Partying + oops + WORKOUT OF THE WEEK!

Good morning!  It’s the start of another week (even though Andrew thinks Sunday is the start of the week).  If you missed out on last week’s most viewed posts, here they are!

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*Exciting News (for me at least) + Workout of the Week!


It was Skye’s second week of going to church and she wasn’t too thrilled about the whole time change thing.  PS I LOVED this dress yesterday:)

LRG DSC03327

Andrew made us a romantic breakfast of protein shakes to start the day off right… we knew we had a lot of treats ahead of us so getting in some nutrients in the beginning of the day helped.

LRG DSC03333

We made it almost on time for church and it was already warm outside!

IMG 2726

I taught the youth girls (the lesson was on forgiveness) and then got to snuggle with Brooke (hahahaha… thank you for letting me know in the comments that I called my child the wrong name… this one is Skye;) while she snoozed.

IMG 2733

We came home and I was in pjs .2 seconds later.

IMG 2737

Laundry can wait right?!

IMG 2770

We relaxed for a little bit together and I took a nap before we started prepping for the birthday party!

IMG 2780

And then the party arrived.

IMG 2785

For dinner I made my mom’s enchilada recipe and chicken cream cheese chili.

IMG 2787

For the kids I make them little taquitos because they aren’t huge fans of the chili powder in these enchiladas.

IMG 2791

We also had plenty of fruit and salad too!

IMG 2789

Costco provided dessert for the birthdays.  Andrew requested for me to make my cinnamon rolls for his actual birthday so I’m already looking forward to those.

IMG 2799

My mom gave Andrew a bag of Boston Baked Beans as part of his present.  I am guessing she did this because it is the only candy that she knows that Andrew loves and I won’t eat the whole bag myself.

IMG 2794

#oops.  A great way to end the weekend;)

IMG 2802

PS one account that I love to follow on Instagram is restdaybrags.  Sometimes on IG we only see all of the killer workouts people are doing and not the resting/recovery so this account reminds me that rest days are necessary.  I think I had a total of 1700 steps yesterday and I feel so recharged and ready for a week of working hard towards those goals.  Time for an easy run today and Wednesday’s run is going to be a tough one!

IMG 2781


This week’s workout of the week is for the spin bike!  If you are needing a killer cross-training session, look no further!  I have had THIS SPIN BIKE for six years now and it is a really great option if you are wanting one for your house.  I love it and you can read my review on the bike here!

Here is my explanation on different moves for the spin bike:

In the saddle= seated.  Out of the saddle= your buns are right above the seat but they are not touching the seat of the bike.

How I rate the tension/hill—>  1-10.  1 being feeling like you are flying downhill, 5 being a flat road and 10 being your wheels actually stopping because the tension is so high (so, I never do a 10… a 9 is pretty much straight uphill).  Basically I usually stay between a 5-9.  I don’t know why I rate it the way I do but it has worked for me:)

Jumps—>  Lightly lifting and lowering out of the saddle.  The handle bars are for balance, not to pull yourself in and out of the saddle… Let your legs do the work.  I usually alternate on counts of 4 but you can also do counts of 8.  IE 4 beats standing and 4 beats sitting—> repeat.

Lock and Load—>  I usually do these with a low tension.  Raise about an inch or two above the saddle with your hips back and over the saddle.  From the hips up there is no movement.  No bounce or side to side.  The legs do all of the moving and the core is tight.  Keep a light grip on the handlebars.

Sprint—>  If you are bouncing around in your saddle when you are doing this then you do not have enough tension on your wheel.  I usually do sprints with the tension of a flat road.  Go all out.  Go nuts.  You’re a cheetah when it comes to these sprints!

Run—>  Out of the saddle, side to side run/jog.  More of a recovery move in-between the really hard stuff.

In case you want some other spin workouts, I have a few of them HERE!

Let me know if you try this one, it is killer!

9 Pyramid Spin Workout 01


Currently with your training… how often are you cross-training?  Who loves spin?  How often do you go?

Have an instagram account that you really love following lately?  Tell me so I can too:)

What day are your hardest runs/workouts going to be on this week?  

Random woman question—>  Has anyone tried THIRDLOVE bras?  I have seen a lot of ads for them and want to try out their nursing bras but wanted to ask here first what everyone’s experience was with them.  Where is your favorite place to get normal bras from?

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I recently heard about THIRDLOVE and completed the questions to find my fit, but they didn’t have my size in stock for what was recommended. :/ I’ve only heard great things, though.

