I Am Determined… + Pain Cave + Soul Mates.

Yesterday morning I slept in (Spring Break wahoo) a little later than normal which felt heavenly, ate a banana and piece of toast, pumped a bottle for Skye and was feeling a lot better than the day before so I decided to go out and make a deposit into my Mt. Charleston bank account.  I don’t know why I love thinking about our training like deposits but the analogy motivates me so I’ll just stick with it.

The other thing that motivated me to go were these beautiful PureFlow 7s.  I decided to try them out for the speed I had planned for the day.  The PureFlows were the very first pair of running shoes that I really fell in love with.  I don’t wear them as much as I used to because with age I’ve needed a little bit more support/shoe to train with along with some lighter shoes but I am still obsessed with them.  After my run with them they had me questioning what I’m going to wear for my half-marathon—>  these or the Levitates?

Such hard life decisions.

IMG 5106

Here is what the speed portion of my run ended up looking like (w/u, c/d, recoveries not included in this time below):

IMG 5104

1.5 mile w/u (around an 8:45 pace), 3 x 2 miles at threshold w/ 3 minute recovery (walk for part and jog for part), 1.5 mile c/d.  My coach told me to start with a 7:10-7:15 for the first 2 mile set and then work down from there.  That first set was going into a headwind so that was challenging but thank goodness for turning around after that and feeling that wind on my back.  PS all of you Boston runners this month—>  I hope you get the most amazing tailwind!

Something that I am trying to do right now is to look at my Garmin a lot less during speed workouts.  I tend to look down way too often and so I’m trying to pay more attention to giving a good amount of effort for the workout and relearn what different paces feel like.  I don’t want to rely so much on what my watch is telling me and have a better feel for where I should be.  Plus my neck will get a break from constantly looking down every minute at my watch ha.

I definitely was hanging out in the pain cave for that last mile!

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 at 11 41 46 AM

Skye was awake and ready to party/eat with me once I got home.

IMG 5206

I got in a little bit of stretching too while Skye stared.  I told my coach about my tight right hip flexor so she is having me do the half kneel position—> knee over ankle one one leg and hip over knee on the other leg so that you are creating a 90-degree angle with both legs.   She told me to lock my butt under my body and to make sure my ribs are also locked in and create a straight line with my back.  She recommended that I stay in this position for about 2-3 minutes once after my run and then once at night.   She also told me to do an active stretch before where I am doing this with a pulse (moving the hips/my body forward and back) before my runs.

IMG 5218

Knox is back and doing so much better after having hand, foot and mouth!  He will be here for 1.5 weeks now and we are so excited for that.

With all of my yoga stretching lately the kids are picking up on it too.

IMG 5213

Brooke woke up feeling better but just felt really tired.  She rested most of the day and I think today she is going to be back to herself.

I’ve sure been missing seeing her do a million cartwheels a day!

IMG 5191

I wish I could take credit for the beautiful scene below but this was all Andrew.  He wanted to make salad building easy each day by preparing all of the ingredients in tupperware containers so they are easy to grab.

This alone will show you he is my soul mate;)

IMG 5223

So good.  I put both dressings on my salad and Andrew thought that was strange.  Also, some chocolate milk for recovery (or just because it tastes amazing).

IMG 5224

I had a bowl of this for my snack.

IMG 5231

We did a few errands (kids stayed in the car with me or Andrew).  I ran to Target and I picked up my 586th pack of bobbi pins.. I don’t know how I lose those so easily but I do and my hair was all over the place during my run so I needed some more ASAP.

IMG 5237

We did cooking class:)  The kids wanted to learn how to make pancakes (I am so proud) and they rocked it and even did their dishes after.

IMG 5240

I had one of their pancakes along with this egg scramble with a ton of sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers and cheese.

IMG 5243

I think one of the missing puzzle pieces for reaching my marathon goals has been my nutrition during the marathon and right before it.  I am determined to perfect it and I have 6 months to get it all right.  My coach has been including on my training plan to take a gel and water every 35-40 minutes during my long runs and so I’m starting there.   During the marathon I usually start fueling after about an hour and then probably not as often as I should be in order to keep my energy up.  SO, this is the year of me perfecting the perfect combination/amount/type of race nutrition to get me to that finish line when I want to.

IMG 5102


How often do you take gels/fuel during your races?  When do you start taking them?  What is your goto?

