Five miles for my Tuesday morning.  I got in a few hills on the run too. I am hoping with my ultra training, I’ll be good on the Boston hills in a few days. I really think the placement of the hills in Boston is what makes them so tough.  Heartbreak hill is about 91 … Continue Reading

MEET-UP PLANS!!! —>  Let’s meet at the Boston Public Garden on Sunday (4/14) in front of the George Washington Statue at 10 am!  It will be easy to meet there and if we want move over to an area with more benches we can do that too.  We will be there from 10 to about … Continue Reading

Andrew paid $8 to find out a few days early that HE PASSED THE NCLEX!! He is so so relieved and he is officially good to go and start his new job in less than a month! Find yourself a running partner that loves to help you carb load for your next race;).  Jenn brought … Continue Reading

6 miles happened yesterday and I was pretty thrilled about that.  Brooke asked to join me for the last few minutes so that was the absolute best too.  She starts cross-country tomorrow.  I cannot wait to see how she does and if she loves it or not! I had someone ask for tips yesterday on … Continue Reading

Haven’t been on my spin bike in a very long time!  It felt so good to get in a sweat with it yesterday and it reminded me of how much I love this bike… maybe I need to get back to teaching spin again. Watched the latest episode of This Is Us and definitely cried … Continue Reading

Brooke knew my arms were sore from bootcamp so she told me she would carry Skye afterwards ha. The day started by finding everyone in Skye’s room.  For some reason Spring Break for Brooke and Knox = waking up way earlier than they normally do rather than sleeping in during their break from school. After … Continue Reading

It’s official… I miss waking up in the morning and going straight for a run but I gotta let this body of mine get ready for Boston! Just in case you need a pacifier, Skye will gladly share hers with you (until she wants it back 3 seconds later). Early morning bootcamp for me.  They … Continue Reading