What I’m buying today + Weekending + My Brother’s Dream Sponsor

I went into this run with Kaydi and Carolyn, wondering if I could hang or if I would end up lost somewhere in their dust because the last time I did a long workout was the St. George Marathon. Surprisingly, I could keep pretty close to them (I swear quitting soda and drinking green smoothies has changed so much for me)!

We started at 7:45 am, which felt like a treat because the sun was out, and we all could sleep a bit! I ate a Belvita Bar on the way to where we were starting and then used Maurtens along the way.

We did a 25-minute warm-up, 40 minutes @ 6:35 pace, 10 minutes easy, 20 minutes @ 6:26 pace, 5 minutes easy, 10 minutes @ 6:19 pace, and 10 minute cool-down. The whole run was pretty flat, but the graph makes it look more dramatic… although any incline felt accurate to the graph’s steepness ha.

The few weeks of short intervals I did at much faster paces leading up to this sure helped to make the paces on Saturday feel more doable. My coach will mix some of those shorter workouts into my marathon training plan (a little less than 12 weeks away)!

Carolyn and I perceive temperatures a bit differently.

Andrew is able to get out on his gravel bike for some short rides. It’s incredible what movement and sunshine do for a human… he missed it so much.

Hmmmm, maybe my hair is a bit too short for high ponytails now.

My brother’s family all went out for runs, and he is hoping I can help him get a sponsorship with Under Armour to send him sweatbands because he wears one for every run.

We came home to so much snow. We aren’t getting ski season passes this year, so I’m having a more challenging time feeling excited about it. The kids are sure happy about it, though.

Brooke came home yesterday!

 The best.

Happy Cyber Monday… Time to share sales and what I’m getting or already bought! You can also find my gift guides here, here and here too.

*30% off EVERYTHING at Anthropologie! My favorite purse is here and their home stuff is my favorite.

*Madewell is 50-60% off everything with code CYBER. I wear their jeans, tees, and this jumpsuit all of the time.

*Abercrombie is 25% off everything + an extra 15% off with code CYBERAF. I got these jeans! I want this, this, and this, too😭! I love their kids’ clothes too; they are 40% off today!

*lululemon sale items!

*30% off at Athleta! I LOVE their workout clothes. I grabbed these leggings this seamless top, this Henley top, this top, these leggings, and this turtleneck

*Gap is 50-60% off sitewide! I need this sweater dress, this matching set, this fleece vest and don’t forget they have workout clothes too.

*My new favorite store for clothes is up to 50% off! I have this coat, this sweater, this sweater, this sweater, and these jeans.

*Amazon deals—> The vitamix I use daily for my smoothies! I love my mini theragun. The endorphin shifts from Saucony are 30% off and so are the Asics Novablast 3s. The updated version of my Garmin is $200 off! The ultimate sheets are 49% off. Andrew said our ice machine has been life-changing and is 35% off.


Doing any online shopping today?

Did you travel for Thanksgiving?  Anyone host?  Have you recovered from it?

Anything that comes with you for every single run?

Tell me a highlight from your weekend!

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On Friday I bought the eye mask and sheets that you recommended. Slept on the sheets and wore my mask last night. You never steer a girl wrong!
I am hoping to not do much/any shopping today. I did enough on Friday! I’ll definitely participating in Giving Tuesday tomorrow. I always donate to Every Mother Counts.
Highlight of the weekend was coming home from work yesterday to my husband vacuuming the house and roasting a chicken for dinner.
Beck’s snow suit is EPIC!!


I take this matter incredibly seriously so I am happy to hear that you love both… anything we can do to have better sleep is a win in my book. We have a family we are donating to tomorrow. I love that you donate to Every Mother Counts. Giving Tuesday is the best. Your husband won… was it a an Alison Roman chicken? Hahahah I love it too and wish it fit me. Happy Monday, Molly!


Hope you had a great American Thanksgiving!
So glad Andrew can do some short bike rides!

Oh I definitely did some online shopping lol. I bought the new pink limited edition stanley cup lol that just released on black Friday..gulp. I am trying to be good but lol..

And I bought a teddy fleece jacket onsale in my local roots.

A highlight of my weekend.. running 10 solo miles and then on Sunday took River to trails. She was so happy and tuckered after

Every run these days definitely includes gloves lol

Happy Monday Janae!!


Ummmm off to try and find the pink Stanley! I bet River was in heaven! Hoping that our bodies adjust to these temperatures asap. Have a beautiful one, Kristine!


We hosted 25 for Thanksgiving! It was fun, and I felt recovered, but then woke up with a sore throat…. No!!! This week is the start of a 2 week holiday toy and food drive I run with our local schools. I cannot get sick!!
This weekend’s highlight was all of the neighborhood lights going up ( on YouTube, check out sparkle balls in Fullerton, CA), with the neighborhood potluck last night. So fun, and now it feels like the holidays have begun.
I will be doing some online shopping this afternoon for sure! And because of the above mentioned holiday drive I do, my workouts and runs will shift to the afternoon. Sometimes fun to switch things up.
Have a great Monday Janae!


TWENTY FIVE! You must be exhausted, Wendy! I am so sorry about the sore throat during your busy time of year… I hope it is a short thing. I just watched… ummm that is your neighborhood? Best neighborhood ever. It looks incredible. I need to come bring my kids to see it. Happy afternoon runs! You’ll get more sunshine that way too. Hope your day is a beautiful one and your throat gets better with each hour.


Michael’s had crazy discounts on Christmas decor on Saturday, so I got a few things which was fun! So glad Andrew is back up and at it – it’ll only keep getting better! I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving and it was fast/fun, but there were so many people I think I’ll just do my own in the future haha.


I want to go check out Michael’s, I need some new decorations so bad. Congrats on the race and running it fast. Haha I feel that, sometimes I’m in the mood for all of the people and sometimes I want to hide ha. Happy Monday, Tess!


I’m not doing any shopping today, only because I got a bunch of stuff online on Black Friday. Most of it was baby stuff- I got great deals on a bassinet and baby swing from 4Moms and some baby clothes from Old Navy. Now to let my bank account rest lol :) So glad Andrew is able to get outside on his bike; I’m sure that’s made a world of difference in his recovery. Happy Monday Janae!


After today, I will let my bank account rest too haha… I love that. So happy you found great deals on baby stuff, I am thrilled for you. It really is… just a short sweat does wonders for our brains. Hope your day is a great one, Emily!


I got the baton passed to host Thanksgiving this year.
I never mind cooking, so I enjoyed it.
Chris was a huge help too!


oh yes!!!….I’ve got a water belt. it carries one bottle tucked into the small of my back, a pocket for my small camera or cell phone…..I’ve had the i use in I think 2007, they don’t make them anymore…I alays like having water or Nuun with me just in case..it’s light…I don’t always need a hydration pack….and it’s handy..am not sure what’ll happen when it finally wears out…
todays my day to get caught up with all that I follow, or that follow me…it’s almost like a full time job

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