A Record for Us + Friday Favorites (including a video of Skye laughing) + You Are Amazing!

When your coach assigns you a 30 minute run and you hit 30 minutes when you are .37 miles away from home—> you stop at 30 minutes and walk the rest of the way home.  My type A personality is good for having a coach because I want to follow every single workout they give me exactly.  After a hard workout on Wednesday, 30 minutes was the perfect amount of time for easy running the next day.

Long run tomorrow and it is LONG—> 15 miles!

Brooke is 100% again.

IMG 5259

Thanking all of my lucky stars that Skye skipped over both sicknesses that have been going around our house the last two weeks.

IMG 5278

Time to do something fun for Spring Break.

IMG 5302

But first we ate lunch that involved a lot of orange for me.  After this I had some hot chocolate with marshmallows because I was cold.  I am proud to say that we haven’t eaten out since last Friday lunch.  This might be a record for our family.  I’m sure you have noticed but we eat out too much so we’ve been focusing on making more meals at home because not only is it more healthy for us, it is a lot cheaper and easier than taking three kids to a restaurant, ha.  We will still eat out when it works out that way but overall we are just eating at home more lately.

IMG 5298

After lunch we went to the arcade so we could spend $15 and have the kids earn enough tickets for 3 tootsie rolls and a bouncy ball;)

IMG 5309 IMG 5329

We got home and I had a banana and some cereal.

IMG 5330

Skye is really not loving the ideas of naps anymore but she finally fell asleep in my arms at around 5:30.  The only other nap she took was around 1 for an hour!  Is this part of the sleep regression?  I’m not sure but we’ll figure it out!

IMG 5342

We tried something new for dinner….

IMG 5340

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Spaghetti Squash!   It was pretty good and we have another spaghetti squash to use so let me know if you have any recommendations.

IMG 5345

The highlight of my food yesterday was this fudge that my friend brought over.  I had completely forgotten how amazing fudge is and this reminded me it needs to be in my life more often.

IMG 5346

Family night for us… the kid’s love this donut game.  This game just makes me want a dozen donuts.

IMG 5355

I think Skye really wanted to be dealt in.

IMG 5369


I’ve got a few Friday Favorites for today:

*This video of Skye laughing.  She has just started doing this more often and it is too much for me to handle.

*Dave Matthews Band.  Andrew randomly started listening to them again and it made me remember how much I love them.

*You guys share the best things with me and I LOVE this quote that Mrs. B shared with me from JJ Watt.  SO TRUE!  Keep on paying rent with your running.

Screen Shot 2018 04 05 at 8 39 09 AM

*My mom gave me a gift card to Lululemon for my bday so I went shopping and got my new favorite tank and this long sleeve 1/2 zip that I’ve been sporting a bunch!

*Andrew says that he has now proved to me that he loves me more than I love him.  He hates the smell/texture/look/taste of hard-boiled eggs more than anything else and he made me a big batch of them to put on my salads and to snack on throughout the week.  Now that is love.

IMG 5222

*Andrew and I want to do this SO bad.  He sent it to me the other day and I said YES.  If there is a weekend soon that lines up with the big kids both being with their other parents and we have nothing here (we’ll take Skye) we are totally going to try it.

IMG 5244

*I have two instagram accounts that I’m loving a lot lately.  1.  Five.Two.Love  They just had quintuplets (and have 2 older boys) and they are sharing their journey.  It’s incredible to me that they had 5 babies and that she was able to carry them to 29 weeks.   2.  CollinKartchner He is a guy that raised money to change the billboards in Utah to messages of ‘You are Loved/Enough’ rather than all of the billboards telling us we need to look different.  He has started a big movement about the effects of social media on young children and teenagers.   He shares stories like this one about a teacher that asked her students to anonymously submit their answers to this, ‘What my parents don’t know about social media ______.”  It’s scary and shocking and has brought about a lot of conversations between Andrew and I about what we are going to be doing in our home as our kids get older.

*I hope you have a great weekend!

IMG 5333


I’ve got some more awesome running accomplishments to share with you guys!  If you want to be featured then send them in to [email protected]


ALECIA!!!  “I ran the half marathon in my town last Saturday—this is my fourth half, but it had been almost 2.5 years since my last one and I was excited to run another one.  It’s an out-and-back course known for it’s brutal hills—there’s a quarter mile straight uphill climb at mile 12.5!  I tried to be intentional about training on the course and running plenty of hills during training.  I didn’t really have a time goal in mind, but I felt good the whole race and knew I was going to take some time off my PR.  When I got to the finish line, my time was almost 15 minutes faster than my previous best time!  I was so excited.  Finished with 2:03:22—now I’m itching to get a sub 2!”

