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Turns out I can run much later on in the day but my theory is still true—> the later I go, the more it hurts.

Rewind to the beginning of the day… Knox needed me to bring him a book to school to read to the class and I forgot my mask but luckily was able to wear Brooke’s really cool one inside;)

IMG 3038

Skye tried a new recipe —> she added a cup of water to her bowl of Cheerios… she said the recipe needs some work.

IMG 3042

Went to Runner’s Corner and Skye got in some laps.

IMG 3048

They sent me home with some gear they give to the racing team (CANNOT WAIT TO RACE AGAIN).

IMG 3059

Attempted a treadmill run and .01 miles in Beck woke up!

IMG 3051

A few hours later when Andrew got home I went with my sister on the trails and we suffered together in the heat.

IMG 3063

One bonus of running later is that it feels like I can stretch/recover a bit more once I get home rather than rushing kids to school like a normal morning!

IMG 3085

When I told Andrew I saw a snake on my run he asked if I got a picture… ummmm nope, I sped up to a 4 minute mile pace.

IMG 3086

A blueberry/banana smoothie hit the spot along with rotisserie chicken, snap peas and TJs frozen rice that you microwave in 3 minutes.

IMG 3088

Bangs friend told me she buys these for her kids so I bought it for my kids and then I tried it and I’m saving it for myself;)

IMG 3096

Jordan Hasay doing workouts on the track that I do my workouts on… it’s a magical one.

IMG 3058

PS if you are a parent needing some motivation, my friend Leigh posted the perfect tip:)

Screenshot 2021 05 05 at 7 58 19 PM


Give me your sentence of the day!

Ever see snakes on your runs or other animals that freak you out?

What’s the running store called that you go to the most often?  Do you have a lot in your area or not so much?

What’s the best part of your day going to be!

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My 3 year old was dunking his oatmeal cookies in water the other day. He said it tastes good lol!

We have The Running Room here but the one in our area closed and it’s a Telus store now! It made me sad when they shut down I had a lot of good memories training for my first half there and I taught 5k groups with them.

To be honest running with grasshoppers on the roads and sidewalks in summer freak me out! They jump at me! Haha I’m such a chicken but seriously they are big and I’m horrified if I come close to stepping on one.

Have a great day Janae!


You are not alone! I am not a fan of grasshoppers (and neither is Knox)… they come after us too! Oatmeal cookies in water… Hahah how is that good?! That is such a bummer about your running store.

Have an awesome day, Gillian!


Hahaha speed up to 4 minute miles- SAME! I hate snakes.

There are two local running stores here that I really like. Charm City Run (which has multiple locations and lots of fun runs!) and Falls Road Running (which has amazing, reasonably priced training groups. I do a summer track group with them and we have actual coaches! Makes me feel intense haha).


Hey Mariah!! I hope you don’t see any snakes this summer. Both of those running stores sound awesome and I want to come to the summer track club, that sounds amazing. You are intense! Have a fabulous day!


At the moment the animal most likely to scare me while I’m running is a pheasant… In fairness it’s usually when I startle them and they make such a noise as they take off – always makes me jump!


That would make me jump too! Any noises out of the ordinary freak me out! Have a fabulous day, Helen!


Are you not on Twitter anymore?? I thought you quit blogging :(


Thank you for reminding me… I got an email that I was locked out of Twitter and I forgot about it! Thanks Cheryl and I’ll probably be blogging forever ? Have a great day!


I know I say this weekly, but Skye cracks me up! The recipe needs work… Ha ha
Yes! Running later in the day feels so much more difficult. My legs always feel like weights, and I can’t seem to breath correctly. But so fun that you got to run with your sister! ?
I see coyotes often here on my runs. And although I know they are more afraid of me, it always startles me when I come across one! Funny animal encounter… Last week, a squirrel jumped out of a tree right in front of where I had just planted my foot… Scared me to death! Ha ha
We have “A Snails Pace” out here. It’s a great little store! I love how they have this big board that lists all the upcoming races, from the little local ones, to the big majors. The employees are always so happy and helpful too. It’s where I go to get all my fuel too. I actually need to go in to buy new socks. I may just do that today on my way to Trader Joe’s ?
Have a good day!


