My fastest 5k EVER + Tuesday Tangents!

(Shoes, top, socksshorts and I have to link to Lauren’s top too because I need it)

My fastest 5k ever at 36 years old!  I felt awful from the first step of the run, but I didn’t quit.  I am so grateful for Lauren because she PUSHED me through to the end.

5k pace hurts.

I texted my friend who has been giving me workouts about how awful I felt, and he replied, “I was hoping you wouldn’t feel great today because I feel like sometimes that means we started the taper too early!”  So a PR on this segment while feeling awful was a happy occurrence.

My watch said we finished in 18:11 (5:52 average), 10 seconds faster than when I ran this same course in 2019, the week before the St. George Marathon.  Strava said we did the segment 19 seconds faster (I haven’t been recording my runs on Strava for a while, so I took a screenshot of Lauren’s segment because we finished at the same time).  This 5k course is net downhill with the first 1.5 miles rolling and net up by a little bit, the next 1.3ish miles are net down with zero ups and the last .3ish flat.

Eleven miles @ 7:18 average for the day.

IMG 6422

I’ve tried three different carbon plate shoes over the years, and these are BY FAR the fastest.

IMG 6417

We decided to hit the mall to play at the indoor play area and lucked out…

IMG 6425

They were doing an Easter event for kids that included storytime and an Easter egg hunt.

IMG 6426

Beck and Skye thought I was so cool for getting them to this event, but it was all by luck.

IMG 6429


I have a few tangents to talk about:

*I need to spend a second and share my gratitude for the Cliftons.  Six months ago, I couldn’t walk without a ton of pain in my left foot (Andrew gave me many piggyback rides during that time).  The Cliftons are the biggest thing that got me running again, and now I get to do Boston next week.

IMG 6284

*This will be a scene I see a lot during my runs this summer, and I am very excited about that.

IMG 6205

*The other night, I told the kids that it was time for bed, and Beck ran into our room, and got comfortable on our bed with his legs crossed on my hot pad and the remote?!  Ummmm not happening!

IMG 6194

*Did you see this?  I support his love for candy, but I think another meal or two might be nice too;)

Screenshot 2022 04 07 at 12 25 36 PM

*Are there any other Peloton app lovers that saw that you can now check your body activity? They keep track of the muscles you’ve worked for you so you can better plan what’s next!

IMG 6198

*That feeling when you sit back, loosen up your pants a bit, and think about how amazing the meal was that you just ate.  Beck was very satisfied with his açaí  bowl, and he sat like this for a few minutes without wiggling.

IMG 6278

*I just got this in the mail.  I love their fancy medals:)

IMG 6373


Have any tangents to share with me today?

Who else uses the Peloton app?  Favorite part about it?

Best bag of candy on the planet?

Do you keep your race medals?  Where are they?

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You are seriously fast-like-the-wind! Wow!
+1 on your thoughts about Cliftons. I’m getting Hoka Rincon 3s today (according to tracking) to rotate and keep my feet happy.
Best candy: candy corn, without a doubt.
I keep my medals on a necklace tree/stand on my dresser, but I probably need another one ;)
Less than a week until Boston!!


Thank you so much, Corey. You will have to let me know what you think of the Rincon 3s, I would love to try those. Now I need some candy corn and that made me happy to read you need another necklace tree for all of your medals. Have the best day!


Good morning, Janae! CONGRATS on that 5k – Wow!! I’m not close to that fast on my very best day – LOL. Look out, Boston :o) Skye and Beck living their best life- so great!
I can’t even choose the best bag of candy – so many choices…so little time. Currently, my race medals are in a box in our home gym waiting for me to buy/find/build a rack to put them on. I have a couple of mugs too from age group wins, so whatever I find needs to have a shelf too. One day, it will get done… Have a fantastic day, Janae!


