A Hike + Magic + Ultra Training Weekly Summary!!!

We went on a H.I.K.E.  It feels like it has been ages since our last hike and it made me so excited for our hiking this summer.

We took our morning extremely lazy and we were all pretty okay with that.  Nine hours of sleep for both Andrew and me… taking our recovery seriously:)

IMG 5921

I finally got out for some miles (6 total but I had to restart my Garmin after the first mile because it was being weird).

Something magical happened on my run… it was so much warmer than normal (44 degrees) and I was SWEATING out there.  It felt so good to sweat rather than freeze.

IMG 5950

We had some lunch at home and decided to go up to Salt Lake City to go on a hike.  My in-laws are always up to go on a hike so we met them there to go to Ensign Peak.  It was a mile round trip and the views from the top were gorgeous.  PS It was a very kid-friendly hike!

Skye better get used to the red pack again for all of our hiking up ahead.

IMG 5980

Most of the trail was really muddy but there was also some snow along the way too.  At one point Brooke said, “I love the earth.” <—And I almost started crying.

IMG 5982

No matter how short the hike is, we are always prepared with snacks.

IMG 5981

We got to the top and it was pretty windy up there but we hung out for about 20 minutes looking at the views.

IMG 6019

Fresh air is the best medicine.

IMG 5986

After the hike we went to one of our favorites—>  Hatch Family Chocolates.  I had the chocolate brownie ice cream with the hard shell on it along with homemade whipped cream.  Please go to this store if you are ever in Salt Lake City and email me after to tell me what you had.

IMG 6025

Afterwards we went to my in-laws.  My mother-in-law just started violin lessons so she was showing Brooke how to play.  I used to play the violin and Brooke has wanted to start so hopefully that can happen soon.

IMG 6029

Chili and cornbread at their house for dinner.

IMG 6038

And then the girls fell asleep on the drive home and I almost did too (picture taken while stopped in a parking lot:).

IMG 6046


7 weeks until race day.

We had a recovery week over here which worked out perfectly with our trip and our bodies definitely needed some time off!

IMG 5708

Monday:  Off

Tuesday:  Off

Wednesday:  8 @ 8:26 average

Thursday: 5.5 @ 8:39 average + a yoga class

Friday:  5 @ 8:22 average

Saturday:  6 @ 8:21ish average

Sunday: Off

24.5 miles for the week!

Next up a 25 miler followed by a 12-14 miler this week… crossing all of my fingers for some clear roads to do them on (we are supposed to get more snow this week)!


What are you up to today?

What was your best run this last week?

Do you play any instruments?  Did you take any lessons as a kid?

What are you having for dinner tonight?  Do you cook more or less on the weekends?

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That is so great how close you guys are with both sets of in-laws!!

Today I am going to try to get my son to run (he has a 1K race in April, and hopefully get to the Y for a swim.

My best run was Thursday when I was in Kentucky and scared of the 7 degree cold, so I hopped on the hotel treadmill and made it happen!

I play the clarinet and used to play the piano (took piano lessons on and off until I got serious about the clarinet).

We will have grilled turkey wings tonight, and baked cauliflower and rice.


Oh I hope your run with your son was awesome! Thank goodness for the treadmill during crazy days like this last week. My brother plays the clarinet, I love it. Enjoy that dinner tonight… sounds SO good. Have a beautiful day Tonya.


Hi Janae, looks like a lovely hike! It’s so great to see that your kids are loving nature just as much as you both do. Today I’m hoping to get out and run. It will be 50 degrees which will feel amazing because it was -30 with the wind chill on Wednesday. I studied music in college. I played flute and trumpet in school but I am a singer and studied voice in college. I teach vocal lessons as part of my job. It’s great to start kids early on music. I’m grateful my Dad pushed us to do so. He plays trumpet and now that he’s retired is in multiple bands. My older brother is a trumpet player and teaches at Indiana University.


Adrienne, I am SO glad you are out of the crazy weather you experienced this last week. I hope each mile just felt amazing. I wish I could have you teach our kids voice lessons, you are so talented! So cool about your dad and brother too. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a beautiful day!


Thanks Janae! There’s always Skype or FaceTime lessons ;o)


Hatch is the best!!! I used to live within walking distance, which was very dangerous. Looks like a fun hike!


Oh I would have walked there daily haha. Thanks Chelsea and I hope you are having a great Sunday so far!


Ahh that hike looks so fun! I miss hiking, I only really do it in Alaska. Can’t wait to climb some mountains again.

I played piano and viola in school. I can still kinda play either one but not super well. Just being able to read music is a valuable skill though!

