The biggest lesson I have learned about marathon training and it is EVERYWHERE.

Today I needed to wear my Run Happy tank to help me to remember to run happy.  Those Yassos yesterday wore me out.  I woke up pretty tight and tired and texted my coach to see if my 6 scheduled miles could be done slower than what was on the plan and he said yep… do 4 miles @ an 8:30 pace.  And that is what I did.  

I think it is important to follow a plan when training for a marathon and to stick to a schedule but the biggest lesson I have learned over the years is to listen to every bit of information your body tells you.  It can sometimes be hard to differentiate between ‘I’m just being a wuss and I need to suck it up and run’ and ‘man, my body needs some serious recovery and to take it back a notch in order to be able to hit my next hard workout and to avoid an injury.’   But it is important to really listen to what your body is telling you over the 16 (or so) weeks of training.   It takes discipline to push through a workout when you are wanting to quit but it also take a lot of discipline to be a smart runner and know where your limits are and when to take a step back and really take care of your body. 

Making it to the starting line of your race a little undertrained is much better than not even getting to the starting line because you are injured.  It is also a lot better than running the race overtrained, flat and exhausted from the very first step.  

IMG 3855

I have a few very important food related things to talk about with you…. because when in marathon training—>  we want to eat all of the things.  and we do.  well, I feel like I do at least.  

Pumpkin is everywhere you look.  These Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Pretzels at Costco are our current favorite.  I might have to buy 15 bags to get us through the year until they come out again.  

IMG 8330

Even the gas stations understand the importance of pumpkin at this time of year.  I haven’t tried this one yet but I will give you a full detailed report once I do.

IMG 8406

And these pumpkins stare at me at every grocery store check out line.  

IMG 8362

Also, if you live within 300 miles of Cravings cupcakes (in Utah County), you need to make the drive to get one of their peach cupcakes this season.  

IMG 8332

One of my very best friends from high school and I spent yesterday afternoon together.  We wanted an afternoon snack and somehow that turned into tomato bisque and an asparagus salad at Blue Lemon.   Just expect to see this soup multiple times a week on the blog this winter.  Ridiculously good.  

IMG 8392

Three things from Brooke:

1.  Just a casual wave as she sprinted by me during gymnastics.  She didn’t have time to stop and talk for a second.  Too many somersaults to attend to.

IMG 8377

2.  Grandpa came over a few nights ago and taught Brooke how to put her scooter together.  Many scooter adventures await us.  

IMG 3805

3.  When I go in to wake her up for school she throws the blanket over her eyes dramatically and tells me she wants to sleep more.   I can’t wait for the teenage years.

IMG 8402

PS 22 (my favorite number) days until my marathon…

Just a few more workouts (and easy runs too) to nail—>  a fast finish 18 mile long run, some stride workouts, a fast finish 14 miler and a 3 mile tempo run.  


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned from marathon training?

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

Had anything pumpkin flavored that was delicious yet?

Do you stick to a schedule pretty religiously or do you play it by ear with your training?

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Last night I had horrible sleep. I was just beat down tired. I think when you get to the point that you’re so overtired that you can’t sleep, it’s time for a nap which is exactly what I did today.

Best pumpkin thing I’ve had so far is pumpkin granola I made last weekend.


The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to listen to your body, and don’t think that just because some things work in training for others that they will also work for you. I ended up running WAY too many miles and not taking rest days because other people were doing the same, and I ended up with a fractured pelvic bone years ago. It.was.awful.

I want to try those pretzels! And that froyo! I’ve had pumpkin froyo before, and it was delicious! I don’t necessarily recommend the pumpkin spice peanut butter by JIF, though.


You are so right! That PB is a major disappointment:-(


What I have learned: listen to my body, don’t be afraid to change my training plan if necessary and sleep more. Doesn’t matter how much sleep I am getting – sleep more.

I listen to my body with training. If something isn’t feeling right, change it up, skip it but don’t be crazy just so I can say I followed my training plan perfectly.

