Skye’s 1st Step (video) + Silentish Saturday!

5 miles @ 8:22 average with my sis.

Brought out the NYC shoes for the run.

IMG 5811

Skye helped me get ready.

IMG 5818

Temple with Candice during Skye’s nap.

IMG 5827

IMG 5826

This cereal combo (the cereal I posted yesterday) is just my favorite.

IMG 5828

We were able to talk to Knox… we see him on Monday!

IMG 5903

SKYE TOOK HER FIRST STEP (singular… one mini-step).

Pretty proud of herself.

IMG 5838

She asked me if we could set up an art store in our front yard… so she’ll be working hard until then producing pieces.

IMG 5909

Grabbed a babysitter for when the girls went to bed and we went OUT.

IMG 5914

Our favorite R&R bbq salad.

IMG 5911

My 2nd time seeing The Upside… I loved it so much I had to have Andrew see it too.

IMG 5915

From my pilot brother’s airplane as he was flying by our house yesterday:

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I hope you have a great weekend of running and life.


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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That is an awesome video! I always think about how lucky we are in this day and age to be able to document so much. The excitement of your voice is going to make Brooke smile every time she sees that video :)

Love the view from you brother’s plane! Hope someone else had control while he was snapping photos lol

We are going to basketball practice, will grab a quick lunch, then have a early showing of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World! So excited. Then Mexican after (my two guys don’t know that yet but that is my reward for watching a dragon movie with them).

Enjoy your weekend!!


Right?! We are so lucky to be able to capture so much! Hahaha I’m sure is the other captain was handling things;) Let me know what you think of the movie! Enjoy the meal after too… sounds perfect. Thanks Tonya!


17 miles
All the outdoor chores because the temps are expected to plummet tomorrow.
Watch Supercross.

WTG Skye!!!!


I hope your 17 miler was amazing! Stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate as you enjoy Supercross! Thanks Angie!


Yay for Skye! Soon she’s going to be outrunning you! :-)

The mountains are so gorgeous! Taking it easy today but planning to run a few miles (waiting til it warms up a little more) and get some quality reading time in. I think the polar vortex may finally be leaving…did it get crazy cold in Utah, too??

Happy Saturday!


Seriously, Skye and Brooke are going to be passing me up in no time. Enjoy your reading time and I hope that your miles today feel great. It did not get anywhere near as cold as everyone else luckily. Thanks Kristin, you too!


Yay skye!

I’ve heard good things about R&R. I haven’t tried them yet but I’m planning on it.

It’s going to be warmish today so I’m hoping for an outside run.


YOU MUST GO!! Enjoy the warmer temps… I was sweating on my run today:)


Meeting my sister halfway for shopping, dinner, and a show.

Congrats Skye!


That sounds like the perfect day! Enjoy Erica!


Yay Skye!!

I ran 7 miles in 28 mph wind this morning. I wouldn’t recommend it. Then basketball/robotics with the kids, lunch with friends, and date night at a basketball game at our local university. Good day :)

Happy Saturday!!


28mph winds = running double what you actually did. THAT IS TOUGH. Way to go Marissa! Sounds like a great day… enjoy!


Hooray, Skye!! She is so darn cute.

My sis and I had a date night last night and went to see The Upside! We LOVED it. And now hubby has to see it, so I will probably go again, as well ?

We are supposed to get a crazy storm today with heavy rain and gale force winds, so I am doing my long run tmrw ? So today is a gym day, grocery store day (before the storm starts!), and Netflix day. I’m actually looking forward to snuggling on the couch with the hubby all day!

Have a fantastic weekend, Janae!


Oh I am so glad you went and saw it… it really is so good and yes take your husband. I hope the gym was great and enjoy the snuggling. I hope your long run tomorrow is a great one!


Those NYC shoes are so cool!
One thing I’m doing today is celebrating my brother’s birthday. We’re going out for dinner.


Enjoy dinner and happy birthday to him! Thanks Fiona!


Yeah for Skye!
Amazing photo from your brother!
After 84 days of no running due to hamstring injury, I went on a short run/Grocery shopping/Hot Air Affair (Balloon launch festival)


Yay, Skye, love that look of accomplishment on her face! I think you’re going to have another runner on your hands soon!


So exciting that Skye is walking now!

3 things we are doing – this morning I headed out for a run – I went and did just under 9 miles by myself – and I wore shorts! It was a bit optimistic since we are expecting snow and definitely not as warm as I thought it would be ha.

I am lying by our fire place right now. Not sure else we have planned for the day but I am quite happy by the fire with a good book.

Have a wonderful day Janae!


Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis for past week, so no run for me. Big pouty face here. Tried new class at gym, it is a circuit training class with a group, a trainer and 9 stations. Loved the class but today was free and if I want to do in future its $59.00 a month for 3 months, on top of my membership fee! Ummm yeah, no thanks…I will circuit myself!!! Making bread now and watching ID Discovery, a tad addicted.


Way to go, Skye! No stopping her now!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Janae!


We saw The Upside last week and loved it too! Did you guys watch Jumanji, the new one with Kevin Hart? It’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in awhile. I highly recommend. We’re going to see Hamilton tomorrow night in Columbus. I live in Ohio. I’m sooo excited! I feel like it’s the night before Christmas;) Hope you guys have a good weekend!


Today was an 8K in Seattle (largest road race ever in Seattle – very cool!!!), watching my middle daughter play her final soccer game of the season, and taking care of my other 2 sick kiddos.
Very full day in mom life!


Yay!! Way to go, Skye! I miss those days with my kids.

Was supposed to run a 10K this morning, but have been sidelined with IT band syndrome for the past couple of weeks. It’s so demoralizing! I have been an on-again, off-again runner for many years, and I was just starting to get back into my groove when I injured my knee. It’s so frustrating to have to sit on the sidelines. Do you have any advice on how to heal faster from an injury like this?


Yay, Skye! That’s one step toward learning to keep up with Brooke and Knox.

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