I wrote a post last night that just went up a few minutes ago (you can read it HERE if you want to know what we were up to yesterday) and then in the middle of the night my water broke!  We are at the hospital and I’ll keep you updated. I CAN’T WAIT! I … Continue Reading

I started off my Tuesday with 4 miles @ 9:42 average pace.  I did a rough estimate (I’ll add them up soon to get an exact number) of how many miles I have done with this baby so far and it is over 1,200… We’ve gotten to know each other on the run very well … Continue Reading

I’m not sure if the top I was wearing could stretch any farther than it did yesterday!  The pockets are definitely not supposed to look like that but hey, the jacket did the job and kept my core incredibly warm. While some (Andrew haha;) are complaining about how dark it gets early on at night … Continue Reading

As you can tell, Andrew’s wish didn’t come true but I think the kids were pretty happy about that because they wanted us with them for Halloween partying and not at the hospital. Saturday morning started off with 4 miles @ 9:31 pace with a total of 24 miles for the week.  Right after my … Continue Reading

A run with my sister and the weekend with Andrew (we slept in until 8 which felt like the biggest treat). Andrew had breakfast ready for me when I got home. Andrew’s niece had a birthday and she invited us to the zoo with her. Brooke’s heaven = looking at animals all day. The otters … Continue Reading

A run in the sun with my sister= a really good morning.  Four miles @ 9:22 pace. The kids had their Halloween parties at school yesterday.  Because I was running later on in the morning I slept in and the first thing I opened my eyes to in the morning was Knox standing over our … Continue Reading

I have a new baby post up with probably TMI if you want to check it out HERE! ————————————————————————————— Now that it is so cold here I do not want to risk running in the dark (ICE!) so it was another treadmill morning for me. Baby, WE ARE READY TO MEET YOU (I’ve arrived to … Continue Reading