I’m not a huge pumpkin person, but I do like a little of it this time of year. What I’d really like? Some cool weather!! Hoodies and blankets, please!


biggest lesson would be to do the long runs AND the short runs! I have a habit of skipping the shorter runs and that bites me in the end….

i slept pretty well! i was SO tired for some reason, and passed out really early. it was niiice.

im not much of a pumpkin flavor person. even pumpkin pie, its not my favorite. i’ll eat it, but its not my fav.

i try to stick to a schedule but it tends to get a little all over the place… mostly because my schedules for ultras are SO LONG and life, uh, finds a way.


I love that run happy top!


I have had that pumpkin fro yo before. I did not dissapoint.

Anna just walked by the computer and asked what Brooke was doing (in the gymnastics picture) when I told her she said, ‘Awwww. that is so cute!’

Cravings cupcakes really are the best I have tried. I have never had the peach one before. I guess I need to fix that. ASAP.

I went to bed at 11:30…and woke up to Felicity crying at 12:30. We decided since we are leaving her overnight for the first time with family next week that we should sleep train her. So I laid there and listened to her cry for an hour. Poor thing. I hate letting them cry it out, but I guess at 13 months old, it is about time!


Pumpkin Puffins Gluten Free cereal!!!!!! I have to restrain myself.


I must find those!


I think I slept about 8 hours, I generally sleep around 7 or 7.5. Some days you just need a bit more.

I stick fairly closely to my plan but I adjust it when I need to. I’d rather be safe and healthy than injured.

Marathon training has taught me I can do hard things and I can run long by myself without music. (Music helps when I’m tired or need a distraction though).

That peach cupcake is so pretty. I’ve not had any pumpkin yet, not ready for it. I make a killer pumpkin pie smoothie and oatmeal so I’ll look forward to those.


How do you make the smoothie?!


Those yogurt pretzels are making me want to get another Costco membership. I let mine expire because I live so far away from one. I had a pumpkin spice latte the other day… it doesn’t get more basic than that :)


I do agree that it is important to listen to your body and realize when you need help (or don’t). For me I realized that big injuries generally come from smaller signs. If a muscle is tight and you don’t take care of it…it will almost always get worse! It’s important to recognize that!


Um, excuse me? I will be heading to Costco taco pronto for those pretzels!


Let me know what you think of them:)


I slept 6 hours last night..pretty typical for me when I have to wake up for work. I think 6 hours is my happy zone (plus it’s my lucky number)!

I stick with my plan pretty religiously, but I’m not afraid to take it down a notch if I’m really tired, or rearrange things if I have to. Otherwise, no excuses- I have to stick with my plan!


Oh my gosh, thanks for making me crave anything and everything pumpkin! I am in my 20’s and Brooke and I have the same reaction to getting up in the morning. My sleep fluctuates but I probably got ~7 hours of sleep.


Excellent blog. Great advice I need to remember. Thanks for the reminder!


You nailed it. Listen to your body. It will tell you. I do most of my training by listening to my body with a training plan as a guide. I try to get at least 7 hrs a night of sleep. Not a big pumpkin fan but, love apple season!!


I’m pretty flexible with my schedule based on feel but I do like to have a plan. Marathon training taught me I can run even when I don’t want to.

My girls groan about getting up for school and we’re just getting started (preschool and kindergarten)!!


Under-trained is better than injured. I’m right in the middle of training (week 8) and I had to dial it way back after Saturday’s long run. Over 4,000′ of descending beat my legs up pretty bad. No regrets, now I know more about the course and adjustments I need to make in my training.

I’ve been sleeping really good this week. Probably got 8 hours or more last night.

No pumpkin yet. It sounds great until I step outside. We are having a major heat wave. It was 77 at 5:30 the past 2 mornings. Kinda makes me an angry runner :(

I’ve used the same plan for 4 marathons, but each time I’ve learned a lot and made adjustments along the way. I’ve done more cross training/cycling this time than in the past and my legs are happier about that.


What I’ve learned from marathon training is that getting enough quality carbs is key for recovery, that easy runs truly need to be easy, and that a high mileage makes a difference!
I currently add pumpkin pie spice to everything, from oats to coffee.


Biggest lesson I’ve learned: look both ways before crossing the street AND in the bike lane ;-)

I got about 6 hours of sleep last night. I usually shoot for 7 though!

Haven’t had anything pumpkin yet- soon though! I love this time of year.