Do you look at your GPS watch a lot during a run or not so much?

Do you remember your first pair of running shoes?  Or the first pair of running shoes that you fell in love with?

Dream salad toppings… tell me what they are!

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My favorite running shoe has been mizuno wave riders since high school. I’ve tried the launch 3s though and liked them too! But I went back to the mizuno because they are my baby.


My favorite training shoes are the Hoka One Clifton’s…Until they completely missed the mark on the 4’s! I tried the Nike Zoom Fly’s and they are very comfortable but they run very small.
When I was working with a running coach, she had me take a gel every thirty minutes. I love my expresso love and salted caramel Gu’s. Jelly beans have done the trick lately :) if only I could chew and breath at the same time!


HAHA yes… the breathing and chewing thing is rough. I hate when shoes change over the year and I’m sorry the 4’s are lame! Have a beautiful day Lisa and thanks so much for your comment:)


Dream salad toppings: pomegranate seeds, bacon, blue cheese, avocado, and roasted/salted pepitas

Also, I love those Bolthouse Farm dressings, too. The Avocado/cilantro flavor is really good on salads with Mexican-style toppings like corn, black beans, etc.

OK, now I have to have a big salad for dinner. =)


Wait, are you running the Mt. Charleston half in April? Me too! It seemed like the best chance to run a spring half with good (eg. not extremely hot and humid) weather.
Is there going to be a meet-up? If you’re around at the finish I’d love to buy you a hot chocolate and thank you for all the great and inspiring posts.
I’ll be the slow, under-trained pale person staggering down the course gasping for air.
Hope you have a great run.


AHHHH YES!!! I will be there! It’s my brothers first half-marathon so that’s why I’m going! I will be around after the race for a while… can we meet up there? I would love this so much. Shoot me an email:) You are going to rock it!


Hahahaha your last sentence about being the slow undertrained pale person are my exact thoughts going into my half later this month! Wish I was going to be at your race so we could stagger together!


What a solid workout you had—sub-3, here you come!!!! The first running shoes I fell in love with were the Mizuno Inspires years ago, but now I am forever committed to the Saucony Kinvaras and have been for the past three or so years.

I want to try that cereal!! On salads, I love sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, almost any cheese (except bleu cheese), sometimes Cheetos, and I always have Wheat Thins to go along with them. :)


Oh thanks os much girl!! A lot of my running buddies are hooked on Kinvaras too and have been for years. Try the cereal and let me know what you think:) Have an awesome day Natalie!


First running shoe was Nike Pegasus, but first shoe I fell in love with was the Brooks Glycerin. I rotate the Brooks Glycerin, PureFlows and Hyperion in my running and racing now with ELMN8 spikes for the track. I think I have a small Brooks addiction. :)

Marathon fuel, I usually take my first gel at mile 10 and then every five miles after. Seems to work for me. My best friend takes a gel every six.

Glad everyone is feeling better today!


Salads with beets and goat cheese are my favorite!

Do the new pure flows feel like the 6s? I bought up several pairs so I’ll be good for awhile. Still thinking about rotating one other shoe in but it’s hard when I love the pure flows so much!


I think they do feel pretty similarly, I haven’t noticed any differences yet but I’ve only done one run but if I do notice big changes, I will totally let you know:) SO glad you love the pureflows so much, they are amazing! Have a beautiful day and I will send you my beets haha!


I take GU chomps, one square at mile 4 and continuing 1 Square a mile for the duration of my long run/marathon

I look at my watch when I think it is time for a GU chomp or if I think it is time to turn around or if I think I am particularly slow or speedy.

Yes, my first pair of running shoes were orange, white, and blue ASICS. The first pair I fell in love with were Saucony 3D Grid Hurricanes.

Dream salad toppings…bacon, salted de-shelled sunflower seeds, avocado, egg, blue cheese (I love protein!)


I am a Houston girl so obviously, JJ Watt is a big deal around here. All around, he is a great person. I love the quote below from him! It reminded me of your “deposits”. Kinda similar!

“Success isn’t owned. It’s leased. And rent is due every day.” – JJ Watt


JJ Watt is AWESOME! Love this!! I’m going to write it down in my run log :)


Okay, I LOVE this quote so much and I am totally going to use this! Thank you so much, SO TRUE. Have an amazing day.


