Fun Facts from yesterday (I wish it was Friday so that I could call this Fun Facts Friday).

1.  Brooke spilled salad dressing all over my phone.  I can no longer hear the person I am talking to on my phone unless I put it on speaker because of the salad dressing incident.  It’s okay, it’s not like iPhones are expensive or anything.

2.  It was my niece’s birthday yesterday so we surprised her by bringing in Cosmo (all the kids love him) and donuts for everyone.  I heard at least 10 kids say that my niece is the coolest person ever and it made my heart happy.

DSC 9141

3.  My sister came over to use my mom’s bike yesterday and I sat on a chair next to her and ate some chocolate.  I am such a good sister.  PS I got my sister hooked on Revenge.


4.  During Brooke’s nap I looked at the monitor and found Curly’s face staring into the camera.  They think it is such a fun game to go in and wake up Brooke so that they can play with her.  

IMG 6459

5.  We don’t leave home without Elmo.  He is always there.  

IMG 6445

6.  Just switching things up by carrying the birthday girl for our picture.    

DSC 9142

7.  I really branched out last night.  I was so close to ordering a salad like I usually do but then I decided to order something I would normally never order.  A burrito with noodles, chicken and veggies.  Interesting but delicious.

IMG 6507

8.  Not going to name any names but one of us may have had 1 lb of froyo last night… the rest of us were pretty close to getting a lb too.  Just a couple of crazy Utah girls.   

DSC 9148

9.  I am taking a leap of faith and trusting Target on a very important matter.  They have a wall of books that they recommend and so I decided to see if Target knows what they are talking about when it comes to telling me what books to read.   It is supposed to snow for the next few days so I guess I am going to be forced to stay in pjs and read all day.  

IMG 6433

10.  In case you are ever wondering who my photographer is–>  she is about 3 feet tall and 5 years old.

IMG 6498


Would you rather have dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate?

What are you reading right now?

Any funny phone accident stories?

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Milk chocolate or white chocolate :) I can’t stand the taste of dark chocolate, too bitter for me. I read a couple of conference talks today.. Does that count ha? I also have a book that I start months ago that I need to finish called “Having Hope” by Terri Ferran. I dropped one of my phones in the pool one time when I was working. I had to get it out with a pool net haha. Needless to say it never worked again….


My first cell phone is with the baby Jesus now, because I threw it in my purse with a bottle of kids grape Dimetapp. Turns out the lid was not screw on all the way. I tried to take it apart and fix it. However, Sprint noticed the grape smell. :p


I accidently washed my phone in the washing machine..not my finest moment


DARK chocolate all the way!! We buy those bars from TJ’s too! Reading: Running for Women by Kara Goucher – good read!


What Alice forgot is a great book! I bet you’ll love it


Read this book: The Art of Racing in the Rain. Also a Target recommendation, and an AMAZING read.


Dark chocolate all the way! It’s so good for you too.
I’m not reading anything except magazines these days… by the time I get to bed I am too tired to concentrate on a book. Maybe one day I’ll go back to reading like a normal person.


Oh yes…same exact thing happened to my iphone except I dropped spaghetti sauce in it. I thought maybe the speaker would start working again after awhile but it doesn’t :( i’ve been talking on speaker phone for almost 4 months now!


My phone fell out of my back pocket into the toilet–everyone’s heard that one, but this was after my water broke and I was getting ready to go to the hospital to have my baby. I couldn’t use it for a few days, either great or awful timing!


I recently read “What Alice Forgot” and it was a great book! Please post your thoughts about it when you are done reading it. I’m interested in what you think. =)


I heard that book is really good! I’ve been meaning to pick it up.let us know how you like it in the end!


WHITE CHOCOLATE hands down, it has always been my favorite.

I will have to look into that book–I’m always looking for something new… but that will have to wait until my netflix marathon of revenge is over. almost done!


I saw that you are really into What Alice Forgot. If you are looking for another good book in a similar vein I highly recommend Where’d You Go Bernadette. It is laugh out loud hilarious and also surprisingly profound. I couldn’t put it down. Another great one is This Is Where I Leave You. Happy reading!


Sorry, but white chocolate is not chocolate. Blech.


That Target wall of books has never steered me wrong. I’m just finished “Me Before You”. Total sob fest, but I loved it. Now I’m reading “The Girl You Left Behind” by the same author and love it so far.


Phone accident story: My daughter spit up on my phone on just the right spot so I could no longer hear anything. I think she wanted me to turn it over to her as her new favorite toy ;)

Book rec (also from Target): The Lost Recipe for Happiness by Barabra O’Neil


I’m reading “The Husband’s Secret” which is by the same author who wrote “What Alice Forgot” – Liane Moriarty. So good!


Bummer about the phone :( I was using my phone as a flashlight once while we were filling a bucket with water to dump on a campfire and in the bucket the phone went.

Brooke and elmo adorable!

* for Women’s Apparel Performance Apparel


I am reading a target recommended book right now as well! It is Three Cups of Tea. I’m not through the beginning so not into it yet but I’m trying to hurry cause I know the first couple pages are always slow for me..


Always trust Target. Most of my books come from the book club section.


I was taking a bath and had my books sitting on the toilet. I reach over and garb my books off the toilet, forgetting that I had set my phone on said books. *plunk* cell phone drops in the tub with me.

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