Movies and Candy Part 4,567,654. I need to find some variety.

I MISSED YOU YESTERDAY!!! I wish I could say I was busy all day on Saturday getting important things done and becoming smarter or something but that would be a lie.  My day was spent watching way too many movies, soccer games and of course delicious food.

After teaching spin I hurried on up to my neice and nephew’s soccer games.  P.S. I do realize that neice is spelled incorrectly but I always spell it wrong and I am just sick of fixing it so from now on I am changing the way that it is spelled.  Feel free to join me in my protest.

If you are wondering whether or not I showered after spin I think you will get the answer loud and clear in the following picture.

IMG 6040

My athleticism clearly was passed onto them….look at her stride and she is always ahead of the boys:)  I should give her a ‘You Just Got Chicked’ shirt.

IMG 6022

During half-time Sadey came over to tell me that her foot was hurting.  Immediately I started freaking out that it could be a stress fracture, a broken toe, a torn ligament or something and then she took off her shoe and pulled out a bead that she had been running on for 30 minutes.

IMG 6026

After her game she told me that the key to soccer is your attitude-smart girl!!!

They both won their games and throughout the day the amount of goals that they scored increased from 1 to 3 to 5.  The fastest that I saw them run the entire time was when the treats were put out…….9.3 second 100 meter dash for Capri Suns.

IMG 6030

As you know Billy is way too cool for me anymore and once again was doing school stuff from 9-5 so after the games I went back to my parents house to raid their pantry.  PS our swimming plans were foiled when Utah decided once again to pretend like it was February.

The usual food at mis parentals occurred: chicken breast, corn/green bean medley, cucumbers, pretzels and a side of bbq sauce.

IMG 6042

Since our pool time was cancelled we decided to go to a movie.  I am really weird about being on time/early to things and made my sister and I go to the movie 40 minutes early. She had fun mocking me and running up and down the aisles.

IMG 6043

And I dug into my Sour Patch Fruit Salad.

IMG 6044

Her contribution was delicious yogurt dipped pretzels.

IMG 6047

We saw “Just Go With It” at the dollar theatre (it actually costs $1.25……….they need to change the price or the name of the theater because it is just deceiving) and it was pretty funny but I just enjoyed kicking back, chatting during the movie and eating sugary goodness.

Billy finally got done being all ‘thinking about our future’ and decided to hang out and we went to the grocery store (Costco was already closed-boo).  We were too lazy to actually cook anything and had a coupon for pizza and decided to go for it.  I know that kind of defeats the purpose of grocery shopping but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and when my stomach tells me I need grease, cheese and carbs I obey its command.

I had chicken on my half and Billy had pepperoni.

IMG 6048

Will Ferell entertained us for the rest of the night in ‘The Other Guys’ and I died laughing in at least 10 different scenes.  I don’t know what it is about that guy but his weirdness just makes my day.


What sports did you play as a kid?

-I did soccer, gymnastics and clogging.  I will have to whip out some of those pics for an upcoming post.

Are you usually Early, Late or RIght on Time?

-I get really anxious if I am late and so I try my hardest to be early or at least right on time!

Favorite Pizza Toppings?

-If I was to list them all you would probably fall asleep by the time I was done but one of my all time fave’s is avocado (put on after the pizza is cooked).

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I played soccer, softball, gymnastics and figure skating.

I try to be early or I will never get a seat! The theaters here are so crowded.

I love veggie pizzas!

I always spell definitely wrong and prefer to just spell it like this… deftly. Much better :)
Happy Sunday


I also did soccer and gymnastics. And swimming. What's clogging?


I "played" gymnastics and did ballet, if that counts! But I pretty much hated sports until I discovered running in high school!

I'm usually right on time and always stress out about being on time.

Best pizza toppings are lots of veggies and PINEAPPLE!

LOVE yogurt pretzels, btw :)


You're such a good auntie…always with your nieces and nephews. I love Will Ferrell too. So juvenile, but that's ok. sometimes we have to regress a little!