I’ve been using Huma gels for years since they taste so good! I’ve also been experimenting with the Honey Stinger waffles lately, which are really a challenge to carry on the run, but they’re such a treat when you’re out for a long time – I LOVE eating one before a long run or a hard workout too (~15 mins before)! I take in fuel every 40-45 minutes.

First shoe I fell in love with is the Nike Vomeros – I’m on my 4th pair! I also love the Pegasus for shorter or faster runs.

I look at my watch way more when I’m doing a workout and am trying to keep within a certain pace range, but if I’m just out for an easy run I tend to just keep it under my sleeve and check in when it buzzes at the mile splits.


I like the plate Brooke is using for her toast! Ha! Whatever works, right?


HAHAH yep… and whatever is clean ha. I hope you have a great day Trisha:)


I’m not a fan of Gu’s but I like Honey Stinger Chews. I try to stick with Tailwind Nutrition drink because it irritates me less than other drinks, chews, and gels. Unless it’s a really hot run, I usually start popping chews or sipping the drink after 5 miles (I run on the slower side and I’m fine with that).

I try not to look at my watch too often unless I’m trying to run a recovery pace. I haven’t mastered slowing down enough to not check.

My first running sneakers were Asics, I didn’t love them. I love my Nike with the flyknit top, they’re the most comfortable for me feet so far.


I use Huma because of the post you did a few years ago after your stomach problems. My husband has always had a sensitive stomach, so we decided to give them a try and loved them. My last marathon, I did a gel every three or four miles and that worked well. Of course, I also had a painful knee that forced me to walk a lot, so that could be why I felt so good.

I love my Ghosts. I rotate them with the Launch.


I am SO glad that Huma is working out for you and your husband. My pack of them gets here tomorrow and I can’t wait. I am so sorry that your knee was so painful during your last marathon. Hopefully it is doing better now. Keep loving those Brooks:) Have an amazing day Linda.


Hi Janae! I definitely have a love-hate relationship with gels because of a sensitive stomach. The taste of salted caramel Gu is my fave but I just can’t handle them most of the time. So I switched to Huma gels and I seem to tolerate them better although the taste is just okay. I don’t take one before a run. I try and eat a plain bagel or something about an hour before. Then start the gels about 40min in. On long runs, I would take one every 45min or so.

Once I found Brooks Glycerins I cannot do my long runs in any other shoe! I have gotten Glycerins for my last 3 pairs of running shoes. I do have a pair of Launch 3s that I rotate in for shorter runs but the Glycerins are the best for support!

What gels have you tried? What work best for you?

– Elise


Huma gels are one of my favorites too and I get my box from Amazon in the mail tomorrow wahoo! THANK you for sharing what you do, I am loving seeing what everyone does. Gu does not work for me in the slightest anymore. Besides the test, my stomach just hates them. Huma and shot blocks are my go to but I am going to try a bunch of different things over the next months to test them out. So glad you love the Glycerins! Have an amazing day Elise.


Could I suggest a post of you rounding up people’s feedback on gels? Or you and Andrew could do a taste test of like 15 different kinds and rank them! This is a selfish request lol. I really want to like gels because chewing the shot blocks in a race is so hard, especially if it’s cold out and they’re basically frozen. But so far the kinds of gels I’ve tried I have to try not to vomit so…


YES AND YES!!! So my current favorite are Huma gels and shot blocks but I do shot blocks more so during training. I am going to be trying a bunch of different ones so I’ll keep you updated! I hear you on gels making you want to vomit–> that is how gu is for me now! I hope you have an amazing day and look for this post in the near future!


I really like the mocha, huckleberry (or something???), and there’s a new smores flavor!! for a half, I down one around 7 miles. For anything shorter I don’t take them unless I’m training heavy, then I will take for 10 miles or more. For a full, I start taking earlier.

I don’t look at my GPS a lot because I don’t have goal paces, just goal distances for me

My first running shoes were yellow reeboks!! Haha! terrible running shoes! I didn’t even believe I could run 3 miles at that time! amazing how far I’ve come.


I need to get better with the nutrition. I think what I struggle with is that I am generally on the treadmill because I run VERY early in the morning and alone so its safer for me to be on the treadmill and when I am on the mill I forget about taking nutrition.
This morning I did 12 miles in about 90 minutes with 5 sets of 8 min’s at 7:10 pace or faster and then 2-4 minutes recovery depending on feel. I forgot to bring nutrition this morning and was definitely feeling it. Glad its over now though!
I may need to try some different running shoes soon … Love the Brooks Glycerin but they may be a bit heavy for my current race goals.


