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The Hungry Runner Girl

THE NOW + SHE SIGNED UP + The Best Eats/Things in Salt Lake City!!!

I’ve had a lot of time to think over the last few days about this race (I’ve been living on my couch:) and I came up with my biggest goal for Saturday. My goal= to stay in the now.  I don’t want to waste time/energy thinking about how I have 25 miles left to go … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture!

Hey!  I have a new Skye update HERE if you want to check it out today! —————————————————————————————————- I rocked the first 3 months of training… but the last few weeks have been a little off (no run yesterday but I dreamed about the below scene;). Rachelle sent this to me along with a pep talk … Continue Reading

*Skye 15ish Months*

Skye is a little over 15 months now and getting more and more fun and animated by the hour. *Her neck strength from shaking her head no hundreds of times each day is quite remarkable. *Her least favorite thing in the world = getting her nose wiped.  You’d think it was the end of the … Continue Reading

Tapering to the EXTREME + 12 Unexpected Things.

In case you missed out last week… the top viewed posts were: *Andrew’s Race Recap & Lessons Learned!! *Friend to Friend: Navigating Life with Terminal Cancer. *Tantrums & We NEED to Catch Up on Things —————————————————————————– I don’t think I’ve ever taken a taper so seriously in my life;). I cut out my final back … Continue Reading

Last Double Digit + Our Day + Ultra Training Weekly Summary!!

Yesterday was the final double digit run of this training cycle.  There were probably close to 30ish double digit runs completed in preparation for this race and the final one is done and now I just need to put my feet up. Turkey crossing.  There were about 50 turkeys crossing the road randomly as I … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!!!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day two days early since Knox is gone this weekend. 4 miles at 8:14 average with 8-10 miles today! 26 degrees but some pretty views along the way. Ready for a nap (me too:). So many veggie packed salads going on. Park day. Target with Skye. Fancy breakfast burritos that are … Continue Reading

Never Thought I Would Say This + Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!! I switched from my running shoes to boots yesterday morning to go pick up Andrew’s request for donuts (I have helped him to see the light with the love for donuts). 31 years old! The kids were not thrilled that they had to go to school on Andrew’s birthday…. They were confused why … Continue Reading