Ten things I do to gain motivation when I don’t feel like running and some Monday Matters!

Utah realized it was spring again and it felt so nice to be able to wear a tank top and shorts!

It’s warm enough for me to start playing around with how I want to hydrate my running this summer.  I know where there are plenty of water fountains for me to stop at but I also love to just have a little something with me on the really hot days.  I don’t usually bring anything on my speed days and just stop at the water fountains but I don’t mind carrying a little bottle on the easy run days.

IMG 6069

I finished with eight miles for my morning.  I was SO glad I went out because for some reason I had zero motivation when I first woke up to run.  The motivation kicked in after a few minutes of running and it felt so good to be outside but it’s definitely normal to feel low motivation every now and then.

IMG 6084

I’ve got ten things that I do to help me build up the motivation to get out to run and if these ten things don’t work then I just take a rest day because clearly my body/brain just really needs a rest day.  Usually these ten things get me out the door or on the treadmill:

1.  I put on some of my favorite pieces of running clothing (in today’s case, I put on my most comfortable running pieces)!  I tell myself that even if I’m not going to go for a run (I always end up going…) I just need to put on my favorite running pieces.  By just doing this, I all of the sudden gain some motivation.

2.  I check in on Instagram!  I go to some of my favorite IG runner’s pages and then go through some of their pictures/quotes and it gives me a great boost of motivation.

3.  I tell myself I’m just going to go out for 15 minutes.  I’ll turn back home at 7.5 minutes…. I tell myself, “I can seriously do anything for 15 minutes.”  And then I get to the 7.5 minute turn around and realize I’m hungry for more miles.

4.  I create a new playlist or my new favorite thing… I find a new podcast!  Having something new and exciting to listen to gets me out the door pretty quickly.

5.  I think about my races coming up.  In order to make race day a bit more enjoyable, I’ve got to do the miles it takes to get there.  I have a time goal that I’m thinking about and that sure isn’t going to happen if I don’t get out and run!  PS Brooke is doing the kid’s race that same morning as my next half marathon… I cannot wait.

6.  I try to remember why I run.  Why do I do it?  Remembering that it helps me to be a better mom, it is my favorite way to relieve stress and that I have some goals in mind really helps me to remember why I do this and to just get out there!

7.  Maybe it is time to break up my routine—>  I tell myself that maybe it is the monotony that is getting me to want to skip my run.  I will usually switch it up by trying the trails, or a new road or by throwing in some fartleks.  Switching it up even just a little bit will help me to go out and run!

8.  One of my favorite tricks is to just not think about it.  I just go and do it without thinking.  I’ll purposely get myself to start thinking about a bigger problem or situation going on in life and before you know it, I’ve got my gear on and I’m outside with my garmin and running without much thought.  Distractions are key for me:)

9.  Sometimes I just have to remind myself to suck it up.  The best things in life take some work and I just need to put on my big girl pants and go run.  A little tough love always works for me and then I laugh about it a few miles later when I’m wondering why it was so hard for me to get out the door.  Sometimes I just have to tell myself to stop the complaining and go run off whatever emotion I’m feeling that is causing me to drag that morning!

10.  Eat something (don’t you love my picture of toast with butter that didn’t fully melt?)!  Sometimes I just need a little extra fuel to get my body out there and ready to run.  I had some cereal when I first woke up but I think I just needed some more food to help my body feel ready to run!

IMG 6067

*Knox left this morning and we spent some time talking all about army things before he left.  He told me that we really need to start practicing his army crawl.

IMG 6090

*Brooke and I went to get a slice of pumpkin bread because she’s been asking for some for awhile now… I find it hard to make pumpkin bread in May but we will go get some:)

IMG 6098

*PERFECT PEACHES AT TARGET TODAY.  I’ve already had two.  I feel like peaches aren’t usually great for a few more months but Target has made me a believer in spring peaches.

IMG 6105

*Brooke comes into our bed in the mornings to catch up on her reading.  PS she is getting pretty close to starting to read!!

IMG 6064

*Spent some time this afternoon making little binders for Brooke and Knox’s year of preschool and projects they’ve done at home!  Trying to be an organized mom which is not really in my nature but I’m trying:)

IMG 6107

*This might be old news but WHAT?!?!?!  When did the all pink bag start… maybe I’ve seen this before but this was very exciting to me today.  The other flavors don’t exist to me.

IMG 6103

*Also, Target kid running clothes… seriously the cutest.  Below Brooke is trying to convince me to buy the stuffed animal by telling me how much it costs.

IMG 6102

*Working on some Babysitting kits for the girls that I work with on Wednesday nights:) They will be putting together a bag of all of the important stuff for their babysitting.

IMG 6106 2

*After our hike on Saturday Knox fell right to sleep.

IMG 5986

*We dropped off my brother a few minutes later and then he was right back to wide awake and partying!

IMG 5995

See you in the morning!  I’m talking all about one of my favorite workouts to do and why it helps us with our running so much!


What do you do to get your behind out the door for a run when you aren’t feeling it?

Favorite flavor of Starburst?  Anyone else all about the all pink variation?

What was the last piece of fruit that you had?