GREAT WORKOUT LINDSAY! You rocked it. What races do you have next? Great job getting up each morning so early to run and I am just like you… if I am running early by myself, I am on the treadmill! Have a wonderful day!


Janae, my plan is to run the Indy Mini in Indianapolis, IN on May 5th. I think I am ready for the race. I honestly would like to PR but a PR is a 1:32 half marathon and I don’t know if I am trained well enough for that right now.
Do you happen to have any contacts with the brand PowerBar? If you do … could you ask them why they stopped making Simply Fruit?


As a former Indy runner, I’m going to be totally honest and tell you that the Indy Mini is a REALLY hard course to PR on…because of all the people! Basically, until you get to the racetrack, it’s just peoplepeoplepeople, even if you’re in one of the front corrals. In the past, I’ve always felt underseeded (my PR is just a little under yours and I was always in Corral B!) and, unless I busted my buns to get to the very front of the corral, always got stuck behind people who didn’t train through an Indiana winter and were walking/jogging the race :) [No shade on those who do that, but don’t sign up for the fast corrals!]

ALL THAT SAID…have fun! It’s a really fun people-watching, post-race-party kind of deal and definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. Good luck!


How often do you take gels/fuel during your races? When do you start taking them? What is your goto?
I don’t take any fuel during a race( including marathons) I may take a few sips of water at a station. I drink at least a gallon of water a day, and eat well. The day before a race definitely eat more. The morning of, I just may have a banana, water, and 2 cups of black coffee with coconut oil/heavy whipping cream. I feel great during the whole time and don’t lose energy.

Do you look at your GPS watch a lot during a run or not so much? Heck yes. I just need to know where I am at.

Do you remember your first pair of running shoes? Or the first pair of running shoes that you fell in love with? Newtons are the first shoes I ever ran a marathon in. They’re awesome but I’m not a fan of highlighter bright color shoes.. I ran my last marathon in new balance minimal’s . I LOVE new balance.

Dream salad toppings… tell me what they are! Black olives, onion, goat cheese, bacon, beets, and caesar dressing.


My first running shoes were Brooks Ariel. Those things are beasts! I transitioned to the Adrenaline which I loved for 5 years then one redesign killed them for me. I switched to ASICS Gel Kayano and they were a miracle….until a redesign. Now I’m searching with little luck and a lot of pain. Brooks gives me terrible shin splints which makes me so sad!!!


NOOOO I hate that you are still on the hunt for what works best for you! Keep me updated with anything that you find. Have a great day!


Ug, the dueling debacle ? I have changed it up SO many times! My last two marathons have been proof that I still have work to do! I am determined to figure it out this time around. I have been combining tailwind and gels. So far, so good. It’s always the last 5 or 6 miles of the race that get me though. I find it very hard to consume anything at the end b/c I am running at such a hard effort. But I am hoping the tailwind can help with this issue, since I only have to drink it! Good luck!
Btw I am happy to hear the kids are feeling better! And that HFM is NO JOKE.


Autocorrect kills me too haha!! Thanks for letting me know about tailwind, I am definitely going to check this out. Keep me updated with everything that you do/find to help you with this. Seriously, finding something for the end of the race is so hard… why is eating so delicious/fun/easy anytime but when running ha. Have a great day Annemarie!


Darnit, I meant fueling! Autocorrect kills me ?


My first running shoes were Brooks but now I’m an Adidas girl. They got me with those Boost soles and I love them.

For fuel I take SiS gels every 5 miles/ 45 minutes, with an extra one before the last 5k of a marathon to see me though. I need the routine to help me break the distance down into chunks, then I can just focus on running the section I’m in.


