Tuesday Tangents + GIFT GUIDE FOR KIDS!

(Vest, shorts, long sleeve, shoes)

10 miles @ 8:24 pace.

This is the one drinking fountain that is on year-round along our weekday running route… it will save us over the next 6 months.

IMG 8593

I had a hill workout for today, but I could still feel last week’s intensity in me, so I listened to my body and did 4 x 200m hill sprints instead of the full workout.  I really focused on my form and driving my knees for each one, got my heart rate up high, and patted myself on the back for listening to my body.  I tend to be the type of runner who wants to stick to a plan 100% and force things, but I’m learning to pay close attention to what my body tells me lately.

IMG 8591

For the evening, I took Brooke out for pie at Kneader’s.  She was just one years old when we spent our first Thanksgiving apart, and so we’ve gone and had our own mini Thanksgiving each year she is away since then.  I’m grateful for the fact that my heart has changed from anger/depression each time she leaves for a holiday to now missing her a lot but so happy for the chance she gets to go have special time with her dad.

We always get turkey sandwiches too.

Brooke and Skye went out for a little date too!

Just some tangents for this lovely Tuesday:

*Andrew graduated from his boot! His dr doesn’t want him to wear it anymore and to start going to PT.

*Started a ‘What Went Well’ list that I want to add to each day.  I got this idea from the book I’m listening to.

*Every morning he asks for a ‘shirt with the head on.’  He loves sweatshirts with hoods on them so much.

IMG 8609

*I might need to get this for Skye due to her love for butter.

*My sister adds a full lemon (rind and all) to her smoothie and Andrew adds a full kiwi (skin too) to his but I add just frozen berries, bananas, and some ice because I want it COLD.

IMG 8611

*NOVABLAST 3s ARE SO CHEAP on Amazon right now ($80-$99)… enjoy!

*Michelle posted about how amazing these leggings are for cold days so I grabbed the leggings and turtleneck to wear together… Combined I saved $90 on these two things.   I’m so excited!

*I’m not ready for it to get so cold that we can’t sit on the curbs and talk for a bit after a long run.

Let’s chat about kids and the things that I have found my kids to love more than any other gifts:

*The kids love their go-carts.

*Beck’s scooter!

*Beck’s favorite train (it is a remote steam engine).

*Our favorite family games are here, herehere here, here, here, here, here  and here.  This game is hilarious to play with kids.

*Lego Friends and Lego City sets are all 4 of their #1 choice—> I’ll link a few that they adore:  here, here, here, here, here, herehere, and here.

*The girls love their initial necklaces.

*Gabb watches (code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL gets you a discount) are a gift for them and us, so we can always get ahold of them without worrying about the internet.

*Melissa & Doug sets.  All four of our kids love them and they are made so well.  These are our favorites that we own—> here, here, here, here, here and here.

*Beck and Skye adore these stomp rockets!

*Knox loves this yoyo.

*This inflatable bounce house keeps them sane during the winter when I put it inside, and they jump on it for a very long time.

*The girls love this bead set.

*Perler beads are a win for Brooke, Knox, and Skye.

*This bug collector set has spent many hours with Skye.

*Polly Pockets are another hit for Skye.

*We’ve had our Bronco for two years, which is still a favorite for all the kids.  We got it for half this price, so it doesn’t go on sale at times!

*MAGNATILES.  I think these are my favorite toys… the creativity they develop when they build with these!

*This Thomas the Train Tower has been loved by Beck for three years now.

*They love this snow cone machine!

*The karaoke microphone is a blast.

*This drawing tablet has been so great for road trips.

*Me and the kids love the diamond painting kit.

*The letter set that has helped all of the kids learn their letters.

*I love sending my nieces and nephews a gumball machine.

*The Weird but True series is a winner for my kids; this one about the body is incredible, 3d dog anatomy book, and Vet Academy (Brooke’s favorite).

*My #1 children’s book that makes me tear up every time I read it to them.

*We have had this dome for years; the kids and neighbors all love it.


Have some tangents for me today?

Are there any kid gift ideas you can share today?

Are there any fruits that you eat the skin/rind of that most people don’t?

Tell me about any hill workouts you do.

