Good morning and thank you so much for all of your comments on yesterday’s race recap.  I think I’m going to be on cloud 9 (or Cloud 2:49 like my brother says ha) for a long time after this race.  I have done some research and have come to the conclusion that personal record race … Continue Reading

A sub 2:50 had been in the back of my mind over the last few months but a few weeks ago I was sure I was more in shape for a 2:53.   My coach called me a week before the race and told me I was in shape for a 2:47-2:51 and that’s when … Continue Reading

Well, yesterday it ALL came together.  Everything from the tailwind, to my nutrition, to the crazy training we have done over the last few months… it clicked.   I will have the longest recap ever for you tomorrow! But here is how the last week of training looked like: Monday:  7 miles @ 8:34 average. … Continue Reading

It’s time to go! Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement! Andrew will be updating my Instagram stories in the morning and I’ll post here later today! Hope you are having a great Saturday!

TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!! Even my watch knows I didn’t do much yesterday…. But here are some pictures from some things that we did do: The necessary pep talk from my mom before a big race: Why I don’t eat out often with Skye ha… Bottles are all ready! Very very early to bed…. ——————————————————————————————————— … Continue Reading

JUST TWO MORE DAYS!!! Last real run before the race (I’ll do one more really short one on the treadmill Friday because I did that before St. George last year and it was perfect). Hot chocolate is my favorite way to carb-load and hydrate all at once… PS I need to build up my cold … Continue Reading

Our last group workout for the training cycle! We met up a lot later than usual because the workout was so much shorter than our normal Tuesday morning workout.  The sun was even out:)  We did about 2 miles as a warm-up and then we got right to our MTC mile (aka the mile repeat … Continue Reading