I don’t really stick to a schedule- unless it’s the long run. But my boyfriend is a coach so he basically just tells me what to run every day :-) so far it’s worked out to my favor!


Definitely listening to your body! Forcing it leads to injury or at worst, not enjoying running any more .

I try to get in almost 7hrs but that never happens. I just need to get to bed earlier so I can make my 5a workouts. This morning was a Kayla Itsines bookcamp workout. I’m def going to be hurting tomorrow.

My 2yo does the exact same thing when I wake her in the mornings. Always makes me laugh. I know exactly how she feels.


And I still envy the idea of frozen yogurt at gas stations! Wish we had that here in NY…I slept really well last night, went to bed early which was so needed.


I need 8 hours! I have been sleeping more lately and have noticed my mood and outlook on life are much better!

Biggest lesson I have learned marathon training is to get enough rest and don’t do a 24 week training season! WAY too long!


I did a 24 week training for my current marathon training and I’m exhausted! It is WAY too long!


With marathon training I have stuck to my long runs (cause I know I have needed those for sure), but haven’t done other longer runs during the week. My body is not used to the mileage that long runs bring, so I have been trying to take it easier. But I have been doing strength training to help keep my body strong!


I slept 6 hours when thunder woke me at 4am but then I stayed in bed until 6:45.
I have learned that being flexible with training schedules can make all the difference. I am moving my 17 miler to next weekend when I am free and doing a shorter 10 this weekend which is much more manageable. :)


Biggest marathon lesson: recovery paced runs are crucial
6 hours of sleep last night
I made a baked pumpkin spice oatmeal for dinner tonight and omg!!!!
I like to stick to a training schedule!


Thanks for the reassurance! I have a marathon on Sunday and I definitely undertrained this time around. :X I usually end up overtraining close to race day, so I’m hoping my legs will at least be fresh on Sunday!

I’m not good at sticking to a training schedule, but need to get better at that for future races!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned during marathon training –> get your runs (and especially long runs) in early in the morning. Otherwise, it just looms over you all day!


I’ve been sleeping a lot lately (for me), 8-9 hours. Marathon training wears me out! I have learned that I recover better when I get enough sleep – a lesson I learned when I didn’t sleep enough for my last marathon.

I am allllll about the pumpkin. It’s been hard for me to get in the fall mindset though because it is still in the 90s here.


OMG Im so jealous that your daughter sleeps in! Im so so so tired of being woken by my 3 year old at 6am. EVERY SINGLE DAY!


NOOOOOOO 6 a.m. I am truly so so sorry Christina. Hopefully your little one starts to sleep in a bit ASAP!!!!!


The biggest lesson I’ve learned from (half) marathon training is the importance of speed work! You can’t be speedy at a race if you don’t push yourself sometimes. Also the importance of mostly sticking to a training plan!
I love pumpkin flavoured everything but a Pumpkin Spice Latte will have to be my first pumpkin of the season. I have to wait 4 more weeks until I am home to have one (my university town doesn’t have a Starbucks:)
I had a beautiful 9 hour sleep last night so I have had lots of energy today!!


Yum pumpkin! I usually like pumpkin yogurt or ice cream with some graham cracker topping and caramel sauce.


Okay. That sounds like absolute heaven. YUM!


Oh man. The Brooke wave and the IDEA of her not wanting to get up. Too freakin’ cute.


I dunno about you…but im feeling 22! i have a great feeling about your marathon! your training times are faster than me when I went sub3 – you will SMASH it!!


Harlow has that exact same Minnie doll! :)

I am currently drinking a SB pumpkin spice (soy) latte. And I just ate a donut with orange and red sprinkles, so that kind of counts, too, right?


I’m putting those cupcakes on my list of things to try!


-I got 7.5 whoot whoot!
-When I was training I stuck with it to a T :)


All of the food in this post is making me drool! It all looks SO yummy!!! :)


Those Reese’s pumpkins (and the trees at Christmas time) are my kryptonite. I saw those last week at Target and had to restrain myself from buying any!!


Brooke is so cute with her pink blanket


I am LOVING your running shorts/tank outfit!!! Can you tell us who makes it?

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