Seeing coyotes would freak me out big time! And that squirrel.. I’d lose it to. Anything out of the ordinary really startled me! A Snails Pace sounds awesome.. love that idea to have all of the races on the board! Have a beautiful day Wendy and enjoy some new socks!


Hahaha. Skye is so funny!

We have so many running stores where I live- 3 are walking distance. Sometimes I run by and buy things I don’t need lol. We have a Running Room, Van Run Co and Forerunners.

Best part of the day its Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! lol. Coffee and getting to work from home is pretty good..a year in and this seems to be our new normal.

Have a great day Janae..glad you got to run with your sister!


THREE are within walking distance, that is awesome! Happy Friday eve:). I’m so glad you are loving working from home! Thanks Kristine, you too!


There is a groundhog that lives in the park I run through. I haven’t been able to get a photo of him yet. I stress yet. He’s so cute! I would totally freak if I saw a snake!
My go-to running store is Fleet Feet. I did a Half Marathon training program with them and they are awesome!
The best part of my day will be a bike ride with my husband after work! He’s a mountain bike guy like Andrew.
Have a great day!


You’ll have to send me the photo once you do get a pic of him! That is so great that Fleet Feet offered a training program for your half. Have the best time with your husband, that sounds like a blast. Thanks Crissy, you too!


UMM Is that Runner’s Corner hoodie for sale or just for the elite team? Because if it’s for sale I will go buy one TODAY!!! So cute.


Sentence of the day? Not sure–I don’t often get the opportunity to complete a sentence without disruption, LOL!!!
You’re far braver than I am. I’m really spooked about snakes these days. We’re about to have a 17-year cicada brood here, and there are lots of warnings about snakes (copperheads) hanging out in the sticks/leaves under trees so they can snag as many as possible when they emerge. It will be a real shame when we have to scorch the yard and move far far away if I see one.
We can’t seem to sustain an independent running store in my hometown, but within an hour or so, we have Pacers, Charm City Running, and Potomac River Running. Oh, plus Road Runner Sports.
Loving that the sun is shining very brightly today :)


Hey Corey! Haha I know what you mean about completing a sentence! BE CAREFUL out there… and I would do the same thing if I saw one! That is great that you have some awesome running stores within an hour. Keep enjoying that sun!


Our Riverwalk has all the animals! It’s roughly 20 ish miles of paved walkways for bikers/runners/walkers, and it follows the Tennessee River and creeks from the dam down to Lookout Mountain. We see lots of critters, esp in the spring and summer when they all have babies. Rabbits, turtles (including big snapping turtles), frogs, geese, ducks, woodpeckers, killdeer (a super cool long legged bird), great blue herons, hawks, vultures, otters, snakes……..the list goes on! Just last week on our group run we saw a gorgeous rat snake sunning on the trail. I usually nudge them and make them move, because bikers sometimes go too fast, but this guy was in a less traveled area and he didn’t want to budge! 99 percent of the time the snakes we see here are harmless, in fact I have only seen a venomous snake once in the wild. I think they are so cool to see.

We have 2 running stores pretty close to one another downtown. One is a chain and one is local. I try and go to the local one more…………it’s been there for like over 40 years! They are awesome and do fun events and stuff. In fact, tonight they are hosting a preview run on the race course for our Memorial day race. It’s Chattanooga’s oldest road race, and it didn’t happen last year (although I ran most of the route that day anyway!) so I am thrilled it will happen this year! The course is 8k and ALL hills. Like no joke hills. The biggest hill is a private residence at the top, so you can’t usually run up and over but the homeowner opens his gate for the race, and for tonight’s run! I am excited, but it’s gonna hurt, ha!

Have a great day!


Hey Loribeth! 20 miles of paved walkways – awesome! I bet you see a ton of animals there, how fun. Teach me to enjoy seeing snakes (even the ones that aren’t dangerous!) in the wild ha. FORTY YEARS, that is awesome! Have a blast tonight and go rock those hills!


