Finally Happened + 10 Things I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago.

(Tank, shorts, shoes)

I was going to attempt a workout on the roads, but doing one on the trails sounded like a lot more fun and ended with a new segment PR.

Three of my six runs last week were on the trails and I like those numbers a lot.

I’ve done this trail (according to Strava) 24 times over the last two years because it is a pretty heavily populated one, so I feel good doing it alone.  Over the 10 miles, I gained 1200 ft, so there are many ups and downs throughout it.   Along this trail, there is a segment called the ‘three bears,’ three hills (that go up in size with each one) that I’ve tried to PR on for a while, and it finally happened on Saturday.   I felt like I would pass out by the end of it, but it was definitely worth pushing it and a great deposit into my next race’s bank account.

PS you can read my blog post with the best trails in Utah County HERE!

IMG 9657

All I could think about in the last mile of my run was coming home and eating guacamole.

IMG 9680

And then I made mini superhero muffins.  Beck and Skye gobbled them up.  Beck has started getting pickier lately with what he will eat, but these made the cut for him.  I cooked them for 13 minutes instead of 35, like the recipe says because they were mini.

IMG 9678

We snuggled up with some books, and then when Beck went down for a nap I did some planks, squats, and lunges.  I didn’t have time for a lot, but I reminded myself that ten minutes is better than zero minutes.

IMG 9679

Another highlight from Saturday was going shopping for birthday gifts for Brooke.  We have a new locally owned store in our mall that gives people that work in the medical field 10% off, and they do all of the gift wrapping for free.  We will be buying every toy from here on out here (Teton Toys… they have one in Jackson Hole too)!

IMG 9687

And my favorite rice bowl while we were out…

IMG 9686

Brooke got home at around three on Sunday afternoon, and we spent every minute until bedtime celebrating her.  We will do some partying today because we pick up Knox too (after 2.5 weeks away).

It’s going to be a good day.

IMG 9691

IMG 9697

IMG 9702

IMG 9703


And today’s running topic—> 10 Running Things I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

IMG 5653

*Not every type of training is for me!  I have run with many different people over the years, and I always LOVE hearing about what they do for training.  Some run seven days a week, some cross-train more than they run, some train on trails the majority of the time, some focus on quality miles and some focus on a quantity of miles.  It’s fascinating how we can all train for the same races in so many different ways.  Focus on finding what works for you!  Don’t be afraid to try out different training schedules as you figure out what is best for you.  Be okay with the fact that the way your body responds best might be very different than any of your running friends or athletes that you follow on social media.  I have been injured in the past from trying to do exactly what other people were doing and not listening to my own body!

*Training doesn’t just involve checking off every workout on your training plan.  I have never actually completed every workout on a specific training plan.  Things pop up, and life happens, so don’t get down on yourself if you miss a few runs along the way.  Consistency is a huge part of getting to our running goals, but we all miss a workout or two along the way, and that is more than okay.

*Calories and a period make you fast.  I used to believe that lighter= faster and that not having a period was part of getting faster.  IT’S NOT!  My fastest times were when my body was at its happy place (30 lbs heavier than it was in previous years) and having a very consistent period.   You can have a period while at the same time you are training hard and running a lot of miles—> You have to eat enough calories to do so and give your body enough recovery.

*Those big goals take a long time to happen.  After my first marathon, I went into my local running store and told Hawk (the owner and my coach in 2019) that I would run a sub-3 marathon at my next marathon… but it didn’t happen until eight years later.  Don’t worry; it will come but don’t quit if it doesn’t happen right away.

*The person looking at you and thinking you shouldn’t be wearing what you are wearing is the weird one… not you.  Run in what feels good for YOU.  You deserve to be comfortable and don’t let anybody’s opinion make you wear anything but what you want to wear.  Your opinion is all that matters:).

*You don’t have to prove your worth by a fast time; your worth is inherent.  If you are feeling nervous before a workout or race, remind yourself of this.  Your worth is there no matter what happens out there on the road, so have fun!

*Motivation isn’t supposed to always be there.  I remember when we were training for CIM in 2019 (right after running the St. George Marathon) and REALLY struggling with the lack of motivation many days… that is normal.  Motivation won’t always be there to get us up out of bed to train but creating the habit and having discipline gets us through the training cycles.

