My first post on HRG Baby for this pregnancy is HERE and I (over) share all of my first trimester thoughts. ———————————————————————————————— My sister couldn’t make it so I did the normal 8 mile loop on my own… it was 46 degrees out and while I was hot, everybody else out running was wearing a bit … Continue Reading

The usual sister running group taking over the streets of Utah;)  8 miles @ 9:10 average pace and we both agreed that Monday’s run felt 40 times easier than yesterday’s run.  The roller coaster of running is a lot better at least when your training partner is sitting right next to you on the same … Continue Reading

Thank you thank you thank you for all of the incredibly sweet comments yesterday.  I loved each one and feel so lucky to be a part of this incredible community.  It sure is crazy how much life has changed from when I first started blogging and I love that I get to keep sharing it … Continue Reading

We are all so excited to share something with you… I’m 15 weeks pregnant! (I was so excited to buy this tank:) I’ll be sharing more information on HRG BABY with this pregnancy but for a quick little summary now: *Andrew and I feel so beyond blessed to get the chance to add another one to … Continue Reading

Eight miles with my sister in perfect May weather.  We’ve been choosing the same loop most days which means we see the same people along the way out running/walking which makes it fun. A riveting game of charades. Our chicks are getting huge. My niece came over to hang out which was the highlight of … Continue Reading

That time during a run when you are waiting for the light to change so you can cross the street provides the perfect time for a photo op ha. Running around town with my sister again (8 miles) and she is definitely a non-watch runner now.  She decided when she started running again after her … Continue Reading

I’ve received a lot of questions/emails about how to have motivation to run during this time of life.  We have no idea when our races will start again and running groups aren’t getting together anymore so I definitely feel/see why so many of us are having less motivation during this time to get in our … Continue Reading