What has helped my anxiety A LOT lately… + our day!

Ten miles with friends @ 8:24 average.

It’s incredible how fast those miles can go by when you have an awesome group of humans to do them with (and when it is ten degrees cooler than it usually is ;).

Brooke has been shocked over how much more mobile Beck has become over the few days she was gone.

IMG 9026

Back to school shopping has begun.  They want everything matching so that is getting a bit tricky.

IMG 9037

I was very excited because I found Mindy while we were there.  I have followed and loved her for years and had never met her in real life even though we live pretty close.

IMG 9035

My sister-in-law made the most delicious looking French Dip sandwiches the other day so I got the recipe from her and made it for our dinner last night.

IMG 9024

1.5 lbs deli-sliced roast beef

2 packets of au jus

1 dry packet of beefy onion soup mix

6 cups water

Put it all in the crockpot for 6 hours!

Add some cheese to the rolls/hoagies, broil them in the oven for 2 minutes, and dip them into the au jus.

IMG 9042 2

PS the above rolls were a last second run to the grocery store because who knows how I messed up the first round of rolls.

IMG 9040

And a few more random things:

*While we were in the parking lot waiting for Brooke’s plane to land, Beck figured out how to turn on the windshield wipers and he was so proud of himself.

IMG 8998

*I have zero patience when it comes to painting my nails and letting them dry… not sure why I keep trying ha.

IMG 9034

*Beck hasn’t been feeling great because of his ear infection but each time we go outside he calms down and he is so much happier.  It’s amazing to me what being outside does for us no matter how old we are.

IMG 8979

*A random old picture of Skye and Knox to go with this topic…

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 8644

I wish I could remember where in the world I heard this idea but it has been helping me a lot lately.

When you start to experience worry or anxiety—> start to THINK ABOUT ALL OF THE THINGS THAT COULD GO RIGHT.

With each kid I have, the more I worry about all of the things.  I often feel anxious about different things and let my brain think about all of the things that could go wrong.  I heard this simple idea above and I can’t even believe how much it has helped me and brought a lot of joy to my life.  When I start worrying about what could go wrong, I used to just tell myself to stop thinking about it and change the subject in my brain but this is helping me even more.

For example—>  At night I worry if my kids are breathing (I don’t know why, but it is a big fear of mine when they are asleep and every morning I wonder why I was so worried the night before)… instead of continuing those thoughts I go with thoughts of all of the things that could go right—>  We are all going to have a great night of sleep, we are going to wake up and have a fun day together, we are going to eat pancakes and play outside, they are going to laugh and giggle and continue to grow and thrive.  I imagine the great things up ahead in their lives and it makes me so happy and relaxes my entire body and takes me away from feeling anxious.

Sometimes the simple things are the most helpful for me.  Just another tool in my mental health toolbox that I am using and loving:).

*Remember to seek professional help for severe levels of anxiety.  Just like a serious physical health problem we would go in to see a doctor, the same is necessary for our mental health.


How do you help your worrying or any anxiety you experience?

Who has an August birthday?  Anniversary?  Race?    


Tell me what you are making for dinner tonight!

How many days a week are you running lately?

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I always wonder what it would be like to run into someone I’ve been following online for a long time!! I’ve met up with instagram friends in the past and it’s usually just as fun talking to them IRL as online, but you never know hahaha. That’s awesome you finally got to meet!
I hear you on the anxiety. Last night i was falling asleep and I started wondering if all the windows were locked. I listen to way too much true crime and a million different possibilities were going through my head, then I heard a noise so I had to go downstairs and check every door and lock every window. And then check on my kids for the 2 millionth time. So, I feel you. I like your mental shift in thinking of the positives. I’m sure that would help with so much other stuff too. :)
Have a great day!!


HEY MOLLIE! You never know… so true but luckily everyone I have met through the internet has been amazing (welllllll except for one time but that is a long story ha). I absolutely get anxiety over my windows and doors being locked too (maybe we should choose different podcast genres ha). We’ve got this… we will control our thoughts! Thanks for sharing Mollie, have a wonderful day.