Fueling during a race is something I feel like I am constantly learning. I think I struggled in my last half because it got to be pretty warm/humid and I didn’t take in enough. I just read through all the comments so far and might try some new things this weekend on my long run! I bought a multi-pack of Gu the last time I bought some, so I’m still working through that.
I try to not check mine too much unless it’s a speed workout with longer intervals and I want to make sure I am holding my pace. It’s easy to get sucked into the trap of watch-watching! :)
First pair were some bright orange Asics that I had in high school – can’t even remember what the style was but I know I loved them and wore them into the ground. Oddly enough, when I tried Asics again when I started running after college, they did not work for me. I have some Brooks GTS that I wear if I need a little extra support (not very often these days, they feel too bulky) and I’m currently alternating between the PureFlows and Levitates.
Any salad with bacon wins my heart…. :)


omg i love the kids doing downward dog. so cute when kids do yoga.
i love Brooke babywearing too! the best.
the hip flexor stretch is such a good one.

first half marathon i did i just ran without eating before or during. i had no idea what i was doing and i hit ‘the wall’ hard during mile 9. the last half marathon i just did, i ate two bananas and yogurt about 2-3 hours before the start. Then i started eating again when i saw the nutrition station a little after mile 6 i think? i’m not sure. i didn’t have a gel, but i had a piece of a blueberry crisp clif bar and some tangerine/mandarin slices that i had brought with me. then i did it again maybe 30 min after that again, and again in the last bit before the finish. previously i have used honey stingers, but it hasn’t helped me much. the tangerines/mandarins is what i’ve been using in my long runs – but it wasn’t enough so i added the clif bar. i might start trying the clif gel blocks instead b/c it might be easier going down? i have also taken a kind bar with me in the past. again it’s not ideal b/c washing it down is hard, but i am used to it and i have access. i’ll be experimenting a bit more to see if i can get more easy-to-eat fuel as well as nutritious stuff.

i try not to look at the watch but sometimes i want to see what pace i’m hitting b/c i feel slow or strong or whatever and i’m not sure if what i’m feeling is true or not. one time i didn’t look at it at all, and apparently i never started it! so it’s good to look at it at least occasionally i think!

i have been wearing the mizuno’s from day one. i had the wave creation at first, then it was just the wave riders. i did segway into asics gel nimbus when mizuno changed their shoe really drastically one year. but then went back to the mizunos after that stint. in college, i have no idea what my running shoes were! now i’m wondering about that. i don’t think i loved them b/c if i did i would think i’d remember them.

i have been eating so much tasty salad – i am a fan of cucumber and avocado, really ripe cherry tomatoes, some crumbled goat cheese, toasted pecans, over kale or boston lettuce or baby spinach or mixed greens. the key has been the dressing and i’ve been going for the different vinaigrette, yesterday i had a lime/citrus one which was so good.


If you think kids doing downward dog is funny, check out dogs attempting the pose! xD I’m getting a laugh off of all the photos I’ve googled.


I’m hooked on the Huma Gels ever since I saw your post on them. My last marathon I took every 4 miles or so and never bonked. I felt good entire time. I’m way slower than you by a lot but I do think nutrition and hydration is key in racing your best race. I brought an electrolyte drink but quickly ran out and used the races Gatorade and that kept me fully hydrated and balanced.


My last marathon in March I used clif blocks and Gu Gels. I had two packs of blocks and four gels and I still cramped! I agree with needing to get the right formula for during and before the marathon.
This morning during a speed workout I could not stop looking at my watch it was like if I didn’t look at it i would go fast or slower second by second. I was thinking about maybe just doing time and not have the pace up to avoid over focusing.
Mizunos are my favorite! I can’t wear another shoe it just never feels right!


In my amateur opinion, your coach is spot-on :) After bonking in a marathon, a running coach/friend who has run a billion marathons said to fuel every 5 miles, no matter what – so that is ~35-40 mins at my pace. When I tried this, I rocked my next marathon and never felt depleted! At mile 20 I did NOT want to take anything but I forced a bit down. Also, I find that having a salty something for the last 2 fuelings is helpful. I can only take about 3 gels before sweetness overload. I had a little plastic baggy filled with salt and almonds for miles 15 and 20 (no fueling at 25).

I am really happy that the PureFlows SEEM to be returning to their 1,2,3 version. I LOVED them .


this is so interesting, thanks for those ideas!


Love this post, Janae!! Glad the kiddos are all feeling better. I have been dealing with what they think is giardia from my Mexico trip. I remember you got it when you were in Thailand… how long did it take to go away? It is terrible!

I love beets, goat cheese, toasted pecans, and avocados on my salad!

Have a great day!! xoxo


Oh, I am terrible for looking at my watch: one time my friend took my then garmin away on a long run and he told me I could have it back afterwards haha.