My best run was Wednesday, 15ish miles that mostly felt good. Lately my runs have felt bad near the beginning and good by the end. Except yesterday, when I got a bad calf cramp a mile from the end! It’s still kinda sore so I’m just hoping I can run tomorrow but I’m not counting on it :( So frustrating when I’m already dealing with some other issues in my hips.

Have a good Sunday!


I bet you are so excited for your Summer in Alaska (Andrew is so jealous). YOUR RUN FELT GOOD on Wednesday wahoo. Sorry about yesterday though. Good luck and I hope that you feel like yourself asap. Thanks Grant, you too!


The school my girls go to has violin for 1-2, 4 graders and piano for kindergarten and 3rd, cello for fifth grade and band and orchestra for sixth. It is so amazing! I love it.


NO WAY. I wish our school did that. That is so cool. Have a great Sunday Whitney!


What a great hike to do with kids! My kids like to hike once we are out there but getting them out is getting tougher as they get older and have so much other stuff going on.

I played piano, violin and oboe as a kid. I can still play violin and oboe but my piano skills are lacking. Both my kids played piano until they could read music well – then their teacher moved away and we spent a year abroad so we never did start up lessons again.. My son now plays trombone at school.

My best run was yesterday – 15 miles out on the trails with the sun out and 50 degrees.

I cook at home pretty much every day of the week so the weekends are no different around here. We just don’t eat out much at all.


Oh I bet it gets crazy when the kids get older… I see how my sister has 20 activities each week with her kids now that her older 3 kids are in the teen years and I wonder how you guys do it! That is so cool that you guys spent a year abroad, I bet you have the best memories from that time. Great job on your trail run yesterday… I want to come join you. I hope you have a wonderful week Jen!


It’s going to be a hang out at home Day for the most part because it’s snowing and 4 degrees. Brrrr.

I played the baritone and then the trombone as a kid. I’d love to learn the saxophone.

I’m making enchilada pasta for dinner. We go out more on the weekend but I still cook more because I do my food prep on Sundays.

Have a great Sunday, Janae!


STAY WARM ANGIE! I hope you have some good hot chocolate too:) . Okay, that pasta sounds so so so good. Thanks Angie, you too!


Hungry Ultra-Training Family,

Thank you for sharing so many fun and interesting details about your days…
You take the BEST pictures and videos too!
Hope you have a GREAT week of family fun, good food, and EXCELLENT training runs too!


HAHAH yes… I need to change the title of my blog to that. Thank you Lynn for your sweet comment, it means a lot. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


Those views really are awesome! we are getting super nice weather so yesterday I got 8 miles in (pouring sweat in 65 degrees) and today I am planning for 6.


My favorite run was today 6 miles with my friend. We both have 3 kids and we always run Sun mornings together. It’s so nice to get a break and run/talk. I came back recharged!
Never played an instrument but my son does piano and my daughter drums. Recital next week.. I will admit the drums weren’t our best parenting call, but she loves them. ??‍♀️
Glad you had a great hike and for that sundae I would hike all day too!


Wow great pictures! Brooke is looking so big all of a sudden!


We’ve had some uncomfortable weather this week (-19, -56 with wind chill), so the 47 degree day yesterday and today made for some amazing running. I’m crossing my fingers you get to keep the good weather for 25!

I played flute pretty darned well. Lessons sure helped.

We are definitely weekend cookers. Tonight: ribs with spicy slaw and cornbread. Yay superb owl food!


Utah has some amazing hikes! I’ve only been to the SLC airport but flying in was gorgeous (we got our connecting flight at SLC to fly overseas) I think one summer I will have to go to Utah and run and hike the trails!

Today we got a constant snow-about a foot. It’s been snowing non-stop today. I did some in house chores (boring) then grabbed my XC skis and went for a nice ski loop. I was actually able to ski right from my front door which is rare. Usually the snow plows come but not today! It’s super pretty.

My best run last week was pretty basic-but one of those days where it felt good, the weather was not too cold, and I wasn’t rushed.

I played violin in 4th grade then joined band in 5th-played the flute until graduating from high school. I say start them young if they’re interested-anything: drums, recorder, violin, whatever! I loved violin lessons because it was fun and not torture to memorize….maybe my practicing was torture to my family, though!

Have a great week! I have a question though-what do you feel most prepared and least prepared about your 50 mile race? I’m so excited for you. I only did a 50+km and it was so much fun!


Great view! Andrew wore **dramatic pause/ drumroll** pants? You two were twinning from the waist down!! Cute, cute, cute.


What a cool mother-in-law to set an example of always learning!


Try the Karmel Malone Krispie at Hatch’s. It’s a rice krispie with caramel and extra marshmallow in the middle and dipped in chocolate. It’s so soft and amazingly good. I want one right now.

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