Inside Out, Wake Up Call and Fearing Failure.

As you read this I’m currently running my 3 x 3 mile workout (ps Andrew told me yesterday when he was leaving for his run that he was going to do a 3 x 8 mile interval workout to help me feel like 3 x 3 miles is short and easily doable compared to 3 x 8;) or recovering from the workout on the ground with Skye.  The taper will be here before I know it and I want to do everything I can to go into the taper knowing I gave my best so that’s the goal for these last few big workouts.

My Tuesday started off with 8 miles @ 8:45 pace.  I was still feeling tired from the 20 on Saturday but also wanted to hold back a bit so that I can really go for it today.

IMG 2051


IMG 4866

I realized that my shirt was on inside out.   When I was getting ready in the morning I put my shorts on inside out (and they are the kind with built in underwear too) and it took me a second while looking into the mirror to figure out what was different… I was still waking up and not awake enough to realize my shirt was on inside out too.

IMG 2059 2

I had one of those moments on Monday night where I made every promise on the planet to never miss a day stretching ever again.  My left leg near my calf was not feeling great Monday night and luckily after Andrew massaged it, I iced it and then had a good night of sleep it didn’t hurt in the slightest the next morning BUT it was the wake up call to get back into a good stretching routine.  Why I can’t just always stick to all of the extra things we need to do as runners I am not sure but as of right now, that scare is making me get back to the mat every day to really stretch.

Skye enjoys joining me for this.

IMG 2069

Andrew made us a fancy lunch in between writing two papers that he is working on.

IMG 2087

And Skye worked on all of her different favorite facial expressions.

IMG 2104

Brookester came back from school.

IMG 2113

And we had graham crackers dipped in milk for our after school snack together while we talked about the day.  Jump rope is her #1 recess activity and they also started going to PE which was a big deal to her.

IMG 2115

Next up… ELF.

LRG DSC06127

Brooke cantered (between a trot and a gallop) with Elf for her first time ever yesterday!

LRG DSC06137

Skye watched Brooke closely…

LRG DSC06156

Until the pug showed up and she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

IMG 2127 2

And for dinner we had pizza from our freezer with carrots because we were too tired to make anything else.


Because I always have a few random thoughts to share with you and don’t know how to organize them into the post… here they are at the end of today’s post:

*Who is signing up for Boston next week?!  If I had a qualifying time, I would 100% be signing up.

Screen Shot 2018 09 04 at 6 31 38 PM

*My brother sent us this story about their new fish and his little girl:

IMG 2034

*I was listening to one of my favorite church talks while getting ready and I loved what he said about failure being our tutor.  There is no reason to fear a learning opportunity… I feel like for a lot of my races I have shown up to the starting line about to pass out because I was so afraid of failure.  This marathon will be my time to show up with a bit of race day anxiety (because I care and a little bit is good for our adrenaline) but if I don’t hit my #1 goal then I’ll just keep learning and growing until I do.  Trying new/hard things is a lot more fun when we aren’t consumed with fear.

Screen Shot 2018 09 04 at 10 34 59 AM

*Our Saturday is kind of nuts this week so I’m trying to figure out my long run and I thought back to how I used to do my long runs each week for my first few marathons… FRIDAYS AFTER TEACHING ALL DAY and also instructing driver’s ed (the amount of close calls I had during driver’s ed… it’s amazing I am alive) after school.

On Saturday mornings I used to teach spin so the only time I had to get in those long runs was after a full day of work.  At this point in life now my body is trained to not be able to run past 10 in the morning.  I would also do every long run on the treadmill while watching Dr. Phill and Oprah and I really enjoyed it and when race day came I did great… so if you are on the treadmill for a lot of your training I don’t think you should worry, you will be so strong mentally and physically for race day.  Long story short, at this point I would do better waking up at 3 in the morning to do my long run then at the end of the day.  Those of you that run after work, you are hardcore.

PS turns out I haven’t ever really learned how to put my clothes on the right direction, an old photo with my shorts on backwards.

