(Leggings ((SO warm but size down in them)) top) I am labeling this run–> ‘The time I wondered why my parents ever moved us from St. George to a freezing area.’  This is a huge tangent, but I wonder if Andrew and I ever saw each other in Elementary School.  We were there together for one year in St. George, but I was two grades above him… I wonder if we ever crossed paths?

I love where we live; I just needed to throw a mini temper tantrum that this will be my next four months.

Because Seville is a flat marathon, I will do more runs on the treadmill this winter. Last winter, I was training for Boston and felt like I needed to be out on the hills every day, but I will most definitely be on the treadmill this year when it is bad out.

Back to my daily tradition:

Brooke called my blender my new Stanley… and she is right.  


Brooke and I decided that if there is any sunlight for the next few months, we need to be out on the porch soaking it up together.



Let’s move into some tangents!



 *We made this fantastic sandwich bread. I will be making it again.



*Turns out there is no amount of fruit that can cover up the taste of arugula and tat soi in a smoothie…. Back to power greens at Costco for me!

*Please make this ice cream dessert and top it with some hot fudge!

*If you want the dreamiest crescent rolls, my niece made these (she made 96, haha). I’ll be making this recipe for the rest of my life now.

*Andrew jumped into my brother and SIL’s cold plunge.  We were thinking about getting one but remembered that we could just lay down in the snow in our backyard for what feels like ten months of the year.

*This story is heartbreaking.

*BRILLIANT tip from my SIL—> Game Bags to keep everything organized.

*Everyone was so happy to see Brooke, and now they are counting down the minutes until Knox is back, too.

*Today’s workout should be fun—> 5-mile tempo (starting at 6:30 and working down a bit) + 5 x 1 min on/off!  

Have any tangents to share today?

Best Christmas movie(s)?

What year did you graduate high school?

*2004 for me and 2006 for Andrew.

Ever do a cold plunge?

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Tangent: ummm, how did I not realize how huge Utah is? I wasn’t understanding how St. George could be so warm and your area so cold until I looked on Google Maps. Let’s just say history/ geography has never been my strong suit! HA
Best Christmas movies: Elf, Holiday Inn (black and white with beautiful dancing), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (original)
Graduated high school in 2006.
No cold plunges but last day of summer always took freezing cold shower to reinvigorate myself and mentally prep for a new school year (maybe that’s a little weird ha). Have a wonderful day!


Hahaha the temperatures definitely vary between the top of the state and the bottom. I am right there with you… geography is rough. I need to watch Holiday Inn! Good call on the cold shower, I read in a book (I think it was endorphin nation or something) that cold showers are really good for us. I need to get brave enough to try those. I hope your day is a wonderful one, Courtney!


My favorite Christmas movie: It’s A Wonderful Life

Class of 1999 here!! :)


You and my brother graduated the same year. I must watch that one with my kids this year. A must. Hope your Tuesday is a great one, Amanda!


Poor Ethan. It such a silly rule, but also a well known one. His coach really should have known better. But you do have to wonder about whoever reported him…seems like a very petty thing to do.

I’ve been tempted by cold plunging, but don’t have easy access to one. I’m trying sauna sessions this winter since my gym has that!


Valid point… how did the coach not know that rule and I was thinking the same thing… maybe they just told once they realized it was against the rules?! Enjoy the sauna sessions, a good sweat in the winter is necessary. Have a beautiful day, Ida!


As a daily smoothie drinker, so curious how you get all that down before it thaws/separates? Any tricks haha? Smoothies are my breakfast of choice but some days they feel like A LOT of work to get down. Love that it is making such a huge difference for you!


My vitamix tumblr keeps is really cold and I put the other one back in the fridge until I am ready for it. I blend it 2-3 times which seems to really keep it together, otherwise I just do a quick mix with my straw or back in the blender with more ice if it is too melty. A LOT OF WORK to get done is correct but at this point with how good I feel, I will never quit haha. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Morgan. I hope this helps and cheers to you with your smoothie right now!


Utah is so magical. I love when I have the chance to run there.

Best Christmas movie is the Grinch with Jim Carrey. It’s the first holiday movie I watch every year.


Ohhhhhhh yes that truly is the best. I will watch that one today with the kids. Come move to Utah and run with me all of the time:). Hope your day is a beautiful one, Libbie!


Class of 2005! AKA Laguna Beach era. ha
Ok, I slept in on my day off today because of an amazing eye mask! That never happens!
Best Christmas movie is Home Alone. I grew up watching it year-round on VHS, it takes place near me in Chicago, the 90s feels!
Super excited for you and Spain. Just gotta make it through winter! Do you have any idea if you’ll run Boston this year, too?


We were just a year apart and you know I was there for Laguna Beach era too… oh Lauren. PS MORGAN was in my dorm hall… before I moved out because the girls (not her… different girls) in that hall were spreading horrible rumors about me. I found a much better place to live mid semester. We watched Home Alone last night. Ohhhh that eye mask truly works wonders. If someone pays me to do Boston, absolutely! But as of right now, I haven’t heard of anything! What are your plans???


Our favorite Christmas movies are Elf, Christmas with The Kranks, and A Christmas Story. There are so many that I also love, but those are definitely our top 3.
Well… I woke up in the middle of the night with a throat so sore and swollen, I was having a hard time just swallowing water! I feel ok, but off to the doctor I go. Fingers crossed it’s something minor and quick to heal.
Hope you have a great Tuesday.


