The birthday celebrating has begun and I’m pretty excited about that.  Andrew was able to get this weekend off from work which will be his first full weekend off in a long time… we cannot wait. The day started out with a run in my favorite canyon. We finished at Kneaders to get some hot … Continue Reading

Another Workout Wednesday accomplished and it felt sooo much better than it did the week before. My group isn’t starting marathon training until March so they’ve stuck to 3 mile workouts for the last few months.  Yesterday we did a 2 mile w/u and then 3 miles of 1 minute fast and 1 minute float … Continue Reading

Another 8 mile morning with Emilee @ 8:24 average followed by the girls meeting me on the porch when I finished. THIS HAT IS THE BEST… Ponytail holder, built in ear warmer and so so soft on the inside. Our goto for breakfast lately (we add some eggs and milk to the pancake mix too … Continue Reading

I didn’t take a picture yesterday so I decided to use a photo from a few weeks ago. There was a week a bit ago where on every run we went on we either saw Emilee’s husband or Andrew while we were running.  One of them would drive by as they were out doing errands … Continue Reading

That feeling when you just sit back in the car and don’t move for a while because of two reasons… A) You just want to sit in there and soak in your accomplishment +  your rush of endorphins from exercise + the joy you feel from quality conversations with your running partners. B) Because you … Continue Reading

Didn’t get out for my run with my sister until after lunch and about a minute after I finished a snowstorm kicked in. I told my sister I wanted a 9 mi type of run and she delivered…. He is loving bath time. And he requests that I hold him in a way that he … Continue Reading

Another challenge run completed!  Doing a trail run with a lot of climbing the day after a speed workout is so hard but I know it is the trick that works best for me in order to get faster.  Luckily, the views along the way distract me from thinking too much about my legs wanting … Continue Reading