Anyone else feel this way + DEAL ALERT + nothing like it.

(shorts, long sleeve, bra, shoes)

There’s nothing like a bunch of moms (23 kids between us) piling into a minivan early on a Saturday morning to run for a while.

IMG 6199

We started with a 4-mile climb up the canyon, turned around, and tempoed downhill at a 6:40 pace. I wanted faster, but I am still not fully recovered from my marathon last month, so I’ll take it:). Fifteen miles total @ 7:44 average with some stunning views.

IMG 6201

Every time I run this road, I can’t help but have to touch the fence before turning around to go down.

We found snow even though, at this point, we were all feeling hot, ha.

IMG 6209

Beef jerky and electrolytes, my friends know how to get that protein in after a run.

IMG 6225

Afterward, I went to the gym with a few of the girls and worked on stability… Balancing on my right leg makes me feel like an olympian, and then when I go to my left leg… I wobble like a baby giraffe.

IMG 6228

These two lucked out that nobody was available to babysit, so they could tag along.

IMG 6296

We had a craving for sushi, so we went to where I worked 15 years ago for the good stuff.  This coconut roll has officially topped the list of my favorite rolls.

IMG 6262

We tried Sheet Pan Pancakes for the first time, and they were a huge hit. The kids loved making them with me, and when we took them out of the oven, Beck said, “This is my dream life.”  It is amazing and feels like you are eating cake for breakfast;)

IMG 6305 2

JASMINE PARIS has become the first woman to complete the Barkley Marathon. She finished just 99 seconds before the 60-hour cutoff.

I loved her post-race interview!  “I figured… I’ll either pass out or I’ll finish.”

*DEAL ALERT!  The best spandex shorts with all the pockets are on a massive sale.  I have a few in black and can’t believe they are only $20 right now.  I usually am a S, but I have these in an XS, and they fit perfectly.  They handle all the washing and smell great after I’ve worn them many times.

Screen Shot 2024 03 24 at 9 33 06 AM


Who has worked at a restaurant?  Which one?

-Ready for my list—> Fazolis, Juice Press, Los Hermanos, Brick Oven, Magelby’s, and Happy Sumo.  I loved waitressing!

Which leg is easier for you to balance on?

Do you have a fence or sign you have to touch or something random like that you have to do on a run?

What was the best thing you ate over the weekend?

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Thanks for the heads-up on the shorts!!

Random thing on the run – if I do an out and back, I have to run a u-turn, I cannot stop and pivot. Even if it’s a narrow trail, I’ll figure out a way to make some form of a turn to avoid stopping and turning around. On vacation in Spain a few years ago we noticed beach walkers would kick a brick wall (jetty?) at the end of the beach when they turned around to go the other direction. It was funny to watch.

Best thing I ate this weekend – I made homemade pasta (dough, sauce, and all) Saturday night, yum!

Happy Monday!


Yes, I can’t believe how good of a deal they are! Oh my gosh yes! Leigh is the same way too, a wide u-turn is the only thing that feels right ha. Hahah I love that you noticed that. Humans are so fun to watch:). Well, next time have me over for that pasta. Happy Monday to you too, Rachel!


I’ve never worked at a restaurant, but feel like it’s something I should do at some point in my life! Maybe when I retire!
Running out and backs are so hard for me, I can’t just pivot and head back, I have to at least cross the street and do a wide U-turn!
I was visiting NYCthis weekend so had to have a slice of pizza. It was everything I needed it to be! I grew up in NJ and now live in TX and the pizza just doesn’t compare.
Have a great day!


At some point you have to try it out! It really is a blast and time flies because you are just running around the whole time. Oh I am so with you on that wide U-turn… I forget there is another way to do it hahah. Well, I’ll be thinking about NY pizza all day now ha. So glad you got to go! Thanks Leigh!


Such a gorgeous run view! I always have to touch the lamp post in front of our building if I finish a run there.

For me 16 solo miles this weekend. Ear buds and music saved me. My happy place lol is somewhere in those miles

One of the best things I ate this weekend were steamed juicy buns and pan fries onion cake with beef. We got takeout from one of our favourite places.

Have an amazing Monday Janae!


Glad I’m not alone in the need to touch the landmark we have created in our heads haha. Sounds like the most peaceful run! Way to go! Ummm that meal sounds incredible. I’m going with you guys next time:). Thanks friend, you too!


Happy Monday Janae!
I can’t believe how fast you ladies all are! And so fun that you can do so many runs with such a great group.
Sheet pan pancakes…. I am going to have to try them. I made jambalaya for dinner on Saturday and it was a huge hit.
Sushi! We haven’t gone out for sushi in so long. It really is my favorite to go out for.
I cannot believe Jasmin! Incredible to be the first woman to finish that crazy race.
Last weekend I had a few friends who ran the LA marathon, yesterday I had a friend who ran her 1st half marathon in San Diego… It’s all getting me so excited to do a race again! Can’t wait for the OC half in May.
Have a great Monday and start to the new week.


Sometimes Andrew and I talk about moving somewhere down the road and then I say no because of my family and running friends:). I am so impressed by women athletes these days. I feel like records are being made left and right! FIRST half marathon… tell her congrats and your LA Marathon friends too. May can’t come soon enough, I am so excited for you! Thanks friend, you too:)


I made (Alison Roman) buttermilk pancakes yesterday. They are of course the best that I have ever made. Your kids have me intrigued with this sheet pancake though!
I also made potato soup that was delish. The best part was when I was pureeing the soup with the immersion blender. The blender was a wedding gift from my first orthodontist. I got a laugh out of the situation since I am still eating softer foods d/t braces 2.0. A fun side note, I have a tooth that now wiggles. I am convinced I am about to lose a tooth. Help!


Of course you had to go the fancy route and make Alison’s pancakes haha;). I will have to try those next! YOUR orthodontist gave you an immersion blender hahah that just made my life. Ummm Molly. Can you go have that looked at? Thank goodness for tooth implants ha (I have one)! Have a beautiful day, Molly!


My running shorts to rest of clothes ratio is way off, but yay for more! Thanks for sharing.

There are certain trees I have to touch on my trail runs. It’s like saying hello to an old friend.


my wife attempted making a sour creme cake….it wasn’t perfect, so I felt it was my job to eat all the left-overs?….I’m taking a rest day to recover…lol


Thanks for the heads up on the shorts! I’m still searching for the perfect pair for 6 gels. I found that smaller bites more frequently is the key to avoiding distress of all sorts while training and racing! I was even considering those $125 Tracksmith ones but ouch! Kinda spendy for running shorts!

I do have signs and fire hydrants I need to high five as I breeze past it on runs that mark turnarounds, miles, halfway points, etc.


“I’ll either pass out or I’ll finish”. Her spirit is incredible, I just love it.

I have never worked as a waitress, but it sounds like you were at some yummy places. My fun fact: my first job was playing Boo Boo at a Yogi Bear camp resort. Haha, it was so much fun!

I do a loop course and have certain areas I cut in on trails to avoid sidewalks and all the people.

I am in Vegas right now, not sure about amazing food to try but I am digging your sheet pancake idea. Need to try that when I get back home.

Have a great day all!

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