Silentish Saturday!!!

A walk for 36:42 (quite the random number but that is when she woke up;) on the treadmill while Skye napped in the Rock ’N Play next to me!

The morning actually started with Andrew leaving nice and early for school.

IMG 5429

Where he found us when he was leaving.

IMG E5441

Skye likes to hold onto my hair anytime that she has a chance… I think it is because she wants me to hold her and never put her down.

IMG E5447

Josse brought me the most amazing salad… it had bleu cheese, POMEGRANATE SEEDS (so good), strawberries, pork and I want to eat this everyday for the rest of my life!  She stayed and we ate together, it was so nice!

IMG 5463

ALI provided Skye with her first track suit… I think Brooke and I will have to get matching ones:)

IMG 5468

Andrew came home and we all rested for a little bit!

IMG 5472

They kept Skye entertained once she woke up.

IMG 5483

Saw my neighbor for a minute and she had Whoppers in her pocket… one of the 3 candies that I find completely unacceptable;)

IMG 5545

Skye loves the sound of the vacuum so Andrew takes her around with him when he is vacuuming.

IMG 5550

Megan D brought us dinner.  She made us citrus pork tacos with apple cabbage slaw.

IMG 5551

This x 3.

IMG 5552

And of course she had amazing cookies for us too.

IMG 5553

Dipped into milk… I will be surprised if there are any left by this afternoon.

IMG 5554

A hello from Brooke who all of the sudden looks 12.

IMG 9162


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!!

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Chiropractor appointment to get my neck pain straighten out, then recumbent biking (cross training!) I thought I would mention to you about eggs and cottage cheese. You mix cottage cheese into scrambled eggs while they are cooking. When they are done, they taste like very cheesy eggs. My 2 and 4 year old love them too! It’s a great way to get some additional protein and calcium into your diet. I love the grape and cottage cheese pair you told us about so I thought I would mention this!
Congratulations on your sweet family, the days are long but the years are short. It takes a lot of strength to create a joyous, faith filled home. So great to see, thanks for sharing!


I want to try this combo! About how much cottage cheese per egg do you add?


I use about 1 tablespoon for 4 eggs (for me and the little ones), but you could add more or less depending on your taste. I also add some pepper, and less salt than normal bc of the sodium content in the cottage cheese. I usually cook them at a lower temp bc the moisture in the cottage cheese needs a chance to evaporate. It melts in and you would never know it was cottage cheese! Let me know how you like it!


Thanks! I’ll give it a try.


THAT SOUNDS SO SO GOOD!! I can’t wait to try this Becky, thank you! Any CC combo makes me very happy:) Thank you and I hope your neck gets feeling better asap!


Wow that salad does look good. I’ve had a couple of pulled pork salads which were always really good. I like that pink hoodie you’re wearing too. It looks really comfortable.


Omg you have the best friends..

Also 36:42 is super cool! Think about it: 3×2=6 :: 4/2 = 2. 36:42! They all are contained in the integers [2,6]! Snug! Only 5 is the outlier there– and it’s weird anyway (and my fave!).

Three things?
– Finishing up one of my Christmas books and starting a new one! The book I’m finishing is extremely important for our time. It’s Zeynep Tufekci’s “Twitter and Tear Gas,” and in a nutshell it compares the organization and ability of protests and movements with the aid of social media with past revolutions (e.g. Civil Rights Movement, French Revolution). Part of that is the bounds of tech giants, and their control on users; the existence and effects of this part are also studied. It’s a fascinating work, and tbh you can see the major messages in the works -daily- on media and news sites. For that reason, I think it’s an important work of study honestly for almost anyone with access to the internet nowadays.
– Listened to the “I’ll Have Another” pod with Desi Linden– super recommend!
– Also, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon Prime is SO GOOD. NPR’s Sam Sanders interviewed the lead actress in his “It’s Been a Minute” pod, and she seemed super cool, so I tried out an episode– it’s GREAT! Though def keep it low around the kids..there are some curse words!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


AHHH I listened to that podcast this morning, it was SO GOOD. It made me so excited to run again:) That book sounds really good! Wow! PS I love how you think about numbers! I hope your day has been a great one!


My youngest grabbed my hair when she was a baby, too. Now she’s five and she still does it! Especially when she’s upset.


OH I love it… I hope Skye keeps doing it too:) I hope you are having a wonderful day Lynn!


Loved the book, “Giraffes Can’t Dance”!
Whoppers=big NO
Today, headed to the gym for a HIIT class, visiting mother in law and grocery store! You have a great day with your sweet family!


Enjoying the last few days of Christmas break before my little goes back to school, playing in the snow, and Movie snuggles! And I totally relate on the whoppers…so gross! Haha! Have a great day!


That sounds absolutely perfect Deborah! Enjoy every second today. Good to know others find Whoppers to be the worst ha!