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KRISTIN!!!  “My accomplishment is that I just ran hard enough to get my good ol’ red face for the first time since conceiving my fourth baby last February!  Two weeks after I delivered my son in November, I experienced pelvic floor prolapse (my bladder) and thought I would never be able to train hard in running or lifting heavy weights again.  I wept and wept in sadness.  The prolapse was a very scary and uncomfortable feeling, made even worse by the dire articles I read when searching “Dr. Google.”  Words like surgery, no running, and lifelong incontinence broke my heart.  I am a runner and weight lifter and did everything ‘right’ in pregnancy but the trauma of it all (carrying and delivery four big babies!) just taxed my pelvic floor.  My midwife referred me to a women’s health PT.  We met for about 12 weeks to completely reconnect my mind/pelvic floor connection and to rebuild my strength.  It has been absolutely incredible re-teaching my body how to work properly.  The first time I ran at the beginning of February I wept and wept again- tears of complete joy!  My body and mind feel stronger than they ever have and I highly recommend talking with your doctor about seeing a PT if you suffer incontinence, have lower back pain, experience feelings of ‘fullness’ in your vagina etc.  Getting back to healthy is more than doing Kegals and it is a total game-changer.  It’s common to pee when you sneeze, but it’s not normal!”

Image1 2


Grace wrote this about her good friend BLAIR!!!  “Blair ROCKED the New York City half marathon earlier this month.  She has had an IT band injury and wasn’t able to run for 3 weeks leading up to the race, and was only cleared to run 2 days before the race.  She flew in from the west coast the night before the race, and had to start the race at 3:30 am west coast time.  Despite all her obstacles she ended up finishing in 1:48:03, which is a 10 minute PR!!

Image1 3


Have any Friday Favorites?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

How often have you been eating out a week lately?

Hard-boiled eggs—>  Yes or No no no?

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You should try this recipe with the spaghetti squash – so easy and tasty! It’s also the only way my husband will eat the squash. It’s so easy to add whatever you want as well ?



I was going to send the same exact spaghetti squash recipe. I highly recommend the PaleOMG pizza spaghetti pie too.I add lots of veggies to it. Soooo good! I also recommend her Buffalo Chicken Casserole.



Thank you thank you thank you… Andrew and I are so excited to try it! Thanks girls!


That laugh is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! Baby laughs are contagious! And I actually really like hard-boiled eggs, but I think I like outer part more than the middle yellow part. Also, I really like them with ketchup on them (and a side of Wheat Thins, of course). :)

I’m going to a wedding in Austin this weekend, but I’ll be in Dallas for a few hours Saturday morning, and I GET TO SEE MY FAMILY!!!! I’m so excited to snuggle my niece and see everyone! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Janae!


You know, I just discovered that my 12 year old daughter has an Instagram account when I saw notifications on her iPod on her bed. I said something to my husband about it, and HE had helped her set it up (funny b/c HE is on NO social media), but I was relieved that she had him help her/had asked him about it. I immediately followed her. ha ha And, I told her that she needs to make her account private. She’s a total horse lover, so her Insta is all about horses. Glad we can have some talks about it now while it’s the innocence of horse accounts that we’re looking at!!!!

Speaking of, a friend had a hashtag #shirtandtie the other day. I clicked on it, and there were a bunch of pictures of men slowly undressing FROM their shirt and tie, down to, well….not much! THAT is the thing about social media; you can click on something innocent, and it suddenly becomes not so innocent!!!!!! Ew. lol

We usually eat out 2-3x per week. ALWAYS on Saturday nights. We don’t cook on Saturday nights!!!!! It’s against the law. ha ha

Hope you have the best weekend—enjoy settling to that 15 miler this weekend!!!!!! I have 14 with 4 of them at half-marathon pace and some speedy 1 min intervals at the end of the run :)


I’m glad the kids are feeling better. Our baby girl (who was born the same day as Skye) also somehow avoided a few sicknesses our 2 year old had. It must be our magical breast milk! Have a good weekend!


Oh I am so glad that your little one (BEST BIRTH DAY EVER:) also did not get sick. Breast milk is incredible. Enjoy your weekend too and hopefully you are getting some sleep… also, naps?!? Is that a struggle right now for you guys?


OMG–those babies are at the Hospital where my husband works! I have to donate to go fund me or get them some stuff they need. I didn’t see much on the news about this! Thanks for sharing !!


NO WAY!! Oh that is so cool. I am hooked on all of their updates. We are going to donate too! Have a great day Lauren!


I am sending you a recipe to use with that spaghetti squash.