I didn't really play any sports as a kid which is really funny to me because if I'm not moving now I get so bored and feel so lazy. The only thing I did (which didn't last very long) is swimming. I took lessons for a couple of years and that was it! Now I'm running races and becoming a Phys Ed teacher! Who would have thought?!

I try really hard to be early but I'm usually just on time…like right at the last second.

I roll with any veggies on a pizza. I love pesto pizza topped with veggies…mmm

Oh, and I pretty much live for red and green sour patch kids. Good choice on the snacks :)


I played basketball (for one year since I was terrible), gymnastics, and cheerleading.
I am the same way about being late! I hate it. I get so anxious that I'd rather not go if I'm going to be late to something.
I like faux sausage & a good variety of peppers on my pizza.


avocado on pizza is genius! i don't think there is anything that doesn't go well with it! well maybe sour patch kids but i bet you would be willing to try it =)

i really love any veggie on my pizza but especially mushrooms!


I was never athletic as a kid. The closest I came was playing the flute in the marching band :)

I like EVERYTHING on pizza! Well, all except olives.

I wish we still had a dollar theater where I live, but they're not around anymore. I used to love them! Now we just never go to the movies because I'm too cheap :)


I always spell neice wrong, too. I get tired of having to spell correct myself.


Looks like a super fun day!! I'm ALWAYS early. Lately I've been more "on time" though because my husband is weird and refuses to go places early.

As a kid I played soccer, I loved it!!


I did one day of clogging, one day of basketball, two years of cheerleading, and one year of figure skating. Yeah, I didn't really stick with anything. Plus, I'm really not athletically gifted at all.. Which is why I started running… no rules to remember, no balls to keep up with, and no positions to memorize. Just Go. lol


I played soccer and tennis. Then I got into swimming early middle school age.

I am always early. I hate getting to a movie and not being able to find seats or something. I also go to bed early like a straight up grandma!


I love being early too….being late drives me crazy!


I'm an on-time freak. I drive people crazy sometimes…but what can I do! It stressed me out too.


clogging pictures?! oh yes you do need to whip those babies out! and the other guys was HILARIOUS. i really like mark whalberg though so i may be biased


I like to be on time… early to the movies leaves me with nothing to do! There's not many previews shown at our dollar theater, so you can't be late! :) The Other Guys is hilarious! "Desk Pop" haha

I really like either margherita pizza (with huge basil leaves, not skimpy flakes! – and ACTUAL tomatoes, not just the sauce) and Hawaiian :)

Clogging pictures should be fun!


What is clogging?! Do share.


As a blogger with a lot of followers, sometimes I really wish you would stop promoting eating candy and pizza. :( Most people can't eat these foods and get healthy.


welp, i got thrown out of church ball when i was a beehive so basketball was out of my future even though "the gift" runs in my family (grandpa was an allstar/ drafted to the nicks from byu in the 50s) i did gymnastics, dance, drill, i played lacross with the guys at the Y because i hate playing with girls sticks (no pocket)/ the only girls available to play with were more interested in the length of their skirts than the actual game (that's what you get for growing up in san diego) and i swam and did/do water aerobics since highschool i had a really bad knee injury (in soccer) that hasn't resolved itself with phsyical therapy over the years so it's swimming from here on out! i miss running around though.

pizza! i LOVE weird goat cheese/arugula/pinenut bacon eggplant veggieness on my pizza. as many cheeses as i can get on it i'll eat!

the older i get the later i am.


You & your sis are gorgeous :)
I used to always go to movies with my best friend in high school that were already out for a few months & we would run up & down the aisles too & just laugh the entire movie- so fun!
I also really want some of your pizza- yes, like right now- and it's only 10:30am- haha!
Happy Sunday!! xoxo


I am usually early! When I make pizza I use goat cheese instead of mozzarella…its yummy!