My hardest workouts will either be Tuesday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. I haven’t decided yet. (This is one more reason I should probably get another coach soon).

Hope your week starts off great!


Oh that is a huge bummer they didn’t have your size. Keep me updated on your hard workouts this week. Thanks Natalie, YOU TOO!


Someone at work brought in boston baked beans the other day — I always forget about those candies!
LOVE Skye’s little striped outfit — SO CUTE!!
I’m jealous of your warm weather! It’s still so damp and cold here! Come onnnnn, spring!


Oh thank you so much Laura:) I hope spring comes ASAP for you guys… I am so happy it is here, hallelujah!


Thanks for the spin bike workout! I have recently just been getting into spin classes and love the low-impact cardio it gives me. I will definitely be trying this one out at the gym this week.

I have Thirdlove bras and can not say enough good things. Their size-matching quiz on their website was so darn accurate for me and their bras are SO comfy. I am actually in the market to buy a few more from them! And if you didn’t know, you get to try their bras for a month to make sure you like them and then you can send them back for free if you don’t. I usually buy all my bras from Victoria’s Secret and still love them, but Thirdlove is a great alternative.


You are so welcome Allison, let me know how it goes for you! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW ABOUT THEM… that is awesome that you can try them out for a month too. Thanks so much, can’t wait. Have a beautiful day!


My struggle with any kind of workout lately is that my work schedule often has me “clopen” (close and then open the next day) so I am very unmotivated to do any workouts BUT I need to do them! Any advice? I love coffee memes, so if you foll W me on instagram I post one each morning. An account that has great coffee memes is the clever bean. Funny! Have a great day!


Thanks Aimee… great question!!! Maybe view your schedule in a way that you GET to go work out on the days that you are open. Rather than seeing it as difficult to keep consistent, look at like you can’t wait for your open days so that you get to go out and sweat. View those open days as a reward for working hard and getting to get out and enjoy some time on the roads:) I hope that helps a little bit, you’ve got this!


I was also wondering about Third Love bras; so glad you asked and a few ladies have commented already saying good things! Let us know if you decide to try them so we can get more feedback!


I totally will! Thank you so much Kelly! Enjoy your day:)


I love to spin, and cross train. Spin 2-3 times a week and cross train with yoga, pilates, shockwave and barre classes. This week tomorrow will be my hardest workout because I am going out of town for work to DC and staying the weekend. Hoping to see the cherry blossoms this time. Normally Saturdays are my hardest workout days – my favorite instructor teaches 3 classes, and I can’t make up my mind which class I like best so I go to them all – ha!
Podcasts I like are instarunners and runnerbeans- for running inspiration, the Dogist – cause dogs are great, and alexia clark – for exercise ideas (although she is a lot more advanced than I am). And HRG, of course!


You rock the cross training, teach me your ways! Good luck on your workout tomorrow, I want to hear all about it! Enjoy the cherry blossoms and I LOVE that you go to three classes on Saturdays! Oh thank you so much, I can’t wait to check your favorites all out! Have a great day Cathy.


I cross train 2-3 times a week! I do BodyPump Tuesday/Thursday and usually spin once a week (usually Fridays before my long run on Saturday). I got into spin this past summer when summer running was really difficult for me. I think it has really helped especially with my speed! I love spinning a lot because I love the feeling of sweating like that but nothing compares to being outside and running.

I actually deleted my Instagram account off of my phone. I compared myself too much and it was bringing me down. I follow my favorite runners on Twitter which I think is working a lot better for me.


Thank you so much Maddie for your comment! I totally get what you are saying with IG and good for you to delete it so you don’t have to deal with that anymore. I take breaks from it all of the time! I am SO glad you love spin and I totally agree, it helps with our speed so much. My fastest marathon time was when I was doing a lot of spin! I hope you are having a great morning!


I need to be better at cross training. Right now I’m doing a lot of swimming and small strength training stuff. I think my favorite way to cross train is doing hiit or pump classes. Stuff like that.


You are ROCKING the swimming and strength! I miss pump classes so much, I should get back to those. I hope you are having an amazing day!


Happy Bday celebrating!!!! Just wanted to say….your mom looks PHENOMENAL! Tell her to keep walking…such an inspiration! ❤️


I totally will! Thank you so much Caroline and I hope you are having an amazing day!


I am currently cross training 4 times a week: 3 lifting days and one day of a total body circuit. I tried spin and did not love it
My new favorite Instagram account is scarymommy. It’s hilarious!!
While I was pregnant my chest changed so often I ended up buying bras from Kohl’s since I could get them at a cheaper price. And I’m still in love with them. It’s their brand Vanity Fair. I also really love Somas bras.


