The St. George Marathon has been happening since 1977, but this was the first year they included a half-marathon option.  Since the first time I did this marathon in 2014, this race has been my favorite race, and the half is pretty incredible too. Welcome to my 5,000th picture on my blog where you see … Continue Reading

One mile @ 7:45 with my friend Kodi. PERFECT weather. All of the stretching and rolling afterward. Then to the park. Andrew can’t resist an obstacle course. He can just crawl away and not look back. Heaven. EXPO TIME. Kid’s station for making signs. LOVED meeting people like Lisa (she is running a marathon in … Continue Reading

The school race is done and done.  I kind of feel like I was hit by a train ha but that’s okay because I am going to rest rest rest today. I got to the school before the sun was up and had some amazing volunteers that met me there, and we got right to … Continue Reading

(long sleeve, shorts) 7 miles @ 8:42 average with one of those miles barefoot in the grass. I saw my old coach the night before and he told me I have to go barefoot in the grass for 10 minutes a day to fix my plantar (bonus: the grass was very cold which made it … Continue Reading

(Tank, shorts, bra… back to summer weather in Utah again;) That was fun. I decided to get in a mile in my new Hyperion Elite 2s before the race, and they seriously made me feel like I was flying. I’m excited to see how I do racing in these shoes.  I’ll write a full review … Continue Reading

(shirt, shorts, socks, shoes) I had to keep reminding myself during my run yesterday that my best races in the past have happened after a week full of runs that felt terrible leading up to the race.   I prefer to get a bunch of bad runs out of the way before the race so … Continue Reading

(Tank, shorts, shoes) It’s race week!  13.1 is happening on Saturday, which will be the first time I’ve raced that distance in over two years.  Every time I race a half-marathon, it is usually part of the buildup towards a marathon which means I have no idea how to taper this week—> I would love … Continue Reading