A Girl Can Dream and One of My Biggest Dreams Is a Reality…

Today’s post is sponsored by adidas!  I truly love adidas and the amazing pieces they offer for runners, fitness lovers, and people craving a comfortable everyday look.  I can’t wait to share my Spring (thank goodness we made it out of winter) favorites with you; the colors, styles, and comfort are next level.

I would like to introduce you to my dream marathon training outfit.  It’s almost as though the creators of each piece broke into my brain and made pieces that fit every wish I’ve ever had as a runner for my clothing.

IMG 7759 copy

Outfit:  ADIZERO ADIOS PRO 3, Own The Run Long Sleeve Tee, Run Pocket Bra, Daily Run 5-Inch Short Leggings, Own the Run Tank Top!

Before I go into the details of why each of these pieces make up my dream training outfit, I thought I would include other dream scenarios that I wish I could make possible for my daily training:

*My niece coming over every morning before my run to french braid my hair.  I’ve tried to learn.  I can’t.  But she has mastered getting every piece of hair out of my face.

*Running at 9 am every morning after 9 hours of sleep and a peaceful pancake breakfast with the family before heading out.

*Having the same running schedule as all my running friends. This schedule also includes 15 minutes of stretching out on the grass after we complete our run as we continue our deep run discussions.

*Gels that taste like Swedish Fish.

*It only taking me half a mile to warm up instead of the current 6 miles it takes me to feel warmed up.

*A daily foot massage from someone who holds no judgment against runner’s feet.

The above bullet points may never happen, but thank goodness my dream outfit is a reality.

IMG 7717 copy

The spring colors that adidas has right now will boost your energy levels and help you to make your spring 2024 running your best yet.

IMG 7635

I first saw this bra at the Boston Marathon expo in 2022. The number of pockets instantly intrigued me. I can easily fit multiple gels, my car key, and a credit card in these pockets without feeling them while running.  These pockets make it so easy to grab from during the run and the support is perfection.  Chafing does not happen with this bra; the fabric is so soft that it feels like a treat to put on.

IMG 7679

Can we talk about how nice it is to shed a layer when we get too hot and easily place it in the bungee cords on the back?  They have thought of every detail with this bra.

IMG 7600 copy

I was introduced to the Adizero Adios Pro 3 when I was training for the 2023 Boston Marathon, and they sent them for free to groups of athletes running the marathon.  It became the favorite shoe for every person I know who got a pair.  I get excited to put them on.  Not only do I run faster in these, my whole body feels better in them.  They absorb so much of the pounding from the run, and I can put a solid 400-500 miles on a pair of these before I feel like they are done (which is MUCH later than any of my other pairs of speed shoes).  They are shockingly lightweight and bring so much energy to my run, no matter how tired I am feeling.

This color scheme is my #1 right now.  They are so perfect for spring!

IMG 7505 copy

If you want a breathable tank top, look no further.   This tank is also light as a feather.

IMG 7772

I have a folder set aside of the thank you notes I have received from different runners that I introduced to these shorts;)  Lauren gave me a hug for finding them and telling her to get them.  The length is perfect.  Not too long and not too short, and once they are on your body, they aren’t going to be move.  These have two large side pockets and also a pocket in the back.  They are high-waisted with a thick waistband and look so flattering. (They run a little big so size down)

IMG 7786 copy

The purple of this long-sleeve is so perfect for spring, and I get compliments on the color whenever I wear it.

IMG 7737

It is so lightweight.  The fabric is flexible and moves with you.  It is just what a runner needs for the spring mornings that are still a bit crisp!

IMG 7529

I give it all a 10/10!

Have a blast shopping all of the stunning colors and spring items that adidas has right now.  I have a good feeling about all of our spring training!


Please share some of your dream training scenarios with me.  I can’t wait to read these.

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I was just looking for the bra this weekend based off your post a few months back! You need to let Adidas know they need to put your pics of the bra online so we can see how it works – the current listing on Adidas website doesn’t show it and my gosh that is the selling point! Anyway going to buy one right now…also been looking into those shoes so maybe I’ll grab both!!!