I did gymnastics, tap, jazz, and ballet up until I busted my arm SKATEBOARDING which was the true sports love of my life (I did that up until a few years ago when I broke my arm in half)…I ran cross country in middle school for a year, then was inspired to start again in December–so here I am!
I love pizza, but usually go with the "normal" toppings–I drool on the keyboard when I see yours…My absolute favorite topping would be artichoke hearts!
I am usually at least 30 minutes early to anything!!


Looks like an awesome day! Man your dollar theater looks nice, the ones over here look super shady and gross. And sweet that you were at the soccer game!


Once again, you managed to help start my day w/ laughter – girl you just crack me up! And btw it looks like you DID shower :)

Sports as a kid: Soccer, gymnastics, figure skating, ROLLER skating, and volleyball :)

I to HATE being late so I'm usually early or on time :)

Fav. pizza toppings: pepperoni & mushrooms. I do like Hawaiin pizza to!


I did way too many sports as a child: ballet, soccer, gymnastics, jazz, tap, paddling (canoes) T-ball, rugby.

If I'm ever late, it's not my fault. Seriously, I would rather be 30 minutes early than even 2 minutes late!!

Pizza toppings: chicken is good, lots of cheese and tons of veggies!


Kids soccer games are so fun to watch, they always do at least a few hilarious things! I used to play soccer and lacrosse as a kid.
What's clogging?


I ran track!! Kinda wished I had played soccer, though.

I loathe being late so, like you, I'm usually ridic early. But I'd rather be early than be ANXIOUS!!

Pizza topping? Mushroooooooms!


I figure skated my whole life and did some ballet too.

I always like being early!

And my favorite pizza topping is pesto!


Will Farrell is the best!

I did competitive swimming for 12 years, but before that I tried soccer tennis and dance


I remember playing soccer when I was that age. I used to love it! I've also been a competitive cheerleader and dancer.

I'm almost always a minute late, and I love caramelized onions on my pizza!


I danced in school, always have to be on time or early, and love jalepenos on my pizza. Spicy goodness!

Also, I'm a new reader of your blog and love your style!


thats some serious fun! My nieces adn nephews need to have a play date with yours. Oh the trouble we could get into with that! hehe.
happy Sunday friend.


Ha ha! That picture of your sister in the movie theater made me laugh. I used to like to be a bit early but now that i have three kids I'm lucky if I get there on time. :) Favorite pizza topping…I like it all!! artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, chicken, mushrooms….You look so good right now Janae, even without a shower. :)


Your nieces are seriously so cute! I love that you are obsessed with them the way I'm obsessed with mine. I played soccer and basketball as a kid. And softball, too. Basketball was my favorite thought because my dad was the coach! I have to be early to movies. I get really frustrated being in a rush and risking a terrible seat in the theater. I love all sorts of veggies on my pizza – mushrooms, artichokes and bell peppers are good. And jalapenos!


Oh clogging……my third grade teacher did that with 6 of us during recess time for what ended up being 3 months, so we actually gave our parents a recital at the end.

Kid sports: synchronized swimming and dance.

Hubs and I both had big workouts this morning, so we are watching that movie today. Glad it was funny now I am looking forward to it.

Favorite pizza topping is going to make you hate me……it's black olives. Can we still be friends?
Happy Sunday!


I'm never really consistently early or late. It depends on the day.. I can be 5 minutes late to work one day, then a half hour early the next.

I played soccer and was actually really good.. I started all 4 years of high school. I miss it a ton, if I had the time I would try to find an adult summer league or something :(

Pizza toppings are always mushrooms, peppers, and pineapple. ALWAYS.


The idea of you clogging cracks me up :)
Don't get offended. I loves ya! haha
I played competitive soccer for 11 years and then started track freshman year of high school.

I'm always late. My coach tells me to be at practice/wherever always 10 minutes early so that I'll actually end up on time.. :P

Fave pizza toppings- like you, I have too many to name. But most def mushrooms, carmelized onions, and bell peppers make for a delish pizza!
I also spell neice wrong. Yay for leaving it that way!