Thank you, Janine! It was fun to get a PR on a workout:). I hope you have a good bag of candy soon and find the best rack with a shelf to put your mugs and medals. I hope your day is a great one too!


Way to go on your 5k! You are going to ROCK Boston!

I love when you just happen to go some place and there is a kids event going on.

Tangent: I am trying to decide if I need to get my kids Easter baskets. My 6th grader is fine without one, but my younger 2 probably are expecting one? My mom will have candy and we are doing an Easter egg hunt in town on Saturday With my oldest, we went overboard and I feel like the younger 2 get the short end of the stick.
I am waiting for a co-worker to have her baby…I get to sub for her 3 1/2-4 year old preschool class for 3 weeks until someone else can fill in. I am so excited, but I will miss teaching my phy ed classes too.

My medals are on a hanger in my closet. I need to find a rack for them.

Best candy is almond M&M’s. I don’t think there is any type of non-chocolate candy I like.

Have a fabulous Tuesday Janae!


Becky! Thank you so much:) You’ll have to let me know what you end up deciding with the baskets? I feel like I never know the right timing haha. How exciting about the preschool class and hopefully you can get back to your PE classes after! I don’t know if I have ever had almond M&M’s… I better find them soon. Enjoy the rest of your day:)


Wow, nice job on your 18:11 5K. That is phenomenal!

Beck looks so chill laying on your bed, lol.

Good luck at Boston!


Thank you John, I was pretty excited when I realized it was my new fastest time. Thanks so much and I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Oh Beck!!! Pure satisfaction!! And what a fun event to stumble on. Way to go looking like the rock star mom!
Ok, wow! That 5K time is really amazing! Awesome job. You are so ready for Boston.
You know I love the Peloton app, and I am really loving the body tracker! I now know that I do need to work more on my upper body. So many good things about that app.
My one tangent I had yesterday, was how “cool” 65° felt after our little heatwave (100° in April??) last Friday…Ha ha.
Have a great Tuesday! ?


Thank you, Wendy! I cannot wait. Seriously the body tracker is just the coolest. I heard it was crazy hot last week there, I am so glad it cooled down. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Congratulations on your 5K! How do you run that fast!? You are literally flying! I can’t wait to hear all about Boston, I know it’s going to be such a fun day for you!

I love the Peloton app! The weather has gotten nicer here and I’ve been listening to the outdoor runs when I run outside and I love them!

I’ve been really into sour candy the last few years. Sour Patch Kids and Sour Skittles have been my jam for awhile :-)


Thank you Torrie, having Lauren there definitely helped me run faster. YAY for the outdoor runs, I’m going to start using them again after Boston. They are the best. I need some sour skittles after you mentioned them. I hope your day has been a great one so far!


Hi Janae! Congratulations on the 5k PR what a confidence boost going into Boston! And that peloton tracker is so cool I’m defs a visual person.
Yesterday was the first time after daylight savings time I have been able to wake up at my pre daylight savings time time without excessive snoozing! It only took a few weeks to adjust haha.


Thank you! I am a visual person too so it is very helpful! Yay for adjusting to the time change, it always takes me weeks too haha. Hope your Tuesday has been a great one so far!


Congrats on your 5k time!

I had never heard of carbon plate shoes before. I am intrigued! I kind of want to try them out and/or maybe also the Hoka. What exactly is the make/style of your carbon plate shoes? My current selection of Nike Pegasuses (my go tos for like a decade) are almost all ready for the bin. I’ve been meaning to get some new ones but I haven’t been running as much and am planning to move soon.

I have not tried the peloton app but I am intrigued by the body activity part.

I keep a few select medals in my keepsakes box. It felt weird when I got rid of mine awhile ago but I move around a lot and it’s nice to just have one last thing to deal with.


Hey Caitlyn! I never really understood the huge benefit in the carbon plate shoe until I tried the nikes… here are the ones I love:

Let me know if you ever try the shoes or the app! I hope your day is a beautiful one!

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