Thursday Things & A Good Sweat

After a few days off I always wonder as I’m leaving the house for my run if I’m going to remember how to run.  Usually the running clicks pretty quickly after some time off but yesterday it didn’t.

The run felt hard from the first step but that probably had something to do with living off of churros and not a lot of sleep for the previous few days.  This week is a recovery week so I’m not worried about how off I felt yesterday and I’ll just focus on getting plenty of rest this week.  Even though the running felt pretty awful, I felt so much better afterwards getting a good sweat in.   I never regret going outside to move.

Brooke went to school, I went for my run and Andrew took Skye to go get Beretta (she stays at a dog hotel when we leave) and he found me while I was out running.

IMG 2721

8 miles @ 8:24 average with 800 feet of climbing… some on the snow and most on the cleared roads.

IMG 5612

I’ve been doing my runs lately in the early morning so it was nice to be out with the sun.

IMG 5613

Vegetables!!  We didn’t go grocery shopping until later on in the day so Andrew brought home some salads for our lunch.

I had a steak salad and more restaurants need to understand that adding jicama to a salad is delicious.

IMG 5618

The rest of our day involved laundry/unpacking, grocery shopping, homework and this delicious brinner:

IMG 5658


I have a few Thursday Things to talk about with you today!

*Coming home from vacation (or as my sister says, it’s called a trip ((not a vacation)) when you take kids;) is rough for everyone involved:

IMG 5620

*Every now and then when I don’t have time to wash my hair but my bangs look greasy… I’ll just wash my bangs in the sink and then blow them dry.  I think it works out nicely and a lot faster than washing all of my hair.

IMG 5393

*Skye will happily be doing her own thing (and in the below picture she was just holding onto the fence and yelling at people walking by) UNTIL the second Andrew and I hug.  Once she sees us touch she makes her way over to break things up ha;)

IMG 5453

*Many of you have shown concern when I post pictures of me running in the snow with my ankles completely exposed so I am trying harder to cover them up for the really cold runs:)  My ankles don’t ever feel cold but it’s probably good for them to be covered.

IMG 5302

*We got our Disney shirts at Target, they are much cheaper there.

IMG 2571


IMG 5542

(PS someone sent me the above image and I can’t find the image source)

*Skye officially has her first Skye doll from Paw Patrol.

IMG 5372

*For a good chunk of the drive to and from California I sat in the back to help Skye.  Brooke slept more than Skye did.  Skye likes moving every waking minute so the car seat was not her favorite.

IMG 5388

*Me too Shalane, 100% me too.  Running just makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

Screen Shot 2019 01 30 at 8 59 16 AM

*It is Beretta’s 7th birthday today!  We will be taking her on a walk, to play fetch and let her eat some of her favorite foods!

IMG 5653


What makes you feel most confident?!

Do your ankles ever get cold while running?  What is the first spot on you that gets cold lately while running?

-Lately my face but that is because I keep forgetting to bring my buff.

Do you have a salad topping that you love that most people haven’t tried?

-I don’t think jicama is very common but it is my favorite.  I love the crunch and the flavor.

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being excellent)… how did your last run feel?


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My ears and fingers get cold pretty quickly. However, I just started using a buff for my face, and now I don’t think I can go without it in the cold/wind!
I absolutely LOVE chickpeas and hard boiled eggs on my salads!!
My last run felt like an 8.5. It was cold and there was some strong headwind, but it was my first double digit run since October, and I really needed a mental victory in completing 10 miles. My half marathon is just over 4 weeks away, so I wanted to knock this one out so badly. I finished, and when I stopped my IPOD (how I track my time) it said exactly a 9:00 minute pace………….right on track to set a PR if I can do that on race day! I felt so awesome all day Tuesday after that run!!

Have a great Thursday!


Buffs are the absolute best. I am right there with you on chickpeas and hard boiled eggs (although Andrew hates hard boiled eggs so I forget to make them). YES to your 10 miles… way to go Loribeth and you are going to rock your half marathon. I can’t wait to hear about your pr. Thanks, you too!


I swear my ears get cold so easy! I am usually always wearing something over them.
And your salads always look so good and have me craving them!!
I think my last run was a 10! With my marathon getting close a good run always helps me mentally!


YES YES YES for your 10 run. You are going to do amazing on race day and I better get to hear all about it.
I need to send you one of these salads… so so good. Have a wonderful day Tracy.


