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32 WEEKS + Andrew’s list of things to NOT do when your wife is pregnant:)

32 weeks… it really does start to feel like we are on the home stretch now!  I can also say, 100% this is my favorite part of pregnancy so far.  I’m tired but not as bad as those first 30 weeks and the nausea has really calmed down.  It’s fun to see my tummy grow … Continue Reading

31 weeks + 26 reasons why pregnancy is JUST like the marathon:)

31 weeks is HERE!!!! Let’s talk about some updates: *THANK YOU for all of your recommendations the other day about my leg cramps… a bunch of you recommended eating more bananas to help avoid the leg cramps at night and since I had them on hand, I started with that right away.  Haven’t waken up … Continue Reading


I feel like the 30 week milestone is a big one right!? (Please just agree with me on this;) *75% of the way there… AHHHHHHH! *We figured out a way to have a nursery in our house.  For a while we were just going to do the sharing room thing which we will when she … Continue Reading

29 Weeks + Does Running Affect our Fertility?

Last week in the 20s! *We have our babymoon this weekend!  For approximately 45 hours we will be kid free and I’m going to do my best to stay up past 8:30 pm even;)  On our schedule—> lots of food, lots of relaxing and temperatures in the 70s! *I had my 28 week appointment (and … Continue Reading

28 Weeks (3rd Trimester) + Postpartum Depression/Anxiety.

The final trimester is here!!! *I’m really tired.  Probably 10 times more tired than I was when I was pregnant with Brooke.  Not sure if that is because I am older now or because this time around I have kids to chase around all day but either way, I am getting in as much sleep/downtime … Continue Reading

27 Weeks + Adaptations to Pregnancy

TWENTY SEVEN WEEKS.  Brooke came up with her pose for the picture and she was pretty proud of it. Let’s chat about a few things going on this week! -36.5 miles of running last week!  Some of those miles were outside and some were on the treadmill.  I’m transitioning over to treadmill running more and … Continue Reading

26 Weeks + We Just Can’t Compare Ourselves + Mom Guilt!

26 weeks is here!  Two more weeks until I’m in the third trimester and hopefully that trimester is just going to fly by;) A few new things to chat about from this week! *I am pretty sure I have had a runny nose for the past 22 weeks.  I haven’t had a cold or anything … Continue Reading