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The Hungry Runner Girl

Our final stop!

We knew at this point in our trip that we would be tired and needing to slow down a bit so we came to Cadiz, Spain for the beach. Along with some sightseeing too. But mostly the beach. I could get used to this view… And these laughs… Soccer on the beach. The water is … Continue Reading

That was an adventure… Morocco!

When we realized that Tangier, Morocco was just a drive and ferry ride away… We decided we had to go for it. We booked with a company that planned the logistics for us and we are glad we did because it helped us fit everything we could into the day. They picked us up at … Continue Reading

Marathon Tangents!

Morning! Thank you so much for your comments yesterday. I got my wish to have a marathon where I felt pretty amazing for 91% of the race. These kinds of races don’t happen often but I’m glad I got it in Spain. Let’s get going with tangents: *Turns out I ran in the Olympic Marathon … Continue Reading

#20! Sevilla Maratón Recap!

I will never be able to top this birthday week and marathon #20 was officially my favorite. After I finished I kept thinking about how 25 year old me would be dying over yesterday’s result! I wanted a sub 3 so so badly in my 20s and I was able to do it at 38, … Continue Reading

I did it!

I did it!! I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap! Have a great weekend!

Silentish Saturday!

I could get used to running here every day… Started with pastries, of course. And then we toured the cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world! We also climbed to the top of the tower (pic from the beginning of the ascent). More beautiful food. The kids said it is their goal to have … Continue Reading

Seville! The nerves are kicking in…

Good morning! I hope your morning is off to a great start. We are in Seville and couldn’t be more in love with it already. I started the morning off with a 5-mile run next to the river. I have one more 3-mile run today and then the next time I’ll run will be for … Continue Reading