That brinner y’all had looks SO good!! I love pita chips on top of a salad, though I don’t think that’s too uncommon. I’m with you on needing a little extra crunch on there.

I haven’t felt as confident while running in a long time, but it’s definitely starting to come back. I think I feel most confident when I’m writing and leading/speaking/teaching.

Hope that you have a great day, Janae!!


I AM SO HAPPY the running confidence is coming back:) . Thanks Natalie and I hope you get some brinner soon.


We always get our Disney shirts at Target as well. We also get souvenirs there as well. I have also had luck at Kohl’s on line (I got Christmas Disney shirts for $4.99).

I think that I feel the most confident – – after my run. Nothing has changed in my life or with my circumstances but I just feel like I can handle it more confidently.

My dog (golden doodle) does the same thing as Skye when I hug or pay attention to anyone beside him. :) Happy Birthday Beretta !! Isn’t it crazy how our dogs are an extension of our families!

My last run was on the treadmill (too cold here) and it was hard (even though I started watching the Ted Bundy series on Netflix) it still felt hard. So, I rate it as 3.5. Speaking of Netflix – have you started watching Tidying Up.. maybe I read about it on your blog. Sorry if I did but I love it – – it is motivating me to declutter and clean out things. You just moved which is always the best time to that.

My nose always gets cold first and I love GREEN OLIVES on my salad! Have a great Thursday Janae!


Good to know about Kohl’s online and we will have to do souvenirs there too! It really is amazing what these runs do for our mental game for the rest of life. Haha I love that your golden doodle does that too. I AM GOING TO HAVE TO WATCH that Ted Bundy series. And yes, I LOVE that show so much. I’ll send you any green olives that come my way. Have an amazing day Sandy!


Hmm, a good run or a good lifting session always makes me feel more confident. If it’s a nasty, gnarly one then it won’t, but my friends reminding me that it’s how you get better will then make me feel more confident. My last run (just got back this morning!) was a quick 5k and i would say it was a 6. Fridays are always my rest day so the accumulation of all the workouts from the week hits me on thursdays.

Even though I have nice gloves, my fingers ALWAYS get cold while running. it might be time for some mittens. My toes get cold too but I never notice my ankles- there’s got to be so much hot blood running through there that I bet it’s hard to feel cold at your ankles. My old apartment used to have treadmills, so I would watch so many movies in the winter. Now, I have to actually run outside, so getting used to the cold has been quite something!

Hmm, my fav salad topping that is more obscure is totally roasted pumpkin seeds or roasted chickpeas. It’s similar to jicama in the sense that it adds a nice crunch. I do love jicama and roasted pumpkin seeds together.

Stay warm :) I look foward to reading about your trip !!


I love what your friends remind you for the bad ones. I hope you get in a great run/lifting session soon. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow. Mittens help me out big time! Good point about the ankles. Well now I need some roasted pumpkin seeds and roasted chickpeas on my next salad. Thanks Savannah, I hope you have a wonderful day and I wrote about our trip here wahoo:


My face is what gets cold too. I hate when my ears get cold so I got a good headband that warms my ears up really great and now it’s mostly my chin haha.

I so miss running outside! If I can get a run in during daylight, I go outside but usually it’s when it’s still dark.


IT WAS SO COLD THIS MORNING. Be glad you didn’t go outside. I hope you have a great day and we are getting closer to spring right?!


I used to feel really confident in a swimsuit, specifically my polyester one-piece! I was on swim team and synchronized swimming in high school, so I felt strong in it! That feeling lasted for a long time after high school ended, but since I don’t swim much anymore (I started running!), I’m not sure when I feel most confident . . . that’s something I need to think about.

My HANDS!!! I need to wear gloves even when it’s not that cold out (I will run in shorts, a t shirt, and gloves; I probably look like a mime).

Last run: a 7! The first half was hard and I was dreading turning around because I’d be running into the wind, but it woke me up. That was a nice surprise! I’m sure even though this run back was tough, your body is thankful for the rest and fun and will run even better once you’re back in routine!


I am right there with you…. shorts, tank and gloves happen for me too. I HATE COLD HANDS. Thank you so much Kristin, I agree. Glad that your last run was a great one and I hope you have a beautiful day!