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Hey Janae! Hope you and your family are doing well! Just wanted to make a suggestion for any cavity prone readers out there wanting to try the smoothie drink. I’m a dentist, and people who are prone to decay can get into a lot of trouble sipping on something like that all day. Every time we eat, it drops the pH in our mouth creating an acidic environment. That combined with the sugar from the fruit and create a very hospitable environment for decay. I would recommend for the decay prone to divide the smoothie into three servings and drink it with their regular breakfast/lunch/dinner and then to rinse the mouth with water. You can even chew a piece of Trident gum for 20 minutes after the meal to help restore the proper pH. Just wanted to share for those that struggle with cavities but wanted to reap the health benefits of such a great smoothie!!


Fellow dentist here! I have been thinking that too. Glad you noted that, Kerry!


Thank you, Courtney! I love learning these things!


Thank you! Hope it helps!


Ummmm this is great to know! Thank you SO much. I will do this today because I am very prone to cavities. Thank you for sharing with us all and I hope you have a beautiful day, Kerry!


I really want to get a girl gang runner group formed in my area. 2024 goals! For now we have a casual 3 mile run/dinner group on Mondays.
I love your Thanksgiving tradition! This is my favorite holiday probably because it doesn’t have the stress of gift buying and feeling like you HAVE TO do all the holiday decorating, make a million cookies, send cards, etc. Food and gratitude are more my speed!
Have a great Tuesday and happy for Andrew to graduate to Costco sandals!


Just move to Utah and run with us… make that your 2024 goal. Seriously the run/dinner group is the best idea ever. That is why Andrew loves Halloween… no stress! So, I totally see why you love Thanksgiving. Thank you, Molly and now I need to go get my own Kirkland sandals because he took his back;)


I love your Thanksgiving tradition with Brooke. As a child of divorce, I know it can definitely be bittersweet when your holidays take you away from people you love (even if you are going to spend the holidays with different people you love). I think it’s so special and sweet that you give Brooke a tradition for just the two of y’all. I promise that’s something she will cherish even more when she’s older and can appreciate how you went out of your way to make what could’ve been a sad goodbye something fun and exciting. Loving all the kids gift ideas!! I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my first, so I am taking notes! :) Happy Tuesday, Janae!


Well, Emily… you gave me all of the feels and to hear this from someone that has experienced this for themselves.. thank you. CONGRATULATIONS on your first little one. 22 weeks! I hope you are feeling great and all of the energy in the second trimester (getting close to the third ahhh)!


Thanks for the recommendation on the Novablast 3’s. I have the Gel Nimbus 25 and like them as a recovery shoe, so excited to try the Novablast as a daily trainer! I’ll start training for London soon, so want to build up my arsenal ;-)


Please let me know what you think of the Novablast 3’s! I’m excited for you to train for London… my dream race. Have a great day, Kristin!


Yay for Andrew being out of the boot! Happy progress.
It’s funny you blogged about hill running…. Our oldest is running a lot now (has been since August) to get ready for the police academy in January… He was asking me about where I do hill sprints, and it got me thinking about doing more of those again. It’s been a while!
We’re having super strong winds right now, so running is like resistance training, ha ha.
I love that you and Brooke have your tradition before she leaves for a holiday. So sweet.
Have a good day Janae.


You need to go with him for the hill sprints! I can’t wait for him to be at the police academy. It was so fun learning from Andrew’s cousin in Southern California about his experience last time we were with him. I hope the tailwinds are stronger than the headwinds. Thanks friend, you too!


Tangent question for you – Have you ever considered coaching your own athletes?


YES!! This is one of my goals. I have my coaching certificate and I want to start once Beck is in school and I have a little more time! Wanna be one??


my tangent….day two of trying to stay away from caffeine, and I’m 0 for 2.
I hate hill repeats!…I just find routes will lots of hills, or I;l combine a hill/speed training day….


I hope today is the day that you can kick the caffeine:). I hope your day is a great one!


Yes! I have been waiting for the kids gift guide. My husband has 2 great-nephews and a great-neice that live out of state are roughly the same age as your kids. Every year I buy from you list of recommendations and you’ve never steered us wrong! I appreciate the work you put into this and all of the content on your blog.


Well, you just made my day! I’m so glad you have been able to use these over the years. Thank you, Nik! Keep in touch!



Thanks for sharing about the Novablast 3. Question on sizing, do you go up half a size? I typically wear a 9 in regular shoes but go up to a 9.5 in Brooke’s. Do you recommend sizing up in the Novablasts as well (9.5) or sticking with regular shoe size (9)? Thanks! LOOOVE your blog!


Hey!!! Great q, if I were you, I would go with the 9.5! I hope you love them so much♥️


Yay Andrew being out of the boot!!! Are you running any Thanksgiving turkey trot/races?


I’m not, are you????

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