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The smell of a baby right after a bath… it’s just the best.

IMG 6054

Our Sunday included many of the usuals—> Church, being as lazy as possible and good food.

LRG DSC09243

Skye’s current favorite part of church is yelling baba as loud as she possibly can and seeing how fast we can run to chase around after her.

Andrew’s mom told us on Saturday that Skye is a really busy baby and that’s saying a lot coming from a mom of 5 boys.

IMG 6077

My family came over for dinner.  We had pork tacos thanks to the crockpot (I made the pork that time I tried Citrus Pear in this post).

IMG 6088

Skye loves being part of the dinner table discussion.

IMG 6093

Brownies for dessert.

IMG 6095

And then we watched the Super Bowl for 5 minutes.

IMG 6097


I have a few very random thoughts I feel like sharing with you today.

*My sister and I were talking the other day about how good we are at setting food boundaries. When we are going to eat somewhere and the other person (usually our spouse or family member) doesn’t order their own fries/side/whatever and they say ‘oh I’ll just have a few of yours’… We are very good at stating our boundary with the fact if we want to eat the whole thing but that we will happily buy them their own instead of sharing;).   It is very helpful for our relationships because then no one leaves the meal hungry.  We really like food.

*I think it is great that we are pretty much twinning every day with our wristbands on our Garmins that are similar colors.

IMG 6086

*When I listened to this episode of Ali on the Run with Meaghan Murphy she talked about CRUNNING.  <—  A good crun (cry during your run) is so incredibly therapeutic for me and has helped me with so many issues over the years.  I love that Meaghan had the perfect word for it.

*Do you ever see old pictures and wonder what in the world you were doing?  That river was so cold and I still got injured during this training cycle below so sitting in the cold river after every Saturday long run was ALL FOR NOTHING.

IMG 0388

*I’m going on a caffeine fast for a few weeks before March 23rd (race day).  I always do this with my marathons and going without caffeine and then having it again on race day really boosts my energy.  This stuff is going to help me get through those hard miles and I’m probably not going to take it until mile 33.

IMG 4639

*Have you ever frozen a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies?  It’s amazing.  It’s like you are eating cookie dough ice cream minus the ice cream part.

IMG 5147

*At around mile 45 of the race we are doing I’ve been told that you have a very nice view of the FINISH LINE.  That is a cruel joke to be able to see the finish line when you are so tired but still have 5 more miles to go.  I remember a marathon in our area that went right next to the finish line at the half-way point (for the half-marathoners to finish there)… that takes quite the willpower to see the finish line and not just stop there.    One time during a marathon at mile 22ish I ran RIGHT in front of my house and the temptation to just run inside to my couch was large.

*On the other hand of the above topic, I’m not afraid of fatigue anymore.  I know what it feels like and I know that it doesn’t kill me and pushing through it on the day of the race is going to bring quite the feeling of accomplishment at the finish line.

*I just really love this quote.


*My sister found a really good deal on an elliptical on KSL (online listings) to put in her home gym… she has quite the set-up in there!  The elliptical doesn’t hurt her back at all so I’m really happy about this purchase.

IMG 5040

*Another podcast that I love and this episode with the author of the 5 Love Languages was awesome.

IMG 4900

*Don’t forget this on your next run that doesn’t feel like butterflies and rainbows.

IMG 3979

*Skye was reaching towards Brooke yesterday and said ‘ROOKE’.  You should have seen Brooke’s face… she melted.


What is your primary love language?  What about your loved ones?

-Mine: Quality Time  Andrew: Quality Time.  Our top one matches up and then the rest are mixed up.

Do you ever use the elliptical?

Caffeine… do you use it on race day?  Do you feel a difference when you use caffeine for your running?

Tell me something you are grateful for today?

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Oh I love that Skye said her version of Brooke’s name! Just too precious!!!

My love language is definitely quality time, as well. Have you ever taken the enneagram test? I’ve heard so many people talk about it, so I finally did last week. It’s quite interesting how accurate it is.