That is the perfect top 3 list. WENDY, not now. It’s your busiest time of year. Let me know what the doctor says. Sending love!


Haha Brooke – the new Stanley.

Best Christmas Movies: The Holiday; Fred Claus; Elf. I also love “The Family Stone” but it makes me cry. And I love all the old ones like Rudolph, Year Without a Santa Claus, etc.

Graduated High School: Oh my…1986. Yep.


The Family Stone makes me cry every single time too. I love it! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Melissa!


class of ’77…yes I’m ancient, and I think the roads were paved..our track was i think crushed rock or something….I look back and even though it didn’t always feel great then, it was the best of times….I loved the social stuff..I kept forgetting that we had to go to classes, and I wanted to be a rock star…
best movie, Serendipity with John Cusack..my family know I’m in that Christmas mode when I start watching that movie over and over and fall in love with Kate Beckinsale all over again
today…I got my COVID booster and flu shot yesterday, today will be a catching up blogs and watch YouTube vids


Crushed rock track! Oh that must have been tricky to run fast on! Sounds like the most wonderful teenage years! Enjoy the blogs and YouTube!


I graduated in 2004 too! I’m not sure what my favorite Christmas movie is but we just watched Home Alone with my girls (5 and 7) for the first time and it was hilarious how hard they laughed.

I wanted to report back that I bought both the lululemon vest and jacket you linked to a few weeks ago that were on sale. I have been wearing the vest a lot and I like it. This morning it was 24 feels like 5 with windchill here in Pittsburgh so I wore the jacket for the first time on my run. It was great! I put the hood up for a while and that helped with the wind. I was not cold and never got too warm . Very happy I got it! Thanks for the recommendations. Now I need to find better gloves because my hands were freezing for most of the run.


That makes me so happy… watching kids experience things for the first time is truly the best. I am SO grateful that you are loving them! Okay, we never have feels like 5 but we were 24 today and my hands were the only warm part on me with these gloves:


They are so good. Hope your day is off to a great start!


It was 8 degrees here this morning. I love the cooler weather, but the COLD weather is always a tough transition. I am loving my heating pad at work today.
Graduated in 2003!
I am with you on the arugula – radicchio is similar too. I have to switch greens depending on if I am doing smoothies OR salads. Those flavors just cannot be blended with fruit.
I would watch Elf every single day during December if I had the time!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!


8 degrees!! Okay, I cannot complain about my 24 today. You are strong and I need to bring a heating pad to my desk (as my space heater is blowing directly on me). Thank you for warning me about radicchio. You are so right, they cannot be mixed haha. We are so close in age:). Yep, Elf is our #1 too. Thanks Katie and I hope it warms up a bit for your runs soon!


Oh man, I meant to ask if you saw that article about the runner in St. George who was followed by a car and she had to run to a random house and pretend like it was hers?! That was totally my sister’s neighborhood, it made me so nervous! Ugh. But, at least she was ok and carries pepper spray.

On a happier note, Elf is definitely the best Christmas movie.


SO DANG SCARY. Oh that gave me chills that it was your sister’s neighborhood. I was going to start early on my own this morning until I got freaked out and asked a friend to join me too before the group met. It’s so sad that we have to be fearful of doing the thing we love alone. Yep. Agreed. I will never tire of Elf. Hope you have a great one, Tess!


Class of 2007 here :) I have to say you and Brooke soaking up the sunshine is bringing back some super happy memories with my Mom. We used to sit at the front door behind the glass storm door and soak up the sun in the winter after school. It was the best – now, we both sit in the sun together every chance we get! Over Thanksgiving we sat outside in the sun together while everyone else was watching football. Soak up the sun and the memories! They’ll mean so much to Brooke!


Rachel. I mean, I am in a very emotional stage of my cycle but your comment made me tear up. I am so happy to read you do this with your mom and how much it means to you (and her). You sound like mother/daughter goals. I hope you have a beautiful day!


I ran in the mountains above Provo on Thanksgiving Day and it was a balmy 30 degrees or so with such gorgeous views that I wanted to run forever and only turned around because I had to start making rolls! Came home to the Midwest, ran around my pancake-flat town and I was literally shivering the rest of the day because it is THREE DEGREES here right now. Why why why?!!!!

But what I really came here to comment about was to suggest putting lime juice in your smoothies. I learned this from a nutritionist friend who worked for giant companies figuring out how to make supplemental nutrition drinks more palatable. It is seriously amazing how well it works to conceal the greens taste—I was out of bananas today so I just used lime juice and while it wasn’t the best smoothie I’ve ever had, it was palatable!


THREE DEGREES?!? I truly do not know how you do it, Rachael! Ahhh I will try that! My sister throws a whole lemon in hers and she has been begging me to try that but it just feels a little aggressive to me haha. Have the best day!


We have snow, too. Gobs (well it feels like gobs for November). Do they salt the roads and walkways where you live?

Cold plunge yes. What I really like is the Kneippe here in Europe where you walk through freezing cold water. Best is when it’s at an indoor pool that has an area with a warm/hot pool, the ice cold pool, and a sauna.

The recipes you shared look perfect. Any recipe that is named after a person or is typed is a winner.

Brooke looks so happy to be home with you all.

Tangent, I did a tempo 5 mile run the other day, too. Why does it feel just right?

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