IMG 4054

*I break this rule and deal with the consequences at least once a week.

IMG 9054


Have you always run around the same time of day or has it changed over the years?  Who runs after a day of work?

Have you had any random pains lately from your running?  Where?

Who is going to sign up for Boston 2019?!  Let me know please!

What is the most delicious thing that you’ve eaten recently?

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It still amazes me how much Skye looks like Brooke and some of the same facial expressions they make!! Also, I really want those sweet potato fries.

I usually run before work in the mornings, but sometimes I will run on my lunch break or after work. I actually really like afternoon runs because I like running when the sun is actually up, but sometimes the only time I have to run is super early.

Last night I had the BBQ chicken flatbread at Panera, so that was probably the most delicious thing I’ve had lately. It’s SOOOO good! The cake batter froyo I had on Saturday is also on the list because the place where I got it is a local one and is definitely one of the best froyo places ever!!

Can’t wait to hear about how you DOMINATED your workout today!!!!


I am seriously so sorry about your weekend Natalie. I hope today you are totally back to normal. Oh I loved the lunch break runs too. That flatbread and froyo both sound so amazing. Thanks Natalie and rest up as you recover!


The long run I prefer to get up and go, but I have no problem doing the small or fast miles after work I feel like it is a good transition to keep me energized through making dinner, bath, bedtime, etc.

Most delicious thing I have eaten lately is french fries!


Erica, that is awesome you are able to still run fast after work and that it is the perfect transition for you. Teach me your ways. French fries always win. Have a beautiful day and give Hope a big hug for me!


I just ran at lunchtime after I missed my 4:30am alarm with a vomiting baby……running after 9am sucks……

Good luck Saturday – oh and how true about breaking the activity promises. I must do it eleventy million times a week and my kiddies hate me! 24 hours is not long enough to fulfil all promises to three kiddos for sure


Way to go getting out during lunchtime and running after such a crazy night. I hope your little one feels better asap! Hahah when will we learn!?!?


When I first graduated college and started working, I ran after work. Couldn’t get up in the morning. I have since transitioned to a fulltime MORNING runner. My legs simply do not work after a day at work! I wonder if it’s just from sitting at my desk all day that they feel heavy? Either way I have no energy.

I did an easy 5 miler @ 8:47 pace today. Thanks for reminding me the importance of easy runs. I was starting to think I went too slow!


NOOOOO you did just what the easy run needed you to do today. Great job Mallory, it will pay off on race day! I agree, my legs feel so heavy at the end of the day. Have a beautiful day!


It amazes me you get up early to run the way you do at all, they inside clothes do not damper my amazement. You are still a mythical creature in my eyes! lol And at first I read that sentence as “I put my shorts on outside, and they are the kind with the built-in underwear”…I thought wow, she’s brave!! OMG Then I took another sip of coffee…

That parent club quote is so true. I am not a mom, but I have a nephew that has taught me that lesson!
I had a cupcake yesterday that was amazing :)


HAHAHAH that would have been a much better story;) YES… the lesson rings true for aunts too! I hope your day is a great one Kelly!


Unrelated to your questions of the day… this all makes me feel less crazy, so thank you. :-) The other week I took an entire body pump class with my Old Navy leggings very obviously inside out and didn’t notice until I got home. (I blame teacher-during-the-first-week-of-school-brain haha)


Oh I am so glad!! Hahaha thank you for sharing this with me:) Oh that first week of school is something else. I hope your classes are amazing Jess and remember, you are not alone and I am not in that first week of school brain!


Most delicious food lately: my husband’s homemade peanut sauce over a bowl of steamed veggies.

I’m planning to register on Monday for Boston 2019…it kind of rivals Christmas for me!


Okay, that dinner has me drooling!

TAM!!! I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! Please keep me updated with all of your training along the way. Boston 2019 is going to be amazing!


