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39 Weeks + I have a favor to ask of you…

39 Weeks.  Yep.  Pretty thrilled about that. *I’m ready for all of the snuggling, sleepless nights, sleeping on my stomach, figuring newborn life out with Andrew, loving all food again and most importantly—> to MEET HER.  I just keep thinking about that feeling I had when the doctor first placed Brooke on my chest and … Continue Reading

38 Weeks + HOW DID YOU KNOW!?!?

I can’t even believe I’m saying this (because during that first trimester I was positive that 38 weeks would take 10 years to get to;) but I am now in my 38th week (officially on Friday) of pregnancy! *Getting out of bed is quite the struggle at this point!  I have found a way to … Continue Reading

37 Weeks + 10 Random Pregnancy Thoughts!

Things are getting closer and closer over here!  I had Brooke a little early so I’m really wondering (hoping;) if this one will also come a few days early too! *Real quick flashback to when I was pregnant with Brooke at 37 weeks:)  With Brooke I was craving sour gummy worms big time at 37 … Continue Reading

36 weeks + WINTER baby + what we have gotten for gear so far!

36 weeks is HERE!  I am positive the first two trimesters were put on slow motion because they felt like they lasted a year but this third trimester is flying by luckily! *She now weighs almost 6 lbs (Brooke was 7 lbs when she was born!).  I have a doctor’s appointment in a few days … Continue Reading

35 weeks + OUR NURSERY + what the heck do I need to pack?

35 weeks!!! *We had another dr. appointment this week and she is doing great!  She is head down, her heart rate was 140 bpm and she is measuring right on!  LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to hear that heart beat of hers! *I will definitely be using a lactation consultant once I have the baby but … Continue Reading

34 weeks and my MATERNITY NEEDS!!!

FORTY FOUR DAYS TO GO!!  It’s beginning to feel like we have no time at all before she comes and I think that is why the nesting has kicked in big time for me recently.  I just want to organize everything and make sure that we have every little thing that we will ever need … Continue Reading

33 WEEKS + Body Image/Self Image!

Just a bathroom selfie at the park:)  33 weeks on Friday (I like doing my baby posts on Wednesday) and I think we are officially at the point where I can start counting down the days!  51 days! *I have a race on Saturday (it feels like it has been forever) and it is a … Continue Reading