I just want to say thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. I was so excited/surprised to see that you commented because I look to you as somewhat of a celebrity! ha, slash my role model. :)
But it just means so much that you are praying for me and supporting me. I appreciate it more than you know!
<3 Haley


WHAAA how can you look that beautiful after spin?!?! I look like a sweaty MESS every time!! Teach me the waaays please!! :)

I'm usually bang on time. Slash a minute late (FASHIONABLY late hehe). And VEGGIE CITY for my pizza!! I like looooads of toppings!!

P.S. That is reason #10001 that I love your blog!! To me you are such a healthy balanced person- inspirational:)


I was a swimmer in high school and did all sorts of dancing before then (jazz, tap, Irish). I really wish I stuck with the dancing thing though.

I'm either right on time or late. I'm just a really bad judge of time. If google maps says it takes twenty minutes to get somewhere, I will leave twenty minutes early and not plan on traffic, stoplights, etc. Also, I have this strange magnatism towards getting stuck behind the slowest driver. You know when you are driving on the highway and see someone driving ten miles an hour? And then you see the car behind them doing the same speed? Yeah, I'm the car behind. And I get boxed in by the other lane. My friends refuse to let me drive because of this!

Pizza? I don't eat pizza. I was never a huge fan and now that I can't have dairy, I don't miss it one bit!


Hey! I just found your blog, started reading, and am hooked! :) A fellow food obsessed runner-girl here, and I LUV that you post so many pics, though after just reading one or two posts my stomach starts screaming at me. Speaking of, I'm a chicken and veggies person on pizza myself, but really, it's ALL about the crust. The doughier the better, and if you've ever had a Papa Murphy's the one where they braid the crust part…my gosh, it's huge and it's heaven!

Anyways, just wanted to say HI and keep rocking that recovery! Ugh, I know how horrible injuries are, and they can be depressing…'normal' people who aren't so crazy about running have a hard time wrapping their heads around it and sometimes think we're just being overly dramatic, but you've got tons of people who 'get it.' But know that you WILL get back there and you'll be KICKING butt very soon! Keep inhaling those calories…hehe, and look forward to your continued blogging. And hey, you're completely NOT addicted to that either. :)


I played volleyball, softball, and bowling. Even though you don't really "play" bowling, I was a bowler. Yep. Even won the New York State high school championship my junior year. Crazy, right?

I'm also chronically 5 minutes late. It's awful…I need to work on that.

And fave pizza toppings: loaded veggies (but no olives or mushrooms…blech!) Or bbq chicken. Yumm :)


gymnastics + ballet as a tyke.

Love chicken and artichokes on pizza. love dollar movie theatre movies!!


aww look at her go! your niece looks so adorable and tough here–love it! My fave toppings are tomatoes and olives!! because it makes me reminisce of childhood in argentina. It just tastes good period :)


I LOVED The Other Guys. Haven't seen Just Go With It yet.

We watched No Strings Attached Friday night. It was REALLY funny! I don't know if your innocent little Mormon heart could take it though. lol


Mamarunsbarefoot here… I swam, played volleyball, softball and good old running around!!!


As a kid I did gymnastics, soccer, softball, and cheerleading.
We too have a movie theater and they claim it is a dollar but in reality, 1.25. I am usually on time or at least 15 minutes early. I think I get it from my Dad, he was always late and it bugged the heck out of me so I learned not to be that way.


I cheered…not really a sport unless it's competitive (which I could never do). I was too lazy and never wanted to get sweaty in high school to play sports. I wish I would've ran or would make getting into running now a lot easier.

I am unfortunately…always late. It's not like I'm really late or anything..just like, 5 minutes. No matter what I do or how early I wake up, I am always 5 mins late. Story of my life…I should have titled my blog 5 mins late lol

My favorite pizza toppings are mushrooms, onions, and pineapple…Idk about all on the same pizza, but I'm gross like that..and I love pizza so it would probably be my jam.


I have so many comments for this post! :-)

Sport: soccer and track & field…kinda

I try and always be early or on time. I don't like to be late.