Ah! I feel so inflexible regarding running times because I can’t run unless I start before 8 in the morning (and 8 is very late but that is my maximum. ha!). I am totally with you that I would rather start at 3 a.m. I can go for walks in the afternoon but my body feels SO different running and like I’m going to throw up and it will NOT move. You made me feel less alone :) When I was training for marathons, I was in a running group and we would have track practice one night a week – it was awesome because it’s indoor at a college and during the winter it was such a nice respite (from Boston cold). It was only about 5 years ago and it didn’t feel great during the warm-up but by the end it felt amazing (although I could never sleep after from being so amped up!) In college we would practice in the afternoons and after walking around campus all day, I have no idea how I did that.

I was talking to my friend the other day about how it seems like since I got older, I get stuff stuck in my teeth more often or stuff is always in my eyes. He commented that it’s probably that we just get more finicky and less tolerant as we get older… I wonder if that is what the running times thing is like (at least for me).

Hope your workout went well! Sounds super hard AND rewarding. (I am envious b/c my darn hip has been bothering me but I think it’s finally on the mend! to answer your random pain question :) )


I am with you on that 8 a.m. thing! Track practice at night… that is tough! But I am so glad you felt amazing at the end and got to do it with a group. I need a group to do track workouts with! I seriously have been getting stuff stuck in my teeth more often too!? Maybe it is a thing. Thanks so much Amanda and that HIP NEEDS TO GET BETTER ASAP! I am so sorry about that.


You have a beautiful family. Good luck with your Boston training!
~ Kevin


Thanks Kevin! Have a great day!


Your workout sounds killer! But I know you will nail it! :)
I switched recently to running after work – mainly because I go into work at 7 now, and if I want to run in the AM before work, I have to run in the dark and for some reason, that really spooks me now. So I run after work – yesterday it was hot, humid, and super sunny, so my run felt kind of icky, but I still felt better than if I run in the dark. But luckily, Fridays are my cross-training or rest days, so Saturdays I can run in the morning without issue!
Occasionally I get these weird lower back spasms while running… it’s usually because I’m tired and my form starts slacking. Not pleasant though!
Most delicious thing – I got these butter rum muffins from a bakery and let me tell you… best muffin ever. Like butter brickle/butter rum ice cream but in a muffin form!


Thanks so much Rhiannon! Running in the dark is very scary… I am glad you wait until after! Way to get out there in the heat and humidity after a day of work, you are strong! Oh lame about the back spasms! I NEED THAT MUFFIN. Have a beautiful day!


I recently trained for and ran my first 50k. My final long run (22 miles) happened to fall on a weekend that I would be traveling, and it just wouldn’t have been possible to run for that length of time on my trip. So the only other options were to skip the run, or run the 22 on a Thursday night after work. I’m not one to miss a long run, so Thursday night it was! I thankfully had a friend to run with me. We started around 515 and ended around 9pm. I was nearly dead by the end, but it was such a great sense of accomplishment! And honestly such great mental training because the race itself seemed easy compared to that!


Annie, first… HUGE congrats on your 50K. That is absolutely amazing. And 22 after a day of course, you are STRONG!


I have run other my pants on inside out before and not noticed until I got home and my mom pointed it out to me. At least most of the run I ran with a sweatshirt tied around my waist.


Hahaha I’m not alone:) Sometimes we just forget to put our clothing on normally! Have a great day Jenny!


I love your thoughts on really making the last workouts before taper matter! Because I am slowly losing energy towards the end of this training and need to just get through a few more tough runs!
Love Brooke on Elf! That’s a great picture!


YESSSSSS!!! I am right there with you Meg! You’ve just got a few more tough ones and you are going to rock them and then you can go into the taper knowing you did your best. GO MEG GO!!!


I had the most delicious ice cream last week — unfortunately the place is a ferry boat away so I won’t be getting it again anytime soon. My dragon boat team has a potluck dinner tonight and my teammates are amazing cooks so I know I will be in foodie bliss!

Love that photo of Brooke riding towards us and also the fish story/photo — too funny!

