THE Top 17 + SUSHI + That Felt Really Good!

How is this the last day of 2017 already?  This year went by crazy fast… especially these last few weeks!

I love this picture of Skye because it looks like she has a little smirk on her face:)

Those cheeks of hers are incredibly hard to resist.

IMG 5568

Skye slept like a champ on Friday night—>  5.5 hours in a row!  Andrew and I both felt amazing when we woke up this morning and add to that a 2.5 mile walk, I felt really good this morning.

IMG 5571

I also listened to this podcast during my walk and while doing a few other things yesterday morning.  It was SO good.  If you need something to listen to during your runs this week, listen to this one.  Des is so inspiring and so down to earth.  I loved her tips, her story and then hearing her talk about her mantras… calm, calm, calm, relax, relax, relax (said in pattern with her running) for most of the race with a healthy mixture of  RUN YOUR FACE OFF too ha.  It made me so excited to run again!

IMG 5569

Lunch was the typical salad with chicken, sweet potato and a piece of toast w/pb (that I had already started eating before taking a picture)!

IMG 5594

Then I attempted to get ready for the day but then that never really happened;)  This picture is a great reminder to me to clean the mirrors at some point in the next month maybe.

Also, Brooke will be proud to know that I wore the bracelet that she made for me the entire time she was gone.

IMG 5609

Knox and Andrew went to go see a movie!

IMG 5597

Once the boys came home we all went outside for a little bit because it was 53 degrees outside!  I wish we could send some of our warmth out east!  Skye was questioning my beanie selection for her…

IMG 5634

And then we left the house.  I’ve missed seeing those mountains!

IMG 5649

We stopped at two places while we were out… we had a gift card for Krispy Kreme so Knox and I went in to grab some donuts.

IMG 5645

Knox told me he was going to get a sprinkle donut because he missed Brooke and sprinkles remind him of her.

PS a hot chocolate and donut before dinner is always a good idea.

IMG 5647

And then we stopped to pick up sushi!  We decided to have a little date night while Knox watched a show and Skye slept.  I have missed tuna tataki and sushi so much.

IMG 5652

I’m picking up Brooke today!  I can’t wait to see that little face of hers!

IMG 5595


2017 has been quite the year over here (I’m sure it has been for all of you guys)!  We’ve had a lot of changes (HELLO, SKYE ((the highlight of our year)), a lot of miles were run, Brooke started KINDERGARTEN, Knox has been rocking pre-school, Andrew finished up another year of school (he 1.2 years left) and I’m just thrilled to have Skye here (and to not be pregnant anymore;)!  I thought I would share the top 17 posts from this last year in case you wanted to check any of them out!

*A big change for our family… We cannot wait to tell you about!  (This was when we announced we were expecting)!

*My feature with OLD NAVY active gear and what inspires YOU in 2017!  (This was probably one of the absolute coolest things I’ve done for work)

*What I do when I see something on my body I want to change!  (I share what I do when I don’t love my body and the cottage cheese on my leg)

*First trimester talk and how we found out we were pregnant!

*16 weeks pregnant and my experience with the iud… the mirena crash.

*Meet our new little addition!  (Skye’s first time on the blog)

*17 weeks and my thoughts on breastfeeding.

*My sister’s kitchen remodel- it is amazing!

*The first 1.5 weeks of life with Skye!

*15 pictures from our really special day!  (Andrew and I were sealed in the temple and I share a bit about what that means here)

*Skye’s birth story!

*My dating advice for anyone in the dating world right now.

*Our kitchen remodel:)

*32 weeks and Andrew’s list of things to NOT do when your wife is pregnant.

*They met!  (The first time Knox, Brooke and Skye all met)

*Your unpopular opinions and sentence per picture!  (These are hilarious!!)

*How do we teach our young girls?

*How do I fit treats in + my personal tips for a healthy relationship with food!

I’m really looking forward to sharing with you how our family continues to grow in 2018, getting back into running shape again and hopefully some personal records (or at least the training to begin for a pr race)!


What was the best part of your 2017?!

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I love Knox’s little heart, how sweet!

Best part of 2018 was taking my mom and mother in law on vacation! My mom has only been on a plane once and neither of our mom’s had been over seas, so it was an amazing experience!! I also BQ’d this year, and while I need to cut my time down by another few minutes I am super proud of the training I put in and I can’t wait to tackle my 4th marathon in 2019.