NO WAY! Oh you are seriously going to adore this bra. It fits everything you could ever want or need. I will totally let them know because runners love these types of details. Enjoy and thank you so much, Sarah!


And if your niece could French braid my hair too lol! I love it on you looks so cute!


Hahah right?!? I’m so confused why she doesn’t want to come over and do my hair every morning at 5 am.


Those shoes are so pretty! The perfect color combo for spring. And all the spring colors on the clothing I love. I am definitely going to need to try that sports bra! I love the ability to tuck a layer in the back. Thanks for sharing all of this.
Have a great Monday Janae


You need it all, Wendy! I can’t wait to see what you wear for your half next month! Hope you are having a beautiful Monday morning!


Add me to your folder of thank you notes on the shorts! I bought them when they were on sale and I love them! I’m running the Indy Mini (first time running that race! Should I stop to kiss the bricks??) in two weeks and they will be my race shorts!

Dream training scenario for me – 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night!

Happy Monday, Janae!


I will absolutely be putting you into my folder of thank you notes! That sale was just unreal, so glad you got them. INDY MINI… oh my gosh I want to come run it with you and you MUST stop to kiss the bricks. Please let me know how it goes and I hope you get a 9 hour night soon. Dreamy! Thanks, Rachel!


Hi Janae! Are the shoes Women’s or Unisex sizing? It isn’t super clear on the site and I want to make sure I order correctly. Have a great day!


Hello, April! The ones I linked to are the women’s, so the sizing is in women’s sizing! It is confusing, I’ll mention that to them. Thank you and have the most beautiful day (it’s your month:)


NOW I AM DOUBTING MYSELF! This one is for sure just women’s sizing: https://shopstyle.it/l/caCp0


OMG, that tank and long sleeve look perfect! I am always on the hunt for tops that aren’t super tight or cropped. How do they run? I’m hoping there’s a short sleeve version as well. A girl can dream, right? Off to check…..


You are going to love them all! Please let me know what you think! They are true to size… I have them in small and that is what I wear in everything else. Here is the short sleeve version: https://shopstyle.it/l/caCbt and now I need it too. Have the best day, Mina!


That bra looks wonderful. I don’t have much up top, so I love the idea of stuffing it with gels and car keys haha. I just might have to check it out!
Dream training scenerio — I sleep in, but have no guilt associated with going out for 1-2 hours on a run while the kids are awake because I know I have something fun planned with them later in the day. My parents join me for the last mile, and they both feel great while running. Weather is 50 – 60 degrees, no wind (I hate wind) and sunny with a couple clouds. My GI system behaves. I’m listening to my favorite podcasts and then my mp3 player switches to fast fun songs automatically when I want to do a few fartleks. I have the pancake breakfast you mention, only AFTER the run. Perfect!


Yes yes yes… you can fit it all in there and you won’t feel a thing on the run. You will love it! Good point about the guilt part, and I LOVED reading your dream scenario. That sounds dreamy! Off to go program in podcasts with my favorite fast songs afterward for my workout this week:). Have the best day, Stacey!


Adidas looks perfect on you!


Thank you! I am obsessed with them! Have a great day:)


I love that bra, I need to check it out. And finding the perfect shorts is like finding the holy grail of running clothes!
My dream running scenario is waking up at 7am and going for a run, with a relaxed recovery stretch afterward, instead of 4:50am alarm and stretching in the shower while drinking a protein shake so I can get to work on time. Adulting is the worst!
Also, not having the inevitable aches and pains that are constantly creeping up as we age, probably because of the above lack of time to recover properly, but still….


HOLY GRAIL. That is truly what it is like finding, I am so proud of myself;) Adulting is way too hard but seriously, you are incredible for getting out there so early and fitting it all in. Shower stretching better be worth extra credit. AMEN to that too… I could do without the aches with aging. Have a beautiful day, Mindy!


Great job! Glad you are representing!


Thank you, Christina!

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