I met up with the group (about ten more people were there too) yesterday for their last big workout.  They are officially now in taper mode for their marathon and a few of them talked about the taper crazies… the taper is NUTS!  It all of a sudden makes me feel like my legs are … Continue Reading

When I woke up yesterday, I checked the weather, and it said it was 60 degrees.  I put on a tank and shorts and left the house.  About ten minutes into the run, I passed by a school where they have a board that tells the time and temperature, and it said it was 42 … Continue Reading

I have a new Beck update—>  6 Month Update + Any More Kids? —————————————————————————————————– 9.25 miles for my Monday @ 8:37 pace with Emilee and then it was kid time.  In Utah kids aren’t wearing masks for their last week of school and Brooke was very excited to see everyone’s faces! My sister and I … Continue Reading

After training for races for over a decade now, I still have to remind myself that training is not linear.  You have times where you are getting faster or times you are plateauing or times you are running slower and you feel like you are going backwards! On Saturday we did the exact same 10k … Continue Reading

I actually spent a good amount of time stretching yesterday! But first I ran 6 miles @ 9:07 pace… I love running on grass. The kids joined in on the stretching and things… My hair before… During… And after!  I love it, it feels so healthy and light now and I’m very thankful you guys … Continue Reading

MORNING!  Beck has reached the point where he is extremely fascinated with his feet. My sister said yesterday that Beck is the most chill baby she has ever been around in her entire life… He is just a go with the flow kind of human. 9.19 miles (which is totally okay to stop on in … Continue Reading

My friend told me before we started our speed workout, “Sometimes the best way to get rid of soreness is to do the same thing that caused the soreness” and that was true for me yesterday…  With each mile repeat my legs felt less sore (but more tired)! I drove over to meet my teammates … Continue Reading