*Get on the trails (or any and every hill you can find in your area or use the treadmill or parking garages for hills if you are in a flat area:).  For years I would just train on flat, and it wasn’t until I started getting in some good climbing each week that I started hitting my goals!

*This one goes along with the one above—> I have learned that the more variation I have in my training (i.e., paces, hills, uneven/different surfaces), the less likely I am to get injured!

*And my current lesson that I am learning at the moment—> I NEED STRENGTH, YOGA, AND STRETCHING to continue running as I age.


What are some running things that you wish you would have known when you first started running?!

Readers with kids—> what do you do to get your littles (like Beck’s age) to get in their veggies?

Favorite recipes/foods that pack in some awesome veggies?

-Now that school is starting again, I’m inspired to get cooking more!

Who is training for a fall race?  In your area, what time of year are most races held?  

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Looks like Brooke had a great birthday!!

Also, yes!! 10 minutes is better than zero minutes! I did 15 minutes of strength yesterday and feel it today, so even a little bit can make a difference.

All of your lessons learned are so accurate, thank you for the reminder! I run 3 days a week, take 2 days of rest, and cross train other days. Running every day is a sure fire way for me to get injured, but that’s just me! All about listening to your body.


Hey Mariah! WAY to go getting in those 15 minutes… every minute is helping us! I love what you have found works best for you and your body. You are incredible. Thanks friend!


So many of your lessons.
To go along with the weightloss/no period one…….I wish I knew that it just was not sustainable. It seems so simple (obvious) but at the beginning running like this seemed fast and fine until it wasn’t. Since I am such a creature of habit it took a bit to unlearn a different way was WAY better and I wish I would have just started with that.


It really does date time to unlearn some of these behaviors but you did it and I am so happy for you! I’ve loved doing this together it feels like:). I think the world of you!


Both my girls ( ages 10 and 13) love veggies. I never hid them in anything but I did introduce them prior to fruits, not sure if that helped. But I just kept offering them over and over and a variety. I never made a big deal about it but the rule ( around age 2 1/2) was that they had to try it which could mean licking a piece, taking a nibble and then eventually a true bite. Now for my husband, I get veggies in him through smoothies and telling him “ can you please eat a little as a good model for the kids?”. It’s working less now that he knows my kids love veggies!!

When my oldest was 11 she had her annual physical with a nurse practitioner at our pediatrician and was told “oh, your a competitive swimmer, just to let you know you might not get a period until later or it might stop due to your activity level and that is fine”. When we got in the car I explained to her that this was absolutely not okay ( besides that normal fluctuation when you first get it) and I went over some of the female athlete issues. I was so annoyed that she was told this! Of course this was quite far away from the time we had to deal with it but I was glad she had the info! But for those of you 40+ my sports med doc said that women are often more regular at a lower weight but they are doing the same damage. He said frequent injury, lower stamina, fatigue, and anemia are often better signs.


I LOVE that your girls love veggies! I love how you went about it all with your girls, you are an awesome example and I had to laugh about your husband;) OH WOW… that is not okay what that NP said! I am so glad she had you to give her accurate information. Thank you for sharing this with us! You are the best. Have a wonderful rest of your day, Carrie!


Happy Birthday to Brooke again!! Looks like a great day ?
Oh I love all these lessons!! Listening to your body was a huge one for me, and along with that… Stop the comparison game. Like you said, training looks different for everyone, and if you’re not doing the same thing as everyone else, that is ok. I have also learned that changing up surfaces (roads, trails, treadmill) is a must for me, along with lots of pilates/yoga, and strength! Such a great reminder Janae…thank you!!
School starts today!! It makes me feel like a fresh start this year. Hopeful, motivated, ready…. I’m excited to get back to a good routine.
I’m so happy that you get to see Knox today!! Yay!
Have a great Monday!!


STOP THE COMPARISON GAME… absolutely! I love that so much. I hope today has been a perfect first day of school for everyone and I’m looking forward to some routine too. Thanks Wendy, happy Monday to you!


Happy belated birthday to Brooke!!
All the food in your photos looks soo good. I need to go get guacamole now.

Things I wish I knew when I started running. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Run your own pace. Running takes reap the results of consistent training. And to remember to have lots of fun along the way.

I am training for a fall trail race. Most of of ours take place September to October.