9?!?! How?!

I’m running 3 days a week lately, with two days of cross training and two of rest. It’s working perfectly while I’m getting back into shape.

I worry a lot about my job and all the work- it’s overwhelming a lot. But I try to tell myself that it’s not the end of the world and I’m only one person when I get really stressed.


Right? She is half-way to being an adult. That combo sounds absolutely perfect! I bet that is so stressful. That’s a lot on your shoulders… you are doing an amazing job, Mariah. I hope today is a great day at work.


Oh my I can’t believe Brooke turns 9! I have been following since before she was born..its been so amazing watching her grow up. My favorite photo of all time has to be her in a diaper doing yoga with you on the floor, they truly do watch us!
Anxiety can be crushing sometimes, whenever it creeps in I get in the ocean and just breathe and am somehow able to think rationally there. Nature is truly healing.


Amanda, we have been friends for so long. That makes me so happy. Oh I LOVE that picture so so much. I love that you are able to get into the ocean when you are feeling very anxious. What a healing place to go. I hope your day is a beautiful one!


Hi! Have you ever thought of getting the at home dip powder kit for your nails? Dries in seconds, it’d also be great for the kiddos, and they make all the colors people would normally want – OPI and Gelish both make great kits!!! =) Have a beautiful day!


I am totally going to look into those because I don’t have the patience to paint them! Thank you Amy, these look awesome. I hope you have a beautiful day too!


Poor Beck! But yes… Getting outside and fresh air does wonders! Hope he’s back to normal soon.
How is Brooke 9???? Wowzers! When I started reading your blog, she was turning 3.
Such great advice for controlling anxiety. I do the same thing. If something is making me anxious, I talk to myself about how everything is going to work out the way it’s meant to.
School starts in 2 weeks here, so I should probably make sure everyone has what they need. It gets easy when the youngest is a senior… ?
Our 27th anniversary is on Friday ?. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but I can’t imagine life without each other.
Trying to get out the door early before the heat!
Have a great day Janae!


Thanks so much Wendy, he is already doing so much better today! Oh I love that we have been friends for six years now… reading that just made me so happy. I love that–> ‘everything is going to work out the way it’s meant to!’ YES! A SENIOR! I bet you feel like it all went by so quickly. Happiest 27th anniversary. You two are GOALS. What an incredible journey! I hope your run was not too hot and a great one. Thanks Wendy!


Thank you for sharing, sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who likes to check that all my kids are breathing before I go to bed at night!


You aren’t alone in this Leslie! Thanks for letting me know you do the same. Have a beautiful day!


Another option for your nails is a gel-like top coat that you can get on Amazon. Someone introduced me to it – and it’s so wonderful. It dries almost instantly and gives your nailpolish a gel-like effect. And it lasts for a long time compared to regular top coat. I can’t figure out how to link it here – but go to Amazon, it’s called Seche Vive. Game changer!


JUST BOUGHT IT! Thank you so much Jenn!!!


Hi Janae! My birthday is on Sunday! I’m just having friends stop by in the park for a picnic. I made the invite yesterday and after sending we found out that you need a reservation and the park was already reserved. Luckily there are other parks nearby that are free. So that’s my Tuesday tangent.
I’ve been reducing mileage because of aches I’m worried will become injuries for the last two weeks. But I did take advantage of this tapered state and do a time trial for a mile and I got a PB! So that was great.
Anyways I hope you have a great day! Happy Tuesday!


I’ve started therapy this year and its the first time it has really stuck for me. We work a lot on labeling thoughts and feelings because they aren’t who you are, they are just passing through your mind. You don’t have to let them dictate your mood. That has been huge for me. It takes such a long time to retrain our brains but its worth it. I think I read that you use the headspace app, another one that is great for meditation (mindfulness, etc.) is the Insight Timer app.


I have a birthday this month and 2 races planned. First one is this Sunday, a 5 mile run. Then end of the month, a 10K. I am so looking forward to both of them, just to be around that energy from the running community. I appreciate your tips about anxiety, focusing on the positives is something I will definitely start doing. Have a wonderful day!!