Today I’m very thankful for the time I had with my family over the weekend, being able to run with one of my best friends yesterday morning while I was in town, and the plans that God has for me that await me, even though I’m not quite sure what they are right now.


No I need to take it… that sounds awesome. YAYAYAY I was wondering how your trip went. I am so glad it was great. Have a beautiful day Natalie.


LOVE the graphic about waiting for better days. LOVE IT. It’s so true. We all KNOW we need to make the most of every day and see the best in things, but it isn’t always easy!!!

Question for you—looking at your pic in the freezing water and thinking about how you got injured. I know you’ve had some “serious” injuries in the past (hello femoral stress fracture–I’m in that club, too!). How do you not constantly have that fear of injury in the back of your mind? I wouldn’t say that it consumes me or my running, but it’s there nagging at me in the back of my mind!

Oh, and I’m doing a 5k in two weeks. EEEK. Pray for me. ha ha And, I fueled my 10 miler yesterday partially on Jolly Rancher Valentine hearts. :) I knew you’d be proud!


HEY YOU!! Two weeks… I am so excited for you and proud of your fuel:) . I have never tried those hearts so I guess I need to go to Target today. Oh the femoral stress fracture club. That is a great question because honestly I never think about injury anymore so I have to think about why it’s not in the back of my mind. I guess the main reason is that I feel like at this point I am doing everything I can to prevent injuries so if it does happen then it is out of my control and I know I can live without running too. I guess I also have a lot of trust in Dr. B since he has fixed so many problems in my past that I know I can just go see him too if something pops up ha. I know my bones are in a healthy spot so I don’t really worry about them anymore either. Great question and that is something I need to figure out more about myself. I hope you have a wonderful day Jen and I wish I could come cheer at your 5k.


“Knowing I can live without running”—THAT is the key. And such a MATURE way to look at running……..


My chiropractor has a theory that the more active you are during pregnancy – the more active baby will be when they are born/growing up because they are used to movement. Your comment about Skye being a busy baby made me think of that ?


I have never even thought of that… hahah it’s all my doing!! I’m sure that plays a huge role:) . Thanks for sharing Lauren and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


My love language is definitely quality time. I love going and having fun with Trevon and with out family.

I’m going to have to check out that podcast, I didn’t know they had one together.


YES, it is really good… they have so many great tips and ideas. Let me know what you think of it. I hope you get a date night with Trevon soon. Have a wonderful day Jenny!


Another Ultra question -> are you and Andrew running the whole way together or are you running your own race?
Random question->when you said “chasing Skye all over the place while she’s saying baba” did you mean that she’s walking consistently now after that one step?! Or crawling everywhere, haha.

My love language is acts of service (that I like to receive) and words of affirmation (that I tend to give to show my love).

I never use the elliptical. I go to the gym solely on recovery run days to use the treadmill or on days when the weather is terrible to use the treadmill. All my strength training is at home stuff. So , I’m thinking of getting a NordicTrack soon to get rid of the gym membership->if you have any advice on picking a model…I’m all ears!

I am a coffee drinker. I generally get all my weekly runs done after work around 5:30pm and have coffee at work around 3:00pm, so a couple hours before. but then I realized last cycle I would never drink it on Saturdays before runs because I was worried it would upset my stomach, but then I would be super tired for my runs! I didn’t think about the fact that my body was used to the coffee for all my runs. so now I drink half a cup of coffee with my oatmeal a couple hour before long run/race and it seems to work for me. It may be psychological…but hey, isn’t half of running a mental thing anyways.. ;)

I am grateful it’s Monday. I get to start a new week on a fresh foot. The sun is trying to peak out. It’s 60s where I live. I have a busy week ahead but I’m grateful God meets me at every moment and gives me grace to get through it all!

Have a great week, Janae!


