYS.

I have my very first marathon next Sunday. I am STOKED! And already so nervous and having anxiety dreams…HA! I can’t wait to send you an email that I finished! : )

Have a great weekend!


Thank you, we are loving it here.

CHELSEA!!! I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU. Your first marathon, you are going to do amazing and I cannot wait to publish your accomplishment. You are strong, you can do hard things and enjoy every mile!


You’re a cherry hater? Working at Chick-fil-A, I think 50% of the customers I make milkshakes for request no cherry. I don’t understand what’s so offensive about them… I mean, I guess they are a bit assertive and artificial and overly sweet and okay yeah I explained it to myself.

Today was a strength workout day for me too because I ran 15 miles Wednesday, 17 miles yesterday, and today my legs said NOPE. Definitely gonna have a more restful weekend so they’re ready for next week.

My Friday favorite: Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch (the cereal. It’s out already and I don’t care that it’s not even Halloween because it’s delicious.)


Bahaha your explanation made me happy:) That is interesting that your customers are 50/50 on them. 15 miles Wednesday, 17 miles Thursday–> WOWZERS! That is a lot of mileage! Way to go getting in the strength today. I need that cereal right now. Have a wonderful weekend.


That burger made me drool! I like your little babysitting co-op arrangement :)
Now I need to get that book. I saw it on the store shelf but didn’t pick it up, and now I know to go back and get it. Snuggling up with a book is a great Fall pastime.
OH! The Good Place is so good! So twisty and funny.
I don’t quite know if it’s a favorite yet, but my daughter was thinking about pumpkin bread this morning, and she asked how good it would be to swirl brownie batter into pumpkin bread batter. WHOA! My mind is a little blown thinking about it…will let you know how it turns out!
Maraschino Cherries… nah, not since I was little.
Looking forward (sort of) to making the wardrobe switch to fall/winter clothes this weekend. Maryland had such a sudden change from warm to need-tights-and-boots! I don’t have to like it, but I do need to be organized.


I hope you like it! I was hooked. Seriously… best Fall pastime out there! PLEASE let me know how it turns out, I’m excited already. Your daughter is brilliant. Enjoy the wardrobe change, I like doing that too. Thanks Corey!


I don’t mind maraschino cherries – but real cherries are the best

I am meeting up with a good friend from out of town and we are having girls night with some friends tonight so looking forward to that. Also, since a few of us went to see A Star is Born last weekend, I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack on repeat!

Happy Friday!


Girls nights are the best. I really want to see that! Enjoy Kristine!


Try the bahn mi salad bowl. Delicious if you like a little spicy in your salad.


I absolutely love a little spiciness in a salad. Thank YOU! Have a great weekend.


Totally not an answer to any of your questions, but are you still watching This is Us? What do you think of this season so far? Also are you watching A Million Little Things? I started because my husband and I love psych so I was excited to see James roday in a new show. I’m hooked now! :)


I sure am! I love it this season but not as much as the first season… that will always hold a special place in my heart. I haven’t even heard of that show but I’m thanking you in advance for the recommendation because I love psych too. Have a wonderful weekend!


What is on that burger? It looks soooo good. I love maraschino cherries! I wish we had a Trader Joe’s near by so I could try those salads and the one Polly commented about above. No big weekend plans which sounds like the best plan!


I wish I remember all of the details of it but it did have an aged cheddar spread on it that was unreal. I need to send you some salads! Have a wonderful day Corrinne!


The Good Place is so ridiculous yet addicting right? I finished through season 2, but I just discovered season 3 is on Hulu so I may have to start that. Have a great weekend.


I don’t know how I have waited so long to get into this show?! SO GOOD. Enjoy season 3! Thanks, you too!


Oooo… I forgot about Alli on the Run! I like that podcast and need to start listening again! I’ve been hooked on Lindsey Hein’s show, and started Man Bun Run, but will definitely be checking out Alli again ?
I haven’t had a TJ’s salad in forever!??! They are so good!
This weekend will consist of football tonight, the last breakfast burrito delivery tomorrow morning, and 2 Halloween parties tomorrow night. Lots of fun!
Love Meg’s comment!!
Happy Friday!!


Those are three of my absolute favorites! Is tomorrow the last burrito delivery or you have one more, right? Enjoy the parties… you’ve got a busy weekend. Thanks Wendy.


Tomorrow is the last one ?. Unless of course they go on to play-offs!! ?
And and I soooo want to go to Sundance!!! It is beautiful!!!


How do you like your hot chocolate? Made with milk or water? Certain kind of mix you prefer? I like it with milk and just use Swiss miss individual packs do not fancy on that side.


Milk is my favorite way and I usually use Stephen’s mix! I hope you have a great weekend!


Friday Favorite: I got in a run today woot woot

How cool you bought a house next to your sister! Yay for date nights I need one with my hubby soon.

I like that author thanks for book rec!


I’m a big fan of the cherry on top :)

I’m running a marathon on Sunday! It will be my second one and I am nervous but excited.


Love your pics of Sundance! Look beautiful. I hate maraschino cherries. I don’t get the appeal. My daughter loves them so I give them to her!

I ran a trail marathon last weekend so this weekend, nothing much planned except relaxing and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Oh yeah, and this:

PSA – beware if you buy from Road Runner Sports and think you will be able to return shoes for a refund if the they don’t fit. They will claim they were worn and issue a march. credit and refuse to refund your money. So I may be on the phone this weekend arguing with them and trying to get my money back!

Love that you guys trade off for date nights. That’s the best when the kids can hang with their cousins AND you get a few hours to yourselves..


I don’t have a polarizing opinion on the maraschino cherries… I like em! Especially in pina coladas…or Shirley temples;)

Friday fav is sleeping in tomorrow!!! with my hubby and kitty!!!!


Happy Friday!! Sundance is on my bucket list!
Love that you live so close to family you can exchange babysitting so everyone enjoys a night out! That is so wonderful!
I volunteered for a packet pick up today and when you volunteer you get the next race in that series for FREE!!! So I am running a half marathon then an 8k a week later!
And I signed up to enter the drawing for the NYC half marathon in March!! Cross your fingers for me!!
We just got black out curtains and my hubs hung them out them we are FINALLY truly sleeping in, in the morning!!!!
Love TJ’s. I love the prepared salads especially for a quick lunch! If yo like tea, you need to buy the autumn blend! Its tastes like fall!!!!
Have a happy, slow, laid back fun weekend! XOXO


The Good Place! Such a great show to binge (am I forkin right or what?)

Just watched the 26.2 Q’s with Des you shared yesterday… 10-12 hours of sleep?? Was that real?! I am proud when I get over 7! Love her, she’s adorable.


OK YES on The Good Place and on Elin Hilderbrand! Also, great swap with your sister – there’s a babysitting sharing/swapping app called Komae that does the same thing with your trusted “village” of friends! And YAY for achieving your real and sleep dream of sub-3 :)


Ok late to the party with this comment and someone may have already suggested this, but the Southwest Chopped Salad from TJs is soooo good. I always season and cook up some ground turkey to add to it, and you can stretch it into two lunches!

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