Silentish Saturday!

6 miles @ 9:11 average with my sister…

She is rocking her training.

IMG 8101

Ready for the weekend.

IMG E8086

We’ve got a stair climber over here now:

IMG 8098

We took my niece out after school to celebrate her birthday.

IMG 8131

Helping her with her goal to have a different pair of earrings each day in 2019;)

IMG 8134

Followed by ice cream.

IMG 8136

He spent a few hours on the leaves while I cleaned with the kids.

IMG 8137

Had a little b-ball practice.

IMG 8143

Got to read for a little while.

IMG 8141

Made this soup for dinner and it was heavenly and so creamy (plus a few more rolls and another bowl of soup:).

IMG 8148

These are amazing.

IMG 8146

Practiced her walking.

IMG 8150

I want to try this:

Happy running this weekend!


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Brooke posing in that basketball photo cracked me up! Love it! I cannot IMAGINE running Kipchoge’s pace, but that thing looks like it would just be fun . . . like a grown up slip n slide.

I squeezed in a strength training workout before heading away for the weekend–no time for running but glad I got that in! Excited to see some old friends. :-) And, um, I need those M&M’s in my life.


Her little poses make me so so happy lately! Hahaha yes to the slip n slide… I maybe could last 3 seconds before falling! Enjoy your weekend away Kristin, that sounds perfect!


Going for a chilly trail run – Its only 2 degrees out! Watching college football and working on a seminar presentation. Have a great Saturday everyone!


2 degrees… okay, you just motivated me to get out and stop complaining in my head about it being in the 20s! Thank you for that:) You too and good luck on the seminar presentation prep!


Egg McMuffins (random)
Target Run.
Happy Saturday!


I Love Egg McMuffins… I feel like our day is actually going to be quite similar! Enjoy Erica:)


Footbalnfor my son…he’s getting ready for the championship game tomorrow!!
Band for my other son!!!
And a mid afternoon run to break up the chores around the house!!!


Championship game… oh that is exciting! Have a great day with your boys and a run to break up the chores sounds like an excellent idea!


What a fun day! I want to try that, too! And wow, lots of leaves! Today!!! 1) 9 mile run done! 2) paced my friend on her 2-mile Army PT test and she killed it! 3) I get to play in the Army band all day today – we’re recording video for our Lion King medley :):)


Drive a couple hours for a couple club basketball games for my youngest son, decide outfits for one of my oldest Senior pictures next weekend and maybe a movie night this evening. Andrew killed it on the leaves wish he could come take care of our backyard. We have raked three times so far hopefully we can get our three son’s to do this round.


Whoa, yall’s backyard looks like it’s super awesome. Those steps are great! I’m currently reading blogs while my breakfast digests so that I can crush a 10 mile run. I’ve got a thanksgiving half and will probably not have a good time because I’ve only been running 9 miles a week TOPS for the last few months. I do a lot of gym stuff/mountain biking so i won’t totally die but this might not be pretty :)

Hmm, I’m also going to clean my apartment because it’s a mess (yay for roommates ) and then catch up on work.

Happy weekend to yall! Skye, you’re walking much better right now than I will be able to after this chunk of miles ;)


Windy 10 mile run, Christmas shopping, and probably work☹.
I did our leaves last week. I had to shovel them. Now they need done again.
Skye is pretty mobile now. She’s getting so big! I can’t believe she’s almost a year old!
Have a great weekend!


That treadmill…. OMG, I would love to try it! ?
The view from your couch looking out to the backyard is so pretty and peaceful!! What a truly great spot you found ?
Heading out for a nice cool run, feeling thankful we’re far enough away from the fires that we still have good air quality! And praying for everyone who has been evacuated!
Then we’re off to a band tournament and afternoon of fun.
Happy Saturday!


Your family’s day makes me happy. Except I wouldn’t rake leaves. ?
Today I am going to coffee with friends, a 90 minute run then lunch with my husband. After that is open to debate.


Had my last long run before the Philly Marathon next weekend! It will be my first marathon! Any tips or advice?


The tumbleator – want to do it. Need two, or adjustments for negative splits/ warm up. The guys who fell were definitely not warmed up.

Brooke is in a good place!

Leaves – blower. Lawn mowers for grass and blowers for leaves.

I’m looking up the tumbleator and verifying a warm up situation close by.


I ran the fastest, hilliest 8 miles this morning. If it wasn’t with a group I would have stopped 3 miles into it.
Rest of the day entertaining my kids and going to Ikea for a new couch…I’m nervous so much assembly.
Congratulations on the new house!!


That looks like the perfect autumn day to me! How is Skye so big already? Also, I love your neice’s goal. I used to work at an accessory shop in high school and I LOVED having endless options for my outfits each day. :)

My Saturday was mostly going to be errands, but I’ve decided that it will now include that soup! Oh my goodness, it looks SO yummy!

Have a great weekend with your family, Janae!


Groceries, a run with my dog, football. Short run today. Real feel of 13 when I left and 11 when I got home. Nailed the clothes. Fleece hat and mittens. C9 thermal top with Cascadia jacket over. Old Nike pro warm tights. Mizuno winter socks. Kinvara runshield shoes. Toes and fingers are toasty. Need to drag out the neck warmer but that is it! Success.


My day:

Just did 21.5 miles!! Longest training run before my marathon in a month!
Baking later
And work tonight from 6-11! How will I stay awake? I don’t know!!

That multicolored ice cream sends me straight back to childhood! I can taste it in my memory…


Three things: music practice at my church for the service tomorrow (7:30 – early Saturday today!), longer run in the Utah fall sunshine this afternoon, and giving my son and husband haircuts tonight. Not a super busy Saturday which is so nice for a change!


AHHHHHHHHHH we are in Miami for a race and we are about to go buy the hot cocoa m&ms at target to enjoy post race!!!




AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH We are in Miami for a race and are about go to target to get hot cocoa m&ms for post race tomorrow!


Near the end of this morning’s 5 mile EZ run, I met a runner here in Dallas with the Brooks bright tights and top on that you displayed in your blog. I stopped and asked her about them. Turns out she’s a Brooks Ambassador and was in Seattle with you! Her name is Alex Wills (or maybe Will) and we had a great chat. She took a photo of us and is sending it to Brooks! Thing is, I was mainly in N*ke ?. A fun encounter!


AHHH YES!! So so so cool that you met her:) I wish I could have joined your chat too. I hope you are doing well xoxoxo!

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