You beat me… haha I literally just finished writing a post on more about our ultra plans for tomorrow! Hahaha still crawling (she has yet to take another step since her first one)… but she is FAST on all fours;) . I tend to show my love with words of affirmation too! I am just like you with my gym use:) . What is your budget? I have loved our Nordictracks but right now they are having an issue with IFIT software which is a little frustrating (the speed/time/distance is off) but the machines are awesome and beyond durable. It sure is but I’m glad that you have figured out the perfect solution to get your miles in. Happy Monday and enjoy that weather… I loved reading yoru comment today, thanks for sharing Eleanor.


Thanks!! Ideally around 3k. I have been looking at the commercial x22i incline trainer or the commercial 2950. I’m definitely looking for a durable machine that will last me a long time and a lot of miles. Is the issue with the software something that would steer you towards a different brand right now or something that they are fixing? Thanks!1


I have not tried the 2950 but I LOVE my x22i (and so does Andrew… hence why he does all of his long runs on it)! They told us it will be fixed within the next month so it wouldn’t steer me away but it has been frustrating for us! I’ll keep you updated with exactly when it gets fixed too!


Great post! Or selfishly great because I related to so many things :) Where to begin?
I LOVE the elliptical. I do not like the cold and I am not one of those people who HAS to run to feel good so I have gone an entire winter without running a step (which makes the spring a bit painful! ha). Put me on the elliptical with my book (I have a whole system with binder clips. I am old school and read ACTUAL paper Ha!) and I am extremely happy.

I NEVER have caffeine. It makes my heart and mind race (and my mind is already buzzing at all times :)). At mile 16 of the Boston Marathon, they (used to anyway) hand out Gus. I grabbed a chocolate one and at least one of those versions has caffeine. First, it tasted so good, like chocolate frosting and gave an instant boost. After the race, I was the energizer bunny. My friends were amazed at my inability to stop talking :) I also slept 0 hours that night. I also had a cup of non-decaf coffee several years ago before a flight and it was the worst flight ever. (I thought) I was going to solve world problems and I invented several things on that flight. Caffeine does crazy things to me!

How about those 2 loop marathons/half marathons?! The marathoners literally go by where they are going to stop in 13.1 more miles. I agree that is cruel!

I love your grateful question – only as I’ve gotten older have I recognized the amazing benefit of acknowledging ALL the positive things in every single day. As I got older and got injured more while running (and running became more important to me), I would be out running AFTER healing and I would say “I am so grateful. This is the best to feel good! Please don’t take this away!” I thought that IF I actually said out loud how grateful I was for X that X would not be taken away. Like “Hey, God, I am so grateful! See? Now gift me with this FOREVER!” Ha. It turns out it doesn’t work that way which is very frustrating :) I guess it’s a very in-the-moment aspect. And if we are injured, or X is not going well right now, we must be grateful for the sunshine IN THAT MOMENT. Because there are literally an infinite number of things to be grateful for! I am grateful right this second to have a warm, inviting, uplifting place to go to work every day.

I’m so sorry for the long response today! I’m also grateful if you kept reading :)


Oh no that is crazy about the gu during the marathon ha. After a marathon you were full of energy, that doesn’t happen for a lot of people ha;) . YES… that would be so rough to do a 2 loop race like that. The ultra we are doing is two loops for the 100 miler and I don’t think I could do that ha. I love everything you said about gratitude and it was just what I needed to read today. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for your friendship Amanda!


That picture of Brooke holding Skye is soooo cute!!! :)

I only watched the Super Bowl for about 5 minutes too- and then the half time show. And I’m grateful I didn’t stay up too late watching it because I am well-rested for this Monday!


Hahah I’m glad you didn’t stay up too late either because I heard it wasn’t a very exciting game either;) . Thanks Mariah and I hope you are having a great Monday!


I’d say my primary love language is gift giving! I LOVE taking the time to give thoughtful and meaningful gifts! :)

I actually don’t mind using the elliptical! It’s much easier on my joints and I like to throw it in every week at least once to mix things up from running!

I like to use those caffeinated jelly beans on race day! They’re yummy and give me just the boost I need!

I’m SO grateful for being able to work from home! It’s a huge life saver for my mental health and happiness + productivity!

Have a great Monday Janae!!