I feel most confident when I run, too!
I’m not as tall as you, but I have long legs, so my ankles are always exposed, too. When it’s really cold out, or when I know my ankles and feet will be getting wet, I just wear knee-high socks (usually SmartWool) over my tights. It doesn’t look too cute, but I don’t care.
My favorite weird salad topping is raisins. Growing up, I wanted to do everything my dad did (he got me into running), and he puts raisins on his salads.
My last run was a 2/10, as well. I was coming down with a stomach bug, but didn’t know it yet. I was exhausted and my stomach hurt. Sadly, I haven’t run since because the wind chill has been -40 here! Yes, -40*F. I’m tough, but I’m also smart ;)


That is a really good idea… just bought some on Amazon. My legs were frozen today so maybe those will help too. I am going to try out raisins next… I love it. Your dad sounds awesome. You are VERY smart. I hope it warms up asap Stacey. Have a wonderful day!


Glad you enjoyed disneyland and ate all the good treats!! Your body probably needs some extra rest from all that walking and staying up late!

I had to laugh at the washing bangs thing because when I was in high school I had side bangs and I used to do that all the time…oh I don’t have time to wash my hair and just put my head in the sink and wash my bangs and it looked just like that! the shampoo ratio would be wayyyy off haha.

I’m most confident when I’m running. I think that’s what keeps most of us doing it->seeing our bodies adapt and build is very confidence boosting and makes us believe in ourselves!

Cold when running->as long as my ears and hands are covered I’m set. The rest of me I know will warm up or be fine being a little chilly, but my hands never warm up and I hate when there’s cold wind in my ears. I almost always wear shorts and short socks even during really cold runs. So…guess my legs and ankles are fine!

My favorite salad topping is beets. My favorite salad bar->Jasons deli, has them, and I pile them up and everyone else seems to be like what is that?? And not many people get them. So, not like super uncommon but I think generally people don’t want to try them.

I would say my run felt a 7 on scale of 1-10. Physically it was very hard but it was speed work so (duh!). But, it also felt really great because its my first speed work of the new cycle and I hit paces I never thought I would hit! And so I felt very accomplished after.

Another question for you-> when you started running did you love the treadmill or did you have to build up your ability to run a while on there?


Oh my goodness hahah I find my shampoo ratio to be way off too when I do this… so funny! Yes, yes yes to what you said about seeing our bodies adapt and do hard things. The best. We went to Jasons Deli on Tuesday night on our drive home and I had the salad bar and it was amazing (and Andrew added beets on his salad)!
Super excited to see how this training cycle goes for you and you are already starting above where you thought.
I definitely had to build up my mileage on the treadmill in the beginning (and again now too). The treadmill is hard but I think it really helps my mental game. Your body will adapt! Have a wonderful day Eleanor.


Having a great run makes me feel confident!! Also, being in shape and eating healthy. I was training for a 30k but just found out I have to have a surgery which makes it so I can’t run for 6 weeks!! I don’t know how I’m going to survive!!

I think part of why you had an awful run after your trip is that although Disneyland is a lot of fun, you are on your feet a great deal on a hard surface. I seem to always have trouble running after Disneyland. Just my theory.

My ankles are always showing, year long and it doesn’t bother me. My hands and face are what get the coldest if it is around 20 degrees.

I ran a long run of 14 miles last week and it felt great!! It was a pretty hilly run too!!


SHIRLEY… I am SO so sorry about your surgery and 6 week recovery time. I hope that it all goes well and please keep me updated with how you are doing.
Good to hear I’m not alone with Disney. I really think that is why too. My body is not used to standing all day but I guess that is good for training for the ultra;) .
Great job on your hilly 14 miler.


My hands and toes get really cold when I run outside. I, like you, use hand warmers and sometimes toe warmers. I have a specific pair of gloves that I wear outside to keep my hands extra warm. I only cover my ankles on the trails, I have socks that come up higher than the pairs I wear on the road. My ankles don’t get cold, I worry that they are going to get scratched up. I have seen some very scratched up legs from trail running and I don’t want that for myself. I feel the most confident after I work out, any type of workout will do the trick.


Good call on covering up for the trails! I need to try out some toe warmers next week for one of my really cold long runs. Have a wonderful day Megan and I totally agree… pretty much all exercise helps me to feel confident.


haha. My toddler also does that “break up the embrace” thing. He even does it when we hug our dog or when his teacher hugs another child. The funniest was when two cats were rubbing against each other and he ran toward them to stop them. Wonder why that is?


