10 Weekending Discussions:

1.  62% awake.

28 degrees.

10.57 miles.

927 feet of going up.

8:29 average.

1/2 roads and 1/2 trails.

2 wrong turns (I meant to go 9 miles:)

1 mph winds (except for on the trails… then it was like 50 mph;).

6 deer seen.

1 episode of Lindsey Hein with Molly Huddle & Roberta Groner.

6 songs from my marathon playlist from October that gave me all the good memories from race day.

Lots of other runners out enjoying the trails before the snow hits.

Not enough layers.

1 hot chocolate and 1 protein bar post-run.

My happy place:

IMG 8154

IMG 8156

2.  Skye was way more interested in the vacuum making it’s rounds than seeing me when I got home from my run.

IMG 8178

3.  We are so lucky.  There is a hole in our fence that we need to fix so usually we just take Beretta out when she needs to go and wait with her to come back in… one of our kids let her outside because they forgot about the hole and we realized a bit later she wasn’t napping and she was gone.  We drove around for a while and finally found her… that was so scary.

IMG 8197

4.  It warmed up enough to play in the backyard for a while.

IMG 8192

5.  Andrew took his LAST PRACTICAL TEST for his degree… just a few more months!

IMG 8202

6.  Andrew’s grandpa was in town and he took us all to eat at the Pizza Factory.

IMG 8215

7.  Why you should go to the Pizza Factory:

IMG 8218

Skye’s first time eating one of the bread sticks and she was very thrilled about the experience.

IMG 8221

Going on 16 years of using cucumbers to increase the circumference of my salad bar plates.   Had some pasta and above bread sticks too.

IMG 8219

8.  My niece and nephews walked over to hang out for a little while.

IMG 8206

9.  Brooke gave me this note in the car and it made me cry.

IMG 8226

10.  Finished off the evening with a walk around the neighborhood and then finished up the available episodes of A Million Little Things with Andrew once the kids went to bed.  I need to avoid binge watching shows so that I’m not disappointed when they are over and I have to wait forever for more of them to come out.

IMG 8242

And today I’ll join Skye in putting my feet up for awhile.

IMG 8257


What do you have going on today?

Rest day or run day or cross-train day?

What did you listen to on your last run?

Pizza or pasta… what do you favor?

-I love both but I usually choose pasta over pizza.

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Pizza over pasta everyday. I do love pasta too though ?. Your running views are amazing! Today I’m running for the first time after running a 5k, 10k, and half at Disney last weekend.


I favor pasta, but pizza seems to get picked more often for some reason. And that reason is probably someone saying want to split a pizza and me saying sure (because pizza is delicious too)
I think I might have to run out for a hot chocolate, now.


My cousins homecoming is today!

I’ll have pasta over pizza

Definitely a rest day for


Just completed a 10 mile run on a beautiful but chilly morning. Pizza! Skye with her legs up is hysterical! She already showing her strong athletic ability.


Easy 6.5km coffee run with friends, Rememberance Day ceremony, making soup
, then some chillin’! Lest we forget..❤️


Church today with lots of prayers for those affected by the fires here in California. The Woolsey Fire started about 4 miles from us but thankfully went the other direction. We have friends who were evacuated.

I was going to run this morning, but the air quality is horrible. One of the few times when I wish I had a treadmill :(

I only listen to music while running and I’ve added a bunch of new tunes from TobyMac and For King & Country.

Homemade pasta = the best food ever. The difference between homemade and store bought is amazing. But I do love pizza, too!

Have a great Sunday, Janae!


Today we’re driving back to Iowa after a 3-day weekend visiting family. And picking up the dog. So scary about briefly losing your dog! So glad you found her! It’s a rest day here but during testerday’s run I listened to the same podcast with Molly and Roberta. Pasta for the win here, but those breadsticks in your picture might beat pizza and pasta.


I listened to Lindsey’s podcast too on my run… So good!
Today will be a rest day. Normally I do my long runs on Sundays, but my right knee feels off. No pain, just feeling a little strange, tight… So instead, I will make a big family breakfast ?
Every time you post a picture of those bread sticks, it makes me wish we had a pizza factory here. They look soooo good!
Glad you got Beretta back!!
Enjoy your Sunday Janae!