That is awesome Chelsea and I want to learn how to be better at doing that. I need to try some of those jelly beans. I love working at home too, I’m currently in a big sweatshirt, my leggings and slippers. Thanks, you too!


I also do a caffeine taper/fast before races and it helps me so much! I love the extra jolt I get from my tea or coffee on race morning when I’ve been fasting from it for a few weeks. It also helps me reset my system a few times a year when I’m up to 2-3 cups of tea and coffee a day towards the end of an exhausting training cycle.


YES, it really does help so much on race day! I hope you are having a great Monday Kerri!


Skye’s first step!! Amazing that you caught it on video. And I’m sure there will be lost of heart-bursting moments these days, as she’s so mobile and interactive :)
My primary love language is Acts of Service. Quality Time and Physical Touch are also important to me–Gifts are at the bottom of my list.
I’m grateful that my cold is going away and that it will get much warmer for a few days.
Those frozen cookies look delicious! Have one for me today :)


Oh thank you Corey! I absolutely will have one for you today:) . Enjoy the warmth and feeling healthy again.


I love this: “I’m not afraid of fatigue anymore.” I hadn’t realized I was afraid fatigue til you wrote that, but I definitely am. I have a tendency to overdo it to the point where I feel awful the next day and am working on finding that balance. I’m so glad you vocalized it.

Something I’m grateful for: I put an electric kettle in my office and got a cute new mug . . . that’s fun! And more seriously for good friends and being able to stay in touch with friends far away. And a job I love. Good things to remember on Monday!


Oh I am so glad that helped Kristin! You’ve got this Kristin! Loved all of the things you mentioned and I hope that your Monday has been great so far.


Setting food-sharing boundaries is SO ON POINT. I mean–sharing food is a way to say “I love you,” but also, it’s like, DO NOT TOUCH MY FOOD AND LET ME SHOW YOU MY HANGRY FACE. *Early* in a meal I have no problem if Tom has a couple of my french fries/onion rings/whatever, but once it has been established that I am eating my food–don’t you dare reach over and grab a fistful of what I have without asking. I mean, we’ve been together for over 4 years now so he should know, right? ;) Maybe I need to verbally SET the boundaries! :)

Caffeine–well, without it I don’t know how I would live. I work too much and I am exhausted too much of the time. It seems I am allergic to coffee, and I gave up soda on February 6, 2013. Green tea really doesn’t give enough caffeine, so I am that person who is often buying boxes of vivarin at the grocery store. I take half a dose each time–so 100 mg of straight caffeine. That’s the amount of half a cup of coffee. If I could get by without caffeine even just long enough to take a break for a couple of weeks before a race, I would!

Something I am grateful for–in the last week, at one of the locations of my gym where I teach RPM, I had three different people tell me that my spin class is the most challenging one they’ve taken and that they really love coming to it. One of these people, a triathlete, said that my class is the one on the schedule that most closely mimics real training and outdoors riding and that she wants to bring the people on her triathlon team who are gym members to my class. I still think of myself as a “new” instructor–my training weekend was a year ago–so the complement makes me feel like a million bucks.

Hope you all have a good day! :)


He should definitely know ha! You have been off soda for so long, that is awesome Stephanie. You definitely need caffeine with all that you are doing! I WANT TO COME TO YOUR SPIN CLASS, that is awesome Stephanie. Thanks, you too!


I think about the food boundaries and it’s funny because I am the one who always wants to eat my husband’s french fries.

I love the 5 love languages, and I’m pretty sure mine is Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. And I am pretty sure my husband’s are Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation.

I don’t use the elliptical as much. I used to use it before becoming a runner though, and would spend hours on that stuff.

As far as caffeine, yes I use it everyday. I can’t survive without it. So I would not been able to tell how my running performance goes without it. I do think its a great idea weaning yourself off before the race though!

Something I am grateful for today: My family & my healthy body to run all the miles.


Hahah that is true… I don’t think about Andrew’s food boundaries! I need to be more mindful of that;) . I used it a lot more before running too. Yes to the things you are grateful for. I hope your Monday is going really well Nathaly!


