Which is harder mentally… 14 miles on the treadmill or 25 miles on the snow? 39 miles of mental strength building in 2 days= mission accomplished. I had to get my run in before the kids were awake and I just don’t trust the ice the day after a snowstorm in the dark (plus another … Continue Reading

25 miles done yesterday and 14 to do today. (Andrew found me at mile 21 so a photo shoot was necessary) I woke up at about 4:30, ate my breakfast and drove over to meet my friends.  It was windy, snowing very hard and freezing but the girls and I had a blast talking and … Continue Reading

7 miles on the treadmill at a 8:49 average During my run I was feeling pretty bored.  I don’t get very bored when I am running outside (although I had a 12 miler a few weeks ago in the dark where I felt pretty bored at the end) but it definitely does happen on the … Continue Reading

10.25 miles @ a 7:43 average with some speed thrown in there and I felt really strong for this run. Last week was rough in terms of my running. I did not feel like myself at all and my short runs felt really long. Those tricky weeks where running feels terrible… they fool me every … Continue Reading

In case you missed out last week, the top 3 most viewed posts were: *Ten Highlights From My Travels *Thursday Things & A Good Sweat *Do You Ever, 245 Miles & Friday Favorites! ————————————————————————————————– The smell of a baby right after a bath… it’s just the best. Our Sunday included many of the usuals—> Church, … Continue Reading

We went on a H.I.K.E.  It feels like it has been ages since our last hike and it made me so excited for our hiking this summer. We took our morning extremely lazy and we were all pretty okay with that.  Nine hours of sleep for both Andrew and me… taking our recovery seriously:) I … Continue Reading

5 miles @ 8:22 average with my sis. Brought out the NYC shoes for the run. Skye helped me get ready. Temple with Candice during Skye’s nap. This cereal combo (the cereal I posted yesterday) is just my favorite. We were able to talk to Knox… we see him on Monday! SKYE TOOK HER FIRST … Continue Reading