My best friend’s baby is due feb 14th the day after my birthday and every time I see pictures of Skye it makes me SO excited to soon be able to get baby snuggles:)

Best part about my 2017 was definitely starting my blog and starting school again for something I truly enjoy! Can’t wait to keep following and seeing what 2018 has in store for you all:) Happy New Year to all of you!!


You had quite the year, lady! It’s been exciting for us all to read about your journey.

Best part of 2017, a couple of great vacations with my hubby. One to see my folks in SC and one to the New England shoreline. Hoping for more adventures this year. Happy New Year to you and yours!


Best parts of 2017: moving to Eugene, Oregon and running without injury!

Thank you for sharing your year’s review with us, Janae–what a rich one it’s been for you and your family!


Reading the post about your birth control and all your side effects reminded me once again why BC is so unnatural for a woman’s body.
Fertility is not a disease to treat
It’s a natural part of a woman’s life
That’s why there are so many horrible side effects
The body is rejecting it because there’s nothing that needs to be regulated
The human body is an amazing thing
I was on the Pill for years for acne
I had miserable side effects
I went off it a year ago and I’ve never felt better
I know it takes discipline for married couples but its worth it to look into natural family planning
It’s 99% effective when practiced correctly and has ZERO health risks to you


2017 was a weird year. I think our highlights happened at the end of the year: my brother in law came home from his mission, and Christmas was a big hit this year. Oh! And the camper project was a huge highlight. I love that camper.


Highlights of 2017 a year of travel st. George Utah for Senior games with my dad, Grand Cayman, Plays Del Carmen, St. Thomas for 30th anniversary.


ok, that sushi looks incredible. i havent had sushi in way too long and your photos make me want to grab some right now! Same with donuts! :) sending the northeast some of your warmth would be a GREAT idea… it is ridiculously cold here right now!


Yum those doughnuts look so good! I’m currently waiting for my husband to wake up so I can send him out to get us doughnuts.
Best part of 2017: my baby Chase ❤️
Happy New Year Janae! I hope 2018 brings lots of blessings to you and your family :)


What an incredible year for you guys! My last run for 2017 was hill sprints in -22F! It reminded me how much we enjoyed our summer 2017 and our new pool. Such a great investment for us: my son is a fish ha and my husband and I love to invite friends and family for pool parties and bbqs. This weather builds mental thoughness for sure ha but can’t wait for summer to be back ;-)


I love that you find the little joys in leaving the house right now! I can’t imagine how you manage to be coupled up all day although I’m sure cuddles with Skye are a good pro :) I’ve loved following you this year Janae and can’t wait to see what happens with you and your family in 2018.


Happy New Year to you and your family! So how big is your family going to end up being?! I only have 1 friend who has had a baby after October 1st which means all the rest of us were pregnant over 2 calendar years (which sucks with insurance!) but you can say that last New Years Eve you weren’t pregnant and now have a baby – how fun is that!

Have a wonderful evening and have a wonderful to reuniting with Brooke!


Knox is the sweetest! Oh my goodness-what a caring, sensitive, thoughtful 2017 kind of guy!! (we used to say that with a different year when guys seemed to become more emotional and in tune with their feelings.)

My daughter went bananas when she saw the snowman hat on Skye.

Yeah for Brooke coming home!!! It will be so fun to have her back and swap stories with each other. She will be tickled that you wore that darling bracelet! She has a great mama!!!

Happy New Year! Here in Bavaria we say “gute rutsch” which means have a great slide into the new year…….


What a year for your family! Skye’s birth story was such an amazing post to read, thank you so much for sharing it with us!
Happy New Year!!


Best part of 2017: Mom, wife, and Self were in perfect balance creating much contentment and happiness.

Happy new year, friend!


I’m right there with Knox about his donut choice. I’m all about the sprinkles too.
I love looking back over the year and realizing how much I’ve done, grown, and been through. I don’t see those things day to day, it’s only when I look at the big picture.


Skye is just the sweetest baby! I definitely see Brooke in her face in that picture where Andrew is kissing her. What a sweetie pie!! Best part of 2017 was the birth of our 7th baby and 2nd boy, Jonah, in August. I didn’t know if we would have anymore after baby #6 so he was a bit of a (welcomed!) surprise :) The (major) lack of sleep has been hard to deal with (still!) but Jo is such a sweet smiley boy during the day that I guess that makes up for it :) I think he needs to eat a lot cuz he is such a TANK (4 mo old and wearing 18 mo sized onesies!!)
Thank you for updating as often as you are, I love seeing daily pics of ALL your sweet kiddos <3


Thanks for the podcast love! You rock!

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