Girls love their bread, and Skye knows it!
Work and running and tacos and Zoolander 2. That’s my day!
Today will be day 42 of my run streak, and although this week a lot of the runs have been shorter ones (hello cold wind!) I am loving the streak still!
I always want pizza. With really puffy crust. Yum.


So glad Beretta is okay! I have a dog who is a master fence escaper and what I do if I can’t watch her is use one of those cables with snaps at both ends. You can buy on amazon, petco, or even big grocery stores and they are fairly cheap. Hook up one end to something solid and run the other end right to the door, then use whenever she goes out (train the kids too!).


That is such a good idea. THANK YOU Carrie, we are going to get that!


I’m glad you found your dog! That must have been so scary.

My workout this morning was steady state cardio on the elliptical. When I woke up it was snowing, so I had no motivation to get to the gym. I managed to talk myself into it though.


That’s scary about Beretta. I’m glad you found her. I would be a disaster if my dog wandered off. So glad she’s safe!
You have some beautiful trails to run. I did 6.5 miles in 25 degrees this morning. I bought new thermal running tights from Marshall’s yesterday and I’m going back for another pair today. I. Found a random pair of Spyder mittens there a few weeks ago and tried them for the first time today. They were awesome. My hands were so sweaty but warm. No breeze coming through to freeze them. I’m very excited about them!
I need a roomba. Do you like yours? Wi it suck up super long hair from three girls a ash from the wood stove?
Have a great sunday!
Congratulations to Andrew!


Thank you Lee! It really was so scary. Way to go on your run and I’m so glad you found awesome tights and mittens… that makes such a big difference. We have the EUFY and it is awesome. It picks up everything! We were surprised how good it is. Have a wonderful evening!


We are on a little family vacay this weekend with our kids and pup. 8 miles on the beach with the hubs this morning, followed by a walk to get coffee with the pup, and then we’re headed back to the beach to play and have lunch! I very rarely listen to anything while running because I’m usually with other people and they’d rather talk ;)


And thank goodness for finding Beretta! That is the worst!


Hey Janae! I did the Battleship 12k this morning… you wished me luck on Instagram yesterday so just wanted to tell you how I did!! 9 min 33 second PR over the same race last year!! So i was super pleased. Have a great weekend and thanks for the positive vibes!!


AHHHHH ELEANOR!! YOU ROCKED IT!! 9 minute and 33 second pr in just one year… that is HUGE! Recover well and celebrate this huge accomplishment!


Pizza!! About to go on my first longer run in a while (and by that, I mean 4 miles) and will be rewarding myself with pizza after.

Janae, what kind of watch to use to track runs? Would you recommend? Thanks!


I hope your run was AWESOME!! Way to go Kate!! I have this one and it’s been great:



Pizza! Pasta is on my tops list, though! I’m so glad you guys found Beretta! That is a super scary feeling when you can’t find your doggie. Brooke’s note made me cry, mucho. After a long journey, I’m expecting a little girl in March. I’m hoping we’ll be bffs, too! I can’t wait for all the special adventures we’ll have as a family, and as mother/daughter. ❤️


Jenny, I am so incredibly happy for you. Congratulations. Please keep me updated with how you are doing and you are going to be an incredible mama. Hope you are feeling well!


Utah scenery looks like Heaven. I would love to run with those views!

So glad you guys found Beretta!


After spending 2 hours chasing my dog last year, we bought a TIle GPS tracker from Amazon and put it on his collar. It was the best investment. He’s only gotten out once since then but the peace of mind has been awesome.


Thank you for telling me about this. We will be getting it, that was so scary yesterday. Have a great day!


So I was at the hospital I work at the other day and saw a guy walk out in scrubs and for a split second I thought it was Andrew. ? It was not.

Also… I really really love that you live close to your sister now! My sister and I always dream of the day we could live within walking distance of each other! We live in different states. ?


WOW I am so glad you found Beretta. That is such a scary feeling!

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