Hmm…I have fallen in love with a lot of shoes – the first pair I loved were probably the Asics Nimbus, followed by the Asics Gel Landreth, and then the Brooks Green silence with they sadly don’t make any more and then Pure flows – I think v. 5 but can’t remember. Pretty sure my next love affair is going to be with the donut shoes haha.

In long trail races I am much better about eating because I am going slower and then also I know my race will be done if I don’t eat- haha. I am hit and miss with road runs. One time I did a 22 mile run with 2 gels. That was not my brightest idea. I was so hungry and grumpy after.

I love avocados, dried fruit, fresh fruit including grapes in salads. I enjoy the most random combination of things in salads. Also, cheese and also cottage cheese.

Have a super day!


Typically I take a gel about 15 minutes before the race and then about once every hour or when I am closest to water ;)

It really depends on the kind of run I’m doing that dictates whether I look at my watch or not. This morning I ran with a friend that is starting to taper for London and he was tired so I knew it would be an, easy slow run and I never looked at my watch. But when I am working on a particular speed, I make sure to check my watch more frequently.

My first pair of running shoes were a pair of Mizuno Waveriders that I bought from a Las Vegas running store that checked my gait/feet/etc. They wore out pretty quickly on the uppers and I haven’t really gone back to them. Right now I’m rotating between Skechers, Nike, and Asics.

Dream salad toppings… tell me what they are!


Just my two cents–don’t race your 1/2 in the Levitates! I think they’ll be too heavy! And, try Huma gels! They are seriously so easy on the stomach. I use them and never went back to Gu. Try the strawberry lemonade flavor. It’s amazing!!!!!!

Also, for your hip flexor, look up the yoga pose “Lizard”—it’s REALLY REALLY REALLY good for tight hips/hip flexors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I’m getting into a good groove with speed work/threshold runs when I don’t need to look at my watch so much because I can just tell by feel that I’m in the right zone!!!!! That’s a cool feeling. Oh, and I wanted to tell you that despite 25-30 mph winds yesterday, I crushed my speed work (3×2 miles). I was so happy. My coach and I agreed that in some ways it was better than the 5 mile race I ran Saturday. All despite crazy wind! Woo hoo! I think we’ve had so much bad weather here for so long, it’s kind of just become the norm.

My very favorite running shoe is still the Saucony Zealot first generation. I have two pairs stockpiled in my closet. Best, most versatile shoe ever!!!!!!

Happy Thursday, Janae! SO CLOSE to Friday! Yay!


Look at that top/shoe perfect match! :)
Andrew has motivated me to step up my meal prep game again! I’m a big fan of turkey bacon, hard boiled eggs, orange peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and brussel sprouts.
I can’t get enough of baby Skye’s many faces! I have older kids but those faces make me want to hold a baby stat!


Huma are the only ones I buy. I also use kids gummy snacks occasionally, too. I take them on training runs that are 10 miles or more. In a half marathon, I take one at mile 6 ish, and one around mile 10.5.

I love Brooks Ravenna and Launch, and Saucony Guide and Mizuno Wave Rider.

And salad toppings vary, if I want a fruity salad, then I add strawberries and pineapple and chicken, but that doesn’t often mix well with things like onions and feta cheese. I REALLY like hard boiled eggs on my salad. And sliced almonds and raisins and green peppers…….yum!


I try to take a gem with water every 4 miles during races. During training it’s more like every 6, though. and I look at my GPS watch a little too much I think; trying to do better with that!!
My first pair of running shoes were these grey New Balance 706’s that my mom got off a clearance rack when i said i wanted to do track. I wore those things for like, 2.5 years in high school!! I had no idea that shoes had an age/milage limit, and I was so young and that nothing really hurt.


Before a long run or a race I have a banana then 1/2 a strawberry/banana powergel with water every 30 minutes. Just wish I would have someone who would follow me and carry them around haha first pair of running shoes was the brooks Ariel. I then moved on to adidas for 15 years but recently fell in love with the Levitate ;-)


For fueling I have been using Generation Ucan. I ran a marathon last year and it was so hot, I couldn’t stomach any of my gels and just hit the wall big time! I tried the honey stinger chews, and they work good but I can’t eat them and run at the same time lol! I read about Generation Ucan and used it in my last marathon, I didn’t have to take any gels or anything, and used the stinger chews at mile 18, and it was the best race I ever had. No stomach issues and didn’t have to carry a million gel packets in my belt. I think Meb uses it too!