Hi Janae! I completely agree, the later the run the harder it is. Though I read once that afternoon races are supposed to have better performance because your body temp is slightly higher.
My friend gave me some trader Joe’s jerk flavor plantain chips and they were really good!
Happy Thursday!!


That is so interesting about afternoon races! I might have to try one out someday. I have to try out those chips, yum! Happy Thursday to you too!


We live on an island outside of Savannah and my husband is into biking; he sees poisonous snakes like cottonmouths on his rides and always takes pictures of them for me to see too — I’m like ‘why would you stop near the poisonous snake to get a picture?!!’ I want him to just bike away as fast as possible!


HEY BETSY! I would be SO afraid to see those snakes while I’m out riding… that is terrifying and Andrew would stop to take pictures of those too ha! Have the best day Betsy!


– I see animals but they don’t freak me out. I’m the lady that pokes the spider web to see what happens; moves the (nonpoisonous) snakes off the path so they don’t get squished by bikes; move the baby turtles…same reason, speeding bikes are death traps!; re-route to see if I can see the bear (from a distance); and talk to the deer and coyotes. I DO leave the rattlesnakes and skunks alone and find a wide path around them but they don’t freak me out. Just wisdom there, you know?
– My favorite running store here is called Runner’s High. Second favorite is Boulder Running Company. My side of town only has one running store but there are more as you head east out to Denver or north up to Boulder.
– The best part of my day will be eating more cookies! Nothing else has been bad, just that cookies are really good! (The chocoate/peanut butter version of your peanut butter-only oatmeal no bake cookies.)


Teach me to be that lady.. you sound awesome! I’m definitely glad you leave the rattlesnakes and skunks alone. Runner’s High sounds awesome. I bet you have a ton of really awesome trails! I had a really good cookie today too and now I need to make your chocolate/pb version! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Where did you get the light pink running top in the first picture? It’s so cute.


Omg, it looks perfect! I have been looking for that exact shape and length. Thank you so much!


You are welcome! ENJOY!


The only animals we really have in NZ that do bother me while running are seagulls. Not all the time but sometimes they swoop at you as you’re running. I had one run where they dive bombed me for about 800 metres and it freaked me out! But thats the only bad encounter, only one other time with a grumpy duck but I am faster than a grumpy duck so that was ok! I can’t even imagine coming across a snake! That would terrify me!

I most often buy online as the only running stores near me are big chain stores and it’s just not the same. But if I really need something I’ll go into one of those and try things on but once I know what I like I get it online.

And yay it’s Friday!!! That means the whole day is the best part. We have a birthday party to go to after school which will be fun! Have a great day Janae.


I sent your tip to my sister and she laughed so hard… real life haha! Okay, that would freak me out to have a seagull sweet down at me! I wish that you had smaller running stores near you! Enjoy every second of your Friday and have a blast at the bday party. Thanks Leigh!


Haha I’m glad she related! Honestly he went on for about 1.5 hours until I was ready to go run. Definitely happened because of him though ?


running in the afternoon counts for double the miles…that’s just science.

Our local running shop is called Runners Roost and I love it!

I had to run past an angry rattle snake once out on the trails. There was a cliff on one side and it was on the other. Angry, coiled and rattling, it was terrifying. Our only choice was to sprint past and hope for the best. we were lucky that it didn’t strike at us!


Okay, now that I know it is science, I feel a lot better about how hard it was haha! Runners Roost sounds awesome. AN ANGRY RATTLE SNAKE = worst nightmare. I’m so glad you were all okay! I hope that never happens again!


I would turn full Usain Bolt if I came across a snake, definitely no time for pics!! And hah, that tip for running motivation is perfect. Kids have the worlds best memories when you promise them a little TV time. We don’t have a running store in our town (boo), but luckily one of the general sports stores carries Hokas for most of the year. Whenever I see them in my size I stock up. I think running store is in the top 3 necessities for any great town (along with good coffee shop/bakery and good bookstore)!


Right?! How Skye can remember any mention of screen time for days/months is a miracle to me! I really hope that your town someday does get a running store and I agree about those 3 necessities! Have the best day Michelle!

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