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The Hungry Runner Girl

A VLOG (with some crazy questions we asked each other) and how we celebrated yesterday!

Of course Brooke’s birthday started off with sprinkles!  On our way to the donut shop she wanted to hear stories about when she was born and when she was a baby while Frozen played in the background;)   Brooke is also the only person that allows me to sing Happy Birthday over and over again … Continue Reading

IT’S A BIG DAY, something we do in our marriage & numbing the hard stuff?!

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO TALK ABOUT TODAY… It is Brooke’s 5th birthday!  We are going to be doing all of her favorite things and celebrating this amazing little girl all day long.   We started celebrating last night by her eating sprinkles off of her birthday cake and me singing happy pre-birthday to you. … Continue Reading

Monday Matters + do you ever do this during a half-marathon/marathon?

I hope your weekend was a great one!! I have a bunch of different topics I wanted to talk to you about today so let’s get started! *My Sunday morning breakfast will now be added to my list of things to eat often—>  Dave’s Killer Bread, peanut butter, thin apple slices and bananas.  With a … Continue Reading

Brooke’s Birthday Party (how I made the cake:) + FASTEST MILE!

The 5 layer rainbow/sprinkle cake was a success (I used this cookbook).  More sprinkles ended up on the kitchen floor than on the cake as I attempted to decorate the cake but that’s okay, right!? Yep, there were plenty of messes along the way:) First, the day started with 6.1 miles outside and last 2.1 … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday + I think it is coming back to me…

Happy weekend!!! Knox was still waking up from a carpet nap below:)  I get it.  I do the same thing pretty much every day now too. Friday morning run and I’m missing my running friends!  They better be ready to train hard with me next year:) Saw my friend walking her dog and she brought … Continue Reading

My Friday FAVORITES + 10 ways to add unstructured SPEED to your workouts (they WORK)!!

Just one of my rest breaks on a bench with some scratched sunglasses;)  Normally (when I’m not pregnant) I try really hard to not take breaks during a run unless it is part of the workout to or I need water etc but these days… I just find benches all over the place to hang … Continue Reading

Top 15!!!

A new HRG BABY post is up HERE!!! I’m talking about my 22 week update and pregnant running (the why and the how)!!  Check it out! ———————————————————————————————- I’ve got the top 15 pictures from our day yesterday to share with you!  I hope your Thursday is an amazing one so far! 1.  Let’s start out … Continue Reading