Tuesday Tangents (and a VLOG!!)

HAPPY TUESDAY!! I hope your day is off to an awesome start.  I have a whole bunch of tangents to share with you (a few from our trip this last weekend).

*Our hotel lobby had birds.  Birds.  They chirped nonstop.  Our room was right next to the lobby.  We were thrilled.

*Today started with 8 miles on the treadmill while the kiddos played together.

IMG 0058

*They came with me for another dress fitting too.  I cannot wait to show you the dress.

IMG 0063

*In my humble opinion Lappert’s Ice Cream is the best ice cream in the Bay Area:)  My friends were making fun of me for having it all over my face and not caring enough to stop eating the goodness.

IMG 0464

*The best trail mix there ever was.

IMG 0451

*We made sure to get Alcatraz t-shirts and so I’m sure you will be seeing a twinner photo soon.

IMG 0460

*The Golden Gate Bridge… make sure you bike/run/walk this anytime you are in the area.

IMG 0393

*Pretty sure we ended up walking 30 miles while we were there.

IMG 0540

*When Andrew is on the ground Beretta is right there next to him.  Such a cuddly lab.

IMG 9793


Screen Shot 2016 06 21 at 2 54 51 PM

*My family requested THESE COOKIES (corn flakes in cookies= the best) so we made sure to grab all of the supplies.

IMG 0067

A little vlog from the two of us—>  Basically, we tell you every detail of our first date and how we were set up… be prepared, it is a long one and our kids make an appearance.  At the end we talk a little bit about our upcoming marathon training so if you want to skip all of our rambling just go to the the last one.  PS you can watch our first vlog here.

Also, it’s in three parts because I struggle with technology:

Any fun first date stories?!  … or your first date with your significant other?


Anyone else have a cuddly dog?

How often do you think you buy a new pair of running shoes?

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My husband and I went to Underworld:Rise of the Lycans for our first date. Movie was TERRIBLE (first two were pretty good!), but obviously the date was good!

Our chocolate lab, Sam, thinks he is a 60-lb lap dog. If you are on the floor, Sam is at least somewhat on top of you.

Birds in the lobby sounds awful! My best friend is terrified of birds, if that happened to us, we would probably have to find a new place to stay!


BAHAH a 60-lb lap dog… that made me laugh! Hahaha Meg is also terrified of birds… she was not a big fan! Hope you are having an awesome day Sarah!


My first date with my husband was awkward just because it was a high school dance and we were having dinner at my then boyfriends house (he was in our group) but his date stood him up. So that was fun… But it was still a good date.


That was pretty thoroughly enjoyable. I especially liked the input from the peanuts.


Y’all are adorable- I laughed through all of those! So fun!! Can’t wait to see more VLOGs from y’all!

Our five month old golden retriever who is 45 pounds and growing by the minute still thinks he’s about ten. It’s quite humorous until he steps on you with his full weight!! :)

Have a wonderful family trip!!


Your VLOGs are the best!! I was smiling and laughing the entire time. You guys are super cute and it’s such a relief to see happiness, love and joy in the world. So happy for you guys and thank you for sharing your story with us all. It’s very inspiring, motivating and I just love seeing true love. Thank you, again. Have a great trip and I definitely look forward to watching/reading more as your guys’s journey continues on together!


Tuesday tanget- I’m pretty sure I finally figured out how to make my father in laws Liberian collard greens and I am super excited. ;) (How’s that for random!)

I buy running shoes a couple times per year- that comic strip is so me, haha. I also haven’t gotten rid of my old running shoes, we gone through too much together for me to toss them. ;)


Aw you guys are so cute! I love the first date story! You guys look so happy together :)

My boyfriend and I met in college through a mutual friend but never really had a first official date. He did ask me to his fraternity formal, but that was months later, so we just sort of ended up together without formal dates, haha. It worked out, though! 2.5 years and counting.

Those San Francisco views are AMAZING! Such a cool city. Would love to go across the Golden Gate Bridge next time.


Very cute!! When did this all happen?


Random tangents here:
Loved the Vlog! ?for a set up from Nolan…. But I’m in Canada… Let me know ;)

Sorry about the birds in the lobby- pretty funny though…

No dog for cuddles, but I have some kitties that like to snuggle!

St George mara is on my bucket list… Marine corps in October this year so training will be underway soon… AND best part of the day was the arrival of my new tank! I loved the Donut Stop Running one so I needed a twin (in a different color)…sorry for what I said at mile 20 :) pretty much sums it up!

Tks for daily posts!


My black lab is an English lab and also a lap dog, except he weighs 120 pounds! More than me. Sometimes, his love is painful.


Awe! Omg you guys are so adorable! So happy for you both – it gives me hope! Good luck meeting the brothers Andrew – I’m sure they’ll love you!


This is all happening so fast! You don’t waste any time


I’m so obsessed with you two! #relationshipgoals for sure!!
Have so much fun at the cabin! Xoxoxo


I love the vlogs! I hope you continue to do those :)

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years, On our first date, we argued the entire time about movies, sports, TV shows.. Argued a lot about Tom Cruise’s acting ability haha. And I’ve never laughed so much in my life, my face literally hurt from laughing so much. Towards the end, he went to the bathroom and I paid for the entire bill. I felt awkward with the expectation he’d have to pay and worried he wouldn’t let me contribute; I don’t really know why I was so steadfast about this, but anyways he was not thrilled. He still brings that up. The next day, he reached out and asked me out again for the day after that and we continued from there. No games.