My weird butt/hip pain that started in April (10 days before Boston) is slowly improving — I can run slowly up to 45 minutes with only mild pain — but it has been the most frustrating injury. I agree about the stretching — I need to stay on top of it. I have a BQ (from Boston) and will try to register but it won’t make the cut-off as only 1:22 below qualifying time…will aim for a spring race and maybe we can meet up at Boston 2020??!!


Well, now I need to get some of that ice cream:) I am glad the pain is getting better and better… it just needs to disappear completely. This has been a long time that you have been struggling with it. I wonder what the cutoff will be this year!?! I WOULD LOVE THAT SO MUCH!! It’s a date!


I always run after work on weekdays! It really helps me to de-stress from the day and to transition my brain from “work life” to “home life” if that makes sense. But I totally see how this would be near impossible to do if I had kids and they needed help with homework, dinner at a certain time, etc. I am trying to do my long runs in the mornings now though just because it’s slightly less hot when the sun is just rising haha!


I am SO glad that running after work helps you out so much mentally! That sounds perfect Kristina. You are physically strong for getting those in after a day of working. Have a wonderful day!


I’ve always run in the morning – I use to get up at 4:30 so I could run before work. Thankfully I don’t have to get up that early anymore!

I have a weird pain in the inside of my ankle and shin. It’s the same leg with the ankle sprain so I think these are areas that got weakened from lack of running. They were really tight this morning but slowly loosened up while I was out running. I kept telling myself, “Don’t trust the first mile.”

I made Italian stuffed shells last night (they’ll be on the blog on Friday.) Les had requested spaghetti, but when I saw the shells I changed direction. They turned out so good! We’re all about Italian food at our house.


4:30 to run… that is dedication! Good luck with that pain and I hope it continues to loosen up and finally disappear. I love that quote about not trusting the first mile. That is so true about so many runs for me. THOSE SHELLS ARE CALLING MY NAME!! Have a wonderful day Kathy.


Sadly no qualifying time – will need to run another marathon before I can run Boston again. Maybe in a couple of years I will do it again. I think my next goal (after an off season) will be to sign up for a 100 mile race. Apparently I really like to suffer haha. Sometimes I get random knee pain but after a few days off it usually goes away. And then after races, everything hurts :).

I don’t know if this counts as food but pumpkin spice lattes are back and I had one yesterday and today – so good haha. Also, the burritos from whole foods – love the pulled pork ones!

I do run after work – but I prefer getting up early and running. I am an early bird in this sense.

Have a great day!


100 mile race—> YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I know you can do it and I can’t wait to cheer you on from here:) I am so glad that you had a pumpkin spice latte and I need that burrito right now. You are amazing for getting in those runs after work. I hope your day is awesome Kristine!


Everything that I have recently cooked from “Dining In!”

I just heard on a podcast this morning: failure is only when you don’t try.

Also last night I read Molly Huddle’s contribution to Kara Goucher’s Strong. I loved the line: learning to trust in your ability to improve.


Oh I LOVE that failure quote and the one from Molly Huddle. Both just what I needed, thanks for sharing Molly! I hope your Wednesday is a great one!


So I haven’t figured out how to get up when dark and go run. I’m afraid of the dark lol!
My kids are school age so I get up get them ready and out the door, do chores then run. I work part time so I run when not working and on days I work I will go for a short run while kids at sports etc. I just fit it in when I can but I’m no Boston qualifier either.
Last yummy food was BBQ ribs.


YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB CHRISTINA! Kids + work + cleaning + running… you are rocking it!! You are such a great inspiration of fitting it in when you can. Running in the dark is not fun… I only do it when I am with Beretta or friends! BBQ ribs sound so good right now. Have a beautiful day!


I’m such a morning running kind of person. I feel better all day long and it wakes me up and keeps me energized. With teaching and cross country practice, I’m running after school 4 days out of the week. While I feel good from 5:00 on, I don’t enjoy having to watch every little thing I eat all day wondering if it will upset my stomach. I would much rather run in the mornings and be able to eat good food without it messing up my stomach. Yesterday I had yogurt during lunch and my body just wasn’t happy with it which made my run sluggish. When school isn’t in, you can find me running in the mornings!