I can’t even handle Skye’s laugh. Baby laughs could solve all the world’s problems. And then the picture of her asleep in your arms with her cheeks?? Too much cuteness right there.

I like hard boiled eggs, but they do stink. But so does roasted broccoli. My house probably just stinks all the time. Ha.

There is no way I could do that surprise trip thing. I have way too many control issues and hate surprised. Nope. I wish I could be more fun and spontaneous….Ross probably wishes I were too ;)


Skye’s little laugh made my heart melt!! What a precious cutie!! I loved her ribbed, maroon short sleeved sleeper she was wearing!! My daughter was never big on naps at that age, she didn’t start taking regular naps until she was around 8 months. She would just cat nap for 20 minutes here and there.

Oh my gosh, that trip thing sounds SO FUN! I hope you do it! Please share the whole experience with us!!

I love hard boiled eggs!


Hey Janae! Happy Friday! I’ve been eating out waaaaay too much recently. I always try to be organized and have all my groceries on hand to make lunches/dinners for the week but things seem to get in the way. And these food delivery apps certainly do not help! It is way too easy to just grab your phone and order dinner. But I am really going to try and be better and plan ahead! Goals.

That Pack Up & Go travel thing sounds AMAZING! Thank you for sharing because I definitely want to try it. Where would you hope to be sent??

x Elise – http://www.thirtythoughtstoday.com


The Green living show is coming to Toronto so I’m visiting that Expo this weekend! Super duper excited. I know that if you were here, you would love it.


How does that pack and go thing work? Do you know where you’re going before you leave? So you know how to pack?
Eat out 1-2 times week. My husband eats lunch out most days. But I don’t like eating out too much.
And I like hard boiled eggs too! But I’m the only one in our family of 4.


Hey Mary!! I think they give you some hints or something about what to pack but I think that’s it:) I really want to do it! I hope you have a great weekend:)


You have to try paleomg pizza pie casserole. It’s the absolute best thing ever and is so easy to make and my picky two year old loves it.

This weekend I’m looking forward to my longest run since baby #3 before my husbands first race – the striders half marathon. And then hanging out with our family that’s in town – hoping the rain goes away so we can go on a hike.
Good luck with your 15 miler. I can’t wait to get my mileage back up there.


We can’t wait to make it! Thanks Rochelle. Good luck on your longest run post baby #3! You are going to rock it and good luck to your husband too. Thanks so much and keep me updated on your training!


I think the link to your spaghetti squash recipe is broken – it kept giving me an error, and I’m really intrigued by that so if you can share, that’d be great!
This weekend = a new running club starts up from the gym I go to. They are doing a 3 mile run and I need to run 9 miles but I think I might join them for the first 3 and then do my own thing to finish. I like the idea of the running group but we’ll see how I feel when I have to get up at 6am to meet them all (so I have time to eat before I meet them).
I typically only go out to eat maybe twice a week. I’ve been making a conscious effort to go home over my lunch break at work because 1- its good for a mental break and 2- it saves me money.
YES to hard boiled eggs. Your salad prep this week has inspired me for meals next week! :)


I am so sorry about that! I just fixed it…

Have so much fun meeting up with the running group, I want to do that sometime too. Let me know how it goes and go rock that 9 miler!


We need to do something fun for spring break! We thought it was supposed to be warm but it hasn’t been that warm.

We ate out last night at joe veras because it’s trevons birthday. But we don’t eat out very often at all and sometimes I wish we did haha.


Wheew good luck with the 15 miles – I’m tired just thinking about it! Although I did go on a 13+ mile hike yesterday and my legs are completely fried, so maybe that has something to do with it?
I’m sharing my Friday favorites on my blog today too :)
I have a fun 4 miler race tomorrow morning and I’m running with my dog! It will be her first race ever and my first race in a looooong time. Wish me luck! We have snow in the forecast tomorrow too so that should add an interesting dynamic…
We’ve been eating out 2-3 times per week!
Thanks for reminding me I need to make some hardboiled eggs! They make such a great snack and are super travel-friendly :)
Have a great weekend!


Loving all the spaghetti squash recipes! I’ve always wanted to try a stuffed squash, but never had any good ideas (I am NOT creative in the kitchen!), so thanks everyone. Skye’s laugh made my day. :)


I agree with the previous comments the PaleoMG Pizza pie for the spaghetti squash is SO good. And you can alter it however you want and add veggies! I also usually add some cheese to the top. Even my fiance loves it.


We are totally going to make this now… THANK YOU Stephanie! I hope you have an amazing weekend!