Yesterday our crew spent 6 hours in the trails..we submitted Brunswick mountain and then instead of doing an out and back we rejoined a local trail called the Howe Sound Crest trail and made it a point to point run. We even got to swim in a turquoise lake or 2 en route to the end. The views are spectacular and you definitely get a workout. I think it was an almost 13 mile day and somewhere between 4 to 5000 feet of climbing. Tired legs and happy heart!

Have a great day Janae and happy trails!


I am really hoping you have some amazing guacamole asap! I LOVE the things you mentioned… it’s so important we remind ourselves that this is FUN. Cannot wait for your next trail race. 6 hours on the trip= is incredible. I seriously need to join you and your group one day. You guys are so adventurous. Thanks friend, I hope you are having a great day!


I wish I’d really known the value in recovery. I wish I’d known to trust what my body was telling me, not what I *thought* I needed to do (more miles). I had a Jones fracture last fall and was out of commission for a solid 12 weeks. While returning to running has its challenges, my body feels SO much better! It’s like I hit a giant “re-set” button, and I am determined to listen to my body and take my rest days.

For my kids, I took a pretty relaxed approach. They mostly liked sweeter veggies like carrots and peas, so that’s what they ate. I wasn’t stuck on “you need x number of servings of vegetables per day” – the only thing I asked is that they try something if it was new. Today, they have a very healthy relationship with food (they are adults now) – my son LOVES to cook and my daughter is vegan!


Hey Liz! Thank you so much for sharing and I am so happy that you were able to reset! I can totally relate with you on how an injury can really teach us that we need to listen to our body and recover! I am excited you are coming back and can’t wait to see what is up ahead for you! I like that relaxed approach and that was just what I needed to read because I get stressed out too easy about this stuff. Hope you are having a beautiful day!


I love cooking onions, peppers and kale; however it appeals to the majority that day/ week (roasted, sauteed, steamed). I add them to rice or buckwheat. It’s so easy, and can be delicious with the right spices and broth. Then I can build it several ways from there, like adding beans. This can also be done in one pot.

Culture plays a big part from home to home I think. If the culture includes preparing them a lot of different ways according to recipes (styles and content combinations), then it can take more time. I don’t follow recipes, I guess it’s intuitive.


Teach me your ways! I wish cooking was intuitive for me, you are amazing Lee!


You are amazing, too! It’s just practice, and the beautiful thing about it is: no teaching required. You’re cooking more, and you have a lot of opportunities! They’re all practice, and honing your skills. Noticing how you employ your intuition in an obvious way to you can transfer to tapping your intuition when cooking, and other activities! It’s fun; and apparently an important life skill. Knowing ourselves (not in the ego space) helps us in many ways according to those in the know!

I’m seeing a conclusion here (and I think I like it): cooking is holistic, not an single/ independent transaction.


I’m always looking for ways to add beans and vegetables to recipes. I just made crockpot salsa chicken this weekend and I added a can of black beans, some corn, and some mushrooms. (Squash is a great addition too, but I didn’t have any.) I’ve been using my crockpot so much lately…

Did you get the mini frying pan? I bet your kids will love having custom breakfast sandwiches at home! By the way, I’m hooked on the breakfast burrito recipe you posted, and now I always have some in the freezer!


Cynthia, we got it a few days ago (it shipped in one day!) and we are obsessed with it… it is just so cute too. Thank you for sharing that with me. And now I need to make some more of those breakfast burritos too. I will have to use that crockpot recipe too asap. Thanks for sharing! I hope your day is a beautiful one friend!


I’m running Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October. We run along Lake Michigan. It’s a smaller version of Grandma’s Marathon!
I would have told myself to get a running coach sooner. I have Lauren Floris for my current running coach. Knowing how amazing she is gives myself more confidence!


Molly, that is so so exciting! I would love to do that race, I hope you have the best time. LAUREN IS THE GREATEST! I used her a few years ago and loved her. Happy Monday!


Love this post for so many reasons!!!
Thanks for being such a ray of positivity and hope. I’ve been following you for years, and seeing all of your posts in beautiful Utah has made me want to take a trip to Utah (from Boston!), and we’re finally doing it next week! This 10 mile trail run you mention here sounds like an awesome morning activity for my husband and I next week—do you mind sharing name of this trail/segment of trail? Thanks a million!


Ahhhh you are coming here! This makes me so happy! You will have to tell me all about it and let me know if you have any questions on things to do/see! It’s called bonneville shoreline trail! I either park at rock canyon or slate canyon and it just runs along the front of mountain there! Oh and you can also start on it at the base of the Y mountain! Have the best time!


