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24 Weeks (6 MONTHS) and how do we prepare them!?!?

24 WEEKS!! Just 16 weeks to go… okay, that still feels like it is way too far away!  Can it just be Christmastime already?!  Patience isn’t one of my strengths. Let’s talk about a few baby things going on this week: *The belly band use/love/need has begun!!! I am using this one and so far … Continue Reading

23 WEEKS + I’m going to get all mushy on you for a few minutes if that is okay.

And we are at the 23 week mark this week! *It’s kind of a strange thing to be sitting down and feeling a bit out of breath.  Walking up the stairs requires a rest at the top because I’m so out of breath.  It’s weird because I don’t feel that way at all with running … Continue Reading

22 WEEKS + Why I run during pregnancy and what helps me to run pregnant!

Week 22 is HERE!  The bump feels like it is growing bigger each day (probably because it is;). A few things from this last week! *“Please bless the baby will eat well and that she won’t be picky.”  -We always know what Brooke’s concerns are about the baby through her prayers;) *My love for mangos … Continue Reading

21 weeks and help a sister out with what I NEED!

Twenty one WEEKS is here!  I’m feeling the best I have so far this pregnancy (I don’t take Zantac anymore!!) and I’m loving that! *I think the kids love the fact that I take a lot more downtown each day than normal.  My normal self loves to be busy and running around but I’m not … Continue Reading

20 Weeks + How I Plan to Get in Shape AFTER the baby.

HALF-WAY THERE!!!! About 140 days until we meet our little girl!  Okay, I shouldn’t write out how many days because that still feels like it is forever away ha!  It’s kind of like a marathon, I shouldn’t count down the miles (weeks) until the final 10k… just gonna take it a mile at a time:) … Continue Reading

19 Weeks & Medicated or Not?

Nineteen weeks and we are almost half-way there!  I look forward to writing these posts more than any of my other ones… I could talk pregnancy all day with you if you don’t mind.  I just find it all so interesting and of course it consumes my brain.  The thing I love most about this … Continue Reading

18 Weeks + how we came up with the NAME!!

18 WEEKS (on Friday:)!! We had an appointment with our doctor last week and it was SO nice to see that everything is going well… the worrier that I am needs that big time:) A few things about this last week! *I CAN FEEL THE BABY MOVE!!! I could even feel her once from the … Continue Reading