NO WAY… hahah that is so funny! We think that Skye just thinks she is the only one that gets to cuddle so when she see’s other people doing it she has to join in. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have an amazing day Steph.


Maggie, I had not seen this article yet… thank you SO much. It was perfect and I’ll be sharing this, so so important. Have a wonderful day.


Running definitely makes me feel confident too! I feel like I can handle so much more after a good run/work out session.

Ha, not much on me gets cold but I’m also running in SoCal so I think the lowest temp I’ve ran in was in the 20s and my lungs kind of hurt the rest of the day if that makes sense.

I love fruit in salads, especially apples because there’s a good crunch and lots of flavor.

Today’s run was fairly easy with some rolling hills and friends to chat with, so maybe a 7.5 :)


Me too… the rest of the day just goes so much better after a run. Can I come run with you in the winters… I’m ready for some shorts outside again. Sounds like a great run. Have a beautiful Thursday Marissa.


Jicama is so good! I don’t eat it as much as I’d like to, I always forget to put it on my shopping list.


ME TOO… Time to start buying it more:) . Have a wonderful day Fiona!


Random question: what kind of car do you have? We are going to need to upgrade for baby #3 and we’re looking for a good 7 passenger car. Is the third row comfortable? So many we’ve looked at have like a token third row that would not be roomy enough for any one over 4 feet. Thanks!


Hey Abigail! We have the Toyota Highlander and we love it. I fit back there and while I don’t love being back there for hours… it’s fine just on a normal day to day basis. Brooke and Knox fit great back there. The only problem with the Highlander is that there is not a ton of room for storage but everything else about it we are absolutely obsessed with. GOOD LUCK and congrats on baby #3!


Thank you! The Highlander is on our shortlist so it’s good to get an opinion on it.


The last few runs have not been too pleasant for me… probably like a 3 to 5. I really hope I get back to some consistent good runs soon! I’m having some hip/pelvis/leg troubles and I can still run but something always feels too tight or misaligned.

I love peas on salads… don’t know if that’s a common thing or not.


Oh I am so sorry Grant. I hope you get in some 7,8,9,10 runs soon! I love peas on my salads too. Have a great rest of your day!


I love cottage cheese on salad, and raisins. Might be weird but I love it:)

Definitely feel most confident when I am running. This morning’s run was pretty sweet. My partner announced that he wanted to come along on his skateboard so I had my own personal pacer for 8.5 miles :). I would say the run felt like a 7 or 8 – it felt good because I was going SLOW .

My ankles rarely get cold because I tend to wear longer/crew length socks while running and in winter I just pull them over my tights. My fingers get cold the first. Lately it has been cold enough we might even get snow here! I know that might not be as exciting because Utah is probably covered in snow but in Vancouver it is rarely cold enough to snow haha. It is pretty mild here compared to the rest of the Canada!

Hope you had a great vacation and you get some rest and recovery from a vacation with kids!! Have a great day Janae!


I love CC on my salads too!
I LOVE that you were able to do that together… so much fun! I hope you get a little bit of snow:) . Have a wonderful day and thanks Kristine!


I’m sure all the time in the car didn’t help your 1st run back either, I feel like long car trips mess with me for a few days. Love that Shalane quote and I agree that jicama is so good on salads! I love a ton of toppings on salads, maybe a weird one is red cabbage. It had a nice crunch and a pretty color!


That really is so true… thanks for reminding me of that! I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and a really great salad soon!
Thanks Michelle!


I love jicama on salads! The Mexican restaurant across the street from my office adds them AND they bring out jicama sticks to have with your guac!

My last run was a 9.9. :) It was my first half marathon, and while miles 9-12 were unexpectedly hilly and my fingers were too frozen to open my second GU, I finished in 1:40:12 as the 6th female overall. I can’t wait to do one on a flat course ha!


LINDSAY. WOW. A 1:40 and 6th female overall on a hilly course and your FIRST half. You are on fire. I can’t wait to see what you do at your next half too. Keep me updated, so excited for you!

PS the jicama sticks with guac = genius.


Happy Birthday, Beretta! I hope it was filled with treats and belly rubs!


My eldest was the same way.. every time we held hands, sat next to each on the sofa.. he would come and break us up.
I’ve never heard of jicama.. the salad looks great.

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