You are such a genuine delight—THANK you! If we see you out there next week, we’ll wave a hello :)




Hi Janae! Great tips! I appreciate the one about consistency.. I’m dealing with tendonitis in my knee now and I just keep reminding myself it won’t matter in the long run.
Happy Monday!


Oh Amy! I am so sorry about the tendonitis in your knee right now. Please keep me updated with how you are doing. Thank you Amy, you too!


It’s Les’ birthday week too! He’ll be 58 on Thursday and it will be 32 years on Wednesday since we met, so we’ve got a lot to celebrate ;)

Loved all 10 things. Happily, my period is gone for good, but that’s because of age, not from mistreating my body. I can only be me on the run and staying healthy means variety, including strength training. This is the first year that I started out with strength training and I’m still doing it in August. Breaking PRs from 8-9 years ago is motivating me to stick with it!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK TO LES! You two are huge examples to me with all that you guys do. And 32 years?! That is amazing… you better celebrate a lot! I love that you have been consistent with strength this year and breaking those PRs… YES!


Re: veggies and kids- check out @feedinglittles on IG. It’s an awesome account.


THANK YOU for the recommendation, just started following! Hope you are having a great day!


Oh that everything takes hard work, dedication and patience. It will happen if you keep trying your best even after setbacks.

For mine, they are always served vegetables with almost every meal. When they first started eating vegetables were given exclusively at first. I have never had a problem with mine eating lots of veggies, fruits and healthy proteins. Also we have the 3 bite rule at the table and keep offering them especially when little, they’ll get it eventually.

We make lots of veggie burgers, stir fries, salads and quesadillas filled with veggies and beans.

Me and my older three are training for a 5K, the first race for me post newest baby and the first race for them ever!


I love how you go about it Blair! Thank you for sharing and I am going to try out your quesadilla with veggies/beans this week for my kids. PLEASE keep me updated with your training and I am so excited that your oldest three are training with you. Congrats on your newest little one. Happy Monday, Blair!


Your list is amazing. I truly feel that, “Comparison is the thief of joy” (Roosevelt) and that you have to go to bed with yourself at the end of the day. So you only need to impress yourself and be proud of what you achieve in any life domain.

I really appreciate your honesty and great advice and modelling for adults and kids.

I like getting extra veggies into little ones through baking: (1) zucchini chocolate muffins (2) pumpkin/squash/yams in muffins or pancakes (3) puree cauliflower and add into other dishes (4) soups with sweet potato and pear, carrot and yams, tomato soup with other veggies blended in (stole these from my mom and it worked on us ;) )

Have a super start to you week.


Hey Katie. That quote is absolute truth. Let’s all keep impressing ourselves. I’ll be thinking about that a lot. THANK YOU for sharing your veggie tips. I will be using these… asap! Thanks friend, you too.


Happy birthday, Brooke! Do you cry when your kids have birthdays, too, or is it just me? :) I love that I have growing, healthy boys, but wow it’s hard to watch them grow so fast.
What an absolutely wonderful list, Janae. The biggest thing I have learned regarding running in the past 10 years is that running will ALWAYS be there for me. I’m not running much lately because there just isn’t time for it with two little kids and a husband who is gone most of the time for work, but this is just a season in life. One day, my kids will be grown, and I’ll have all the time in the world to run.
I serve veggies with every meal, and try not to stress if they eat them or not. I read somewhere that parents say what and when kids are offered food, and kids say how much.


My boys are 6 and 8 and eat zero veggies! ? so I’m no help for that.
But if you follow @theleangreenbean she has lots of baked good recipes that involve veggies.

If you come up with dinner inspiration please share! I’m so over making dinner!


I love your running lessons and they are all so true! My main one is to enjoy the process and celebrate the little successes! I’m getting better at enjoying the full training cycle and the little wins rather than just focusing on the main goal and ticking the training off as “must do” and it has made the whole journey so much more enjoyable!


Yes to so many of the things you wish you knew! I am 42 and just recently got into trail running after a decade of running almost exclusively on roads, and it is such a fun challenge and nice change of pace! Also, so important to keep your weight up and keep everything in working order!


Love the list of 10 things you wish you knew 10 years ago about running! I’m a run coach in Maryland and shared the post with my group of running moms!

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