That salad looks amazing! I’m going to have to keep that in mind for when I have leftover pork for sure. 3 things for my day – a 5 mile run that ended up being 4.93 miles since I fell on ice, a funeral for my boyfriend’s family friend, and then probably ending the night with an episode or two of The Crown on Netflix! I recommend this show if you like dramas :)

Have a fantastic day!


I LOVE dramas so I will have to watch that ASAP! Thanks Maureen!


My son used to hold my hair all the time. I ended up putting it in a pony tail so he wouldn’t pull it.

We have a family party today!


Reading in my jammies until at least noon, going to the gym, and then getting some work done. The perfect balance of lazy and productive.


I love it… you have found the perfect balance! Enjoy Caitlyn!


1. Going swimming (it’s 3 degrees here, wind chills going to be between -10 and -30), perfect swimming weather, right?
2. Going to visit my nephew today, he’s a busy 15 year old and we miss him so much. Can’t wait !
3. Will then hopefully come home and snuggle up with jammies and a warm blanket.


1. Staying warm! The feels like here in my part of Illinois is -20 and only getting colder.
2. Christmas at my parents!
3. Making super yummy caramel popcorn :)


Oh ROSIE… that is SO cold! Please drink a lot of hot chocolate today and enjoy Christmas with your parents (and of course the caramel popcorn:)


My husband is out ice skating currently but I’m snuggled up warm on the couch! We will probably have lunch at home when he gets back, then work on a few projects around the house! I love the sound of that pulled pork, yum!!!


It’s never occurred to me to put pulled pork on salad. We don’t have any places around here that do awesome salads to get ideas from.
I’ll be running long on the treadmill today. We got a foot of snow yesterday and we are expecting 20mph winds with sub zero temps.
As a result of said weather, I will stay home and watch YouTube running videos and make soup.
Happy New Year!


I’m not a fan of pulled pork but swap that out for shredded BBQ chicken and I think that salad would be perfect. Three things for me today – I had a somewhat minor surgery yesterday so I’m mainly couch surfing, binge watching Sex and the City, and probably taking a few naps. Not very exciting!


All that pork looks so good. Andrew holding Skye in one hand while he vacuums is the cutest thing.

Today we are:
Going to Lowes to buy paint for our living room
Going to Sams Club for necessities
Packing up Christmas decorations


1. Washing my hair for church tomorrow
2. making the weeks steel cut oats in the crock pot for my teenage son
3. editing a YouTube video

have a great day:)


how cute! my plan today is to study (haven’t had the time, working like a dog) and have a house-warming party with fiance’s family :)


Congratulations again on Skye! She looks a lot like Brooke I think. Today was 7 mile slow jog in snow, followed by deep cleaning my bathrooms. Now my son’s and I are walking through the woods to the Canal Cafe for lunch, soup for me and burgers for them. Poor husband has to work today?.


3 things I’m doing today: Sitting by our fireplace as long as possible, trying to motivate myself to go for a run + yoga, and watching Eat, Pray, Love! :)

Have a fabulous weekend Janae!!!


Brooke does look so grown up! Where does the time go?!
Whoppers are one of my least favorite candies…I will only eat them if there is absolutely nothing else.
My three things:
1. Get in a double digit run (I did it! I ran 10 miles this morning!)
2. Clean out the fridge (Done! We had way too many tupperwares full of leftovers…it was time.)
3. Check out a property we’re interested in buying. (I don’t think my legs can take anymore activity today…we walked through the 23 acres of woods – and loved the property!)
Enjoy your weekend!


Three things I’ve done today:
1. Workout-I planned to go to a class but a fussy baby put an end to that plan. An at home workout it is!
2. Put away Christmas decorations-This was sad but satisfying at the same time.
3. Try a black and white mocha from Starbucks-It kept showing up on my Facebook feed so I decided to give it a try. It was just okay.
I usually don’t like Whoppers but sometimes they randomly taste really good?!


Even if I don’t like a candy all that much, I will still eat it if I’m desperate. LOL. Like if I’m craving something sweet realllllly badly, I’ll eat anything sweet that’s in front of my eyes! Same for salty .. I don’t really like salt and vinegar chips BUT if I’m having a salty craving and that’s the only thing around … you bet I’m going to eat them.


Skye is so sweet. Haha, my niece loved the vacuum as a baby too – she is a toddler now and no idea if she still loves it.

3 things we did:
1. We went snowshoeing
2 Went to try and find a waterproof rain jacket for me =fail
3. Cooking dinner on the bbq noweven though it is 1 degrees (celsius) outside.

Have a great night!


Besides Whoppers, what other 2 candies are completely unacceptable to you? I’m curious!

For me, it’s anything bannan flavored, and any type of cadbury chocolate.


You have the most amazing friends EVER. So thoughtful of them to bring you so many tasty meals! #friendenvy #frienvy? :P

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