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23 WEEKS + I’m going to get all mushy on you for a few minutes if that is okay.

And we are at the 23 week mark this week! *It’s kind of a strange thing to be sitting down and feeling a bit out of breath.  Walking up the stairs requires a rest at the top because I’m so out of breath.  It’s weird because I don’t feel that way at all with running … Continue Reading

22 WEEKS + Why I run during pregnancy and what helps me to run pregnant!

Week 22 is HERE!  The bump feels like it is growing bigger each day (probably because it is;). A few things from this last week! *“Please bless the baby will eat well and that she won’t be picky.”  -We always know what Brooke’s concerns are about the baby through her prayers;) *My love for mangos … Continue Reading

21 weeks and help a sister out with what I NEED!

Twenty one WEEKS is here!  I’m feeling the best I have so far this pregnancy (I don’t take Zantac anymore!!) and I’m loving that! *I think the kids love the fact that I take a lot more downtown each day than normal.  My normal self loves to be busy and running around but I’m not … Continue Reading

20 Weeks + How I Plan to Get in Shape AFTER the baby.

HALF-WAY THERE!!!! About 140 days until we meet our little girl!  Okay, I shouldn’t write out how many days because that still feels like it is forever away ha!  It’s kind of like a marathon, I shouldn’t count down the miles (weeks) until the final 10k… just gonna take it a mile at a time:) … Continue Reading

19 Weeks & Medicated or Not?

Nineteen weeks and we are almost half-way there!  I look forward to writing these posts more than any of my other ones… I could talk pregnancy all day with you if you don’t mind.  I just find it all so interesting and of course it consumes my brain.  The thing I love most about this … Continue Reading

18 Weeks + how we came up with the NAME!!

18 WEEKS (on Friday:)!! We had an appointment with our doctor last week and it was SO nice to see that everything is going well… the worrier that I am needs that big time:) A few things about this last week! *I CAN FEEL THE BABY MOVE!!! I could even feel her once from the … Continue Reading

17 weeks & MY thoughts on breastfeeding.

17 WEEKS (well, on Friday but I like to post these updates on Wednesday:)!!!  Time is going by a little bit faster than it was in that first trimester (where each day actually felt like 5 days) and before you know it… we will be half-way there! A few things about this last week of … Continue Reading