Way to go Catie on your crosstraining and lifting, you are inspiring me! Oh I LOVE scarymommy! Okay, that is a really good point, my chest is all over the place with sizing too so a cheaper bra might be the best call until I am done breastfeeding! Thanks Catie!


“I taught the youth girls (the lesson was on forgiveness) and then got to snuggle with Brooke while she snoozed.”
It’s like a time hop! LOL My kids are 19, 16 and 13. My 16-year-old recently said, “Why didn’t you just name us all Kaden since that’s what you call all of us?” LOL Confession- I haven’t ran since October. I feel like junk. I need to get back at it. I hate indoor running, but since I began running 9 years ago, I’ve pushed through every single Michigan winter, until now.


HAHAH YES…. I love that! Seriously, why is it so hard to get their names right all of the time!?! Thanks Amy! I cannot even imagine running through Michigan winters. When does it start to warm up for you guys? As soon as it does I will cheer you on as you are getting back to running!


I do not cross train as much as I should – but every second Wednesday I have Weight Room Supervision duty at school – so I tend to work out on the elliptical and do lots of weights/mobility exercises. Some teachers hate weight room duty – it is my absolute fave!

I like lots of instagrammers, too many to list but maybe you will like thepacinglife, kalynnicholson13, janyandpete, and rebeccaruns (which is totally me – shameless plug :-P)


Oh I would love weight room duty too:) THANK YOU FOR THE RECOMMENDATIONS!! Can’t wait to check you all out!!!!


While it’s totally not fitness related, one of my favorite accounts is @hugoandwinston. They’re an Italian Greyhound and English Cocker Spaniel. They couldn’t be more different from each other but they’re so adorable. I’m willing to bet that Brooke would enjoy them!


OH FUN!!! I will show Brooke when she gets home from school, thank you so much Fiona!


Your mom looks awesome, her walking is really great. P.S. love that you called Skye, Brooke in the sleeping at church picture. My mother still calls me by my sisters name on occasion :)


I totally agree with you, she has been eating so healthy too! Oh good to know your mom does that too haha… I mix up their names so often plus Skye looks like Brooke to me so it’s like a flashback:) Enjoy your day Jacinta!


I cross-train two days a week – Sundays/Mondays are my cross-training days – sometimes I do actual workouts both days, like HIIT one day and weights the next, or sometimes I do something lighter like yoga/walking on one of the days, or I throw in an easy run (really and truly easy, like 10 min miles). I wish I could just run 6 days out of the week but that just caused too many injuries for me, so this is what I have found works best!
I actually like the Zappos Running Instagram – I like the variety they post.
Hardest runs – speed workout on Wednesday, I know I need to do 800 repeats and those are always a challenge for me. In a good way!
I haven’t tried Thirdlove but I have heard really good things about them! I used to think VS was the only place to get bras but as I’ve gotten older, I have found that their stuff isn’t actually that great at all. Von Maur is my new favorite place to go. They have a lot of variety and their personnel is well trained to actually help you find what you need.


I love your schedule Rhiannon, it sounds like you found something that is perfect for you and your body. Oh I will have to follow Zappos Running, good call on that! Hey, we will both be doing speed on Wednesday! I will totally have to look at Von Maur, thank you so much girl and I hope your day is a beautiful one!


You mean snuggle with Skye?? ;)


WOW… thanks for pointing that out ha. It’s embarrassing how often I switch up their names each day! I hope you have a great day!


Do you follow latewithkate? She’s local and HILARIOUS. Seriously my favorite account right now.

I’ve heard good things about thirdlove but haven’t taken the plunge! Please report back if you try it!


SHE IS HILARIOUS!! I love her account so much! I think I’m going to try them out and I’ll let you know:) Thanks girl… I hope your week is amazing!


Ooh, not fantastic at cross training – haven’t gone spinning in a year but I am trying to be better about strength training.

I have speed workouts coming up tuesday/thursday so those will probably be the toughest ones for me.

Favourite instagram account – I don’t have one particular one but I love following athletes and landscape photographers.

Have a great Monday!


