Tuesday Tangnets!

Brooke is home after a weekend with her dad visiting her in Utah.

8.2 miles @ 8:32 pace.

IMG 6315

I love a ritual, and I can’t imagine a Tuesday going by without it full of tangents:

*I took a 15-minute pilates class yesterday, and she had us hold this stretch on both sides.  I had no idea how much I needed this stretch in my life.  I’m guessing all runners need this stretch in their lives.  Try it today.

*This recipe had a few more than 5 ingredients, but these were the leading stars from TJ’s:

IMG 6332

These Shrimp Sesame noodles (I used different noodles than what the recipe called for) were amazing and easy to throw together. The chili onion crunch sauce is so good.

IMG 6335

*Plank challenges in the parking lot.  I’m glad we runners all have each other to be weird with…

*I took Brooke to Yogurtland, meaning each kid felt they needed Yogurtland.

*It may have snowed yesterday, but I wasn’t going to let that hold me back from some spring cleaning. I also put all of our big coats away, and hopefully, we won’t see them for eight months.

*I think fresh artichokes are the perfect decor.

*I am going to be very sore.

*One day he won’t want to roam every aisle of Target with me, so I am enjoying it thoroughly while he does.

IMG 6328

*A picture from mile 26.1 of the Budapest Marathon… What do you think Andrew is thinking at this moment? (He permitted me to post his pain face haha).

IMG 6240

What was Andrew thinking?  What are you usually thinking in the final stretch of a race?

-“This isn’t actually going to kill me and I can sprawl out on the ground the second I cross the finish line.”

Have a tangent for me?

Done any spring cleaning yet?  

What’s your run today?

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Andrew: “Good Lord I love Janae, but I am NEVER doing this again for her!”
Tangent… we had so much snow this weekend and I just want to see spring flowers in bloom!
Started spring cleaning– giving away lots of stuff on our Buy Nothing page and trying to get rid of TOYS.
Have a wonderful day!


BAHAHA I have a feeling you are 100% correct. I feel your pain… it is a complete hail storm as we speak. I hope you see those spring flowers soon, we need relief. Ummm Buy Nothing page, I don’t know about these. Off to investigate, that sounds awesome. Thanks Courtney, have a beautiful day!


Clearly his face reads: I’d rather have a broken leg than to do this again.
That’s fun that Brooke was able to stay in-state for the weekend! Does she get excited for flying or is she totally neutral about it all by now?
Today’s run is 8 miles easy pace with strides. Time for a good podcast!
I should look up which stretch that is on Peloton. It’s always so shocking to me how much better I feel after a stretch class.
No Tadej tangent today. The Catalunya race week is over.


Bahaha I’m sure he was wishing the break happened before the race and not after! Her excitement levels vary based on the snacks I packed her haha. Overall, it’s pretty normal for her now. Let me know what podcast you decide on… Just listened to Christina Applegate on Armchair. She was so honest about her current situation and I really admire her for that. So now what do you do with your free time now that the race is over. Happy a beautiful day, Molly!


I’m on the same page as Courtney…. “I love Janae, but I will never let her talk me into doing this again!”
I keep trying to start deep spring cleaning, but keep getting interrupted and side tracked with other life things… It will happen though.
I love your Tuesday Tangents, they’re always so fun. I have none really today.
4 mile easy pace for me today, followed by some sort of strength and core. I also need to make a good run to Costco, but I’m going to need to be quick about it. I keep telling myself, just stick to my list, get in get out…. Ha ha
I can’t believe all the snow that fell in Colorado, the East Coast, obviously Utah too, these last few days. It’s almost April!
Have a great day Janae


Never ever ever hahah I think he has officially retired. I hope your Costco trip is as quick as possible and that you are in and out and don’t sway from your list;). It is hailing like crazy right now, we need to come be your neighbors. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Your food looks so good! I will have to try that stretch–if my body can even move that way!

We are on our 2nd snow day here—no run today, but I did get out yesterday. Of course I decided to run Grandmas marathon (made a decision on a whim this past weekend), wrote out my training plan and we are snowed in. Maybe that’s my sign I am not supposed to run it, haha.
I did start some spring cleaning. We have only lived in our place since July so I am not sure how it gets so messy. I blame the kids;-). I also started to decorate and make it feel like home.

Did you fall rollerskating? I get so nervous ice and rollerskating. Not so much me, but the little kids plowing me over!

Have a great Tuesday, Janae!


Bahaha it definitely took me longer than I would like to admit to get to that stretch;). Another snow day. BOO. Whim decisions are the best decisions. I think it is a sign of helping you get more rest before you start training. SO excited you are running Grandmas. I somehow did not fall but I used new muscles I didn’t know existed. I was nervous though, just like you! Thanks Becky, keep me updated on your training (if spring ever shows up)!


“Just get me to the finish line and I am never doing this again” 😂 I can think of a few times I’ve had this thought, haha.

Packing to visit my in-laws in Taiwan and very excited to only be packing for 80 degree weather!

… and on that same note, trying to see clients, get in my training and my PT, and not leave the house a complete disaster before we leave tomorrow morning 🤪 Some things must be sacrificed (and yes that would be the house).

Have a great week, Janae! And thanks for posting these recipes 👌


Bahah I think you are very right about his thoughts in that moment. Taiwan… pack me too! I hope you have the best time. Hahah oh the stress that comes before leaving town. GOOD luck. Have the best trip, I want to see pictures after. Thanks Annemarie!


“What was I thinking when I got talked into this????” Been there!

I’m dying to know how your legs felt after the roller skating. I’m guessing it’s similar to when I skate ski (which isn’t often) and realize there are muscles I didn’t know I had!

My tangent is that at age 49 I’ve decided to try a more serious training plan to see if I can beat my 1/2 marathon time from several years ago. I’ve never really done speed work before and after just 4 weeks I’m starting to see the improvements. I have a feeling like I’m going to be hooked on this now!


Bahaha yep! SO many muscles that haven’t been activated in years and years haha. Ummm skate ski, I wanna try that. SO so excited about your endeavor to train for a new half pr. Hearing that you are getting hooked on speed work and already seeing improvements makes me extremely happy. Keep me updated with all of the training, thanks Michelle!


I was just in Utah last week to visit my sister in Heber City. We went to that same roller rink to skate. I absolutely fell in love with Utah, I was having a hard time running, between going from 200 feet to 5000 feet does a number on the lungs, plus I had to keep stopping to take pictures of the mountains. I was in aww the entire trip. We are already planning my next trip back in the late summer early fall.


Samantha! You were here! Heber City is absolutely dreamy. Next time you are here, come on a run with me!


I would absolutely love to run with you. Though you are so much faster than me. You almost have me convinced to come run St George, I look into it every year.

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