I feel like different levels of anxiety require different things from me.
My anxiety now is pretty low grade. To help I kind of have this pep talk with myself that simply states “you have the capability to handle this situation with the confidence you dream of having at a time like this.”

Brooke’s birthday month. Wahooooo.
Dinner: ??? I am about to read the comments to come up with something ;)


Oh boy do I feel you on the anxiety with kids at night! I just had my first baby 2.5 months ago and there are so many nights I go back and forth to the bassinet to make sure he’s breathing-and we even have the Owlet! It’s so hard. When the worry gets to me really bad I tell myself that if something bad were to happen, I would know. I need to trust my mom instincts.


I feel summer from your 1st pic. I think it’s the blue sky + clouds. Like it!

Just because a person feels anxiety, they are not an anxious person. Saw this somewhere yesterday. There was a whole list, so then you could substitute anxiety for 5 other things. It’s a reminder unless we have a mental condition, the current situation is short-term. There are so many things this can be easy to say about, but babies at night? There are so many unknowns! Ok, this is going to a better place …. Here we go: in this modern age, we should be able to combine older Mom wisdom with modern ways of dealing with challenges. So, in addition to deep breathing at the onset (or before) of anxiety, getting to the root and addressing it is the way to go. For people with multiple children and friends with multiple children and family with multiple children, seems like they are the best source for solutions. Then write a book, seriously!! Out of the problems for you and others. Mastery and service are the best.

Oh, speaking of challenges, did you see the runners (women) tripping in the Olympics? The two I saw were not Americans, phew! I don’t see Emma Coburn trip in the Steeplechase. She really has it down. It’s like she worked through all the contingencies and just employs best practices at each step. Really enjoy watching Emma!


Love this idea to re-frame your thoughts! Thanks for sharing! :)


For dinner tonight: chicken burrito bowls.
2-3 lbs. Skinless chicken thighs in slow cooker with chili powder, cumin & S&P, can of Ro-tel. Cook 5 hours, then shred and return to slow cooker. Add a can of drained black beans and a can of corn. Cook a couple more hours. Serve over rice with cheese, guacamole, etc. It’s a crowd pleaser!


So fun seeing you! Definitely we need to do lunch. Also I want to try those French dips!!


Weird nail hack that actually works, spray your hands with Pam or any cooking spray. It dries them instantly. I was floored the first time I did it. Other than that, I used the Sally’s instant dry top coat.


I love this tip Janae! I’ve been trying something similar lately and it really makes a big difference. Also, I just noticed how much Beck looks like your sister’s youngest boys when they were little! He’s so sweet!


Hi Janae! Wow – Brooke will be 9!!! I think she was about 3 or 4 when I found your blog. Amazing.
I’m running 3 days a week now with cross training on off days and usually one or two full days of rest. The plan is to add a fourth day of running next week.
I had golf league tonight, so I didn’t have to make dinner!!
Great idea to manage your anxiety through managing your thoughts. I tend to get overwhelmed with work at times and find a shower or bath helps. Easy enough with remote work. Much harder when I have to be in the office – LOL!!! Have a great evening!!


I enjoy reading your blog so much but seldom comment. I wanted to thank you for your comments about anxiety. Anxiety is something I really struggle with but I don’t talk about it very much bc sometimes you feel like there’s something wrong with you for worrying so much. I worry about things that probably would never happen and having my daughter took the worrying to the next level. It has even made me hesitate to have a second child bc it can be so much to deal with. Like you, thinking positive/good thoughts is a great start and really makes a difference. Also just reminding myself that God is always in control and is looking out for all of us. Thank you again Janae for always being so candid and honest. It truly helps more people than you will ever realize.
Have a great night!


Liz. Thank you for taking the time to tell me this. You are not alone. There is NOTHING wrong with you. There is something about kids that just make us worry even more. ‘God is always in control and is looking out for all of us.’ I love that so much. I’m always here if you need to talk. Your daughter is so lucky to have you!

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