I had an unfortunate fall on the ice about a month ago, and couldn’t run for a few weeks :( I was so cranky without my endorphin fix, but spin saved me ! I always forget what a great workout it is! I’m going to try my first run back this week (hopefully Friday or Saturday). I’m excited and nervous; mentally I’m so ready to get back into it but I’m worried that my body might not be ready. I hate ice.
I follow @bymariandrew. Her work is hilarious and so so accurate to life.
Random question – what kind of protein powder do you like best? And what’s your go-to smoothie recipe? I’m trying to perfect my smoothie game and still haven’t found a powder that I love. Thanks :)


I love that people talk about rest days! They are crucial for recovery and overall success! It’s easy to get sucked into the “I have to grind everyday” but rest days are just as important! I took an impromptu rest day on Sunday because I got about 2 hours of sleep Saturday night and I knew my body needed rest more than anything else!

The hubs and I decided to sign up for the Carlsbad 5000 because we coincidentally happen to be in San Diego that weekend :) I may add in a little extra speed this week, probably on Tuesday and Thursday.


I do mostly walking or hiking for cross-training! I haven’t taken a spin class in ages :/
I’ve been all about Carlsbad Cravings! Lots of yummy recipes! (you can always follow me too @hornestateofmind ;))
I think I’m doing a speed workout on Wednesday!
I have a Third Love tshirt bra! It’s super comfortable but not quite as supportive as my full coverage bras. I still really like it though!


X training: i’m skiing a lot, AT (uphill), XC (cross country), and downhill (altho this is probably not all that helpful, except that legs and core get quite the workout). i’m also going to the gym 1x a week but i should really make that 2x a week.

i just started following Allie Kieffer’s instagram – i like it!

hardest run this week? probably a tempo run. i was thinking of using your tempo workout posted a couple weeks back and see where that takes me. then it’s the NYC half on Sunday!


I have such a hard time spending money on bras because no one sees them! So I haven’t bought in years and I often wear athletic wear as stay at home mom so i wear a light fighting sports bra with that.
I’ve been taking a spin class at the gym once a week. I don’t run that day. It’s a tough workout I wouldn’t do on my own but if someone is telling me what to do I will do it!


Have you ever tried pushups on the spin bike when you’re out of saddle?


I am exclusively cross training and I wait for a fracture in my foot to heal. I go to the doctor tomorrow to have an xray so fingers are crossed that I can give the boot the boot and reintroduce running after 11! weeks. I try to go to spin class two or three times a week. I also hit up the pool and spin in my basement on the trainer on other occasions.

I also follow restdaybrags. It’s a fun one!


oh no, your TV – what happened? By the way, we had our gender reveal over the weekend, it was SO MUCH FUN and we can’t wait to welcome our little one in just a few months! time is really flying!!!! the party looks like such a blast, i am ready to eat some of those incredible looking strawberries right about now!


I love Spin! I try and go at least 2 times a week. Once to a class and then once on my own at the gym. Maybe a silly question but how would I time all of this on my own? Use a timer on my phone?
Right now I use something similar to a Peleton bike where the screen is in front of me and tells me exactly what to do, but my new gym doesn’t have this!! So I’m trying to find a way to do Spin on my own when I need to (sometimes I want to do it when there isn’t actually a class on!)
This one looks killer!


Cross training is everything to me. Because of a knee thing, I can only run twice a week right now–as I keep on figuring out how to manage arthritis more and more and gain better stability in the joint, I want to get back to what felt best–three times a week running. That said, I have ALWAYS been big on cross training…and especially spin! With arthritis as part of my life right know, the time I spend on the spincycle is more important than I can say; it allows for awesome low-impact cardio. It was also my first fitness love, tbh.

It’s funny that you posted a spin workout yesterday; I got notification from Les Mills–the exercise company whose programs I really love–that I am now fully certified to teach Les Mills RPM, which is a 45 min intervals-based spin class. Before I began training and preparing for certification, I would do RPM about 3-ish times per week, but now it’s more like I am on that bike 5 days a week! I love it so much! I also do a HIIT class on a spin bike twice a week that’s 30 minutes of intensity and awesomeness–Les Mills Sprint. I try to get in 1 dance fitness class a week (not more, because the jumping dance moves, the lateral moves, and all the twists and turns that can bug my knee), 2 strength sessions per week, and 2-3 Les Mills Body Flow classes per week (I am also certified to teach Flow, so these days that looks like 1 time per week at home on my mat as ‘practice’ and once a week teaching…).

It seems with exercise I am more of a generalist than a specialist! I will leave ‘specialist’ to my main profession (and professional aspirations)!!!


I’m cross-training a ton right now. Teacher Training is kicking my butt so I’ve dropped my running days to 4 days a week … Swim 3 times a week … And pepper in lots of yoga along the way! It’s working out great!


Boston Baked Beans? What is wrong with him?

I am obsessed with your dress…and your hair looks amazing!

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