I do use caffeine in the huma gels on race day. It helps! (or maybe it’s just the thought that helps, but whatever!)
I stop drinking soda for at least 7-10 days before the race so that I have no gassy stomach issues and so that the one I have after the race with my burger tastes even better. I will probably still rely on coffee a few times during the week before, but waiting on soda and carbonated stuff really helps me.

I am doing an instagram post each day this month leading up to my birthday (27th) so I am mentioning my favorite things. Today’s is my city! I love it and I am grateful to live in such a gorgeous place! (and this week, we will hit 70 degrees!)


I agree… whether it’s the actual caffeine or the placebo effect, I don’t care ha! YES, the coke and burger after a race taste so good. Happy birthday month and enjoy the gorgeous weather and I love that you are doing that on IG!


I’m jealous of your sister! The elliptical is my first choice for cardio at the gym because it’s next to no impact which is good for the plantar fasciitis in my feet. Even too much walking can make it flare up.


Oh no about your plantar. You should check to see if they have cheap ones in your area for your house! Good luck Fiona and I hope you have a great week!


Aw, my hubs and I match up too. We’re both acts of service.

Today I am super grateful for a job I love, co-workers who got together before work to pray over each other and our school, and that my kiddo is attending my school. I feel like I’ve gotten to know my daughter on a totally different level this year.


I LOVE that you and your co-workers do that, so cool. You have an amazing set-up and they are all so lucky to have YOU there. Have a beautiful rest of your day Marissa.


Hello! Your pork tacos look so good-is that a fancy rice with coriander and lime? It looks more extra than white rice.

I drink a bit of coffee before a long run but haven’t *used* coffee in a race or event. Sometimes I’ve convinced myself that a bar that has chocolate in it is the same. For example, I did bring two mini snicker bars to have during our ultra and I gave one to my brother and he was rather happy about it. That being said, I think of coffee during a long run (or even a longggg swim) and it’s my go-to afterwards. Question-is having the caffein in the nano-hydrate form different than in coffee/soda according to your religion? I’m truly curious about this.

I’m grateful safe drinking water. I know that is random but sometimes I am just astounded that there are still countries with unsafe drinking water. (my hydroflask is next to me and i may have said this outloud to noone in particular)


YES… the rice my sister brought and they added guacamole to it too! We are going to have to bring some Snickers! Great question! Soda is totally fine in our religion and I am guessing things like nano-hydrate are more of a personal thing:) . I think the guideline is to help us avoid becoming addicted to things and needing it to feel normal if that makes sense. I personally just love it to give me an extra boost for my runs. That is such an incredible thing to be grateful for that we sometimes forget and I just took a big drink after reading your comment and feeling thankful! Have a beautiful day Kelly!


I almost never cry tbh but my emotions are definitely heightened when running, so sometimes I get close! And then sometimes I get euphorias runs which is the best. My run today was pretty good overall so I’m pretty grateful! Oh and it’s my birthday, so a nice run was a great birthday gift haha.

Last year I took a break from running and used the elliptical pretty much every day… it was easier on my calves and joints and easier to work into my schedule but I don’t think I’ll ever replace running with it again, running is just too much fun.

That caffeine fast is a good idea, I don’t know how my stomach would react if I did that and then reintroduced it on race day but if you know it works for you that will be a nice mental boost!


Man, I love your quote, “I’m not afraid of fatigue anymore…I know it doesn’t kill me.” I’m going to repeat it during my runs! So often, I let my head convince me otherwise.


I LOVE that photo of you “ice bathing” in the river! I have done that a handful of times in lakes/rivers/oceans, and honestly even though it looks (and seems!) crazy, it is definitely soooo helpful in the long run! Keep it up!!


Can you post the recipe for the pork in the crockpot please!


Hey! So I actually made it at a class and they didn’t tell us all of the ingredients or measurements and just kind of passed out things to put in! I wish I had the exact recipe because it was delicious. I made it at Citrus Pear!

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