Silentish Saturday!

My brother took us on his ‘Dad Loop.’

His fake snake on his porch scares me every time.

He makes everything fun.

My brother brought these home from Hawaii for us:

Andrew took out his pretty new bike for a ride.

My SIL brought out the Thanksgiving shirt.

They fried a turkey:

I imagine that heaven is filled with pans of rolls like this.

Why eat a beautiful meal when you can just have a bowl of cereal?

We love BYU women’s soccer… They are going to the semifinals!

Being an aunt is one of my favorite things.

Tell me three things you are up to today!

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Fezzari Shafer, very nice bike! I’m sure there are some great gravel routes in Utah and your mtb skills will be very useful. Have fun Andrew!


You are going to make his day! Thanks John, he loves it! Your equation of n + 1 is correct!


Crescent rolls really are the best!
We have our first snow of the season falling and I finished my seven mile run just as the first flakes were starting to fall! It was a cold, calm and quiet morning for a run.
The rest of the day entails decorating for Christmas, more eating and watching college football.

Happy Saturday all!


Wow. Your Thanksgiving had balcony views. I’m very impressed.
Today I’m taking my turn in the weekend work rotation. I hope to be able to squeeze in a Peloton and strength session afterwards.
FYI I bought the eye mask and bed sheets that you linked. I hope that help with my sleep. I’m allll about better sleep since it’s apparently the most under-utilized recovery tool for running.


Your SIL shirt is awesome. Looks like you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
Today will be filled with finishing cleaning up Thanksgiving (we had such a great 2 days with family), decorating for Christmas, and watching college football. I also plan to get in a Peloton workout in to keep my 101week streak going. I love that app.
Keep enjoying your family, and safe travels back home.


spent the day putting together a basketball game for my kids – and for me – took me three hours, and um, discovered too late that it’s a little, or a lot too large…..but, we’ll make it work..just have to remove a few ceiling tiles..oops

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