Speaking of cuddly dogs, our pup, Oskar, has no concept of personal space. Right before I read this post, I was sending my boyfriend pictures because Oskar was sitting on top of my head. He can never be close enough. He also does this thing where he’ll be on my lap and then raise his bum up to be sort of on my shoulder.. Love him like crazy. Dogs are the best.


Mine and my hubs first date was to Outback also! I love the vlogs! Have a great trip :)


My Tuesday Tangent: Coming home to a sink full of dishes with 2 grown girls sitting on their phones watching who knows what!?!?! UGH. Either put them in the dishwasher or wash them in the sink….those are the obvious options right?! *Teach Brooke now please.

OK, enough enough…the VLOG continues to be adorable!! What a great first date to remember. (Kind of like my hubby taking me on a canoe ride and bringing a bottle of wine….but he forgot a corkscrew to open the bottle. ha! It was a sign…he continues to be forgetful what can I say)


For our first date my now husband borrowed his friends super nice Corvette. The funny part was that it ended up snowing while we were on our date and the Corvette was rear wheel drive slide all over the place in snow. SO we were slip sliding all over the place to get home and just praying we would make it without crashing :).
We have a super great 1/2 lab 1/2 golden retriever. She is almost 10 :).
I buy a new pair of running shoes about every 4 months. Sometimes if I really like a pair then I will buy a couple and go longer before buying another pair.


My Instagram is literally all pics of my cuddley dog :) he is a Labradoodle. And as a bonus my boyfriends 85 pound lab is also a lap dog ;)


That giddy, new love stage is so fun and you both are too cute together!
I agree that when it is the right person it is so easy! My husband and I never played any games with each other and made it very clear from the beginning that we were interested in each other and it made everything feel so natural from the get go of our relationship.


You two are so cute!

Our boxer is a total snuggler. She likes to spoon.

I think of buying a new pair of running shoes at least twice a day. At least.


“I found a runner” awwwww so cute and very lucky! Adam picked up running when I first started but he really dislikes it (he does MMA for cardio) and he stopped a little bit ago. I love that he did it when I was first getting started and needed the extra support though! Now his support comes from the sidelines which I appreciate too!


Oh my goodness, I love love love your vlogs! So fun getting to see you two together and hear about your story! Have an amazing time with your family at the cabin!! Andrew will definitely get the approval from your brothers :)


I love how real you guys are!! :) <3


Love the vlogs!!! So much fun to watch, and I had a blast listening to the first date story! Couldn’t stop smiling :) :)


My husband is my sister’s husband’s brother. (It is all perfectly legal, I assure you…)
We met for the first time when I was 15 and he was 22 – we walked together in my sister’s wedding to his brother.
Fast forward 7 years, and I was graduating college, and my sister offered up my now-husband to show me around his town to deliver resumes. I got to his apartment at 10am and didn’t end up leaving until 2am the next day! We delivered resumes for hours, went to lunch, then he went with me to a family birthday party 2 hours away, then we drove 2 hours back to his apartment and talked until I absolutely had to go or I’d be late for work the next day!
When I talked to my sister the next morning, I said, “I’m going to marry him!”
A month later, we were engaged, 9 months later we were married, and we are celebrating 13 years this summer.
My sister likes to say that she met her husband so that I could meet mine. :)


My first date with my husband was wing night! And I thought it was a group thing and not a date at all. The rest is history!

You two are so adorable ? and so are the kiddos!


Both of my dogs are sooo cuddly!! My dog, Callie, sometimes pushes my other dog out of the way. It is always a competition who can be closer to mom. hehe I don’t mind :)


I would love to hear more review of the Garmin Vivofit! I got it back in February and maybe I’m not super tech savvy but I cannot figure it out! It seems to not be super accurate on some of the trackers?!?


Yup, I have the most ridiculously cuddly long-haired wiener dog. And she’s cuddle with just about anyone who will give her 2 seconds of their attention (or who just LOOK like they might)!! lol


Hi Janae! Long time blog stalker, even before Brooke was born lol I know I’m a few posts late but just wanted to wish you guys the very best in your future endeavors !


Blog stalker / reader for awhile now from Ireland:). Really enjoy reading your blog, the new lay out is fab& the vlogs are adorable. Delighted for you for your new found love&happiness, enjoy every moment:)


Oh my God, that picture “how I spend my money yeah that is so me. I don’t care how much the running shoes are, I buy them at any price! I just love, love running shoes because they are beautiful. They are pieces of art because of the shoe design and colors, just gorgeous.


You guys are so sweet together! I’m enjoying watching your vlogs.


You both (and your little ones) are too adorable! So happy you are happy Janae! You make a beautiful couple and and a beautiful family!!!


OMG I just got back from a 3 week Europe trip and one of our hotels had birds! Not intentionally, I don’t think. But it sounded like the birds made a nest in our bathroom vent and they started chirping at like 5am and I couldn’t stand it!!


You guys are the cutest :)

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