Silentish Saturday!

(Shoes, top, shorts)

I just couldn’t run on ice yesterday.

The boys got my treadmill put together in my clean garage.

IMG 9640

I love these shoes a lot.

IMG 9651

Skye wanted it to snow on her birthday, and we woke up to a light layer outside.

IMG 9602

All of the art things.

IMG 9632

Beck was excited to have new toys to get into while everyone else is at school.

IMG 9625

We all went to her class for her spotlight.

IMG 9652

And then she requested Olive Garden and the arcade.

IMG 9653

IMG 9673

My niece did a race last night called ‘Last Man Standing.’  They have 90 minutes to finish 6 miles.  They repeat the 6 mile loop every 90 minutes until everyone has dropped.  I’m going to ask her to write about her experience next week!

I want to be like my niece.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Happy happy birthday Skye!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, Stephanie! Have a beautiful day!


It looks like Skye had a great birthday!
Yay for having the treadmill up and running.
Today I am making sourdough (shocking), wrapping Christmas presents, and doing all the house chores. Hopefully can get a run in at some point.
Have a great weekend!


It was so nice to avoid the ice! That sounds absolutely perfect, Molly. I need your sourdough. Have the best weekend, Molly!


Looks like a great birthday for Skye!
And thank goodness for good treadmills to get us through bad weather!
I wrapped up the toy and food drive today! Phew! But we provided gifts and food to almost 500 families over the 7 days of the program. I may just sleep for the next few days, ha ha.
But…. Tomorrow, all 5 of us are going to the Bronco Chargers game here in LA! It will be a fun afternoon, and hopefully a win for the Broncos!
Have a great weekend Janae 😊

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