Favorite topping: chicken, peppers and onions

I used to go to the cheap theater all the time. One time a movie for two with popcorn and a soda was only $7. Love it!

I liked the Other Guys too! "Did someone call 9-1-holy Sh!t?"

And….you look way to excited for those sour patch kids. :-)


Oh I love me some soccer. I tried everything as a child. bball with all boys teams (I made boys cry), soccer, tap dance, t-ball, volleyball, tumbling. Obviously I thought I was pretty awesome. ha

I love your sister Rachelle and think she needs to give me beauty lessons. How in the heck does she look so gorgeous 100% of the time. If I'm going to be sharing a name with her I better learn how to pull off the glamour shots.

Love you and your cute family! Have the best Sunday ever.


I played soccer all year round. Fall, indoor in the winter and a travel league in the spring. I also played lacrosse. The boys soccer team gave me the nickname speedy. I was pretty fast in my day!! I hated to just run! Weird because I LOVE it now. Even ran my first half marathon today. YAY!!

Late is the story of my life. I am late to everything. I am late to being late!

Favorite pizza topping? Cheese, please!!


I'm always 10-15 minutes early, early, early… being late is a major pet peeve.


I used to play softball and soccer. I am usually always the first one to show up anywhere, except work. Lately I have been tardy. Great photos!


I am SO onboard with the neice thing and also, um, if you could whip out a vlog of you clogging when your femurs heal (don't pretend like you can't do it in sneakers) I …dare I say WE would eat it up.


I played soccer, volleyball, church b-ball, and did tae kwon and gymnastics. Not all at the same time though! Loved being active and athletic, and doing anything my brother was doing!

As for timeliness it depends what I am headed to! Athletic event or race I am definitely early! I was way early to my triathlon this morning but I hate being rushed to set up my transition area! Class, appointments, etc usually right on time.

Favorite pizza toppings are anything veggie! Spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, avocados, onion, etc. And of course some red pepper flakes!


I never played any sport as a kid… hmmm perhaps this explains my lack of basic motor skills to this day? hahah

I'm ever so slightly OCD and pretty much arrive early to EVERYTHING.

Pizza toppings.. basically everything. The following are my faves, though not necessarily all together!
Any and ALL types of cheese (the more the merrier!), PROSCIUTTO, pumpkin, salami/pepperoni, bacon, fresh basil, potato, roasted capsicum & eggplant, marinated artichoke, olives, red onion, tandoori chicken, EGGS….oh man, this is making me soooo hungry. ad6s87dgsuigayugsai


OMG . . . $1.25 for a movie! I died a little from jealousy when I read that. Last week I went to the movies with my sister-in-law. We went on what's called "Tight-Ass Tuesdays," it was a 1:30pm movie and it still cost us 11!!!!! Normal movie prices are 18. Crazy, right?


Clogging? We definitely need to see those pics:). I did soccer and horse back riding, but eventually my parents made me choose, and I chose horse back riding. Then I did track/xc in high school, but again had to choose between track and horseback riding, and chose horseback riding (I owned a horse at that point so it wasn't really a choice:). Now I am just a "full time" runner/triathlete, though. The horse stuff is just TOO expensive! I just made a pear and goat cheese pizza with balsamic reduction on top that was amazing and might be my new favorite pizza ever!!


Love dollar movies!!!


My favorite pizza ever is called Skier Mike's and it's from Beau Jo's, a Colorado based pizza place. It has gobs of mozzarella, green peppers, chicken, and ham. I'm drooling right now just thinking about it… I recreate it all the time when I make French bread pizza. Try it! You will love it!


My 3 year old says the key to soccer is her water bottle! Sounds like your niece is a little more in tune with her soccer skills :)


As a kid, I really played tons of sports. I always wanted to try anything new that was being introduced to me. Basketball, baseball, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, soccer and a whole lot more. What I really enjoyed playing the most though was volleyball.
I am usually late when it comes to meetings or get togethers. I guess I often want someone to be there ahead of me.
Favorite pizza toppings would be beef, onions and tomatoes.

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