Wanted to comment to Kristen on your accomplishments- Great job girl! You should listen to @aliontherun1 One of her podcast episodes # 49, interviewing a founder of Reform Physical Therapy. I don’t have this issue but found the podcast incredibly interesting myself so I know you will too!


Friday favorite: thin mint ice cream! Found it at target!

I’m looking forward to two things: brunch with my cousin in downtown Chicago with no baby and Saturday night with my husband. The first one in at least a month!

We only eat out once a week if that. Now that I’m home with the baby we eat out way way less?

No to hard boiled eggs.


A million times yes to hard boiled eggs. I love them!!!


I know exactly what you mean about the eating out! I have packed & brought my lunch to work every day this week. So proud of myself! This way, I know exactly what I am eating and I am saving money. It has been far too easy for me to be lazy and just pick something up for lunch each day – but that has been adding up! Though I have accumulated quite a few gold star from Starbucks!!!!

I don’t buy fudge anymore! The last time I bought 1/2 pound and ate the whole slab over two nights. Talk about a sugar coma!


Babies laughing is just the best!!

My family and I decided to run a 5k/10k this weekend! I’m super excited since this will be the first race that all of my kids voluntarily signed up for. We talked A, B, and C goals last night and they have some really good ones!

We have definitely eaten out way more than usual the last 2 weeks or so, between being out of town for spring break, and just a really stressful few weeks. I am focusing on eating at home this week!


This weekend I am looking forward to going to the Highland Games for the first time in too many years! This will be the first time in our new state so a totally different experience- I’m just so excited!


My favorite ever is skinnytaste Spaghetti Squash Lasagna! Soooo good!



We eat out 1-3 times a week, but more this week than normal, for sure! We have family coming in this weekend, so that means more eating out, ha!

yes yes yes yes yes to hard boiled eggs, both me and the husband!!

Love her laugh, so cute!


It’s all about that PaleOMG spaghetti pie! So good!!


A big yes to hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper! Yum!!
I love that travel idea! Any idea what the company is called? Or is it in your post and I missed it? Sorry!
We eat out as a family about once a month. I might grab lunch once or twice a month and my husband does a lot of lunch meetings for work. I’d say we out an abnormally small amount.
I love the billboards! What a great idea! I am completely terrified of social media for my kids as they go through middle and high school. Lots of discussions going on at our house too.


That sure is love! I love hard boiled eggs but my husband hates them, the smell drives him crazy (but I make them all the time). Haha! I am running my 25th marathon on Sunday, so can you send me some speedy thoughts? I have been in a pr~marathon rut for 2.5 years. It’s a small race but I am getting very excited for it. Currently, reminding myself that my training was pretty good. Som time to trust the training…Have a great weekend!!!!


TWENTY FIFTH MARATHON… you are incredible!! You are going to rock it and I will send all of the fast thoughts. Please let me know how it goes, I’m so excited to hear. You’ve got this Katie. Go celebrate all of your hard work!


My friend’s baby just turned 1 so we are going to party tomorrow afternoon with them. Some other friends that I haven’t seen in a while will also be there. Sadly, my cousin’s chocolate lab goes back home this weekend. I’ve been watching her while they’ve been away.

I have a breakfast meeting every Wednesday and my husband and I generally eat out once (sometimes twice) over the weekend. so I eat out 2 – 3 times per week.

Yes to hard boiled eggs I find them a convenient snack and protein source. (something I sometimes have a hard time getting enough of).


I love hard boiled eggs.

Looking forward to more running adventures this weekend – I have a back to back long run planned. Today I got to spend almost 5 hours on our local trails by myself – I am hungry now, and will head out again tomorrow.

We try not to eat out- but a couple times a week I get my lunch from the food kiosks in my building haha.

Skye is soo cute!

Hope you have a great day! Enjoy your 15 miler :)


Hang in there with the sleep regression!! My daughter just turned 6 months so we are not too far out from going through the same thing. Naps were harder for a few weeks and I realized she didn’t want me to rock her anymore, it’s like it got too stimulating or something?? I dunno, baby sleep is confusing sometimes but hopefully Skye will get back to her good sleeping soon! ❤️


Happy to hear everyone is feeling themselves again!!! Skye’s baby giggles are just precious!

Love that you are cooking more at home. I grew up watching and learning from my parents and have such a passion for cooking and baking. It’s a skill all kids should learn. I know you do the mail order food boxes and get them involved, but you could also sign them up for cooking classes! I think they’d love it!!!!

BTW….Have you seen Saucony’s limited edition Boston Marathon Dunkin Donuts shoes?!? I immediately thought of you! They are sold out now, but how cute!!?!


This is delicious! https://littlebitsof.com/2014/10/spaghetti-squash-chow-mein/

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