Oh that is also true about running later… you have to be so much more careful about what you eat. I love that you coach cross country and teach… those kids are so lucky to have you!! Have a wonderful day Sloan!


How did Brooke learn to jump rope?? I have a 5 year old but he can’t do that but I haven’t really taught either.


She must have learned it from her friends:) I didn’t teach her… I think I would trip if I tried that now haha! Have a great day Mary!


I run in the afternoon a majority of the time……….sometimes I will run in the late morning on weekends, but I just can’t do early mornings. I am not a morning person at all! (Kind of like Andrew) :) ……………I’m trying to psych myself up to do a 1/2 marathon – do you want to be my coach? :) …….. Meeting you is on my bucket list!

Turtles from our home town candy factory has been the best thing I have eaten lately! And ice-cream! :) but all ice-cream is so delicious!!!! ………….Also excited that it is pumpkin spice season!!!


KRISTEL!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH YOU HAVE TO DO THIS 1/2 MARATHON!!! Yes yes yes. Which one do you want to do? I would love to meet you, are you in Utah? I hope you enjoy so much pumpkin spice this season. Thanks Kristel and have a great day.


Not inside-out, but I once grabbed a pair of running capris (that I must have worn earlier in the week) and put them on in the dark, and it wasn’t until I got home from my run that I realized there was a pair of underwear in one of the legs (sooooo classy). I just about fell over laughing, so ya know, bonus ab workout.

And best thing I ate were some sweet potato falafels from Pinch of Yum (part of her summer bliss bowl recipe).


I just love Brooke’s look of determination!

I can’t stand running after 10am but I do run with my xc team after work during season.

I am just coming back to running after being out for 6 weeks with a stress fracture! Ugh. I’m going to miss St. George this year, but thankfully there will be other races!

I technically qualified for Boston at CIM this year, but I’m pretty sure my time isn’t actually fast enough to get me in, but I’m definitely trying!

Most delicious thing I’ve had lately is my sister’s potato salad, so random! She puts cayenne pepper on it and it just hit the spot!


Marissa, I am SO sorry that you have been dealing with a stress fracture. WAY to go at CIM this last year. Keep me updated with your training and how you are doing… you are going to come back SO strong!


The most delicious thing I’ve eaten is a toss up between the peach I had yesterday and the plum I had today. I got both from a local farm stand and the produce was amazing.


I’m excited to read about your workout! I bet you nailed it.;)

Brooke’s two-point is right on! I love that she loves riding — from an emotional and physical wellness standpoint (yeah, I’m THAT P.E. Teacher who’s too involved with all wellness dimensions, lol), riding and working with horses really teaches us control and care. I learned how to be brave from my riding (I used to ride jumper) years, and I can honestly say that I learned a ton about mutual love and respect from my experience. Also? Nothing makes you more humble than mucking out stalls for extra riding lessons.:)

P.S. YAAAAAAY FOR P.E. (NOT “GYM”!)!!!!!<3


Brooke looks so calm and confident with Elf.. brava for her!! So wonderful that you are encouraging her in something she really loves :)


this spring i was always doing my runs at 5 am. lately i have been doing them after work. the summer just saps the energy so fast – i think as the weather turns colder, i’ll be returning to mornings again –

yes to random pains! my left knee. never had an issue before. i do a lot of rolling and that seems to help but if i forget it returns…

not signing up for Boston! do not have a qualifying time – if i work really hard maybe in a year or a couple years time –

i’ve eaten a slice of peach streusel pie! with homemade whip cream – super tasty! trying to eat all the pie while fruit is still in season…!


Sorry I’m behind on your posts, I was on vaca! I signed up for Boston today and I am beyond excited! I am praying I get in, I have a 5:56 cushion so hope it is enough! How long did it take u to find out when you registered?

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