Oh my goodness, that salad! I’m super motivated to make salads next week. =) I love hard boiled eggs, red onions, bacon… I’ve had pumpkin seeds before for crunch, and those are good too!

My running friend told me she eats peanut butter M&Ms on her long runs, and that’s all I’ve used so far, actually. My first half is in 3 days (!), and they’ve done well during my training runs, so I think I’ll be okay! My current plan is to fuel at miles 4, 7, and 10. Maybe 12 too, if I’m feeling yuck.


I’ve never been very good about fueling like I should. I feel fine without fuel for a half marathon but after that I feel it. I know I should fuel for the half too but with a strong gag reflex, it’s not easy. When I ran my full I tried Jelly Belly’s sports beans during a long run and it was too gritty/chewy for me. So I decided Clif’s shot bloks were perfect. They are super easy to chew and swallow. I took some every 7 miles so 7, 14, and 21. I think it was perfect for me because the only time I felt dead was 21-23 and that’s just the marathon wall right? :) This summer I did a 16 miler and took some Welch’s fruit snacks around 8 or 9 and it was just enough to keep me from being super hungry at the end!


I tried SIS gels for the first time last Monday. The man in the running store said to take the first one 20 minutes into my run, but I took it after about 25 when I had to cross a road. I walked and stretched a bit while I was “eating” it. I had the second one after about an hour. I was afraid they would taste really sweet, but I quite liked them. Usually after about an hour of running I wonder why I thought it was a good idea to train for a half marathon, but I didn’t have that feeling at all. Good news! Back to the running store tomorrow in my lunch break to buy more. My very first running shoes were light blue Saucony, 30 years ago. I didn’t love running then, it was necessary to build fitness for rowing. When I started running again I had Asics, I still use them for gardening.


So much useful fuelling advice here! I’ll look forward to your roundup post :) I tried to take fuelling seriously during my training this winter but I’m not sure I’ve got it nailed for a whole marathon. I’m planning to take gels every 45 minutes or so but I’m trying a run/walk strategy to save my dodgy knees, so it’s a all a bit different from my long training runs. I’m edefinitely guilty of hanging on and not taking them soon enough.

As to shoes, I really liked the asics I was sold by a local shop when I started to up my distances. But they’ve changed their sizing and I hated the next pair I had. I’ve loved a couple of pairs of adidas and thought I had found my brand, but after my stress fracture my podiatrist recommended Nike Air Zooms as they have more rigid soles and I get on well with them for running too. I like shoes to be quite light, but I don’t have different pairs for different types of training. I’m a bit scared of trying others since my stress fracture, to be honest!

Excellent salad work Andrew! Glad Brooke and Knox are both better now xx


I remember I decided that I wanted to start running so I did… in Keds. So my mom took me to a running store and got me a pair of peach and purple Nike’s.


Can Andrew be my soul mate too?? OK, I guess I really mean my personal chef, I’m all good on the hubby front and it seems like you guys have a good thing going there ;) But my word, prepped salad toppings are the best!! You’ve totally inspired me to get on my game this weekend!
And thanks for that stretch tip, my hip flexor is super tight too. Skye is so good at monitoring your form! Have a great day!


My friend bought me salon quality bobby pins and they hold my hair so much better than regular ones. I still lose them but man they work so well!!! Invest in some


My first love of running shoes was the mizuno wave precision! Then they made the shoe narrow and I’ve tried many different shoes since.
I have a very sensitive stomach so I’ve tried pretty much every gel, gu, sport bean, gummy etc. I love love love the huma gels! They work really well for me. I’ll be running the Mt Charleston marathon so maybe I’ll run into you there. I’m so excited!


I need to try that Cinnamon Toast Crunch ASAP – I’ve never seen that before!
I’m not a fan of gels/gus at all….I will sometimes eat shot blocks but only if I’m running 10+ miles, but I start eating them around mile 8.
Looking at my watch is a major obsession! I can’t stop looking sometimes…It’s nice when I have sleeves because I can cover it up and only look when the mile buzzer goes off.
I used to love Mizuno Wave Riders! But they’ve changed a lot and now I’m in New Balance’s.


Where did you get that quick stat readout from? I use that same Garmin!

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