Sentence Per Picture & Gift Guide for MEN!

(shoes ((45% off), leggings)

11.5 miles (trying to squeeze in time and mileage with friends before we all leave) @ 8:21 pace.

Look at the cute sale Novablast 3s that Jess got…  These shoes helped my plantar so much.

Andrew and I do not know what is going on but Beck has been the sweetest angel the last few days… maybe the girls have been talking to him about Santa?

He actually thrives being the only kid at home during the days.

Skye had her school Thanksgiving feast:

Brooke was Athena in her class play, this girl can memorize lines!

We decided that we needed fajitas, chips and salsa in our lives.

We went through quite a few bowls of salsa.

Goodbyes are hard.

He is walking around saying he broke his leg like Andrew:

Off to St George for the holiday… pic from the last time we were there:

I am a bit better at gift guides for women and children so these are all from Andrew!  I also can’t post about what I am getting Andrew because he will read it even though he loves surprises, he can’t help himself.

*His favorite biking sunglasses.

*His favorite daily sunglasses. He said the lens cleaner kit is necessary too.

*His favorite crew socks.

*#1 backpack in his opinion.

*His dream is to own every color of Melin hat they offer… coupon code:

*This loveseat camping chair.

*He says he uses this pole saw all of the time.

*We both agree that this is the #1 men’s t-shirt.

*Car detailing kit… I don’t understand why someone would want this but I’m not a man.

*His favorite headlamp!

*His favorite puff jacket.

*His favorite casual shorts (and he takes this matter seriously)

*His bike helmet that he adores and #1 hydration belt for biking.

*The joggers he sent for me to buy him:)

*He told me to tell you that any garage owner would love these lights.

PLEASE share men’s gift ideas in the comments to help us all out haha.

Give me your sentence for the day!

Anyone going out of town?

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Car cleaner kit “I don’t understand why someone would want this” lol dying 🤣


Hahaha we are so different in some ways! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Sara!


Are those kids doing Shakespeare?? I just went to A Midsummer Night’s Dream a few weeks ago. I understood 45% of it which is a new Shakespeare record.
Safe travels and enjoy StG!


Hahaha you are ahead of me, I would have only gotten like 5%! Hahah hers was a Greek play so it was a bit easier to understand (and brooke told me the storyline before)! Happy Thanksgiving, I want to come eat at your house!


The car detailing kit made me laugh out loud. My husband would love that too and I’m just like….?????
Thanks for all the recommendations over the last few days! They’re so helpful for me!!! Happy thanksgiving.


Oh I’m so glad and hahaha husbands are so funny! Let’s be honest, there is just one thing on all of their lists🤣🤣🤣 Happy thanksgiving, Bekah!


I was just reading another blog’s Men’s gift guide and it was sooo terrible and cheesy. These are legitimate things the guys in my life would like 😂😂 (whether we agree or not 😂). Thank you,Andrew! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Ps- this was going to be my first thanksgiving without the kids after divorce, but their dad’s schedule changed (thanks Military) and I get them!! I’m so happy.


Mollie. Ugggg the beginning is the absolute hardest. I am so grateful they will be with you now. What a relief! No cheese over here haha. Hope you are having a beautiful day!


My husband is also trying to buy every melin hat available!! :)

Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving!


Good thing the hats are so cheap 💸💸💸💸! Thank you, you too Brittany!


Les is getting a new puffer jacket for Christmas. I got him one last year and he left it on an airplane!
We traveled to Florida on Monday. Here all week with the McElhaney crew. I ran along the Gulf Coast this morning. It’s so flat!
Happy Thanksgiving, Janae!


So glad that Les is getting a replacement for the puffer that was lost. Florida! Have so much time with everyone. Thankful for you, Kathy!


Yay for a St George getaway!! I was just in Palm Springs for a few days after the Big Bear marathon and the sun and warmth was so replenishing.
And excellent gift ideas, it sounds like Andrew and my husband are the same person, hah!


Our husbands would be great friends! Congrats on Big Bear, you did amazing. Brilliant to go celebrate with sun in Palm Springs! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, Michelle!


I’ve asked family and friends that I swap gifts with, this year, I want nothing…..I’d rather they donated, or better yet this season, donated time….I have or had a fellow employee who did that. Christmas she would help serve meals to the homeless….for someone that young to think and do that I thought was amazing, inspiring, so now…..following the example….


These are all great recommendations! My husband is so hard to buy for! Thanks!

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