How is your Monday going so far?

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Strawberry was always my favorite as a kid and its still my favorite at 44 yrs of age. In terms of motivation-I just get out the door and do it. It helps that I never run on consecutive days and spend as much time cross training as I do running so I think mixing it helps w/keeping my brain engaged. I had two awesome little plums from Whole Foods-good stuff!
My Monday is going okay. We are getting our master bath renovated and the contractor ran into some issues so I’m a little stressed. Why cant these things ever be easy???


NOOOOO renovations are so stressful… I’m sorry about the issues you guys are having!!! My sister can sure relate to you right now:) I hope you get some amazing strawberries asap! Good call on your cross-training, I bet that keeps your brain always excited for the run! Enjoy your Monday night Rosie!


I’m going to count berries as fruit – I had some blueberries with my lunch.

My Monday is pretty good since I have it off today! It’s Victoria Day here in Canada so I didn’t have any classes. Woohoo for long weekends!


Happy Victoria Day Fiona!!! Enjoy the long weekend:)


It’s so funny because I feel as though our weather is on opposite spectrums. When the East coast is good, Utah is frigid…today we have pouring rain.

I am not the right person to ask for advice when they don’t feel like running. Since taking a nice month long break, it’s been wonderful. I’m sure I’ll need this advice for when I start running again.


What is the deal with that weather Hollie… we really are opposites lately!?! I am so glad you are taking this break… I really think you are so smart about this all and you need this! I hope you are having a beautiful day in NYC (or are you home now?:)


I have a solid procrastination routine but eventually I get out the door. Usually I think I might not have a free window to run later so I better just go…

I love cherry starbursts more than pink. Hmmm wonder if they make an all-red bag? They do for Mike n Ikes!

I had blackberries in my oatmeal this morning.

Rainy Monday for me and my motivation level to do anything is in the 1-3 range. I’m trying to get some work done but can’t stay on task…hence reading and commenting on blogs lol.


Oh that is totally one that I do too… it’s either now or never so I might as well just GO! Hahaha well I hope the rest of your work day goes by quickly and you can relax all night long Sally!


I woke up sick. But work called to tell me there will be a bonus in my pay on Thursday. I guess it’s not that bad of a day after all.


I am so sorry that you aren’t feeling well today Lee but HUGE congrats on the bonus:) That is awesome!!! Get feeling better asap!


OMG… an all pink bag of Starbursts!!??!! Heaven!! I am going to go get some now! :)
It’s funny that you mentioned putting on your favorite running clothes helps motivate you when the motivation is low… I do that too, and I thought I was the only one! But it totally works.
I just polished off the last container of strawberries, and they were absolutely perfect :) I am in need of a trip to Costco for more fruit!
Monday is going ok. Despite having my right hand and wrist in a cast, I got in a good 4 miles then some good core work! Have a great week! :)


Still running and doing core work with a cast… Wendy, you are amazing!!! I hope you are back to normal soon and go get the pink bag of Starbursts!


Sometimes I just have to picture how I feel when I miss a workout and just the thought of that is enough to get me moving!

I just had some apple and pb!

My Monday has been busy but great :) Did you end up signing up for the AF Canyon Half??


Oh that is a great one Alyssa… that totally happens to me too! YES… I’m going to sign up tonight! I CANNOT WAIT!!!


Hooray! Can’t wait to see you there! Your speed will inspire me ;)


Not thinking about it is my favorite trick too! Sometimes I just need to go through the motions and before I know it, I’m invested in and and can find some joy in the sweat! Awesome list, definitely using these tips next time I’m feeling less than motivated!


YAS that peach! I just bought two and I’m stoked to eat them. I sure love my apples though! LEMON starburst, OR strawberry!


Have you heard of Upstart? It a free pre kindergarten program (at least in Utah) that is awesome! My son is at a 1st grade level! And he loves it too!


Peaches were still hard here. I picked up a personal sized watermelon, which the dog begged for(and got) some of. I had 1/2 a banana this morning and avocado at lunch.

I tell myself I will do 2 miles and stop if I am not feeling it after that. Or I break p my run with strength training, then both get done.

I visited my friend, her husband, and their 2 month old baby. I love seeing them get to know each other and my friend’s husband is so good with her as well as their son. It’s adorable.


Apple and PB =)


I know you love the Up and Vanished podcast (so do I!). I’ve recently been listening to one called Casefiles and its similar to Up and Vanished so you might like that!



Pink starbursts are life. Also, at Easter, I bought several bags of the ‘all red’ starburst jelly beans thinking it would be all pink (I guess my brain just focused on what it wished it was) and then I realized I do not like the other reds. They taste like perfume. Pink or nothing.


The “I’m only going to run for 15 minutes and I can stop if I want to” is hugely motivating for me when I’m just not feeling. 90% of the time I want to keep going, and the 10% of time, I don’t – I stop and don’t regret it. love your other 9 suggestions, too!


One thing I did with my daughters work was take a picture of everything. Then I made a photobook for the year. I had her artwork and photos I took throughout her school year in it. Some pages I added text but mostly I just had her art and pictures in it.

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